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Topic: Elyon-May-1993

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan

Session 1

May 2, 1993


Greetings, I am Elyon. I am in good spirits today watching you grow and continue to find ways to help others, to help yourselves, to follow and understand the will of the Father. I am very pleased with your progress, very pleased with your willingness and your uphill climb.



Continue on with what sometimes seems a struggle for you all. At times you seem to fly and everything is easy. Then once again you are overcome by an obstacle that somehow seemed to be put before you, unknown to you. Once again climb over, go around, wade through these obstacles as you do day by day.

Obstacles are put before you in order for you to grow, in order for you to benefit. If nothing was ever put before you to experience, you would as well live in a 4-sided room with no windows, with no music, with no outside influence, never to know, never to experience, never to gain. Go outside, experience, know that through each experience you grow[[.]] Even though sometimes you tend to think you may fall back or falter, it is always in your being to go forth. And know that with each obstacle it would be too easy to simply bound over them as with runners going over hurdles. Sometimes their energy level is so high that they clear each one and come out a winner. Other times many hurdles are knocked down, and many times bruises and hurts are put upon the body because one was not fluent. This is so in daily life as well. You have your good days and your bad days. Know that the Father is on your side. There are not constantly being put forth these obstacles for you to fall back, for you to falter, for you to get discouraged, or for you to give up. Know that these obstacles are only a part of your daily life here. It is part of your growth; it is part of your stay here.

Trying to run from or keep yourself sheltered from these obstacles cannot in any way succeed, as they seem to follow you or be put forth no matter how hard one may try to hide from them. Go into them head on, with gusto, with enthusiasm, with energy, with the shield of the Father. As a soldier of peace, bring forth love and faith and teach others of the truth of the Father, of the daughter- and sonship.

As the obstacles come up for you, look upon them with love and be able to forgive. Make forgiveness a major part of the obstacles everyday. Know that to forgive and to love will bring soul growth and insights and awareness. Keep yourself open, by forgiving and loving rather than shutting yourself down by seeking revenge, or begrudging, or being angry because the obstacle was put before you. This does not mean, my friends, that you need to go out on a daily basis and look for obstacles in order to grow. As you know, they come to you quite regularly.

Know that at times there seems to be much doubt. You all wonder if things are beginning to change at all, if, in fact, your love does go out and reach anyone. There sometimes becomes a hopelessness, thinking, "Why bother? What does it matter, for I matter little? So what if I smile at my neighbor? He seems not to notice, he seems not to care." Do not hasten to go forth. Do not let these things pull you down. Do not bequeath yourself to the actions of others or feel the need to join them. If you are in a crowd of thousands and you are the only one smiling and putting out love, continue, my friends, to do so.

Continue this mission, for, you see, you do make a big difference. Keep smiling at your neighbor who seams not to notice, one day your neighbor will smile back at you. It was by and through your persistence that he did so. When the will of God and the truth of love is behind your actions, others will notice and take heed and will want a part of it. They will want to feel the way you do, will want to act the way you act. They may not come to you for guidance and preaching. They may simply gain from you and establish within themselves a small part of this so that they may go out one morning and smile at their neighbor who will not notice them.

I will now accept questions.


(Guest introduced) Elyon: I welcome you to this gathering. I know of your path and you are doing well.

Hello, Elyon. Thank you for your message. I enjoyed the runners analogy, particularly on this Bloomsday weekend in Spokane. Having been a long distance runner myself, I know very well what uphills can feel like, especially early in the season. I also recall times in prime condition how uphills and downhills became much the same, that they were as pleasurable to run up as down. I also derived from running the appreciation of team work. In races I noticed that it didn't matter which team you were on, we cheered on each other, particularly those who were lagging behind. Members of any team would cheer them along. It seemed like a revelation of the Supreme Being, though I had no concept of that at that time. I just want to thank you for providing this analogy to us today regarding obstacles in our lives.

Elyon: You are most welcome.


Hello, Elyon. There have been times where it didn't seem like a smile or a friendly word would alter the situation in the way that I thought it needed to be altered. Situations occur where an immature person may be driving their car too fast or doing something else that risks innocent bystanders. Situations where people aren't thinking very clearly and I find myself almost invoking a wrath akin to the one that Jesus used with the money changers. I don't feel good when these situations arise. At the same time, I feel like sometimes my options really aren't all that great. Something needs to be done firmly and I'm really not sure how to incorporate a smile and friendly gesture into these situations. Could you offer any advice on these more intense obstacles that we might encounter?

Elyon: Yes, very good question as everyone deals with these kinds of things. These can cause inner conflict, inner turmoil for with the dual nature, it is difficult at times to know which action to take. It is easy to go with the ego at times and feel force is the only way to be taken. I am not saying one should not defend oneself, especially as things are becoming now. However, there are ways to take peaceful measures without, as you say, knocking somebody's lights out. As I have taught in the past, as each one of you sit in your quiet time and become better at hearing from your Thought Adjuster and from your teachers, you will become more and more in tune to this and will be able to, on the spur of the moment, have insight or guidance that can help you. At the same time I realize that we are really talking spur of the moment. At times when making split second decisions, warriors feel and become so ingrained that their whole body feels the fight, feels the action. Their opponents become nothing more that an obstacle to overcome, no matter what action is taken to do this. One, even in split second decisions, can step back and consider the options, consider the motivation behind their action that needs to either be protected, defended, or dealt with in a manner that clearly states that changes have to be made. I cannot come right out and tell you how to act, for this is you freewill. through your actions you gain experience. Wisdom is brought forth into the mind the next time a situation of the same nature arises on how you could do it differently. This is sometimes a difficult call. Does this help?

