1993-06-20-Cooperation & Simplification

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Topic: Cooperation & Simplification

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



Opening Prayer

Daniel: "The love of God surrounds all His children. Come one and all and partake of the Divine Essence, of the greatness of the Parent of all universes.

My dear friends I am Daniel. I come to you today on this day of honor of the father of the families. It is a day when you set aside that time to pay honor, tribute, and homage to the other part of the parenting. As the mother is nurturer, so is the father. As the father is provider, so is the mother.


Fatherhood, Gender

It is important for you to realize that in any kind of a oneness situation, as with a family, the mother/father relationship is one that should and does feed into one another, support one another, and bring out the good of both. Gender is such a specific part of your material lives, and I ask you to look beyond the material to the spiritual mode and realize that the father/mother are the combination that forms the one, is the unity that ties and binds all together. And so to all of you here, those who are in gender, fathers, and those who are of father like nature in your own being, I send you my love.


In life there are many complexities. It is my lesson tonight for you to set aside trying to make everything so complex and bring it down to the simpleness which life really is. In and of your nature you are divine, and through the divine nature you are given to love. Love, then, should be the essence of all of your aspects of living. It is the essence of what the Father/Mother Spirit is. When you have understanding of this nature you are able to let go of the complexities of life and rely instead on simplicity. Have you not felt often that you were in great turmoil, great frustration and great anxiety over the aspects of living from day to day? And when you stop to consider why the unfoldings of life were so upsetting, you will begin to see that it is because of your own perception, trying to be too complex, trying to put more into each situation than is necessary.

Life should be made of those things which are readily and easily attained. And this is possible when you take out the non-essentials that you try to place on any given situation, relationship, or the like. Rather, if you will come to life, from this day forward, and approach it as an avenue of following Father's will, in following His will you will be able to let go of many of the strings that you have formerly attached to situations and relationships. View life from a more spiritual aspect of being in a loving nature, a nature that so loves that there is complete service in following the First Source and Center.

This week I ask you to look into your own lives to try to find those areas which you are bringing much stress and anxiety to. And look to see if, perhaps, this is because you are trying to be more complex than necessary. Turn yourself over to the Spirit. Allow It to move and guide you so that you can let go of those things which do not behoove you in the spiritual realm and behoove you even less in your physical realm. Let not the living of life cause you to build up treasures which are not essential. The treasures that are essential are those which are formed and created in the divine nature of your being. Let this essence pour through that you can be able to let go of those things that are restricting, binding, and imprisoning; those things which cause you to lose sight of the pathway; those things which cause you to forget that your divine nature and essence is of love, tolerance, and forgiveness.


This lesson will serve you well throughout the remainder of your life, to `let go and let God'. Seek first the comfort and security of your Indwelling Spirit in all matters, and as you are able to do so, pause and let time elapse in which the unfoldings of life can be redistributed, can be brought into less complications. Let me state this in a little bit clearer language.

You have read in the Urantia Book that even the apostles were filled and overcome with much anxiety, much troubled minds, and much self doubt. And they, too, came together quarrelling and in foul moods. And when this was brought to the Master's attention the Master said, `I will not and can not get into these kinds of human matters, but I will say this to you; let us take a time when we can rest and forget about that which is going on in your lives at the present'. And so the time of reversion was mandated;(138:6.2 and the apostles and the Master set off for Mount Jerusum (Sartaba) and there they spent three days in discussion and talk that did not pertain to their daily lives; a time of rest and recreating.

And, my friends, this is often necessary for you. For you see, in their daily lives the apostles, too, had become too complex. The time away from the normal brought to them a much needed and different perspective. And you will find that any problem that is so all consuming can be dealt with in a much greater degree of success if you will pray about the situation, set it aside for a short time before you begin to work upon it again. You will find, more times than not, that those areas that seem to be the ones that would stop you the quickest are the ones that are solved because of time, because of a different perspective, because of your own ability to see more clearly. Divorce yourself for a time from your problems. Give them over to the Father in His love and care, then ask that you be given the insight and the necessary tools to help you in solving the problem at hand. Simplicity will be more appropriate than complexity. Time spent in prayer, worship, and turning over to the First Source and Center will aid you in later coming to terms with any situation. I ask you to consider this in all you do, to bring about life's unfolding in a greater degree of simplicity.

