1993-05-09-Avoid Blocking Selves

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Topic: Avoid Blocking Selves

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



Opening prayer and Prayer of St. Francis:

Daniel: "Good afternoon, my friends. I am Daniel, your guide, your teacher. In the opening you gave forth the experiences you had this week regarding the lesson of last week. It is important and it brings us joy when the lessons that are given are taken to heart and considered. For it is in this regard that you will come into the knowledge of your nature, human and divine. It is in the review and thoughtful meditation on the lesson that you will search and become evermore aware of the will of the First Source and Center.


Faithfulness to His calling is an area that you will further develop each time you sit in worship, prayer, and stillness. The call of the First Source and Center is to all and all are welcome to listen to His words. It is only your own hampering that prevents you from knowing and being able to serve your Creator. I am pleased that you are all coming into a greater appreciation for the time you spend in the quietness and in prayer with Michael and the Father.

This day I would like to speak to you again regarding change. This is a constant in life. The inevitable is that which will always be in motion. Blockage to change, however, is not growth promoting. And let us take the time today to realize the value of being able to change. For through change there is growth. This lesson, while presented many times, is one that continually beckons you to allow that which is in motion to proceed that progress, whether it be in the human domain or the spiritual, may continue. The change today that I call upon you to think upon is that of nurturing.

This day, Mothers' Day, that pays tribute to the nurturing aspect of your beings, the mothering instinct, is and does call for change. Let us all look within to realize that while you are of various genders, while there is a difference between the genders, and while the mothering gender is that which is noted for nurturing, it is error to think that it is only this gender that nurtures. Remember, my dear students, you are from the First Source and Center and because you are a part of the First Source and Center you embody and encompass, as He/She does, all aspects. And so this week look inside to that aspect of nurturing. You have all planted the seed for this. It has been a part of your being. And while many of you have cultivated and have prepared the environment for nurturing, others have been less willing. If you are to be the caretaker of your brother and sister in helping them to understand the Kingdom of the First Source and Center, then you must from that standpoint be also able to nurture. The plant that you have cultivated in many, many regards has grown strong and has changed as you have come into greater understanding and perception of your path. As with a tree in nature, so, too, must there be a correlation, a parallel with the divine tree that you are nurturing. In the spring of the year such as now the tree leaves a state of dormancy and brings forth new life, new growth, change. In your lives there are the times of dormancy, a time for the soul and the mind to process and to experience that which you have just grown into. And during the dormancy you are at rest. But as spring is a part of growth and change, so stirs within you a new and a strong desire, an urgency for growth; a prompting that you must follow! And on the horizon you see a change coming. This is an exciting time for new growth to come. While there is risk, while there is some degree of fear, if you will but utilize the empowering love, empowering grace, and empowering bounty that the First Source and Center gives to you as you sit in silence, as you sit in silence with Him, that which looms on the horizon, that change which is calling forth in your being will be more easily met. That challenge will be a challenge brought about through the joy of knowing that in all change there will be growth. And in growth there is a new perspective and new horizons open for your viewing. And, my friends, as you begin those steps of bringing about change the buds appear.

And as you sit with the Father and allow the warmth of His sun to penetrate you, as you draw from the roots the water of the Mother Spirit, you are nurtured and you welcome and go with confidence into change; the leaves appear, and the leaves feed that which is already grown strong. As the change becomes a part of you, then, there comes a time when you are needing to be at rest. And while the old leaves fall that change which has come over you is then metamorphosized within your being and you go into a time of quiet. And then, again, on the horizon another change comes into perspective. You again are stirred.

The lesson tonight is to ask you to not put up blockages. Do not hamper change that will bring you along your path to the First Source and Center. The change, the route, the path you are called upon to follow will be made known to you as you sit in stillness. And so all of you this week, think about nurturing that which is about to change in your life. Call upon the resources you have within you that will help you to follow that which you know to be right. Do not allow any fear of the unknown to hamper your willingness to grow. You are not asked to take a mile at a time, but only one step at a time. And when change is taken step by step it is much easier to follow, much easier to allow that which is a part of the plan of Creation. Progress, growth, understanding, wisdom, all come out of your willingness to allow change to take place. Nurture those stirrings when they are upon you for life is a circular of seasons. And as you progress from season to season change will be a companion. Allow it to be a joyous companion. Do not look upon it as a 'have to' but a 'get to' in the experience of life.