It helps me understand that perhaps even in those split second decisions I do have the time to step aback and contemplate the alternatives. Thank you.

Elyon: There is also the saying: Step aside and allow the aggressor to pass.

As you probably know, my teacher gave me a similar message this week. I was to go out and smile and be happy and say nice things to people. This was interesting because it went against my habits of being defensive and taking things personally. Now I have to think, "Smile!" I'm more used to fighting for what I want instead of getting it because I'm being pleasant and spreading God's word. I might have to practice this the rest of my life.

Elyon: Yes, my dear, you amuse me for you do smile a lot and I know where you come from. You will find with each smile that life in itself becomes easier. With each smile you will feel your heartfelt true feelings more and more. With each smile you will be less afraid to go out amongst people. With each smile you will not have to defend yourself, you will not let the things that bothered you bother you.

Yes, my friends, with one small smile you begin your journeys. Think of it! With only one small smile upon your faces you begin to change, you begin to see, you begin to feel, you begin to know. With one small smile. As you smile day by day, minute by minute, you begin to blossom and grow, and others will smile with you. Keep smiling.

I sometimes get into confrontational situations when in my heart I invite God into this situation, but my faith seems to waiver on whether He is taking care of things. Then I may get aggressive and belligerent. Those obstacles are there for me to practice that smile. When I do smile it is very rewarding and I feel loving and friendly toward others.

Elyon: Yes, and let me comment that to also practice on a daily basis to keep a smile in your heart so that you have this in reserve. When these occasions arise that you cannot seem to smile on the outside, there is a smile in reserve on the inside which will break through, which will come through for you. If you keep a smile on the outside and a hardened heart on the inside this will not work.

A few weeks ago there was a young man who was in an accident and we helped him, He was hurt pretty badly and we tried to find out if he was okay. I have thought about him a lot hoping that he is. Can you tell me if he is okay?

Elyon: Know that your prayers are felt. That is all I can say.

My frequent response to obstacles is to just give up and be complacent, not always but frequently enough. There is a place for being content, but there is also a place for a little drive. If you could comment on that.

Elyon: Yes, you cannot experience life to its fullest without fully experiencing the obstacles in your life. By experiencing these you also gain knowledge and understanding in order to serve others. Through your experiences you can more fully relate to others, for they may have experienced this and may not have the insight that you would in order to work through it. Also, might I add, that to not fully experience you will be presented with this obstacle time and time again.


My love to each and every one of you. I will be with you this week. Go out and smile both from your heart and from your face.

Session 2

May 5, 1993 (TR goes into stillness and after a few minutes breaks out laughing. The TR explained, "I said, `Is anybody with us?' and they said, `Of course we're with you!'")


Elyon: *Good evening to you. Your humor is felt and enjoyed by us. Do not feel that you have to hide this from us, for you grow and bond through your humor.


Humor, Joy

By experiencing humor on all levels you begin to see the good side of it and the not so good side of it. Allow yourselves to just fully laugh and be able to be in each other's company to simply enjoy and be together. Know that you are in a place with each other where you can laugh and have humor and joy.

This is not true for everyone. They are concealed in places where they feel no humor, and through this, their humor comes out in ways that hurt others. To establish credibility, they feel they must provide humor in a way that hurts and affects others adversely.

Use this with all things as a stepping stone, a climb up, so that through your humor, as your laughing and humorous attitudes become more in the nature of Michael, then you are truly going out and spreading cheer. To do this adversely helps no one and brings you down. You know this. This evening you were all in check, yet with the dual nature, this is another one of those fine line situations. At times something may seem funny to you, but with someone else it could be as though you thrust a knife.

Joy is a gift. Joy is something to be shared with all. Be truly joyous from the heart, from the soul, from the being, so that when you present this joy it truly comes from within. It is truly like a flower that is blossoming to unfold its beauty. Share your joy with all. Truly feel joy and share. To not truly feel joy and humor, and to try to share, doesn't work.

Know that each minute of the day is a growth experience, a climb up the rung of the ladder. With each rung you climb higher with knowledge and wisdom of what you do or do not want to do the next unfolding day. Be like small children, who just fully live life, who catapult around, turning somersaults, feeling the earth and the grass. Experience hurting no one, only wishing to share what you feel.

Feel the love that Michael felt for the people when he was here. Truly want to go out of your way to help someone in need. Feel the joy within your heart so that when you reach this individual you can truly share it with him, so that he sees the gleam in your eyes and knows that you are real and genuine. Grace upon people this inward joy. Simply spread it around with your daily actions. Just be spontaneous and happy, full of glee.