There will be time as you traverse life's path where you will be very busy, you will responsible, you will be called upon to fulfill your duties. And this is necessary. However, upon completion of these duties you should take a time that you can relax both body, mind, and spirit; that you can be rejuvenated and that you can, again, start afresh, anew. Do not shirk your responsibilities and put them off, but, at the same time keep that balance of knowing when you are overloading and bringing too much to bear on a situation. Balance is important in all aspects. And this is true of even a spiritual balance. One could go overboard in this regard as well. Remember you are a total being; you are whole. You cannot give to one more than the other. You are, as B1 has spoken earlier, a being that must keep in balance all aspects of your life [[[diet]], exercise, rest, and quiet time]. And now I will turn this over for questioning. I would say my dialogue tonight is being taken to heart!"


B1: "Thank you, Daniel, for a very important commentary tonight. I say `important' not because I am judging the quality of your teaching, but because I needed to hear that. I have been thinking about it. I think we all have needed to hear it, obviously. We have all been very busy. And so thank you for reminding us that sometimes the best thing is just to get away.


One of the things that I shared earlier in the meeting that causes me stress is my concern that in transmitting/receiving, this problem of..am I hearing my own mind or my own imagination? And this question of doubting what I hear. I have given a lot of thought to it. Alkon and I have discussed it a lot. I still seem to have my self doubts about it. And I am a little concerned as I go to Rochester whether or not I really did hear from Olando, whether those thoughts/transmissions were accurate, or actual. I guess I'm wondering if you can give me any help with my worry and concern about this. Can you confirm if I have been on the right track in what I think I have been hearing? I don't know if you know enough about what I am talking about."

Daniel: "It is very understandable that those who are receiver/transmitters do, in fact, often have doubts, often do feel that what is being said is from their own mind. And there is always the possibility of error. Yet, as you are turning yourself over to following the First Source and Center, as you are daily working to become in communication with the Indwelling Spirit, to come into communication with the First Source and Center, you are being divinely led. You are opening yourselves in such as way that the overcare of the Parent of us all is in full play. And as you are beginning to hear, and as you hear from the various teachers, it can be very frightening. It can cause anxiety and doubt. Yet, as you are desiring to follow the will of the Father, you are, in fact, turning yourselves over to Him. And as you continue to pray that His will be made known to you, you will be able to lay aside those doubts and be able to realize that when the `otherness' is brought through, you will know.

My dear friend, do not be so hard on yourself! You have been doing an exceptional job in your receiving! As you travel to Rochester, Olando will, in fact, be awaiting your coming. And we ask that you take it upon yourself to be a transmitter/receiver at that time for this group to help them to grow stronger. Do not be so overly concerned. Let the divine love of the First Source and Center be your guiding motive in doing this, and you will be able to be of valuable service. Yes, you have heard from Olando correctly. My friend, lay aside fear. Go in great company. Enjoy the venture of this trip!

And to you, V1, might I say this. As you sit in this workshop you will be able to explore many avenues of learning how you can best reach the child. And as you do this you will be able to internalize things that will help you further as you work with children, as you work with adults in coming into better understanding of the mission of adults to give to children all that they need in order that they, too, can develop that relationship with the First Source and Center. This will be a marvelous time for you as well! Has this helped, B1, in answering your question?"

B1: "Yes. I really thank you for being so specific. It's true, Daniel, that I believed, and now I know, since you have confirmed it, that I heard from Olando. There has been discussion and apparently it has been decided that I would transmit. So I guess I will stop worrying about it, as you advised me, and just pray that whatever the Father desires will be done, because that's what I want to do. And thank you very much. That is a tremendous help to have you confirm that."

Daniel: "Indeed. Enjoy!"

B1: "Thank you."

Materialism, Control, Simplicity

V1: "Thank you Daniel, for those words. I think I am probably looking forward to the actual workshop (in English) more than I can possibly think about. I think my anxiety is the very thing that you have touched on in your lesson. And that is the complexity of my life and the house that I live in, and knowing that all those `things' will still be there when we return in five weeks. And I can't help but think about Peace Pilgrim and how she finally gave up all those `things' in order that her life might be more simply lived so that she could deal with the issues that are really important. And that is the divine part of our nature. So I really thank you for this lesson tonight. I did have another thought. I think sometimes the complexity of living could also be translated to the control we would like to have in life, which really we don't have, but would like to have. And maybe this makes our life too complex. If we could just let go and not worry about those things it would help me personally. Do you have anything to say on those thoughts, Daniel?"