Think this week about how far you have come in the past. The beauty of having a time reference is that while you are in any given moment you can look to the past and see from where you have come. You can appreciate the moment of now and you can project into the future that which you hope to become. As ascending mortals you are in a constant state of working from the base animal to that of a perfected spiritual being to be with the Mother Spirit/Father God that is the Creator of us all. And so I ask that you spend some time this week in thinking upon change and nurturing those areas in your life which call now upon you to take the step for change. Those inner stirrings and promptings are your friend, if you so allow it. While there may be difficult decisions, while there may be obstacles, remember that with the First Source and Center as your frame of reference, that which looms as a mountain can become as a mole hill. Take the time so that you can just step over the mole hill and not have to scale the mountain. The time spent in prayer, worship, and time with your Creator makes the difference. And now I will accept a few questions."


N1: "Daniel, I don't have a question at the moment; but I just wanted to say that was a beautiful lesson, and to thank you for it. I will definitely be thinking about that and being aware for the areas that I need to take steps in this week and in the coming interim. Thank you."

Daniel: "Thank you for your comments. Know, all of you, that despite those times when you feel ill at ease, when change appears frightening, that when you allow and open yourselves to divine insight the love of the First Source and Center will be the rock upon which you will know firm footing, indeed."

B1: "Hello Daniel."

Daniel: "Hello."

B1: "I also don't really have a question. I also would prefer to just make a statement and that is, I would agree with my daughter that this was an exceptionally good lesson. I was thinking about these things today, as a matter of fact, as I was meditating and thinking of the spring occurring outside the windows. I can say that in my life I have never had such a period of growth as has been the result of the Urantia Book to start with, but primarily the Teaching Mission and your work as teacher and that of my personal teacher. So I just want to tell you all how much I appreciate your role. I am sure you are learning things too, and I am sure changes occur on the morontial level. But it has been a wonderful time. That's all."

Daniel: "Thank you for your comments as well. Indeed, growth and change is not something that is only for this sphere. The beauty of the plan that the Creator has for all is that you will continue throughout all of your ascent to grow, change, learn and understand with finer and finer clarity. It is an adventure that you will grow fonder, more appreciative of as you continue. And the unfolding that you see take place truly does show the wisdom of the Mother/Father Spirit from whom we all have come. And it is my great joy to be a part of this mission to Urantia at present. Indeed, all of Nebadon is in a state of great flux and change, great happenings which stir one into a higher sense of calling, a higher sense of wanting to follow the First Source and Center."

V1: "Hello, Daniel, this is V1."

Daniel: "Hello."

V1: "Your reference to the 'plan' just now reminded me of the readings I have been doing on the Supreme, the Finite God, today. And I just am amazed that the plan which would give such responsibility and decisive act to us as mortals, and that, indeed, that the evolving God is changing just as you have said we all must change; and that as we change and grow toward God, God the Supreme also grows. And I don't begin to understand it. I don't know how it can be that God can be both Creator and growing...and I just need to say I am very grateful to be part of the plan. And I am so grateful for what I have learned and what you have given us."

Daniel: "Many, many mysteries are still to be unfolded for myself as well. As I stated earlier, with each new change and different perspective there is also this enlightenment which helps one to grow another step closer in understanding, yet with each step taken, you who are students realize that with everything you learn you also realize how much more there is to learn. And so look to the future with great expectation! Hold in that part of your being that whatever the First Source and Center has in the great plan, that you and you and you will be a part of it! Inspiring, awesome, indeed, it is to begin to realize what Love is the First Source and Center!"

V1: "Thank you, Daniel."


Daniel: "Because of energy restraints I am taking my leave now. I would ask that L2, you speak with D3. I would like a meeting with you this week. My friends, it is an honor for all present in the spiritual realms to be here today. As we on this side observe your faithfulness we are fed and nurtured by you. For in your faithfulness we are given into a better understanding of the First Source and Center in delegating free choice, in the act of giving faith and the understanding of the hardships in not being able to fully understand, and yet being faithful and in believing. Indeed, those on this plane and on other worlds of similar fashion, those who hold in faith that which they cannot fully understand, are honored and revered by others who know, who have greater insight. Nurture those things which will help you to come into greater understanding of the First Source and Center. My love and peace go with you. Good evening."

Group: "Good evening. Thank you Daniel."