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Topic: Elyon-June-1993

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Michael, Cyndia, Evanson, Aaron

TR: Jonathan

Session 1

June 6, 1993


When you listen to your heart, when you follow the will and listen to the voice inside you, then it is good to let the words fall, let the doubts go and the uncertainties to cease, for life in the spirit and in goodness should be a life of joy, of knowing your way, of believing in yourself and what you would do for the Father.


I am Elyon. I'm glad to be here today. It is good to see you. You have taken away part of my lesson plan for this day for I would have you talk about judgment. You have done well. All of you including those not capable of being here have taken this assignment very seriously and have evaluated what judgment means in their life as it pertains to those around them. When you look to another with simple open friendship and love, and you throw aside the doubts, the jealousies, the fears, then you can put aside judgment and this brings harmony.


The guide for all of you to your increasing development in the ways of judgment and in all other ways is within you. As you increasingly go to Him, as you listen and truly bring the Father into your life, not by concepts, not by words but by feeling and by love and by sharing, then can the purpose and the will be clear for each of you. It is a growing connection you have with your indwelling spirit. As you strive more and more in your life to understand He who lives within, your awareness on many different levels will grow by the feeling of presence, by the enhanced thought message that comes through you in your days and the awareness of your ability to love that is growing and growing. This is for all to know. The Father, through Michael, is pleased with you. There is love in your lives and though you have much growing and much learning left to do, if there is one thing that can be said of each and every individual within this group of believers it is that each one has the purpose of the Father burning within them.

There are weaknesses, frailties. and not so admirable characteristics that still must be grown beyond. But for all of you your path is clear and it would be very hard for you to lose the love that is growing within you now.

Take the time now. Focus into stillness and spend a few moments with your Father and share your love.

  • (pause)

As you listen and share love with your Father always be open to let Him share His love back. It is the way to connection.

  • (pause)

As you all are doing much better in your lives with giving the time for stillness and for sharing and, as you give more and more time to us as teachers and guides, it is always good to remember that you must as well spend the time each day offering to the Father and only the Father. Both times are critical to your growth but the Father's inner awareness is that which you all strive for. So as you reach for love reach for your Father first and then the mission and the teachers and the guidance from us second. Always know this, that we are not supreme beings or perfect in any sense. Knowledge is relative to spiritual growth but love is inherent in all spirituality. So while we love each other in a spiritual way, remember always to reserve your utmost love and respect for the Father.

You are so bright and full of love, ready to give it out to anyone who needs it. Always be aware of the ways you can reach and touch another. Share this love that you know and have been given to anyone you perceive has the desire to know it.

Thank you again for coming. I would open for questions.


Student #1: Hello, Elyon. Thank you for that focus on the Father. When I displace the Father from my center of being that's when all the confusion and anxiety takes place. I appreciate your focusing us on the Father at the core of our being. Thank you.

Elyon: You are welcome. Thank you for your dedication to your growth and development. And in your doubts and uncertainties that you'll surely have, know always that it is known both by us and by the Father that in every attempt you make to understand, that your growth will certainly happen. And remember that it is a joyous life so don't let your fortune bear you down. This may not seem relevant at this time but as time goes by you may look to these words with great understanding. Thank you.

Student #2: I would like to have a personal session sometime. Would you encourage that? Do you have a recommendation or preference whether I ask (TR 1) or (TR 2)?

Elyon: Personal sessions are very fruitful for understanding especially delving into areas that you wouldn't be as comfortable to speak about in front of others. But also to give yourself the time to discuss what it is you have questions about in a more detailed manner. I have no preference as to who you would choose. It is entirely up to who might be free when you would want the session to occur. So take the chance to do this for yourself. And I would encourage all, even those who are in contact, take time on occasion to speak in a personal session, for many times this can relieve stress and burdens.

Does this answer you?

Student #2: Yes, thank you.

Prayer, Intimacy, Names

Student #3: Hello, Elyon. I've talked to you about this before but this is one of the hardest points, the hardest thing to do is to pray to the Father and think so highly of the Father. When I say those words I think of my father here on earth and I would never be able to open up to him and tell him anything. I could hardly tell him I loved him. Somehow I'm making a connection with that and my Heavenly Father. I've tried to say God and different things but I have practically no communication with God, with the Father. I can feel close to you, I can feel close to Jesus, but I really have this hang-up. I've tried as you know. Everyday I try to talk to God. Is there something more I can do? It's a big obstacle for me.

Elyon: It is important to know that the Father, as a concept, is just that. It is an attributing of a name upon the vast and incomprehensible totality of God. God in all ways is a parent. But to express God with the term "parent" is somewhat impersonal. You can call God Mother, you can call God Brother as Michael is to you. But in all things if you just understand God as a friend that is extending His or Herself across all time and space and distance to give you love and understanding and to bring you back. This is the most complete sense of love and friendship that I can extend to you because it is so difficult to define that which is simply undefinable as a whole. As a teacher and friend to you I try to express God as compatibly as I can and sometimes the thought of God will come through as Father to those that would be communicated with. Maybe this is an awakening somewhat to those who would communicate to recognize God as a friend and as love and of goodness and God as a future concept may be growing beyond the term Father to include all gender with love.

Does this answer you?

Student #3: Yes, it gives me a lot to think about. It really helps. Thank you.

Elyon: My love to you in your growing and in your sharing and in your opening to your guide. And know that though the term Father creates conflict and stress, that in your simple expression of this fact you communicate with your indwelling spirit and to the God of eternity. And your communication is there regardless of name. Thank you.


I will close with love and ask you as individuals and as a group to continue to develop your relationships with those around you. In your sharing sense the spirit within them. Look beyond your anger and your judgment to see the life of love inside each person, for that is part of God. And continue your inner experience and give the time to the Father, to God, to your Parent, to your Friend. Take the time to love. Farewell.

