1993-02-28-Understanding God's Love

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Topic: Understanding God's Love

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



Opening prayer and Prayer of St. Francis

Daniel: "Good afternoon my friends. I am Daniel your friend and teacher. Welcome all. It is a great inspiration to the teachers present to see so many in attendance and to have visitors. I am, as always, glad to be of service in this Teaching Mission.


This week as I have been with you, many have taken the lesson into further consultation/thought. This is the true purpose of our weekly meetings; that you take what is provided for you at this time and expand upon the lesson in your life through meditation, stillness, quiet, through the actions that you take in your everyday living, and through your thinking and carrying over the lesson in thought throughout the week. From henceforth we ask you to be more committed in doing so, in taking into greater intensity, greater awareness, the messages. As you bring these messages into more of a part of your life, you will begin to internalize those things that will help you in ascertaining and in following the Father's will.

And so this is not a time for you to be, as I have often heard, 'entertained', but rather a time for you to come and to learn, to take a part of what is said and broaden your life. Many of you are doing this. Often times many will be busy with life and this is, of course, understandable. Our mission here is not to ask you to forget about your human experiences, but rather to seek to make more of a balance between that which is your human life and that which is your spiritual life, that they can be combined and that the combination of these will bring about a wholeness for you and will help you in developing your potential.


And so, my friends, I would like to begin today's lesson in asking you to work this week on beginning to understand God's love. This is a most difficult subject for many. The concept of love itself has so many divergent and broad meanings that to take and define it in one definition is not possible. To find the definition that fulfills God's love can be even more difficult, in that in understanding God's love one must have a conception of God; and thus from this perception one is able to formulate their understanding of God's love.

And so this week your assignment will be to think through what you understand to be God's love. In this understanding you, then, will be asked to take it a step further in realizing how you can put forth God's love to your fellow brothers and sisters. Next week when we meet, you will be able then to give some thoughtful answers, thoughtful considerations regarding this subject. For now let us look at a different subject.

Healing, Life Carriers

I have been instructed to give confirmation regarding the healing; and the availability of teachers. Indeed, those who choose to be conduits for healing must, in this sense, ask that this gift be channeled through them. It is our hope that all of you will be able to administer to one another this great gift. Indeed, there have been given many more Life Carriers to this plane, this planet, over the last six to seven months, during which time there have been more human conduits for healing. As there becomes more acceptance of this and a great willingness to perform these services, more and more Life Carriers will be brought to this plane.

And, indeed, if it is possible before you do a healing, call for a Life Carrier to come. This allows us on this side to dispatch, if you will, those Life Carriers needed at any given point. One of the things that we find beautiful is your praying as you begin your healing with one another.

Regarding this group, you have been very open about healing and have been given many conduits for this because of your willingness. The one thing we will now state is that you have often given healings for extended periods of time. In some cases this is necessary. In other cases a shorter time frame is all that is required. We did not set time upon you so that you would, in a sense, take it upon yourselves to learn to feel and to come into self awareness of the currents being fed through the healing circuits. You have been very comfortable with feeling and understanding the sensation that occurs in healing. Well done, my friends! As you become more adept at healing you and the person who is benefiting from the healing will know if a longer time frame is needed for work. Ten to fifteen minutes in most cases is sufficient. Healing is a marvelous gift that the Father is wanting for all of His creations. And because you are from the Father, and He is a part of you, you can know and understand greater healing in your lives.

Healing is multi-leveled. Healing does not necessarily mean cure in all cases. Healing will mean a more broadening, a more enlightened aspect of who you are. It helps you in understanding yourselves; more self awareness in the areas of the spiritual, in the areas of the physical, in the areas of the mental. And so healing can be for many and varied elements, can be for strengthening in many elements. All of you will benefit in serving one another in this capacity as a conduit for healing to come through, and also as a receiver for this energy. With this I will open up for questions for the time being."


Angelic Contact, Teacher Contact

N1: "Hi, Daniel. This is probably a silly question, but when we call for the Life Carriers, do we need to speak out loud or can we call in our mind and will it be heard?"

Daniel: "Do you have to ask the Father out loud to be heard? It can, of course, only be mindal. Thoughts are transmitted ever as loudly as words."

N1: "Thank you for that answer. I think that part of the reason I asked is, and I'm not sure where I heard this, do angels hear our thoughts or do we have to speak to them? Somebody told me that."

Daniel: "This is indeed explained in the book. Angels are not in the same level of energy/matter as you. Yet thoughts are of a different nature and are readily available to more beings than are the spoken words, yet in order for you to speak words you must have thoughts. Does this make sense to you?"

