1993-06-29-Seeds Must Be Watered On Occasion

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Topic: Seeds Must Be Watered On Occasion

Group: Spokane TeaM


Teacher: Aaron

TR: Unknown



In the time you spend waiting, searching, finding, and acting, many times you have come to realize this as a long process. Time means much on the level you are at. Just in seeing the progress sometimes seems as an eternity to you, but though gradual, it is always coming along, step by step by step.

Hello, I am Aaron. I am your guide and it is very good to be here this evening. Though (T/R) has taken some time by suggestion to delve into personal matters, I have still been very busy and have been present much of the time.


It is good to see the overall picture of what is happening around you and further still, to other places, to other countries, even to other worlds. It is a system restoration that is coming about, and on all levels of administration and education, many are gladly working on overtime. The excitement we feel is much the same as the excitement you may feel when you have plans pending, when you have an enjoyable experience ahead of you and you are anticipating.

Realize as well, that the picture even from my level is not complete, and as you each, in all the groups that come together, take the steps, take the advice, take the understanding and act upon what you have learned or received from it, then the plan will take more complete shape as progression continues.

We offer information, you receive information. Knowingly and unknowingly you offer information and we receive information. It is a joint effort of learning and I have been overjoyed these last months to be involved, both personally, and to have the opportunities to practice my group skills.

I find that I am nervous with anticipation in moving into the next stage of my mission, my following The Will as I see it. It is a growth step for myself, as well as for you. It is new and it is fresh, and the horizon in front is yet unseen to a large extent. So the places we go from here as individuals will come slowly, but still they will come. Time is the factor.

So I would ask you to look beyond the time, the doubts of progression, and to realize that it will come about. Look beyond missions of a specific nature, for they may or may not come about. For each individual who would come and listen to myself and occasionally to Elyon or whoever else may pass by, I would say to focus on love, openness, and on the beginnings of an experience I hope will be very conducive to our growth, all of us.

I would open to a few questions this evening. Thank you for being here.