Session 2

June 9, 1993


In the avenues of learning that you go through in your acceptance, in your growth, in your understanding, slowly you become more and more versed in the ways you can follow. I am Elyon, your guide, your friend. I come this evening to share with good friends and new friends. As an understanding tonight I would reach along with my associates to you on personal levels. I would ask to you to focus in to the stillness, to the listening mode. I would ask of you to relax and be comfortable. Listen for the guidance from your teacher or from your Father. Be willing to share.


Sharing, The Unknown

TR#2: Bring light to your brothers and sisters. Allow then to be who they are. Allow them their experiences. Show them your unconditional love and your wisdom and truth of the love of [[the Father]]. Shine brightly as a light for your brothers and sisters. Do not be down for them rather up for them to reach to you to have your light give them warmth.

TR#3: There are many avenues of approach to your Father and each avenue that is taken is blessed by Him. In your understanding this you can love each of your fellows knowing that their path is the true path as your path is likewise. Make acceptance one of your watchwords and love will abound fully within you.

TR#1: In sharing the concepts of love do not feel burdened that you should be the guardian for everyone's personality, feelings. Let yourself speak from the heart and hear what others would say to you. Let this go as personal advice to all of you to feel free to share your feelings of any nature. To hide is to shelter, to go out is to share. Reach out.

TR#2: There are may roads to travel. Find the one that is best suited to you and through your experiences on this road you can share many of your personal travels. Be not so concerned of the road the other one is traveling on, rather what you can share with them of your own experiences. (TR#1): In the right of being what you have, know that will is sacred. All that you attempt to do in following the Father will not be completed to your satisfaction. This is of little relevance to the spiritual forces that work for you from Father. Your attempt to follow, to love, to share, is the joy of all who strive to bring light into your lives. In the completion, satisfaction is found on a human level. But in the attempt is the satisfaction found on a spiritual level. When you reach out to share from that point on everything else would be considered a bonus. Always is the action the desire. In love I come today with this message for all of you, for any. Failure cannot be seen by any who would try. It is simple. I share with you.

The knowing of the presence comes to all of you this evening. On different levels are the perceptions but the awareness is there. See the lines and cross over. Sometimes the search is difficult but there will always be a time that it is found.

This message relay this evening was very purposeful in our eyes because it shows you that we are a working team of advisory beings. It was pleasing that Michael could share his words. I would tell you that you can always be prepared for that to happen which is unprepareable, which cannot be known or decided upon ahead of time. This is the uncertainty that all beings go through in their path, in their ascent, in their growth. Never even on our levels of growth to the Father do we have the information at a complete level. The input from Michael was not planned but occurred. So this is to allow you as believers to see that you can never become too complete in knowledge to have things shaken up a bit. It is only how you respond to that new uncertainty or tension that reveals the course you have chosen to follow and the levels of your understanding.


I would take a few questions. Welcome.

Truth, Relativity

Student #1: Truth is reality. Fact is relatively true and concerning the Teaching Mission, I see some absolute truth out there. I see the mission has a factual existence and I see it has a relative value in my spiritual life, not an absolute value--which is true of a lot of the things I take in in my [[spiritual life]]. When I think of some of the statements in some of the transcripts, since I'm a fence sitter, I want something astounding to happen like how some transcripts said the Melchizedeks were coming. I thought that's the proof I need. Could you relate something that might happen to me that would be an absolute truth rather than an experiential fact?

Elyon: Dear (#1). You are constantly in a state of fluctuation from where you want to be. What you say about absolute and relative is the truth of this mission. If the spiritual forces wanted absolute truth to come down they would've done so. But the plan as initiated by Michael and through Machiventa was for an experiential training of universe values to bring upon this planet the truths that are known throughout the universe but to do so in a way of relation to the people residing on this planet. This cannot bring absolute truth for there are always levels of understanding and levels of imparting the information we give.

Let me tell you that there, aside from a few exceptions, is a vast ministry that is growing from this outreach. There is a networking of individuals throughout this world that is coming about. I would like to say that this will happen in your lifetime but I cannot. For the level of the outreach is wholly dependent on the acceptability and outreach of the participants.

I say if I were not real then how could you grow? But you have grown in relation to this mission. But your awareness and your inner need for facts, for concrete evidence wants absolute information, error free. I gladly say that errors will be made and have been made throughout this Teaching Mission. But through the discernment of the individual listeners, of the potential apostles and disciples who would grow, then you can come to your own conclusions on the truth and embellishment. You have a mind. You have a fragment. I say to be free to use it and to use the spirit around you. They will not guide you wrong from your values.

But so long as the individuals do not begin to venerate the guides or transmitters and realize the limits of this revelation, then I do not see a parting from the ideals of this mission.

Does this answer you?

Student #1: Yes, that was a very thorough answer. I guess relativity of meaning and truth will always exist. In talking to my other Urantia friends it occurred to me that the skeptics are those of us who have been reading the book a long time. We were wondering why it doesn't affect us like it affects others. Could that be because we are set in our ways, or if that's okay and we provide a healthy balance?

Elyon: Thank you for feeling free to ask your question and realize that there must be acceptance on some levels before this mission can enter your lives. Though you are unsure you must realize that you do have an acceptance of the ideal that this mission upholds. Therefore you are part. We, through the ministry of Michael, do not require absolute belief to come upon you in your life, just the spark of desire. And there is some consideration for groups of individuals that are most conducive to fulfilling certain outgrowths of this mission. But everyone who desires to be a part will not be held from receiving the spiritual guidance that is now across Urantia.

Student #2: (A new person is introduced.)

Elyon: I welcome your friend and realize his presence. I hope this exchange has been somewhat fruitful for you. I gladly embrace your love.

