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Topic: Elyon-March-1993

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon & Cindia

TR: Jonathan

Session 1



In coming forth to bring the Father's will to others, we must constantly be aware of the example you are setting by your actions. While intending love, be careful that you do not unknowingly produce a negative affect. In conversation it is easy to agree with one another. In attempting to find commonness with a friend, beware that you do not commiserate. If one is having a bad day, let them know that they can be having a good day. This course of responding to one's misfortune with a positive outlook creates a tendency for the one who is down to look up. When you come to your fellow beings with the message that you have come to understand, always be aware of the positive outlook. Teaching the positive message that Michael had to give will always be respond- ed to much more positively than to teach about his death. The message of love, of fellowship, brotherhood and to be children of the Father, this is the message he came to give. The religious followings today which hold his ideals should be brought back to the understanding of his message. How, then, do you approach this, you may ask? By coming not in a confrontational mode with those in authority but, instead, by coming with a positive energy, with a knowingness of this message, being able to share this with those both in authority and those who are seeking. Love is the positive force which motivates us to act. In using negative means you can destroy the foundations of love. A positive outlook can never be created with a negative message. So look to bring forth the positive in your life, both in your actions and your words. Be careful of the message you send, that what is intended is what is given. Many people on this world today are seeking for answers more than ever before. The time is ripe for the message to be heard. So take the message and let it spread. Take the dreams which you would accomplish and let them occur. Always be aware that the message you are trying to give is the one that you are giving.


Hello, I am Elyon. It is nice to be here. I would answer a few questions.

Thank you for your lesson.

Elyon: You are welcome.

Habits, Vision

We were just talking about what you had to say. I would like your comments on creativity. I feel very routine and patterned and limited in everything I do, mostly my thinking patterns. I'd like to be a little more creative. On the one hand I'm interested in creativity. On the other hand, being rather routine, I was thinking today what are some routine things that I can get in the habit of saying to people that introduce God into the conversation? One that I thought of, for example, is just saying "Well, thank God," for whatever it is somebody is discussing. That is an example of something that isn't confrontational or overly religious. If you want to comment on that.

Elyon: Routines, while sometimes seeming to be unimaginative, have much merit if the routine is of a positive nature. By bringing yourself in the routine of giving your life to the Father each day -both your good times and the bad times- by coming to the awareness that He is there with you through your day; by listening for His guidance in your life, and by taking what you know to be right and bringing that forth in your life amidst the commonplace duties that you fulfill; by affecting those around you in a positive light, this would be a routine that would be considered most admirable. In coming to creativity you must just look for what it is that you would want to do, what the message is that you would want to send, ways that you can enhance this message. Then you can strive to accomplish these things. When creating ideas for action, many have the tendency to not follow through because they see the work involved. So just take those things you would want to do, formulate the vision of how to accomplish them, and then go forth to work to make these dreams real. Does this help you?

Yes,I will think about what you have said. Sounds good.

Elyon: You are welcome.


Hello, Elyon. I have a question. I have always respected the portrayal that Jesus presented to us of turning evil into good. When I come into a situation in my life where I am in disagreement with some person, or believe that their behavior is not appropriate, I have a desire to let them know. I tend to run this tape in my mind of, who am I to say? Maybe I don't have the whole picture. Maybe if I understood them....In going through that process I tend to squelch my own feelings or my own opinion and not express them and feel frustration. I'd like your insights on how to admonish another person or express my feelings of a higher way such that I uphold that principle of the positive and be true to my feelings as well as sensitive to theirs.

Elyon: This is the test. To decipher the difference between someone who is doing something wrong and to just be in disagreement with one. Those who are coming, seeking, striving for an increasing God-consciousness in their lives have a pretty good understanding of the difference between these things. When you are in disagreement with somebody then you can just produce an opposing viewpoint in a positive way without bringing down the other person's view. By uplifting the high point that another person views instead of bringing down the low points. But when you sense that something is wrong, truly wrong, evil, then it must be known for what it is. On these occasions somewhat of an admonishment is in order. And each circumstance must be looked at carefully to decide best upon the course of action. If you were to see a friend taking something from a grocery store without paying for it, then the proper course would, of course, be to let him know that what he is doing is wrong. There is not a whole lot that you must do to substantiate your argument, for the person will also know that what he has done is wrong. You are just pointing it out. Does this mean that you must turn him in to authorities? This must be deciphered in each person's mind. If somebody in your presence were to attack another either verbally or physically then, again, the action is known for what it is. By bringing the person to an awareness of this action, an admonishment or a restraint cannot be wrong. So, in deciding when someone is doing something wrong or just in opposition, you can then decide the course of action most appropriate. Does this help you?

Yes, it clarifies things greatly. Thank you.


Elyon, I believe myself to be sincerely seeking to do the will of the Father with many obstacles in my spiritual path. I wonder if, from your perspective, you could illuminate for me today the foremost obstacle in my path, the "obstacle of the week" that I might work on. 2.