The more you strive to know the Father, the lighter your humor will become, the more you will understand of the truth of joy. For now, sometimes you question whether you should have laughed or commented or acted the way you did. You will just feel it, you will just know what real, true happiness feels like.

I am not in any way putting you down. I am not in any way telling you to act differently. I am only stating that this is what is in store for you. I know, as I watch you, that you all are very desirous of this. You are all on the fringe of this. You can see it as though it is out in front of you. Pull it in. Take it. Put it within your being. Feel it. Know it's real, not to be questioned. Frolic through the parks. Play with the children. Play with the dogs. Stop and ask an elderly person how they are doing. Bring your sunshine to them.

We are in numbers with you. Know this. You ask, we are here. You desire, we will help. Through your actions you learn. Through your actions we learn. Know that we are also far from being perfect. I would accept a few questions.


Hello, Elyon. It's really good to hear from you. I share my love and joy at being with good friends, seen and unseen.

Elyon: *Yes, my dear friend, and know that my love for you grows daily. I express to you that you are growing and experiencing life each day and learning from your experiences. You are realizing how important each thing is to your growth. You do not take what was before a minimal task and begrudge it. Now you are seeing things in a much different light, my friend.

I've often wondered about your name, Elyon, meaning "most high", and the connection you have with the Most Highs of Norlatiadek or the Vorondadeks. I want to know a little more about your background and your name.

Elyon: *I will tell you this. If you ask me personally therefore I can come through you, with what I can give you. It would help you immensely to open up your blocks, rather than relying on this information coming through another source. This would be practice for you in faith and trust.

Thank you.

Teacher Contact

Some people have said that they associate the presence of a teacher or a teacher wanting to communicate with them by a ringing in their ears. Ever since, when I hear ringing in my ears, I interpret it as perhaps a summons by a teacher or you. Is this true? Is this useful to pursue?

Elyon: I will use the analogy I gave you as to feeling the smooth feeling of velvet. Take away from all else and allow the words to come through. Put your mind aside, feel the velvet, allow the words to come through. This is all I can say now.

Thank you.

There are times when I hope greatly for teacher contact and other times I shy away from it, feeling that it implies more than my human self is willing to commit to. So I detect lack of courage. Could you address this?

Elyon: *Yes. Know that you are always dealing with the dual nature. As these things come up for you, do a check to consider what the motivations really are. If you truly feel there is a part of you that does not want the responsibility, go within and see if this is a true feeling of yours or if it is possibly the ego holding back, wanting to take the easy way out. Once you have done this, as with the lesson on inventories, see where you really are, draw your map once again and see where you really are. Once this is done, start your prayers as to what you really want. Through your prayers you will begin to know where you truly are. This is scary. This is a big step, for one will feel, "Where will this take me? Will I be sent across the world to transmit to a tribe that does not speak English? Will I be taken totally out of my safety zone and be put somewhere where I will have to stretch myself to a point where I will feel so uncomfortable? Will fear overtake me and control me?"

Questions to ask yourself, and then, my son, go forth.

Wow! Thank you. Thank you for reminding me about mapping. I see that I have a pattern of dreading big jobs then doing them with gusto once I get started. Thanks.

I want to thank you for pushing me to trust in my own hearing. I still have occasional uncertainties but not when it comes to God, Michael, this mission, and Aaron. My doubts aren't as bad as I make them out to be. I'd like to ask about trust. How do I deal with my handicaps and work towards doing God's will?


Elyon: *First of all, I want to say to you, my friend, that the faith and the trust to develop is in yourself, in your hearing. Your faith and trust in us, the Father, and the mission is well noted. You do have some residual doubt in yourself as a conduit. Lay this open and fully trust. You can discern. You know when it is us and when it is you. You can take that step to fully trust. Know that corrections are always made if needed. Lay open your heart to trusting.

While living on Urantia, materialism is needed to survive. Some put so much importance on materialism that they do not go any further than this, while others seem to not have any need for the material. They simply have a shelter or what little is needed to get by, with no thoughts toward gaining more or building up the position part. In each of you there is a need of the material. To find the balance is the key. Find the balance that is within each of you, the individual, as everyone is different. Once the balance is met and you are being nurtured by what you need in material possessions and comforts, you can then go to the higher path and fully do the work of the Father. If you're not in balance, and you find no comfort, and you are totally insecure and fearful on the material level, it is hard to reach the heights that it takes to do the work of the Father. Some require mansions on the hill which require full attention. This does not so many times meet the balance and many times oversets it past the point of control. This is not to say to live in a tent either, but to find your balance, to find what you require, and to find the means to provide you with the requirement that keeps you in harmony, keeps you in balance. If this becomes out of balance to the point where you are having to spend your every waking moment to fulfill your materialistic needs, there is no balance. I feel I am rambling...

No sir!

Elyon: *However, I need to point this out in many different ways so that you can see of what I speak. Many live in cars. Some are happy there, some are fearful. They know of no escape, no way out. This, my friends, can be part of your mission. To find that balance, to find that harmony, so that you can go out and help others to find it. Through your knowing and your wisdom, through your experiences, you can help many. Does this help?

Yes, thank you. It helped a lot.