Student #3: Elyon, did I understand correctly that you said that on the human level we look for our reward in the accomplishment of the task? On a spirit level the reward is in the acting out of the task. Did I understand that correctly?

Elyon: Yes. Very clearly. Would there be more to this?

Student #3: Well, I just have to get to work! Thanks.

Elyon: The hail of the ages, "May I be about my Father's business". It is what drives us all forward. Listen for the love. Continue your time of reflection with your Father daily. Even if it is the closing moments of your consciousness. As you grow you will always be given more. When you halt then you can take the time you have to act on what you have already been given. But new information will never be released until you take the insight and the love that comes out into your being and proceed.

This is a good time and an interesting time for this group. It is a point of turning, of moving forward, of taking your awarenesses and sharing then on an experiential level. If you sometimes feel uncomfortable in the route that we are taking then this is good, for then you have the opportunity to understand and grow.


Thank you and good night. Group: Good night.

Session 3

June 16, 1993


Greetings. This is Elyon. I am your humble servant. Joyous to help and guide you along with your daily tasks to come into a higher realm each day. Through your endeavors with your daily life experiences, you are all beginning to see the opportunities that enable you to [[do the Father's will]]; to love others when they are seemingly unlovable; to try to reach out and understand from where they come; to put aside your judgements and your doubts; to each day gain greater strength in what your goals are.



This evening I do not have a lesson for you. As I feel you have been bombarded with so much to deal with and work through lately. That to work on what has been given in the past lessons, as you say, take a break from piling on more to think about, more to deal with, rather to continue to work on the facets that I have given you to this date. I wish at this time to have you go around the circle and share with each other on what you have done this week to serve another in [[doing God's will]] and fulfilling your goal of becoming non-judgmental and nondiscriminatory.

Member: We shared the Teaching Mission with some old friends.

Member: In regards to judgment, I do fairly well accepting others, but I fall into the pit of judging myself. There is condemnation, and not-good-enough, not-getting-anywhere negative talk.

Member: I met a lady moving to Chicago who was into spiritual things. I gave her my Urantia Book to take with her. I always say my prayers and had communications this week.

Member: Judgement is something that I am working on. I'm trying to be aware of listening without judgement. In the program I'm in we call it listening from the Gap, creating a gap in your mind that is open, so that when someone is communicating with you, you're not thinking of what to say next or how it relates to your values or judging the person for what they are saying but just listening with a clear mind.

Member: The Apostle Paul said it strongly when he said "Judge not lest ye be Judged"... What I was impressed with here (the Urantia Book teachings) is the concept that we are all children of the living God and that we are all brothers and sisters. In closing I'll tell you in Lakota...All of my relations say hello.

Member: I've been becoming more aware of my own judgements, judgments around the world... I find my hardest judgements are the ones I put on myself, feeling like I am not where I want to be. I feel like I should apologize to my spiritual teacher or somebody for that. I just have to work on that day by day and put that to rest in myself. And realize that that disappointment I feel in myself is just a small scale of what people of different ethnic groups feel about people that escalates and gets out of control. I'm realizing that it all starts at home. I'm working on that in myself.

Member: I find myself judging alot. I try to be open with others. I sometimes judge situations. I perceive things the way I want them to be and they end up being another way. This week has been a big faith leap for me. About the time I get done with a problem in my life, I think I've got something solved, the pressure comes off, but then, whether you're involved or not, somebody up there is sure adding a new thing right away. They don't give you a whole lot of time to rest before the next step comes in. I guess my biggest step is to have faith no matter what and to let what will be - be.

Desire, Growth

Elyon: Desire. To have the desire to get past this obstacle. And through the desire, the beginning, to have the faith in order that it will process, to have a vision that to make it come alive within you. To bring it within your whole being, your whole make up, mind-body- spirit, so that even though you may still judge, you have a vision, you have the faith, and you have the desire not to judge. Your are not doing it (judging) as intently as those who strive to always have wars, who always need an enemy, who know no other way, who not want any other way, who only desire that in their life.

You have all come far. And I will say, do not get discouraged. And that for some of you to possibly make your main goal to put yourselves first in order, not to judge yourselves, but to change this into love and to know you are gaining experiences and wisdom. And each time you may judge you will become stronger in that you do not want to do this anymore. You will take greater strides and work at it harder to change this. It is a most difficult lesson, for the world thrives on judgement and discrimination. Some truly believe that to judge another is to love.

I have been dealing within this area alot because this is an obstacle to get past. In order to get on with the mission this cannot be forefront in your minds. This has to be released. And know that with your dual natures, with the ego, that this will come up for you, but that it will only be a very small obstacle, a very small pebble to be overcome very quickly. And through love and devotion to the Father, to open up with your prayers, that this be so, you shall indeed get past this.

Do not go about gloating that "I am not a judgmental person". No, but through your actions, through your love and serving to others, this will go without saying. Be patient. And always love yourself first. Bring yourselves in as very important, for without yourself you cannot go on; without loving yourself you cannot go on. Without cleaning and pulling the weeds and cultivating constantly you cannot go on. You will only get stuck in ruts, in bogs, and your growth will be hindered. Instead look at each day as brand new day, a fresh day to be experienced to its highest. Go with bright shiny faces, loving yourselves completely, knowing that everyday your faults are going to come up, that you are not going to handle situations up to what your expectations are for yourself. Balance in all things. You can all go out each day and know that you are growing, and that you have gained from the previous (day?). Love yourselves for this. Give yourselves credit where credit is due. For it is most difficult to love another if you do not fully love and understand yourselves. Know that you can quit at anytime. That through your free will, you are in charge. Do not do this for me. Do this for yourselves.

I will now accept a few questions.


Question #1: Elyon, I've had a few hunches that give me the feeling that you have made an advancement either in regard to your own ascension or in regards to this teaching group. Could you fill me in as to where I am at in this? Am I misperceiving?