Elyon: This is difficult, for you are asking me to focus on your negatives, and my purpose here is to uplift the positives beyond your negatives. You truly have a desire to do the will of your Father, and in seeking to do that will, people do not always succeed to the levels that they would deem appropriate. But in attempting to do the will, you are progressing. I would say to you that when you see what it is that you would like to put forth, then you must strive to make it so. You must give yourself the time to be with your Father, to focus on Him. . ..(tape flipped)...you want to happen in your life. Many people find it hard to take the time to be in silence with the Father because it is a time of vulnerability. Take this time. Wash away the stress and anxieties. This time is a cleansing time more than any other. Then you can see clearly what lies ahead in your life and what you would accomplish. Do not focus on your weaknesses. By focusing on the positive aspects of your life, then in time those things which you perceive as weaknesses will dissolve. Does this help you?

Yes, thank you very much.

Elyon: You are welcome.


Elyon, I was wondering if there is any advantage or disadvantage to practicing the stillness as a couple or practicing as individuals? Since within a household people do a lot of coordinating of the rest of their lives, would it be an advantage to try to coordinate stillness time as a couple?

Elyon: The stillness, the quiet time, a time of reflection, is a personal time for each individual to be with their Father, to go over what is happening in your life with Him, and, perhaps, to gain some insight or understanding of the future course that you would take. But while it is personal for each individual, there is no reason why you as a couple cannot take the same time to be with your Father. He has the time to hear us all even if we were all to pray to Him at the same time. So, in whatever way that it suits you, then you can decide the best way to come to the Father either together or separately. Does this help you?

Yes, it does. Thank you Elyon.


Elyon: Would there be any more questions today? Then I will close by telling each of you that you are all making progress as individuals and as a group in coming to the further awareness of your Father. I would stress that the stillness is very key to bring a personal understanding towards what His will may be for each of you. For each person that may be a different thing or it can be similar, but the only way that it can truly be understood is by an increasing communion with God. So, take the time when ever you can. Find it, if it be at the beginning of your day or at the end. It does not need to be a long period of time. Even if it is only just a few minutes, just take this time to still the craziness, the rush of thoughts; to drown them away, and to focus on the love in your life. He will give it to you.

In understanding you can go forth and proclaim the positive message of your Father. And when you do go forth, keep in mind those things that you can do to further uplift His message: by being personal with people instead of superficial, by hearing them instead of pretending to hear them, and by not creating a negative impact in trying to bring forth His positive message. The Father loves you with all of His being. Therefore, the purpose that you could try to set forth would be this message to others.

It has been a pleasure to be here. Thank you for coming.

Session 2

March 31,1993


Hello, my name is Cyndia. I am Gloria's private teacher and she didn't expect me to come thru this evening. I want to give you all my heartfelt appreciation for being with you and the love I feel from this group I very much appreciate.


Money, Materialism

I am growing as you are growing. I am learning as you are learning. I have been with you. I have worked with Elyon. I truly can say that you are all lights. I watch you as you go about your daily duties and I understand and realize the struggles that are created from what it takes to survive physically and materialistically. There at times seems to be so much pressure put on in just creating a living, to just create an environment that protects and provides safety. There are concerns about the dollar, about the finance it takes to survive. Although it seems easy to put out of mind, out of hand, it is still foremost in front of you and requires daily doing in order to maintain what it takes to survive. Really know and comprehend that this is such a minor, minor part of the whole picture, and at the same time know that it is part of the requirement of living on Urantia. Taxes have always been a big part of the structure here and will no doubt go on for many, many more generations. This time of year many feel pressure and anguish and a wishing that they could change the structure and, after it is over, go about their business and forget what it took to pay the tithing for the year. To be able to enjoy what you do is a blessing for some and not for others. A drudgery to look forward each day to go out and to once again spend the hours, to once again pay the taxes, to once again seemingly have nothing left over.

Rise above it, look at it as only a small part of what you are gaining here, what you are learning here, the experiences that you will take with you, the wisdom and knowledge that you will take with you. Feel not that you have wasted. Feel not that you have to feel overwhelmed by it all. And know that you are all capable of change, capable of restructure. I feel your heaviness at times and Gloria shares this with me. Without her knowing it without her complaining or sharing but it does go on for all of you. Look at it as the least you can do in order to provide for yourselves a healthy living while you are learning all these valuable lessons. Be healthy and fed and have a comfortable bed for a good night's sleep so that you can go out and help and serve your brothers and sisters and God. Look at is as part of the plan in order to serve yourself and serve others. Find ways through your days to benefit yourselves through your places of work by sharing with others, serving with others, as ample opportunities arise each and every day. You live in such a beautiful area. Drink in this beauty. God has provided you with a most beautiful spot. Fill your days with brightness. Go about your days knowing that this is only a small part of the whole picture. Lighten the loads. Find joy and happiness in whatever small tasks you are doing. Know that by doing these tasks, when you have serving the Father foremost in your mind, that the tasks are directed towards goodness.