Elyon: *You're most welcome. To you all, you are most loved. And to Evelyn, my special love to you, my child. Feel that you are not betraying or letting down. Go forth. Go forth. My love, good night.

Session 2

May 12, 1993


So much sharing and giving and openness. This truly lights the way for happiness to follow, beyond your struggles, beyond your doubts and fears, beyond uncertainty of purpose. When you come together, just to be with another, to share their being and your being with them, seems always to bring a certain amount of satisfaction and relief from the problems of life.



Struggles you will always have. These are your pathways to the higher roads that you will travel. See it as a course, an course. You've got to be willing to run the race. But as well you know that the race isn't easy. There will be hills. There will be dips. There will be boulders and logs. Pick your obstacle. They will certainly be along the way. The point of your existence, your trying, your search, your reach to finish this course - this cannot be accomplished in quitting or stopping. You must always tackle the obstacle that lies before you. Sometimes there are easy ones. These problems are dealt with easily because of experience in handling such situations. It only takes the time to remember how to handle. But the road will take unknown turns at times. Where all the uncertainty and doubt and fear can rise.

This time is among the most difficult times within life because there is only one way to find the course to follow, through faith, through your search and through your reaching to the Father. When there is no known answer then that is the only truth you can find. So feel free always to take it in worship or in prayer, for His guidance will surely bring you through. Then you can in knowing the way to unlock or move aside the obstacle or door or wall; you can then move back on to your course, and go until the next hill. But always, always, know that there is an end, and it is more than you can imagine in joy and satisfaction.

It is good to be here tonight and share with you my vision and my dreams and my understandings as I have come to understand them through Michael and my Father. And in thinking of obstacles let it not be foremost in your mind, but think again of the sharing, the giving, and the openness, which seems to make the struggles all the more easier.

Hello. I am Elyon, your guide to understanding. It is good to be here. And with time constraints I would take a few questions. Let us try to keep the responses short.


Question #1: Hello Elyon. I don't have a question as much as I just have some love and some deep respect for what you and all those involved in our watch care do for us; all the time that we know about and all the time that we don't know about. I personally have gained much in my way of faith recently, in your being there for me and for my family. And I would just like to say how much I love and appreciate all that you do for me and for all of us in the Teaching Mission and through out all time.

Elyon: You're welcome. And Thank you for your feelings of love. I certainly am aware and know that you are such a son of brightness. You bring so much to life and to those you come in contact with, just by your approach to the positive. Your growth is always progressive, and your sights are set. Thank you.

Questioner #2: I haven't really formulated a question either. But thinking about what Mark shared earlier, and what you just discussed, I'm realizing that I don't think I trust anybody. And sharing is the most difficult thing in the world. Maybe by just saying that I'm starting to face it.

Trust, Balance

Elyon: Trust. It is hard to learn and to feel. It isn't endowed. It is always earned. But as well, you have to learn to trust those that would offer you reason. The course you follow is always set with truth and love and hope in mind. The key is to balance these. When concern for hope becomes high then there can be a desperation if it is taken to extremes. To love blindly, though good in all forms [love], without any quality of truth or hope or goodness, then this cannot bring about the feelings of assuredness and openness and honesty, which is one of the basic values of love - honesty. Truth can as well be taken too far by bringing this above love, above hope. If your concern is for the truth and only the truth, then very often, the truth itself cannot be found because there is no love; there is no hope; it is the crystallized search for something to sink your teeth into. You are such a good being. You strive always for goodness and to see the better way, to be of assistance and help to others. Just take the time to balance yourself, to bring these to an equal level. You have all three. You just need to rest assured inside yourself that it is truly possible to trust with love and hope. This is what I would say.

Questioner #3: Elyon, thank you for your lesson this evening. I would like to acknowledge it's timeliness. I've always enjoyed your lessons. One of the things I've worked on recently in the goals for bettering myself... as I work on these things I tend to beat myself down when I fail, and think that when I've run into an obstacle, I've blown it again. I'm trying to approach with an attitude that I've run into an obstacle. I can now begin again to, this time, overcome it. To hear your lesson tonight has been a good motivation for me to accept obstacles and not see them as points for potential failure, but points for this time to succeed. And that even in falling I haven't stopped. I've only begun anew to proceed again. Thank you very much.

Elyon: Thank you friend. It is always good to hear how my giving impacts on you. And your sharing in love is always felt. Not only by me but by all those that you give it to. And you must all know it by now, that succeeding is not something to be wished for; it is not a matter of if it will happen for you. It is only a matter of when it will happen.

Would there be anything else this evening?

Questioner #4: Elyon I have a brief question. I think of all the growth that people are going through and the changes which feel good to me. I,m glad for your contribution to that. I also get stuck and feel a need to do things to go through changes, and that is why I'm going to do this retreat this weekend. Perhaps you could give me some guidance as to what I should work upon, or what areas in my being could use some consideration or correction, if you want to use that word. Thank you.