N1: "Yes, and I guess that applies to teachers, too. We have the thought before the words are spoken and so teachers, too, read our thoughts."

Daniel: "Exactly."

N1: "Thank you."

Daniel: "Let me stipulate that they read thoughts only when you allow this to happen. If you set up blocks, if you do not wish for this to occur, your wishes are respected."

N1: "What if we have unconscious blocks? I guess I would like to open up my thoughts, I think I would like to open up all my thoughts to teachers, but then I am not sure that I really want that, even though I would like to really want that. Does that vary over time? Are there blocks on certain areas that teachers don't ever have access, or does it change as our mental state changes and what we want? I don't know if that is a clear question. I am sorry."

Daniel: "Teachers have, because of their assignment, been given certain information that is not understood by you at your present level. This information helps them to know your wishes. If you should have a will blockage that is not to be made known to your teacher, of course, this is respected. You must realize that the Thought Adjuster, however, has free access to you as He is a part of your mind. The teachers do not interfere. The teachers are here to provide guidance and to be of company and service, not something to be feared; not an entity to feel would interfere in your life; only there as a guide; only there to provide love and service. If you truly do not wish to make yourself open to a teacher, this is, indeed, known and respected. If you have, as you say, a desire, but yet you are not sure, then the teachers know at what point they should not cross over. And as you do grow in more self-awareness, more self-openness, then you let go of those blocks, freeing yourself and the teacher to be a better guide for you. Does this help?"

N1: Yes, Daniel. I think perhaps what has stimulated those questions has to do with what I shared last week, that ever since that contact with my teacher that I think I had, I felt really protective..is part of why I have withdrawn so much; feeling a lot of fear and shame like..O my goodness! There has been someone all along that knows every detail and uh. I don't know for sure what I think is all so shameful, but..I guess that is something I need to work through. I don't know.. if there something you can say, that's great. Or if it is something I need to work through, that's great too."

Ascension Career

Daniel: "For all of you, let me state this. We teachers are ascending beings. We teachers have walked the material plane as you, yourself. We teachers have had the same experiences, the same thoughts, the same worries, the same doubts, the same love, the same intolerances. Perhaps because of our backgrounds culturally, there may be differences. But for you to think, any of you, to think that you have anything so hideous or horrendous to hide, is error! We may not have walked in your shoes personally, but believe me, our shoes have been worn out as well! And I, myself, recall numerous occasions on my own ascent on the material plane where I would have been mortified to have felt that someone knew the deepest secrets of my being. We are no different than you. We have come the same path. We are but a step above you. And because of the knowledge, the love, the understanding, and the faith that we have been fortified with, we understand how you could feel this way. And we respect this, especially those teachers who have not come from a Light and Life planet as myself. Those who have come from Light and Life planets have been learning a lot about what true faith is about! They have walked a slightly different path, but yet experience in many, many areas means basically the same.

My friends, all of you are wonderful, spiritual beings! When you started out you were but tiny seeds. And as that seed took root you grew a stem. Fortunately for all of you the stem that grew was sturdy and was well nourished. There have been an occasional leaf or two or an occasional blossom that did not really fit onto your tree. And for most of you, that particular leaf, that particular blossom has withered and died, and in its place there have been stronger, more beautiful leaves, more beautiful blossoms! And on many of the trees there are buds only waiting to unfold into a beautiful blossom. In your ascent, my friends, you will continue to drop those leaves, those blossoms that no longer become you, and in their place will be given the more spiritual, the more beautiful blossom of God-consciousness, God-knowledge, God-awareness. And this tree will follow you through your ascent. And at the time when you become true spirit with the Father, will you be a whole budding, blossoming tree. Do not worry that at this stage you are but small, that your blossoms are not what your potential is capable of being. That is the glory and the fun and the adventure of the ascension! Do you see?"

N1: "Yes, Daniel. That was most comforting. Thank you."

B2: "This is Isaac. That was marvelous! Thank you for that answer. I have a technical question about what you said about the healing. I wasn't clear as to whether you said that we had been taking too much time in sessions or were you saying we were spending too many healing sessions on some people? Would you clarify that please."

Daniel: "Time. Taking too much time. For most, ten to fifteen minutes is sufficient. Those who need more, you will be so directed. You will know."

B2: "Are you speaking specifically of D3?"