Elyon: I know that you would delight in knowing this, as I realize you all care for me very deeply. I have become a friend, and I realize that I put myself in the darkness as to who I really am, how far my ascension level is, and I will tell you this; that as you progress and grow, know that we are also progressing and growing at a fast rate, that we have our opportunities to accelerate as you do. I am sorry I cannot tell you more.

Question #2: When we went around the circle I wasn't the only one who wasn't thinking of incidents of being judgmental. I think that maybe there are some of us who think that this isn't a big problem, yet you bring it up emphatically that this is something we need to give attention to. I don't know if I need examples. I am not clear on how we are being judgmental. Is it more subtle than we realize?

Elyon: I am not pointing fingers. I am pursuing this at this time to help clear it from you all, as we are moving at a faster rate; and to instill it within you that as it comes up for you, you can immediately free yourselves from it and not let it control you. For down the road we may not have time to spend with this, that you all will be well on your way. You know when you do this and when you do not. I have not stated that it was a major problem. Only to give guidance that when it comes up for you, that you will know that it is not something that you have to hold on to, that you can be free of it and on the other side of it. Does this help?

Questioner: Yes, that puts it in perspective. Thank you.

Question #3: Alot of things happen in the future that we don't perceive as happening now. It is very easy to crystallize your thoughts, to become concerned that you know the truth, so nobody else has it, or that as long as their truth doesn't coincide with your truth then it isn't true. It seems that a lot of lessons you give talk to future situations, that they don't necessarily immediately apply. They are life lessons that come up as time goes by. Many times I go back and read a past lesson that hits me harder now than it did then. As judgment goes, I can see that when you are out there serving, and you feel that you are more important than somebody else, then all of a sudden judgment can creep in, and to be able to realize that when you do this, to make the adjustments to refocus yourself to the openness and the sharing.

Elyon: You have perceived this, that all we are teaching you to be applied now in you everyday life, and that all the goodness in this will be taken with you in your ascension.

Questioner: How are you doing? It would be interesting to hear how you are doing in relation to us. How things are coming along. How are things going along with other groups? But most of all I'm curious how you are doing?

Elyon: You are very persistent. I am doing very well. And I realize that my personality is such that sometimes it may seem as I am this very serious, serious person, only to bring through the lessons and then to go back to my post. This is not true. I am who I am, as you are who you are. I enjoy my life to its fullest. I am very dedicated to this mission. I am very dedicated to you as a group. And I am very dedicated to the out reach of this, to the whole working, and very concerned with the other groups and the welfare of the rest of the teachers in the mission. So I am right where I am suppose to be. Does this help?

Questioner: Yes. To get an idea of where your viewpoints are and how things are going, clarifies things for us a bit and adds to our understanding. Thank you for being my friend.

Elyon: And I, my friend, have shared more with you just now than is my norm. And know that the whole workings of this mission is coming about, progressing, beyond what was expected. So many are wanting to do the will of God. So many are willing to make a difference, and to, as you say, walk a different path to do this. I will accept one more question.

Questioner #1: Elyon, although our curious selves would like to chit-chat with you, we do recognize that this is an important endeavor on all our parts including your's, and you put a lot of work into this. I think you say more about yourself in the way you behave than by bragging. I notice in you persistence and diligence, and above all things, a great care and concern for us and an extreme humility. If I look at that, indirectly you said a lot of where you are and where you are going. I admire that and I realize that admiration can go too far so I will stop there.

Questioner #2: I would like to request a teacher for the friends that we shared the mission with this weekend. I'm sure they are asking also, but it seems that since you are a regional personality I'll ask you on their behalf. You know where they are at.

Elyon: Yes. It is noted and being worked on. There are so many more teachers available now than when we first started this mission, that it does not take as long as it once did. So, yes, it is being worked on.


I will leave you now. My love to you. Keep fresh in your mind the Father's love. Seek your daily communion with him. My love to you. Good night.

Session 4

June 20,1993


Elyon: Greetings, this is Elyon, your teacher and friend. I appreciate your growth, I appreciate how hard you are all trying. I stress this often that we know how difficult it is on your plane. Many struggles come in each day seeming to take you away from what your real purpose is. Maybe you do not feel the joy to its fullest as you would wish that day or spring to life with each awakening. Maybe at times you feel pressured that this is expected of you. There are days when you simply do not choose this for your day. Know that it is okay to ask for help in any situation that you are experiencing. Do not keep yourself hidden at any time from the Father. Keep yourselves fully open and exposed to His love. Know that in the dark crevice no light will ever shine. There are many wants and needs, cravings, desires on the material plane, things that would seem to keep one occupied. Then you look back and wonder why you spent so much time on that object that had no real meaning.

Play, Joy

Recreation is very important, we have planets that deal in nothing but recreation. my friends, it is truly important to realize in your hearts, to take each moment that you can and have fun and play. Do so for this in itself opens up your heart, allows the day's drudgeries to go by the wayside. Do not be consumed with the day-to-day fears, the day-to-day anxieties, the expectations that you place upon yourselves. Simply pick up a ball and throw it, stick your feet into the water as you pass by, stop and observe a bird. That would only take a moment out of your life. Forget about hurrying and scurrying constantly. Always set some time aside for recreation, for play. Do not be so demanding upon yourselves. Do not set your goals so close together and have a time frame that will simply just not work. Be realistic and reasonable in your goal setting.

If you're constantly confronted with something that you are trying to grow, through take a different route, try a different way through this. To be controlled by one thing constantly keeps you from feeling joy and pleasure. There can always be something done about this, do not feel trapped and helpless. Know that you can go on. There are many routes around your obstacles. What may work for one does not work for another and through your sharing you may help another. You may give them hope, may give them encouragement to at least try.