Daniel: "Indeed, the marvelous work of the Peace Pilgrim is one that will touch many on this planet; has touched many, will continue to do so in the future. Not everyone's life, of course, can be led like hers. You are all on your own diverse paths. You are all seeking to do the will of the Father as you are understanding it. The Peace Pilgrim's path was different, but it was one that has the same values, the same motives, and the same thoughts as your lives. Not everyone can be without a home and still be fed, still find shelter. It takes all kinds to make the world. It is only when one becomes so engrossed in the material and that this becomes what life is, the material aspects, that all is in jeopardy, that the real purpose of life is lost. All must live in the manner that best suits them, that they can live their human life and yet follow the divine calling as well. And so, do not feel that you are in error because you own a beautiful home or you have nice things. But the danger is ever present for all when these things become more important. These are the treasures of earth. Continue to build for the treasures of your divine nature, as you are doing.

And the second thought I have in regard to your comments is, indeed, the complexity that many of you feel in your life is, in fact, increased when you, yourself, feel you must control others! You, of course, cannot be in control of what unfolds, but you are in charge of your own feelings, attitude, and you must remember that if you try to control others you are bringing in much complexity that will cause much stress. And so I leave you with that thought."

V1: "Thank you very much Daniel. I appreciate so much your lessons and your teachings. I guess, once again, the First Source and Center had the lesson right on for me this week. Thank you."

Daniel: "You are most welcome. I say to you, enjoy your trip."

Teaching Mission

B1: "Daniel, this is B1 again. Are you in a position where you could give us a status report on the number of groups in the Teaching Mission at this time? I am just curious as we go back to New York with the latest information. Do you have that number that you could share tonight?"

Daniel: "This number is in flux, in constant change. There are well, well over a hundred, close to a hundred and forty, yet this changes. We are ever hopeful that as the near future unfolds that these small teaching groups will take hold, will become greater in number and be able to help individuals in small groups so that they can grow in their understanding and personal relationship with God. As there are many teachers that have been assigned, realize that there are groups that are just now in a very embryonic stage where receivers are being prepared for group work. And as the Teaching Mission becomes more accepted and I would say, more commonplace, while it is not commonplace, more readily accepted; then it opens up many who would have been closed prior. And so I must say to you that while you were one of the first groups it is because of your efforts and your continued belief and faith that you have laid the groundwork well for this Teaching Mission to spread throughout the continent and throughout the world. Much of the work is now in this continent, but we are working through many, many individuals worldwide. The Teaching Mission, as the knowledge of it is spread, is allowing there to be a time of change for many; allowing them to realize the possibility that, in fact, this is now a planet that has been reincircuited, and that there will be continued help. As this becomes more accepted, then the small groups of which I speak will continue to grow in number. There are many personal teachers now in communication and breaking through in communicating to their students, and these teachers who are personal teachers often become group teachers. This is part of the plan. This is well at hand, and the work that you have done in being on a foundation, grounding floor, is noted. We send you our gratitude and love in this regard."

B1: "Thank you very much Daniel. There is another question here in a relative vein. Ham, transmitting through B3 the other day said that it is nice to see our group starting to grow again. I'm wondering if he knows something we don't know. Is it a reference to some people who have come but haven't come on a regular basis? Do you know what he meant by our group starting to grow again? It looks like we are kind of small tonight."

Daniel: "Indeed it would be deceiving to you tonight. But it is in our understanding that there will be new people brought into this group; and that as you all become more comfortable and develop more confidence and strength in pursuing and following the Father's will that you will be able to address your brothers and sisters in such a fashion that many will become interested and will choose to become a part of this group. Realize that it takes a commitment, it takes a certain amount of dedication to belong to any group. Even if there is not a great increase in this group itself, you are bringing the Urantia Book and its concepts into your outer life, outer world. And this is part of the growth as well. Even if you can just introduce the book you will be doing much. Not all are in the framework and mindset for a teaching group. Do you see?"

B1: "Yes, I do. Thank you very much."