Daniel: "Even occasionally on D3 do you go too long, indeed. This will become more known as time goes on. When it is necessary I will either call for a private meeting or though D3 will let you know. You are all doing very well with the healing. Continue."


B2: "Thank you Daniel. I'm sure you are aware that B3 and I have been practicing transmitting with our teachers. Can you give us any kind of a confirmation on how we are doing so far?"

Daniel: "Indeed, you are hearing and you are opening up. There is still some fear and doubt, and as you practice more you will be able to lay this aside. It would behoove all of you who are feeling teacher presence, desiring teacher presence, to have group meetings as this, when you can schedule them. This is not something that you are going to have perfected for you the first time you try. It is a learning process and as with any skill it is cumulative; it is also made better through practice. The skill becomes more internalized, is more accessible to your awareness as to when it is actually transmission or when it is pure thought from you own mind. You will know. You will become aware of the differences. The biggest blockage for all of you is to just let go and let the thoughts come. Practice by yourself through writing, through tapes, through just quiet time, alone. And then as you become more comfortable, work with a partner or in a small group. Does this help?"

B2: "Yes, that is very good. One of the things that I am trying to work on is the difference between repeating words that I hear in my mind which is what I have done in the past, and just letting my mouth talk. Am I on the right track in this second activity? I think Alkon has said I am, but I'm wondering...Do you understand what I am asking?"

Daniel: "Yes. And indeed you are coming along very well. The difference between your thoughts and that of your teachers is a very fine line. This is again, where faith must bolster you to be willing to take that step. Remember to risk and take the step so that you can begin to distinguish that which is Isaac and that which is Alkon. All of you will, at times, mix your own thoughts with that of your teacher. But as you continue to work with your teacher, you will notice those things that are more distinctly you, as compared to those things that become more distinctly the characteristic of your teacher. And you will, at some point, be able to know more definitely, you, from your teacher. It is more important that you begin and to try than to let fear hold you back and not to try."

B2: "Thank you. I will let somebody else talk."

V1: "Hello, Daniel. Thank you so much for those beautiful pictures of each of us. I have a couple of questions. One is..I think I heard you say that the teachers were there to encourage us and direct us and to be our friend. I find it so much easier, my faith is so much greater when my teacher speaks in terms of spiritual matters. I feel like if there is anything, directions for my human day, as such; not just encouragement but this is going to happen or do this, then I find myself just really freezing up and doubting whether it is her or me. My question is..do, indeed, the teachers give us directions for our everyday life?"


Daniel: "The teachers are primarily for spiritual help, for spiritual guidance and direction. If the circumstance in your life that you will be engrossed in is definitely spiritual, there will be further guidance. Typically the teachers refrain from giving too much human advice in that by doing so there will be an interference in your free choice in will. The teachers, on the other hand, often give you several different perspectives on any given situation, and from these perspectives, then, you will be better able to make you choice in your life.

For example, for you to expect your teacher to tell you whether or not you should buy that new car, or whether or not this is a good idea, is wrong. For you to ask your teacher to provide you with guidance in knowing how or if you should do this, then you will, as your day unfolds or week or whatever, come into many different ideas regarding the buying of this new car. Many of these ideas will be direct input from your teacher. And from that, then, you can better make your choice. It is not the mission of these teachers and myself to be the one who is like your mommy and daddy and tells you what to do.(laughter). We would find it often easier(much laughter), but like all parents/friends you must allow each person their life. Our mission is really spiritual in nature. Does this help?"

V1: "Yes, thank you Daniel. My other question is about healing. Of course I know its a spiritual mission. And it was being discussed about other people who are not necessarily Urantia Book readers that are interested in healing as such. And I am sure you probably know who I am thinking about. I'm wondering if, indeed, we need to be open with people to draw them into the truth of the new revelation and the Teaching Mission, about healing? I don't know how to deal with that. What would you suggest?"

Daniel: "How did you deal with the Urantia Book? How did you deal with the Teaching Mission? And how you deal with the healing is all tied in together. And, of course, those who hold an interest in healing, be it spiritual or the usual, mindal and physical, are ones who, if they put forth a desire to learn and to grow, should be given more perspective on various types of healing. One must realize that in growth, in helping others to come into the understanding of God, one must be willing to be open. For God is not confined to just one book, one method, one revelation. God is the God of all universes and His influence and His Being is given in many forms, with many ways of understanding. Those who speak of spiritual healing are, indeed, very open to the many possibilities in which spiritual healing can be given. And those who believe in spiritual healing realize that in giving spiritual healing, often is there healing within the body and mind as well. Do not limit yourself with spiritual healing anymore than you would with the teaching or the book. There are many ways that you can bring people into broader understanding and the healing is a very broad way to do so because it is one that is so open. And people that are in the healing framework, those who see healing as more than just the physical, are open in many other areas as well. Is this helping?"