Elyon: You are certainly full of so many things that bring you forward, and I do admit it is not so easy for me to pick out your growth points. Trust in yourself, that what you decide to do will be a proper choice for you no matter what choice or advice or offering is given from anyone. Trust yourself and your inner guide, your Father, to see what is good for you; Know your feelings about all that happens within your life, from a professional level, to a home level, to a spiritual level; to realize that your attitudes are key in all these areas. And that what you can do is to see your approach to different types of behavior. You sometimes worry that you might miss what is happening in your world around you. I would say to you tonight that because of you much is happening. And because of your willingness to take steps and to move forward and to make things happen, that you most certainly initiate positive occurrences for yourself and for those around you. Take this within and know it to be true. Just be open and absorb the experience. Sharing is always good. Does this answer you?

Questioner: Yes, it does. I guess sometimes I look for specific things rather than realizing that I have the ability within me to look at things with a fresh attitude, with a positive attitude, and that makes the most difference. I don't need to be looking for skeletons and negative things. I should remember that there are many positive things, that all the good teachers are always trying to remind us of to take us out of our more negative belief systems. I appreciate your comments.


Elyon: You're certainly welcome. And know that examining yourself is not always healthy when done too much, but to take a retreat to see where you are at and to realize where you want to go, and how to put, truly put, those skeletons, as you say, behind you. This is most favorable for it brings you forward to where you can enjoy the positive. I would thank you all for being here tonight and for sharing. For being open to the extent that you could. And always see the path ahead of you. Don't get caught in to looking behind you too much, or paying too much attention to where you're at, even though now is what's happening; but if you don't look ahead on occasion you might certainly trip over what lies in front of you. So see yourself as you are, and see yourself where you want to be, and go forth through the course to the source...and this was purely accidental...enjoy. Farewell.

Group: Farewell.

Session 3

May 16,1993


Greetings, this is Elyon. With the birds singing there is music in the background today. They are truly a gift from God for you to enjoy. Look upon their brilliance of colors and hear the beautiful songs they bring to you.

As I brought forth to you last week to find within you the beauty and the pureness and the goodness that is your indwelling spirit, as I have observed you through the week, you are all doing very well on this and have patience as this is something that will take time. And know that it only takes faith and a desire and they shall be brought to you. You shall indeed know and feel your indwelling spirit while on Urantia.



Today I would like to speak about the truth of the Father. To bring this truth into your hearts to help you through the day, to bring the love that He has for all, barring none. All can know of this love whether behind prison bars or committing obscene crimes or the ones that are serving from their hearts. Know that none are left out. All, all are His children, all are truly loved by Him. To be able to grasp this and bring it into your hearts, take away all discriminating factors, all judgments, to simply love all, to simply be with the world, to know that you can make a difference, not by going out and being in an anti-movement or declaring sins, but by simply being and knowing and feeling this love in your hearts. Once you fully understand what your capacities are, this love with no judgment, with no discrimination, to be free from these factors, to be able to step out into the world and love all your brothers and sisters for where they are, for what they are doing, and through this love you can heal, you can change, you can bring about a better place to live.

There are many struggles now, many non-trusting beings walking about; non- trusting not only of their neighbors but of themselves, not having anywhere, it seems, to turn but boxed into a corner. And as you know, an animal caged is not a happy animal but rather one that will attack as he is approached. There are many to be set free. There are many who need to know of this love, that they can too come out of their cages and begin to feel the truth of the love. By stepping aside of all the judgment one can see how truly unimportant it really is, how it only hurts and creates disharmony and distrust. For to judge is only to fear and brings about distrust. To bring about this love into your hearts, to create a harmony that will allow you to be free of judgment and discrimination and all that goes with it, to sit with the Father each and every day, to know He is real, that He exists, that He is there for you, all of you. Do not take a stand but simply allow His love to work through you, to, in a sense, be simple about it, to just let it be, to just allow it to happen. To step into His light, to feel His light, and to know everything is okay, to bring His love to others, to set all else aside and bring in this love; this goes along very nicely with last week's lesson, don't you think?


I would like to try something a little different as some of the other groups are trying this and it is very effective. I would like to have each of you share at this time how your lesson went last week and what you did to bring the beauty about within you. In your sharing you will help each other. Please start with whoever would like to share. This is not something that you feel you have to do however by opening up and sharing it does open you up and also helps you to see more clearly what it is we are really doing here. I will now listen.

Student #1: I had a lot of fun with this. I never really tried to work on my inner beauty before. First I planned it out. I'd think, "It would really be nice for me to go do this because that would show my inner beauty." I did that for a few days then I decided I was trying too hard. I visited my daughter who wanted to talk. I thought, "This girl is so important. How busy can I be to not talk with this kid?" I talked with my mother. I became aware of the beautiful people that are in my life. I talked to my sister who moved to Alaska and it felt good to tell her, "I love you so much I can hardly stand to have you that far away." She cried.

The inner beauty came out when I wasn't paying attention, when I wasn't trying. When I was aware of who I was with and what I was doing, I could give beauty to that simple situation. I love it. I'll have to practice that a long time, too.

Student #2: I missed the lesson but I had a similar experience because my mom and dad were visiting and I had a strong feeling of how I love them so much and I wish we weren't so far away. I think they got a lot out of just being with us and how relaxing and centering visiting us can be for them. It's less stressful than when they visit some of the other kids in the family. We felt like we provided a service.