To fully benefit from play is to lay all else aside and to get totally into the game for the sheer joy of it. Enjoy life as though it were a game being played, not so serious. When you begin your ascension level and see the greater picture, see all the goodness that you have done, you will wonder why you have been so hard on yourselves.

My words to you all are "lighten up". Our lessons are difficult and simple and we do not give them to you to add to your daily pressures. We give them to you so that you may free yourselves more and more and live your life lighter, with more joy. You will be able to see more ways to get past your obstacles, to realize and know that there is a way past all of this. You are only beginning a long ascension and opportunities missed here, you will all have an opportunity to experience later. This includes everything from going to school, from learning, to creativity, to art, to music. All the things that you cannot develop here and really desire to but cannot seem to grasp, know that it is not something that will be lost. Know that if the desire is there, the creativity is there, you can open this part of you to do things that you have always longed for. It is not in the nature that the Father gave to you to go without, to be punished, or severely reprimanded. His will is for everyone to live full of joy and love, not to suffer. It is almost as though with the suffering everyone feels, as though they must suffer as their neighbors suffer. Know that your neighbor has the same opportunity that you do, and you have come through the boulders and thorns to where you are and so must he.

I encourage you with this beautiful summer to enjoy it to its fullest. Feel that you can lay down your work and bound through the forest or fish or whatever it is you like to do. Do not ever feel guilty for this because someone chooses to work fifteen hour days, seven days a week. Find a balance between your recreation time and your work time. Enfold this into your vision, and know that it does not take a lot of toys in order to do this. You do not need to work 15 hour days in order to have a beautiful boat for a recreational weekend, you all know this.

I want to once again tell you this is only a lesson and I am not pointing fingers, I am not accusing. I am simply bringing you this out of love, a gentle reminder that if this is being forgotten in your life, to take some time to really enjoy, to really fulfill yourselves with some playtime, with what you enjoy from your heart.

I will now accept questions.


Student #1: Thank you, Elyon, for that lesson. It is what I needed to hear greatly. I would like some insight on how I can either more cheerfully defer my rewards, learn to go without them, or demand them when I need them.

Elyon: Yes, I understand how difficult it is to find balance. It seems Urantia has gotten to where many are working at tasks, jobs that are very un-fulfilling, although there are always good things that happen, fulfilling things that happen within each day. One tends to dwell on the un-fulfilling moments. Make your own lives more creative. Feel in your hearts that you are able to risk to go forth and make that change you feel you would like to make. Make your days more fulfilling within the un-pleasurable things that you do in order to survive. Many simply are stuck in a rut, so to speak, not knowing what they can do, feeling trapped. This is all part of your growth. One can stay stuck or one can sit down with oneself and say, "What can I do about this, what responsibility do I need to take for myself to make my day more fulfilling? Is it that I dwell on that task I have to do at 4 o'clock this afternoon that I absolutely hate? Or can I dwell on the fun and pleasurable tasks I will be doing up until 4 o'clock?"

Within each person's realm they are responsible. Due to a lot of circumstances one has to stay in areas one doesn't like simply to provide for one's survival. One needs to live and to take that situation and turn it around and come up with ideas, goals on how one can change that, make it more pleasurable, make it more fulfilling. Does this help?

Student #1: Yes, I think so, if I hear you clearly I should be looking more towards changing my situation, my work environment, more than being concerned about rewards to be gained as things are. I should be looking ahead at new ways of going about living such that I find fulfilment. Thank you.


Student #2: Hi, Elyon. I have heard that the lessons that you and the other teachers have given are going to be compiled and cataloged. I'm wondering if this is not like trying to crystalize the teachings, or if this is not someday going to be looked upon as the "lessons of Elyon" the way we look up the "Gospel of Matthew". What do you think about that?

Elyon: We have, from the beginning, encouraged everyone to record the lessons. We are now working with a group to, yes, put these lessons on one data station in order to be referenced. If a person has a particular problem, as I was saying, that they cannot seem to get around their obstacle, they could procure the lessons for this problem in many different forms from many different teachers. This will also include questions and answers so that this person could look at this from many different angles. No, not at all will this be referred to as "Elyon teachings", or "Daniel teachings" to be written in the form of a Bible, so to speak. They will only be kept at a centralized point to be referenced by many for many generations. It is only a tool to help you all to grow and will be much faster to obtain. Does this help?

Student #2: Yes, however, I am still concerned about man's nature to take something like this and, maybe not this generation, eventually crystalize it into dogmas. How can we prevent this from happening as far as having the information to learn from and access, but without it becoming very hard and crystalized?

Elyon: The Urantia Book was well guarded. There were many involved and there were also disputes, however, with guidance and the Urantia Book was printed and distributed in the way that it was intended. This too will be held as only lessons, for we are only teachers on our ascension. We will never be glorified as you say, and our lessons are only to help. There will be inspiration to have them as such. We will never as teachers walk your earth and become gods to anyone to have our words set in crystallized truth. No. Michael is master of this Teaching Mission and had he thought this would happen he would never had handled it this way. Does this help?

Student #2: Yes, thank you.

Student #3: I was reading another teacher's material and came upon what appears to me to be a contradiction with something that you have said. For the record maybe we could set it straight. I haven't read all their material so maybe they set it straight later. The question was posed, "Are all the teachers unfused?" The answer was yes. If I understand correctly you said you were fused, so that's my question.

Elyon: There are teachers who are fused and there are teachers who are unfused and, yes, I am fused. This was in error and maybe it was through transmission error or misunderstanding of a question. I cannot tell you. However, it was no doubt corrected somewhere.