I would accept questions.

Cyndia, I'd like to welcome you to our group. This is the first time I've had the opportunity to be in your presence. More than a question, I'd like to express our gratitude for having you here.

Cyndia: You're most welcome.

Teaching Mission

Cindia: I'd be curious to have an overview of the workings of the Teaching Mission. I keep hearing different things but perhaps you could explain what the ultimate goals of the mission are. How is it managed from upstairs? What do you see happening down the road? What is the long range destination?

Cyndia: We ultimately are here at this point to help you to loosen your burdens, to become free so that you can know of the truth of the love of the Father; and to instill within you the richness of the love, the goodness of the love. And for all to know and be aware of their indwelling spirit; to be able to communicate with their indwelling spirit; to have a personal relationship with the Father; to develop the communication so that through this communication you can help others; so that you are communicating from the Father; so that you are pouring out His love, directing and channeling His love through you to others; so that through your actions, your experiences, others can see and know of the Father's true intent, that He is love.

We filter down and we are not independent as we have instructors and everything is approved by Machiventa. The lessons brought forth are gone over and approved within each group, approved for each group as the group progresses, and for what is felt that that group needs. Everyone is being assigned a private teacher. If they so choose, they can learn to communicate with their teacher. If they choose not to, their teacher is by their side helping them. Through commitment and desires, you are all being directed to what your abilities and your limits are. We do not interfere with your free will. We do not go into your domain. That is yours. It is only through your desire that we do this, through your permission that we do this. This is up to your discernment on how you want to handle it.

Does this help?

Teacher Contact, Patience

Yes, thank you, that helps very much. I have a further question. You say that we're all assigned a teacher. When Nolus was here I got very enthused about having my own teacher and being a part of it, and tried hard for, gee, it must have been at least four days - I'm being facetious- but, I guess I was disappointed that I couldn't get the messages, that I thought I was getting but didn't really believe in them. For people such as myself, how should we pursue getting in touch with our own personal teacher? Is it a matter of doing a certain practice for a long period of time or does it vary for different people? I'd be curious for myself what things I could do.

Cyndia: You are no doubt quite aware of our favorite word from this side: Patience. Patience. Patience. Through patience you achieve all your goals and desires. You cannot expect in four short days what has taken us most of your lifetimes to get to this point. To really desire this, to really go into the stillness, go into the quiet part of your soul, to allow your mind to release all the thoughts, this takes practice. You may hear bits and pieces. You may hear a word. You may hear a name. This may be your teacher's name calling you, speaking his name. Sit and meditate in the quiet with no interruptions, possibly throw the phone outside for a moment. Ask and say, "This time is for me and my contact with my teacher." Give that permission so that your teacher will know he can work with you. Set a time each day, the same time each day, so that you can communicate and your teacher will know that that is your time together.

I will leave you once again with the word "patience".

Does this help?

Yes, it helps very much. I'm enjoying this clear communication. I was frustrated for awhile by what I thought was not as direct or clear a communication coming through. I appreciate this insight and I realize patience is something I'll have to continue to work with. I do get impatient and I do let the phone dominate my life. As I understand it, any of us who want a teacher have one, so I will call up my teacher so he will attempt his communication with me.

Cindia: I will take one more question.

Hi, Cyndia. It's really nice to hear from you. The other day I was in my time with Aaron, I was giving thanks for all the teachers, because you don't know who all is out there. I have heard your name before but I haven't read anything by you. I welcome you to the group here. I'd like to know more about the mission in a more personal way. You work with Gloria, Aaron is my teacher, Elyon is the group teacher, Doug has his teachers. You said everyone has a teacher that's set aside for them. Can you give me some idea, besides the teachers, the working with angels, midwayers, to how the process cones along, the connection...If you could comment on the personal mission of bringing awareness of the Father?

Cyndia: Yes, as I mentioned, the network on this side is very complex. As this is growing, more and more teachers are being transported here. Some are assigned and some are waiting to be assigned. So there are many in reserve and are kept close, as each day new awarenesses, new insights, new openings come about and assignments are working here. Life Carriers, the midwayers, the angels; if only you could see from this side, you would be so overwhelmed, so amazed to see all that have come to help. There are many, many people who are spiritually bankrupt and many who need physical healings so there will be many called to do these various things. Through their commitment and through our guidance and help changes will come about, tiny changes. Tiny specks of light. You will see these. You, through your commitments, will be a big part of this. We need your help and, in turn, we are very grateful to help you. I cannot comment further.

Thank you for answering as much as you did.


Cindia: I will now leave you. I thank Elyon for allowing me this time as I too need to experience things. For as a teacher coming to you, I am learning and growing on a daily basis. I am a teacher/student just as you are. My profound love to you all. Good night. Group: Good night.