We decorated for my mom's birthday even though she said, "Oh, don't pay any attention to my birthday." We did it anyway. She was so overcome. She said no one had ever done that for her on her birthday. She was choked up. So things happen even when you don't get an official assignment.

Student #3: I didn't work on the beauty assignment for this week so much because I'm still working on the lesson on goals. As the Urantia Book says, "Beauty is the harmonization of contrasts" (56:10.3) or "the unification of divergent realities". I feel that in working on goals and the challenges between my lower nature and my higher nature, maybe I'm making progress in the way of beauty. But in the forefront of my mind is setting goals and accomplishing those goals, it makes me feel beautiful.

Student #4: Well, I wasn't at the meeting last week so I didn't get the assignment. One thing that happened was I woke up Monday and didn't have to go to work. It's been a great week. I've read in the Urantia Book every morning and meditated everyday and gone for a walk almost everyday.

Last night I talked to my dad who was feeling a little blue. He told us about a book he's interested in, "Blueprint of the Cosmos". He's been reading the Urantia Book so we recommended some sections.

The best thing was when he commented on how he'd never heard me sound so happy. I felt wonderful. We also went out country dancing. It was really fun.

Student #5: I didn't remember what the lesson was. In dealing with people I've worked on my attitude, I gave myself the time. Tuesday we had a good talk about the Teaching Mission, also on Wednesday.

Today I dealt with my mother's boyfriend. We throw Bible quotes at each other. We like each other but he doesn't agree with the Urantia Book, "That's Satan stuff." At one point my mom was mad at him. I reminded her, "Forgiveness, Mother. Forgiveness is divine." She said, "Well, I forgave him yesterday and today, so that's twice. I don't know if I can do it." So I threw out Peter's quote, "Shall I forgive him seven times? No, you should forgive him seventy times seven." She picked up something and threw it at me, so she was feeling better.

So I had a good week seeing beauty in others as well as in myself.

Student #6: I didn't think much about the lesson, either. At first I had the negative thought of, all these inner beauty traits I'd like to have, that's all the Thought Adjuster, that's not me. Then I thought, wait a minute, eventually we are one so that is me, too.

The times I feel inner beauty or at least satisfied with the way things are going is with anything that involves being of benefit to others, directly or indirectly. Gardening is pretty indulgent but others do benefit, and I get a lot of satisfaction out of gardening.

Student #7: I didn't think about the lesson until now that we are talking about it. I had a lot of things on my mind about my spiritual development. I shared last week how I feel closer with my Thought Adjuster on a daily basis. Sometimes I'm remiss in my meditations but mostly I feel close to God and lots of love for my associates, especially my friends. I'm blessed with a wonderful family. Basically, I feel beautiful inside most of the time. Sometimes I come down on myself when I don't feel good but I haven't done that for a few days.

If I keep my mind focused on my spiritual development then the joy of life is so great. I've noticed the beautiful trees out my window.

(more comments and discussion on reminding ourselves of what the week's lesson is.)

Elyon: Yes, my friends, this is why I chose today to have you share so that through your sharing this will instill within you more what the lessons are and, though some said they forgot, there is still a subconscious factor that the lessons are there and even though you do not forthrightly practice them, you are all able to come up with some form of the lesson that happened last week. You know that, yes, you are indeed growing, you are indeed wanting to know of the truth of the love of the Father. So today go forth and spread this truth of the love through non-judgment and non-discrimination this week. And share with others that from you there is no judgment, only love for your brothers and sisters. And as things come up in the news media or such you can practice this as well, to lay aside all judgment and simply let it be and bring forth the Father's love for these trapped people, for love is what they truly need to heal their hurts and fears.

I will now accept questions.

Teacher Contact

Student #3: Are you in charge of assigning personal teachers to individuals in our group or is that done on another level in the scheme of things?

Elyon: There is a great networking as I have mentioned and I do have a part in this as I know each of you quite well. And as with a group teacher, a personal teacher is assigned to an individual so that they are compatible. However, I do not fully have the responsibility of this. There are many involved. There are Midwayers and, depending upon some individuals, it will reach Machiventa as to personal teachers, as with missions.

Does this help?

Student #3: Yes, thank you. I felt this week that my teacher said you had given me to him. So you've filled in on my wonderment about that. Thank you.


Student #5: Joking with friends this week, someone made a racial slur which I didn't appreciate but I didn't say anything so as not to embarrass him in front of others. In your lesson I think you said don't take a stand on the issue of non-judgment. How does that pertain to an issue like this? I felt like I should've pointed out that even though he was still my friend this person was wrong to make such a statement. I felt bad that I didn't have the guts to say it.

Elyon: You see, if you had responded to him in the way you wanted, would you not have made a judgment against him?

Student #5: No, I don't think it would've been a judgment against him. I think it would've been a judgment against the action. We've had disputes before and I wanted only to point out what he had said was inappropriate, not that I didn't like him.