V1: "Daniel, V1, again. And I can't help but think of the number of people that we have introduced `Daniel' to, you know, told them about the book first of all, and then `Daniel'. And we have not had the response we expected, that's the way I would say that. I think of M.. and S.. and T.. and B..and our own son. And I'm wondering if it's appropriate at this time and if you can comment on these people and what is happening as far as their interest in the Teaching Mission and the book?"

Daniel: "What is more important for you to look at is this: You have been instrumental in opening up to these people a channel that they can seek truth. Whether or not you are able to be the fisherman that winds the fish in does not matter. What is important is that you have been the fisherman that has thrown food out into the sea, and those who wish to partake will know where the truth can be found. What is important is to realize that even though there may not be an apparent interest that you can see, there is much that is being done that is laying groundwork, is providing a nurturing petri dish, so to speak, for these individuals, that they can draw upon when they are better able and ready to be fed. Do not be concerned. You spoke this very beautifully earlier when you said that God is working through all. And you must all recall that God is a mystery."

V1: "Thank you Daniel. Those were beautiful images. I'll try to refrain from trying to control their lives.

K2: "Daniel, your lesson today was very important for me, too, because I spent the morning complicating my life(laughter) and you probably know why and how. And if there is anything you can say to me to help me not do that any more, I would appreciate it. And number two, I feel like maybe I'm not...I know I have my teacher and I haven't talked to her. I don't know if it's the medicine or if I have just been lazy, but I want to be able to do something else because I don't just want to sit and listen to you people. And I don't know if you have any guidance for me in this direction or not. Thanks."

Human Condition

Daniel: "Life is a journey that transcends many different layers, many times of activity, many times of dormancy, many times of just following the crowd. Life is filled with many times when you feel you are actively involved, when you feel you are living to the fullest. And then there are times when your life seems to run the opposite, you feel out of touch, where you feel you are not able to contribute, where you are not effective. And there are times in your life when you simply do not care. There are times when you care a lot. For each aspect of life there is the opposite. And part of the experience of being human is to fluctuate back and forth between the harmony and disharmony, between being able to be at your highest and those times of being at your lowest. And this is just the natural course of life.

What we in the Teaching Mission are trying to help you see is that despite life, despite the human aspect of it, you are also of a different nature as well, that is the divine, spiritual side. This divine, spiritual side, if you continue to nurture and feed it, will be the support that will nurture and feed your human side when you most need it. As you take in, listen, as you think about, as you act upon, as you begin to internalize the lessons, the guidance that we teachers are giving the students, you are, in effect, like the sponge, soaking up. And when the time is called upon for you to be of service, you will have soaked up your sponge to that degree that you will be able to provide water that will nurture, feed, and be of service. For, you see, you will be able to be wrung out to provide that water, while at the same time your spiritual nature will continue to enhance and bring water back into that sponge, that you, again, can wring out and feed others. During this time when you are feeling incapacitated, take the time to allow the spiritual waters to fill you to the brim, for it is a time of quiet for you, a time for you to reassess so that you can drop away those complex things that no longer serve you, that you can, again, begin to see the simplicity and walk the path that you so desire, that you have been opening up to, to hearing, knowing the Father's will.

My words to you are that you are doing exactly what is necessary for you at this time, so that when the day comes that you are needed and called upon to be of service, you will have that full sponge. You will be ready; and you will be the worker, the apostle. Take heart in this, my dear! Know that what you are going through at this time may prevent you from contact with your teacher, but certainly does not ever keep you from contact with your Indwelling Spirit and the First Source and Center! This is Whom all of you need to work to gain contact with the most. All else will fall into place. Take solace in this. Take comfort and rely upon this time to be a time for growth, even though you are not aware of it. My love to you.


Let us come together in prayer this evening. `Oh Greatness, First Source and Center, Father/Mother to us all, help us as we ascend through the various levels of understanding, of growing into that perfected state, to be able to sit and be in Your Presence. Help all as we traverse the paths that we can lighten the load of the various paths that we are on; that we can see with spiritual eyes the simplicity of what life is about; that we begin to see that the message for which You sent Your Son, Christ Michael, to this planet and all within this Local Universe, that we begin to see that the message is that of love; that we can be, indeed, creatures of love.'

My peace to you, my friends. Go in the Name of Christ Michael and seek to do His will. Good evening."

Group: "Thank you."