V1: "Yes, Daniel. Thank you very much."

Daniel: "And the people of whom you speak now, yes, indeed, be open with them."

V1: "Thank you very much. My final question..I am always asking for signs and wonders and it would certainly confirm my own personal faith if you could confirm the name of my teacher."

Daniel: "Indeed, you are perceiving correctly. You are hearing your teacher correctly and you and your teacher will continue with many hours together in not only spiritual growth, but also in company. To date you have made very few errors in transmission with your teacher. You have been open and willing even though you often say you are a skeptic. Trust and allow your teacher's thoughts to flow. You are doing very well."

V1: "Thank you, Daniel."


B6: "Daniel, this is B6. I think that spirituality is a very ancient concept and we, all of us here, are struggling with spiritual growth. I understand as we evolve we are to become solely spiritual beings. Can you help me understand what spirit actually is?"

Daniel: "Because of your cognitive understanding at this point you would not be able to understand totally. Let me put it in more finite terms for you. You understand and believe that there is a Supreme Being as you have spoken many times about. And because of this belief in your particular experience, you also are understanding that you have within you a soul. And you have within you, in this soul, a part of the Father. While the Father Fragment and the soul are not the same, they are still within your being. They are part of your mind, so to speak. And while you cannot grasp your mind as you would your finger, hand, or leg, you have an understanding that your mind is there, do you not? And so that is part of the concept that you must visualize for yourself as being the spirit. It is that part of you which cannot be tangibly touched or tangibly contained. Yet it is a part of you that cannot be separated either. Through your faith you can believe this and know this. And through your faith you work to bring this spiritual reality of your being into more of your human realm. As you ascend and leave the physical body the aspect that was part of this mind, the soul and the Father Fragment, continue. And it is this aspect that continues to grow into more pure essence of the Father. And this pure essence is spirit. Because of your being in a finite body, a material body, to understand something which you cannot concretely hold, see, or be a part of is difficult to understand. Yet, through faith, you have accepted that it is. And through faith, until you can experience the other, so will you have to realize that you someday will be in the spirit realm. This is part of the ascension plan. This is the experience of the ascension plan, to come from that which is material to that which is the essence of God, and God, Who is spiritual, which is all love and all encompassing. Through you the Supreme gains the experience of that which is pure essence of spirit and gains experience in the material.

I am aware that you are not yet clear on this. And this is as it should be. For if your were clear on this, you would not be here, but you would be with the Father now. So my friend, take in faith that it is the essence of the Father which is spirit. And this is your pathway back to Him, to be spirit with Him. Has this helped?"

B6: "I'm sure you did your best. (much laughter) Thank you."

Daniel: "B6, you are always an enigma to me! I appreciate you even though you often are still not clear on my explanations. The questions you put forth are ones that are beyond some of the physical realm and you must hold in your being, patience. For you will someday have your answers in full!" (continuing laughter)

B6: "Thank you!"

B4: "Hi, Daniel."

Daniel: "Hello"

Teacher Contact

B4: "I just had a question...I don't know if this has been covered in my absence, before I came here. I was wondering, regarding the teachers, if they are present with you from birth and then on through your life, and it is just a matter of accessing them; or if at some point in your spiritual walk they come in?"

Daniel: "Most teachers are with you for a long time before you access them. Others are assigned as you come into greater knowledge of their presence and willingness to have a teacher. For those of you in this group, your teachers have been with you a long time. B4, you have a teacher even now, and [your teacher] is ready to converse with you when you are likewise ready. On some occasions teachers are assigned prior to birth. This is rare. Most often teachers are assigned as necessary or are assigned when the person allows the possibility of outside help, which is often made very early in your Urantian life.

And with this question I have been asked to give to Rose [possibility meant Nolus] and J2 this message: 'Lay aside all fears. Know in your heart, in your mind, and in your soul that that which is transpiring, this which will be coming about, is, indeed, being confirmed for you via Daniel by me, Ham.'


And now I will close this meeting reminding you of your homework, my students. Seek this week to understand what God's love is and how you can manifest His love into the realm of your life. Go in peace and love. And birthday wishes to those of you who are gaining another year, B3, J2! My love to you. Good evening."

Group: "Good evening Daniel." (clapping and jubilation)