Student #4: Hi, Elyon. I like to have all my chores done before I go play and my chores never get all done. Yesterday I went on a picnic with my best friends, it was a lot of fun. I still feel guilty doing things like that when I should have been home mowing the lawn. I have to learn to play and that helped to hear you say today that that was okay. My parents never told me it was okay, so I have to keep telling me and you have to keep telling me. I am a lot happier, I want to thank the Urantia group here. I've got a lot more sure of myself, I take on obstacles in a lot different way and I just want to thank you a lot for doing a good job.

Elyon: You're most welcome. My love goes to you and know that the grass will not grow that much in 1 or 2 days.


I will close now and ask you to take heed of this message I have imparted to you today. Throughout your busy schedules be able to take a moment and, if nothing else, lay upon the grass and look into the sky and think of your Father. Look up at the trees, notice your surroundings, bring more fulfillment into your days, for you are on a great mission. You have been selected. Feel joy in your hearts for this, that you are being guided and directed both inwardly and from without. Make your days easier so that you can spread this good cheer.

Michael sends his love and has great joy in his heart for what you are doing here. My love to you this day, go forth and have a fun week.

Session 5

June 23, 1993


TR #1: This is Elyon. I would like to say before beginning that I would encourage you to do this often for this will allow you to work together and to learn to trust and have faith in this. I will now let you go into silence. (pause)



TR #2: In coming to the awareness of your inner presence, you only need to tune your mind to love, to that which brings you a feeling of hope, faith, and joy. And as you realize this feeling upon you, you can then hear through the spiritual harmonies the voice within, the voice of love. (pause)

TR #3: We spend much time connecting with you with words. We know that is your method of comprehension. And yet we long for your experience of what is said, for you to actually value these words to the point of putting them into action. Our hope is for this.

TR #1: There will be more persistent messages coming to each from your indwelling (spirit), more clear thoughts, more clarity, more insights. As you open up more the Thought Adjuster can come through clearer than ever before. Have faith and trust in God and through this you will find the truth.

TR #2: Come upon your understanding with a sure heart that your intent is pure. Intent is everything. Beyond this you are in understanding that your will is to do (?) as you know this to be your desire. Your boundaries to your Father or your guides will fall as you trust in yourself to understand.

TR #3: I am pleased to be here. I am Abraham. I come to mark your achievement, to provide recognition, to accept your efforts, to validate the experience. I welcome you all. You are my friends, my assistants.

May God be with you, may Michael be with you.

Teaching Mission

TR #2: I feel the importance of this time upon your understanding and your growth as you let the boundaries and the walls that separate fall down, as you link and intertwine your purpose and your lives, as you share, and as you care for each other as well as others.

This mission, this purpose cannot fail. It will go forth and it will succeed beyond expectation for the desire is so strong from both sides, this will not fail. I am Machiventa. I know what I speak of this evening. I love you all.

TR #1: This is Elyon. I think when I told Gloria this evening there would be many present, she had no idea. We are truly blessed this evening. Be full of joy for this happening. To have two such visitors in one event and to hear such compliments from the head of the teaching mission! (Let it) give you power and strength to go ahead with what is in your hearts, to gain from this love that has been given to you this evening. (pause)

TR #2: I have a message to deliver from Michael.

I am involved with the plan of initiation that is coming forth. I have become very pleased with your cooperation among the people who would involve themselves to whatever levels they can be of service. This goes beyond an individual to all that share. I care about the plans. I am involved and we are moving this forward. Be assured. Thank you.

TR #1: This is Elyon. I would like to close by saying to put faith, trust, and love foremost in your hearts. Have faith that where you are is of great purpose, great destiny. Trust that you are growing, you are changing, you are truly becoming apostles. Have love in your hearts that expands out over the planet of Urantia to all those who you meet and those who you do not. Spread this love to yourself fully and out to others.


My gracious love to you and my thanks to you for bringing us together this evening. Good night.

Session 6

June 27, 1993


Greetings, this is Elyon. I wish to tell you how much joy I feel from you all, how much freer you are all beginning to be. It somewhat may not be noticeable by you that you are definitely becoming freer beings, freer in your thinking processes, freer in your love for each other. You are becoming boundless in your adventure on Urantia. Continue to allow openings, for they come to you as you choose, and by allowing you can be relieved of much stress.


I would like to talk to you today about the duties of an apostle. There is a quickening, and we the Teachers are told that we must prepare you to be ready, for there is much to be done. Through your openings and your commitments you will be called upon and maybe with short notice. Be free from the stresses of judgment, of unworthiness. Be free from the society-ridden belief systems that continue on and are difficult to get away from. They keep popping up everyday and one can easily be caught in them. Keep yourselves prepared that you could be taken out of this. By going out and showing what you have experienced and know of the truth of God's love that you will be lonely, you will be on the sidelines of what the main belief system is.

Fill people's hearts with the knowing that they matter, that they do not have to go through life thinking that they are being judged by God for their actions. You will be able to teach them of the values of the Urantia Book, of the ascension levels, of the correcting periods, but not of the judgment that they now believe in. This is such a major fear among many and draws them inward, not allowing the fullness of God's love to fill them. They are not really able to express their true feelings as they feel they cannot go against what the main belief system is. Many search, many grasp, many want a refreshing new concept to pull into their hearts, to mobilize them into action, to further the quest of the mission.

It is difficult to know when to verbalize your beliefs to another, to verbalize your truths to another for it is a huge risk. And you may be surprised how many are truly searching. If they are totally in their belief systems they keep themselves in a rut and seem to be disbelieving of what you are saying. You are planting seeds which may, down the road for them, be a small flicker of light. They well start to wonder and search. This will not happen for all but for some you must take the risk. This can be done through love rather than through control, for if you are trying to control another into the way you believe, it will never work. But through love they will feel it as being love, and they will feel it coming from someone who truly cares and that this someone is not just trying to push something on them.