Elyon: You can bring about in your brothers and sisters a desire to not act in these ways by loving them unconditionally and if the matter becomes a large problem, you can ask them how that makes them feel to make remarks about others. You can tell them you are there for them, that you understand, however you don't feel it appropriate to put others down and do this, as you say, in a loving way, in a non-judgmental way. However, be careful how you do this because sometimes it may come out the same as what they are doing. Fully love the individual, yes, and put aside his actions, yes. To not be defensive and to not let it, as you say, push your buttons, but through your actions, show this individual what is correct. As a mother with a small child, to guide him and lead him but not spank him.

Does this help?

Student #5: Yes, it does. Maybe I've showed too much righteous indignation in the past by taking a stronger view point. It's good to remember to keep the love element in there while admonishing someone.

Elyon: To always understand the other, to understand his motivation and his ignorance is to love and to be a true teacher, to find the tools to teach through love.

I will accept one more question.

Student #1: I've been thinking about you and my personal teacher. When I'm thinking of certain things or feeling a certain emotion or having a personal problem, you're close, so close I think you read my mind. I see the love and concern which is one way I know it's you talking because I tend to put myself down whereas you build me up. How do you understand all the things we go through if you haven't lived here yourself?

Elyon: I have not lived here. I, however, have lived where I have experienced these things and also I am learning by observing. And we know how difficult it is for you with the dual nature, with the emotional side, the ego side. How hard it is to go through your days living in the goodness and the pureness and the love and, although you cannot be perfect, this is what you're striving for, to march on each day and do what you can do to do the will of God.

I am close to each of you and know each of you very well and, yes, at times when you feel me I am no doubt there. And know that you can talk to me, too. So you can call for me and I will speak to you.


I will close now. My love to you. Go forth and bring about true love of the Father. My blessing to you this week.

Group: Good bye.

Session 4

May 19, 1993


Greetings. This is Elyon. I am bringing to you this evening my love for you are all growing immensely. You are finding and feeling. Your hearts are expanding and you're all coming closer and closer to the Father. Openings are being made daily. Trust that this is happening. If you feel that this is not, it is. Trust and have faith that this is so.



I have not prepared a lesson this evening as I would like for you all to continue to work upon the lesson from Sunday. As for those of you who were not present, the lesson was on non-judging and getting past the discrimination of others to truly feel the love of the Father and allow this to wash away all these parts of you that you no longer need. Be free from these so that you can go out each and every day and truly love your brothers and sisters without judging, to simply love them, to simply give them the love they so desperately need. In the world today no one needs to be judged more than they already are. So allow this to leave you. Allow yourselves to be free of this, to know that it can happen. As you have lived so far this is of a nature that is accepted and no one really looks at it as something that can be changed. Many look at it as something that is part of everyday life, that one has to or needs to judge and discriminate. You all in this room know better, know that this is not necessary. I, through my love and guidance, hope to help you free yourselves of this. This is a daily burden for all and with the dual nature is very difficult to get past. This, my friends, is one of those obstacles that we speak of. To turn yourselves over to the Father, that each time a judgment comes into your mind, comes into your being, at that moment turn it over to the Father, give Him the judgment, and allow yourself to go free, to take down your cages bar by bar. By doing this you free up a lot of heaviness within you, as you know the righteous way and do not wish this anymore. When it does occur it does create inner turmoil. And through your desires know that you can get past this, you no longer need this in your life. Look to the other side of it and know that you can jump this hurdle and be there, be free of it. By doing this you can help many, many along the way, can see more clearly, can serve more readily and more helpfully and from your heart. Think of the world with no judgment, only concern for your brothers and sisters, concern and discernment, to know what they truly need. This, too, will be an obstacle and take practice, one step at a time. To fully step up to someone with no judgment, no preconceived notion of what you think of them, to be free of this - by doing this you truly do open a channel to the Father. Open yourselves up to His love so that it can flow freely through you and out to others with nothing holding it out.

I am not only speaking of your judgment of others, I am speaking of judgment of yourselves, for this most generally is a bigger problem. As with the dual nature, one tends to be very hard on oneself and to get in the practice to turn it over to the Father. To make mental notes that, as this comes up for you, to immediately turn it over. Try this and see what happens. And as it becomes the practice of the day, you will find that everything you do throughout the day, you will be turning it over to the Father more and more as you feel your openness come in and the joy come in, and the true happiness, your true right as a child of God. To not be swayed by others, to not feed others, to simply be, to simply do, to simply love; this I bring to you today.

I will accept a few questions.



Student #1: Thank you, Elyon for that great message. I would like some clarification of heart vs. head. When I do "heart work" like at the workshop I went to, it seems that in order to feel love we have to, as you say, not judge, just get out of our heads -thinking and analyzing - and get in the heart space. In the Urantia Book knowledge is so important. Is knowledge separate from judgment? Can being in a judgement space stop the heart from functioning?

Elyon: Knowledge and wisdom are gained from your experiences. By and through your experiences you learn truth and know that your truth can change from second to second. And through your experiences you learn what you do and do not want to do by either doing the wrong way, the hard way, or gaining wisdom through doing the right way which is through love. Love is generally considered the heart area. When you fully, unconditionally love another, there is no judgment. Judgment is only something that you feel or think of another that is normally not true. To judge when you do not understand the motivation of another or see your brothers and sisters as the lights that they are, the key word here is love and through your knowledge and wisdom, if this is your goal, to love unconditionally. If to judge and criticize is your goal, then this is your loss.

