1993-07-31-Elyon Solo Session

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Topic: Solo Sessions

Group: At Large


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Rick Giles



Elyon: Coming from the other perspective, there is much that can be seen for one to understand in his developing a rapport with his brothers or sisters. This is always the goal of will creatures, to begin to understand their fellow man, so they can begin to understand the divergent natures of God.

I come as your friend and as your guide. I am Elyon, and I have given much time to prepare this lesson for you.



I have seen your relationship with the world to be a distant one for you in understanding, because it is so difficult for you to understand the lack of seeming interest in spiritual matters. This is not so, however, to the levels that you would perceive it, because much of what a man does in the seeking of his Father is done in the private reflection of personal matters. No one can see that which occurs beyond the visible conception of daily reality in the material. This is the realm of relationship that is so understood by the spirit personalities resident in observance of growth, and in the Father's guiding hand.

(I started to have doubts here.)

I have no reason to give this information to a level that cannot be understood, because I have the capacity to realize the nature of the relationship between man and Creator.

Coming to realize this as your relationship builder is the only way to come to the growth of self, for as you understand others then you will understand self. This is the step towards a tolerance and brotherhood. You can certainly realize your sonship with the Father at this stage. You can also know that you are the key to building that relationship stronger.

Growth, Transmitting

I certainly understand your paranoia as concerns this transmission process, but you must come to know the rising fears as a powerlessness of a feeling that you cannot control this process. When you decide to let this go then you will see a much higher degree of freedom and relief in your expression.

Know that you have much for growth to do in your life. As you decide to go forth then you can know that understanding will come. (Frustration is setting in)

It is not of desire for us to withhold much information. Instead much will be accomplished for the growth of spirit when you realize a loving level to this understanding. I have the keys to this development. When you listen to the fact that I am in control, then you will take to following with much less uncertainty. I have no fear to control your growth for you are my student. As we progress to learn then you will move on, but now I say to focus on growth.

I have no complaints as to your growth to this point except for your seeming lack of attention at stress filled times to the steps of deliverance. I cannot give understanding to one who will not listen.

Take the time to grow upon your course of love, for it will not be taken from you in the light of future coming. It is the development of future course that your action now will hold.

B: I just don't understand this Elyon. It seems like I can't get anything straight. How can I send this message if I can't even know if I'm right. I want to believe in you, yet so much has happened that I don't know if I can trust this message anymore. I need your help. I don't know if I can trust it anymore. Please guide me.

Doubt, Discernment

Elyon: I know you have doubts. I know you have worries and fears. I know where you are in your uncertainties. But I cannot bring this out of you. You must certainly do this for yourself. In time you will decide. I can only hope that you choose the course of truth, and hold to what your mind and will and heart tell you to do.

Take the steps. Listen to your doubts. See them for what they are. Realize the truth or invalidity. Then see if this invalidates the entire process. If so, then you must cast it away. If not, then you must take and evaluate how you can better approach the process. In your realistic approach to the enumeration of deliverance, then you will see the outcome for you to take.

Be real with your feelings. Listen to your desire. Take the approach from there. As you become the one you would want to be, then you will feel more secure in what you are doing. Know that your personal attitudes are very important to this mission, for in your approach, sincerity is always a factor. In sincerity can you be sure of truth. In a half-hearted attempt to find a concrete solution, then you can only be less certain of the outcome of your endeavor.

Realize that as you go forth in faith and trust to understand the path that is ahead of you, to understand the methods that you take upon this path, then you can understand this evaluation.

I know this somehow bothers you, for you are want for much of positive truth. I can only say to you that what you have heard so far has been without gross error or misjudgment, that your distortion is only to a level of preconception, and in your efforts to come away from preconception then can you be free to take the message as we would want to give it to you.

I say to let this go for you. To be certain, you must realize that you are the destiny that we are involved in. What you do from here is your course to choose and we are only engaged in helping you to discover your options.

Your Father gives our call. Your Father gives you your call. Together we would help you see what that call would be. In your realization of His relationship with you, in the time that you would spend to understand Him, to offer Him forth your approach, then He will certainly come back with His insight and inspiration into your endeavors of life.

Take this inside as an assurance of heart, that you are most appreciated for all that you have given forth. In all the efforts that you have given, know that your clarity has been purer on occasion because of your sincerity.

Now sincerity seems to be the key to your future growth as to how you will approach this mission, for now you must see where sincerity will lie. I know of your love for your Father. I know of your love for Michael. And they are sure of this love as well. But, as a member of this mission of outreach, of this unified effort to bring the teaching concept of love to the whole of society on a long term scale, I would have to say to you and ask of you the question:

Where does your loyalty lie with regards to this mission?

Do you feel that this is part of the course for you in the future steps of your growth?

Is this mission a hindrance to you, or is this mission a benefit to you?

These questions are very important to your growth from here as you take to knowing these answers for yourself—not with a sympathetic ear, not with a want for what might be real, but with what you would like to focus on for your growth.

Know that if you step aside from this mission, that it is not the end of the world for you. This isn't your only hope for existence, but know that this is a course that has a positive outreach that can be identified with you in your shared effort to come to this mission and be of service.

You can realize that you are worthy, and that you are of service to those in this mission, and that you have the purpose of heart, the sincere and pure purpose to do the Father's will. Know that you have this. Know that you want this. In your desire, you are fulfilling the wish of your Father.

Follow the leading. He will guide you. If He takes you away from this mission, then it is by a reason that neither I, nor anyone else can control. But in your sincere acceptance of His guidance in your life you will certainly understand the course for you in time. Take things steadily with an understanding view and approach. This will give you much for security as the time goes by.

Know that all the information I give to you this evening is by mandate of Michael and your Father. Know that even as you hear these words and as I speak these words to you that there is the presence of each within this room tonight. It is obvious, but it should be noted for an awareness of understanding.

I have much to offer to you friend and to the group in the future. We must certainly be sure of where we stand. I stand as your teacher and guide. You stand as a participant in my group.

Aaron is your guide and you have work to do with him. I would certainly come to you on occasion. I would certainly love to speak with you about matters concerning this mission of learning, learning, learning.

This is the mission for now. I bring this to you this evening so that you may see where your established understanding should be at this time.

Take this message. Hear this message. Realize the standing this message holds for you this evening. When you study and understand the words that I have spoken this evening then you will certainly realize what you have, and what you will go forth to do.

Share your Father's guidance with this. Share Michael's guidance with this. Share our guidance with this, and take the time you need. It is not a requirement that you be at a specific point at a specific time. It is only required that you attempt to understand the love of your Father.


I would bid you goodnight. Thank you for coming. Farewell.


During late July and early August, group transmitter went into a downcycle in communications. He was beginning to have doubts in the process. There was a hard time hearing personal messages because of these doubts. Frustration was so high that he was thinking about quitting the whole process and giving up.

Elyon is the group teacher for the Coeur D'Alene Idaho group which I, as this transmitter, am also a part of. His personal visit to me July 31st was pivotal for me in my learning.