Tiny seeds rather than large concepts, two words, three words, a tiny sentence. Maybe at times all you have to say is "God is love, you are His child, you are His son, you are His daughter. He loves you and wants only love and happiness for you." Take away this belief that everyone is being judged, not being able to get past the guilt that they feel for living, and know that life is but experiences to learn from, to gain from. And through experiences there may be errors made, sins even, and that through this one can learn, one can turn to the Father for forgiveness.

I want to impress upon you that you have a lot of help from this side and you are constantly being guided and directed and wrapped in love. We cannot protect you from things happening to you that go with the everyday life experiences. We cannot protect you from death if that should occur through some means. We can and are giving you all we can give you. To tune into this love that abounds about you will help you to release your obstacles. Through your dual nature there will be obstacles daily, but they can become less and less of importance, not being the controlling factor that they once were in your lives. Direct your focus and your intent upon this mission, choose during your days your risks, and know that by risking you will open up more and more. You will find that what you believe to be difficult is not to have the words catch in your throat from fear, but to allow them out.

And when you feel someone needs your love and comfort do not be afraid to give it to them. They may not respond in a manner you would have wished, but know that you did the will of God. Doing without recognition will fill your soul with much growth, much expansion. I want you to think upon these things this week and observe your actions, when you are risking and when you are not. And keep in mind when you are doing it from love and when you are doing it from an ego manner, that you may feel this other person must believe the way you do. That is not what this is about, rather sharing with them, risking to share, and discerning how far to go with your sharing.

I will now accept questions.


Student #1: I would like to welcome you to our home. I would like to express my desire to be more representative of the Father's will in my life. I shortly will be coming into contact with a lot of people, and I would like to be more of an instrument of the Father's peace. I will look towards you and the Father and others around me for guidance and help. I hope I can be an example of the Father's love whenever possible.

Elyon: This is noted and you are indeed changing and growing. You have an energy surging through you. You are beginning to understand and realize the full importance of this. Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself the time and room that you need in order to reach your goal, for if you leave yourself in the background and try to accomplish this, it will not work. I will gently remind you once again to love yourself and realize how important you are to you.


Student #2: I have a question in regard to your lesson today. I am interested in the topic "the duties of an apostle" because I have been wondering about that for myself, wondering what it is I should be doing. My answer is that you should just go about your daily life trying to live it well. From your talk I think I understand that we should be looking for more opportunities to risk putting our beliefs forth to people that may benefit. Is it true that one of the things that people most need to know is that God is not judging them? That we make mistakes and learn from our mistakes and not to regret them? Is this what we need to point out to people?

Elyon: Yes. Through your daily actions you can portray to others that God is love. You are God-like in the manner of loving everyone unconditionally without exception when you are not offended by another's actions and accept them without judgment. This gives them an idea of what unconditional love truly is. When it comes from the heart it is felt by another. So many are so shut down with so many walls up around them that they are defensive of anything that comes up before them. But if it is done in this manner they may be defensive, but they do indeed notice the difference.

Reach out and tell others that God is love, that God is the Father of mercy, that God does not judge, God is not a respecter of people. Plant the seeds if only in passing. Plant a seed for someone who is so caught up in the belief system that God is judging them and condemning them. This may be like a breath of fresh air for them for it may be something that they have wanted to believe for a long time but would not allow themselves. If someone comes along that has this truth, they will know that they do not have to be the only one.

Does this help?

Student #2: Yes and I appreciate your choosing that topic today.

Student #3: How far is my suspension? Do I get to ask questions or should I continue with my understanding of the Father?

Elyon: You, my friend, can ask questions. Do not take this as a punishment but use the observations wisely, as it was told to you to seek your Father in every moment that you can. Focus in on the Father rather than focusing in on what you are not hearing from (teacher). You are greatly loved and this is not an abuse or a slap in the face rather a direction to focus you into what our mission is all about; to have a one-on-one personal relationship with the Father and to not rely so much upon your teacher but more on the Father. I will allow you your question.

Student #3: I did want to make an observation on your talking about love from the heart. I never used to know what that meant, "from the heart". I realized when you said that today that I actually know what that means. More than just love, love from the heart means from the spirit.

Transmitting, Presence

I would like to know why I get really scared, get the shakes and the shivers during the times when I'm transmitting Michael or Machiventa or whoever. Could you comment on why I have these reactions?

Elyon: You are opening up more and feeling the presence more, as you all are. We are becoming more of a presence for you rather than just a voice. You are able to discern these super-energies that are so filled with love for you that you feel them to your core. This in itself is an opening. One lesson I gave was about this, to feel the presence, to be able to know when we're with you, to know when it is us, when it is the Father, when it is Michael. And this is happening for all of you. And I want to add that observing how you feel, how do you think we must feel in the presence of these supernals? We are in awe also.

Does this help?

Student #3: Yes, it does. So it is more of a reaction on the feeling, like when I get the shakes it's more of a response to my recognition to the presence. Will my reaction lessen or will I always be that shaky when something like that happens?

Elyon: No. Also when someone such as Michael or Machiventa or Abraham comes through, you feel more put on the spot for your performance than you do with us, as you feel comfortable and we are becoming more like a one-on-one friend. You may still regard the others as authority figures which would cause reactions also. Allow this to not be so, for they do not intend this.

Does this help?

Student #3: Yes. Thank you very much.

Student #4: Elyon, with your talk today I realized that I still have difficulty knowing when it is time to talk to people, friends, relatives. A woman was going to commit suicide and I was called in to talk with her. I didn't know what to say at all so I just kept calling to God and telling Him He had to be the one that was talking because I didn't know what to do or say. And now I see that when I'm trying to talk to someone I am in my brain trying to think of the right words. I probably should leave it up to God more. That was a real special time in my life and had a positive outcome. At times I feel that my words just aren't good enough. Do you think I could call upon this more often? That God could answer the questions with more enlightenment?