Does this help?

Student #1: Yes. I am a little confused. If someone was in a heart space, a loving-his-fellows state of mind, judgment wouldn't have any room in there, they are totally contradictory. I think I understand. Thank you.

Elyon: Yes. Realize there are two kinds of love on Urantia, conditional love and unconditional love. Do you need this clarified?

Student #1: Please.

Elyon: Conditional love is when you love another on your condition and you may want him to be or act another way which would make life easier for you. You may judge him and not be pleased by something of the mannerisms or such of this person and not fully see him as a true light, a son of God. Unconditional love is where you see him as a light from God with no blemishes, pure light and love.

Does this help?

Student #1: Yes it does, thank you.


Student #2: Hi, Elyon. In the past I've been concerned that to be non-judgmental could lead to apathy, not caring where someone is. I concluded I should be non-judgmental but to evaluate. You said, "discernment." Judgment seems to mean closing the book, sealing the jail cell, saying that this person is this way, all said and done. Evaluation or discernment is where I can note that someone is in a particular frame of mind, lifestyle. I may be able to provide a service to them so that they may grow but I don't categorize them or bind them to their status at that point. Could you clarify if I'm seeing this clearly?

Elyon: Yes, you are getting the picture. Sometimes to evaluate would be as maybe a teacher grading term papers or a judge judging a dog show; it would be their opinion of which dog or paper was the best through their belief systems, how they held life. To truly and fully understand the other you must walk in their shoes, to use the term, to try to put yourself in their place, to fully understand that other person.

Does that help?

Student #2: Yes, thank you. The big help for me is to keep in mind to seek to be in the other person's frame of mind so I'm not projecting what I think is the better way upon them. Where they are may be where they need to be at that point. Thank you.

Elyon: May I add that it is through your actions that they gain, not through what you think may be best for them.

Thought Adjusters, Attitude

Student #3: I think it says in the Urantia Book that the Thought Adjusters can help change our attitudes. The times that I've thought to ask for help in attitude changes, I don't feel like I have had much results. Maybe I'm misunderstanding. Maybe it isn't in the book. Could you clarify.

Elyon: Yes, your Thought Adjuster is constantly trying to change your attitude. However, at this point many do not hear and possibly rather than say "change your attitude", he is prompting you, promoting you to a new level. And through your free will you take the steps. And through all your practices of opening up as we speak in all the lessons, that you all will begin to hear clearly your indwelling spirit and by this begin to see a brighter picture and have more awareness, more understanding of God's will. And as the openings get bigger and bigger, know that your opportunities will be more and more. And through your desires and prayers you can change your attitudes. And with patience know it may not happen overnight but over a period of time for it took many years to develop attitudes and to change it quickly sometimes it takes many years.

Does this help?

Student #3: Thank you.

Elyon: I will take one more question.


Student #4: Hello. I always seem to be on a roller coaster. Sometimes I'm real high, sometimes real low. As I feel myself becoming more assured spiritually about certain things yet other parts of my life seem to rise and fall. In other aspects, when I think I know everything suddenly the rug is pulled and I don't know anything other than my awareness of God. How can I stabilize myself in my professional and personal sides? I work on a lot of things spiritually. How can I bring these other things into the spiritual side and not experience these mood swings up and down?

Elyon: Greetings to you. I am very aware of your mood swings and by turning your days more and more over to the Father, you will learn that you can have joy everyday and to not be so hard on yourself. For when you feel that you should have done better, should've done something differently, if you will keep a notebook or diary, you will see your patterns, you will see, much as a person with a disorder, that there is always a pattern that leads up to the mood swing, a pattern that affects your days. For you to do this would be very beneficial for you to get to know (#4). This is very important to you at this time in your life. You cannot put (#4) in the background any longer. He must come forth and begin to understand his own motivation, understand his belief systems, understand what makes him tick. I will not tell you about yourself. I will guide and help you along the way. You must do this on your own for you see what a tremendous growth this would be for you. And to get to fully know yourself and like yourself and understand yourself and to truly realize, I say this to you all that you are children of God, that you matter, that you are worthy, that you truly make a difference. And if you feel you have faltered, go on and make it right, change it. There is always tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Do not feel you have failed your lives because of something that you said or did that you feel is so wrong. To wake up each morning and love yourselves as much as you love the Father, this, my friends, is a true beginning for all of you.

Does this help you?

Student #4: Yes, very much so. I don't know what I said to deserve such a response but it all hit home pretty well. Thank you.

Elyon: Consider this a gentle little nudge. It is done only from love, caring, and nurturing. Know that we the teachers, your angels, Michael, and God are with you.


I will now leave this evening. Enjoy you week. And I will be with you this weekend. Be listening for I may bring through messages to you if they are needed. I will be there to guide you. Know there will be many of us there with you. You will not be there alone. My love to you all. Good night.


The group was running a Urantia booth at a local body, mind, and spirit fair that weekend.) END MAY 1993 ELYON