Elyon: The more you open up and tune in to your inner knowing, to your indwelling spirit, the more you allow your indwelling spirit to control your thoughts and your words, the easier it will become. When one is put into a position such as this, much like a doctor would have an emergency patient that has one second to live and becomes somewhat scrambled as to which action to take. For you feel the time is short and this person needs something very beneficial very fast. Put yourself aside and allow this truth, what you really know, the wisdom within. Your past experiences you can share and relate to this person. Also know that it may not be what they need but when doing it like this you are doing the very best that you know how, and you will know this.

Does this help?

Student #4: Yes, it does. Thanks a lot.

Elyon: Are there any more questions?

Student #5: In the next few weeks I am not going to be able to attend the meetings as I would like. And I always feel isolated when I'm away from the group, away from you and the others for very long. I would just like to say that if there is any way you can be with me while I'm in distant places that I would welcome that. I hope to have that happen if that is possible.

Elyon: Yes, most certainly I will be with you at times. This would be an ideal time for you to focus in on the Father. Know that even though you are not with the group physically that you are being guided. Your teacher is with you. If you have moments you can attempt to hear his words. Focus on the Father and allow that guidance, that love, to carry you through, for that is the best that you will get.


My love to you this day. I will be with you all throughout the week. Good bye.

Session 7

June 30, 1993


Cyndia: Good evening. This is Cyndia. I am going to deliver a short message through Gloria this evening, and then there will be another speaker to come through Rick. We will be doing more of this with your willingness and your acceptance of it, as it gives everyone an opportunity, and the reliance will not be put on one T/R. There is so much information that is needed to come through. We encourage you that when ever you can sit and do this, to do so. We will encourage more group involvement in this, as it, in itself, is an opening and an opportunity to have more faith in yourselves and to risk. And to have it known that you are all capable of this, and anyone who chooses can do this. There will be, at times, messages to come through individuals that will be announced and at times unannounced. Simply sit in a circle in silence and allow the words to come through. Set your Sunday meetings aside for lessons, as Elyon feels that to present you with lessons two times a week is too much. Set Wednesday aside for messages, prayer, affirmations and the like.

We hope that this will be to your choosing and liking, and that you open yourselves up to grow from this. If there is discussion to be done, feel free. Suggestions, etc.. I am glad to be able to participate in this. I watch you all grow. Along with the other teachers, we are so pleased with the progress and the willingness that you all put forth into doing God's will, and your commitment towards the mission. Things are moving. Things are happening. Keep your hearts open. There is definitely a quickening, and things are moving at a much faster pace. Do not sit idle with this. Allow the openings to happen.

I will now turn this over to Rick.


Teacher Contact

Evanson: Good evening my friends. This is Evanson. I am Rick's personal teacher and assistant. My being here is to display how each personal teacher is present with each of you. I wish to extend my love, and to encourage each of you to look toward your celestial attendant. He or she, depending, is here for your benefit and is assigned by Michael and Machiventa to help. Our plans are unfolding. Our assignment is to draw closer to you. Our need is for you to look to us. We have a big project ahead. We have many hurdles to cross. We are going to go that way, and we want you with us. This is an important time for your planet. This is not a happy-go-lucky adventure but one with great rewards, and one where you will discover many jubilees. Tonight's event is one of personal expression, that is, Elyon's night off. I am pleased to express myself, for this is my first time in group. And I would like to ask Aaron to speak with us, as he had done so well last night.


Aaron: I have come apart at the seams, so to speak, from the excitement and joy I have felt from the beginning of my process. But tonight I come as a personal guide of a good friend and companion. I love to share with you and reach out and grasp at your light. It is shining brightly. The beacons are there to see from the spirit world.

Take the chance to move beyond your constraints, perceptions, and, yes, even your ideologies to see what can happen, to see the joy of inner awareness, of inner presence. The presence is there both from your indwelling Father and your guide, if you so choose. Reach to the understanding with sincerity, and an open and honest approach, and you will receive results in time. There is no one being left aside. It will happen. Sometimes it seems as a blockage, as a wall is placed; and it is so thin from our point of view and seems so towering from your own point of view. If you can realize how close you truly are in your understanding. It is just a way of perceiving, a look to the left or to the right, instead of the norm, to see what is coming to you.

I hope that all who would want to be a part will see the opportunities and will hear the voice coming through, for your Father has much to say, and guidance from friends is there as well. I will now close my session of `chat' with love and joy. Reach out and see, that is all.

Barriers, Vision

Cyndia: Consider your barriers as but small obstacles. Look to the Father to help you to bring down these barriers, to be able to side step them and not butt up against them, but be able to walk through them with enlightenment and an inner knowing that they cannot hold you back. Look upon them as only experiences to grow from, not hindrances to hold you back. My deep appreciation and love for you this evening.

The silence has brought you all closer to the Father. Continue this in your daily practice. Before ending this evening each send out his love to the multitudes, multitudes of suffering. Envision them as being brought up and declaring the truth for themselves.

Evanson: Visualize those suffering raised up. Make that leap of faith in your heart that this truly is to come to pass. Know that there is no power greater than the Father. There is no mercy as all encompassing. He desires the upliftment of this planet. It is so willed. We are to enact His desire. I encourage each of you, daily, to bring upliftment in any small way, for every way is meaningful. Your help is God's help.


Aaron: (Words lost)...Pray for peace of nations, for solace in desperate hearts; for joy to come to those who are in spiritual despair, that they may awaken to the love and hope; that the hungry may find food; that the homeless may find a home. And that all colors, all religions, all nationalities shall see each other, as you (do) Father, as child of God, the highest name.

Cyndia: God bless you all for what you are doing, how you are risking. As personal teachers, our hats off to you.