1993-08-06-Spending Time With Father

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Topic: Spending Time with Father

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Iruka

TR: Unknown



Iruka: The love of God surrounds you, the light of God enfolds you, the power of God protects you, wherever you are He is. Good afternoon, I am Iruka, I am your friend and guide.

I quite enjoy listening to your discussion this afternoon. I am pleased at your sharing and your reporting of what is going on. These events of course involve you and can affect you, so if you have good ideas please contribute to them. Most of you are very interested and know much about computers. This is a tool that can be very useful for this mission. We are just beginning to use them. We are at the threshold so please feel free to communicate with each other and other groups to come up with the best ideas and the best plans that you can. I have been very busy this week and I wish to tell you why. There are many new student teachers that are here, that are being trained, that are being shown around much like tourists to see your beautiful planet. They are in training to become teachers for future people who ask for them. This is quite exciting on our side and very enjoyable.

As I have visited you all throughout the week, I have had several of my new friends come with me. And they have met you at least and become aware of life here on this planet, both the joys and the struggles. They are learning much, just as I still learn very much from you, and for that I thank you. You see this is a two way street. I can teach you things, but you also teach me things and I too grow. You do not detect my growth because you are unaware of much of who I am, but I can detect your growth. And so, some of these student teachers are here today and they also enjoyed the give and take of your meeting.


Duality, Balance

My lesson today is really fairly short because I wanted to take questions from you. You have reached a point where you know what you should be doing. You are aware how important time spent with the Father is. You are aware of how you can show love, show grace, peace, beauty, consideration to each other. The problem is actually doing it. The problem is that your day to day existence, your physical life, your work, your getting to and from work, your living, feeding yourself, clothing yourself takes up so much time and energy that it becomes a balancing act to feed both the physical needs and the spiritual needs. Your main problems become finding time to grow spiritually, finding the time to feed yourself spiritually. It is very apparent what happens when you do not eat. It is apparent what happens if you do not put gas in your car. There is a very obvious result. Likewise on the spirit side there are various obvious results when you neglect your time with the Father, when you neglect your growing time. The results are not obvious, you do not stop in the middle of the road and cannot move. You do not become faint and know that you need to eat.

The results are a little different, but if you look for them in your life you can see them. You can see that when you don't spend time with the Father you do not have the peaceful centering that you have when you do spend time with Him. Your temper becomes shorter, you have less patience, less love, less of all of these beautiful things. So this week think about the physical and the spiritual. Make the parallels in your mind, with what happens if you don't meet your physical needs with what happens if you don't meet your spiritual needs. There are definite results and just as important. This is not easy, this balancing that you must do. You have dual natures in this world, the physical and the spiritual. But remember, don't neglect the spiritual, because the spiritual will help the physical go better. I will not make obvious parallels, but that is your assignment for this week. How do you feel when you don't spend time with the Father, and how does the whole day go. I think you already know, but when things start getting hard, start getting bad through the week, stop a moment and say 'did I spend time with the Father, maybe this is why I am short tempered or maybe this is why these problems are arising'. Make your own parallel, make your own cause and effect and start to realize the importance of spending time with the Father and how much strength, how much love, how much of your fuel, your fuel for your spirit you get from Him and how important it is. And now I would be happy to take questions.



J1: Hi Iruka, this isn't exactly a spiritual growth question, but why is it so difficult for people to hear names between either the T/R and yourself, or their teacher and themselves. Why are names so difficult, or have become such an issue.

Iruka: Well of course the first thing is that now everybody knows that names are difficult. Whenever a name comes up, everybody sort of freezes and gets worried. It is easy to lead with your own words, it is easy to be influenced by names that you already know. So if a name starts out say with a certain letter the individual may want to finish that with a word that is familiar already. So we try to stop and spell..and that usually works when we spell the letters. If the word is quite unusual, like my name is quite unusual in your language, we definitely have to spell. There is nothing close to it that would spark any kind of recognition. A simpler name, sometimes it comes so easy that the person worries that it is too easy. Those are a few reasons, I am sure there are others. Does this help? [yes]


W1: Good afternoon Iruka, I am just curious...before I go into that I would like to say that I am a witness to the fact that if I don't feed myself spiritually that a lot of other things seem to not work as well and I can tell when I am not spending time with the Father. So I definitely agree 100% with what you are saying, that the two must go together. The next thing is...I guess you know a lot of things come across my phone and desk and mailbox or whatever, relative to alternative methods of healing. The latest thing to come across is something relative to signature sound. I am just curious if you or Avery or one of the teachers at all was with me when I was reading it or listening to it in the car....

Iruka: Signature sound. No, I have been busy this last week and no I was not with you. You need to tell me a few more things, more details about this.

W1: OK, its a lady that has a way of hearing, of course beyond the normal hearing spectrum, she is also able to reproduce the same sounds also. She can listen to a person's voice and detect what tone they may be missing and if she creates the tone, if there is an element of some kind, that has a healing effect if she creates that sound. And on the tape she talks about a lot of things she has done using the system. And now she has been able to create...I won't say create, she has gotten some engineers and some other doctors to make equipment for this to be reproducible by everyday individuals. And I was just curious if it sounded valid to you. I have talked...not talked, listened to a lot of people, and read a lot of paper work on things that it has corrected.

Iruka: This is an area of which I cannot talk about. You know how to make up your own mind. If it is good and positive and uplifting then, and has good effects, it is positive, then fine. However, if it is not, stay away from it. And you know these guidelines already don't you. [yes]

S1: Hello Iruka, well I have another healing question to ask you. This is the case of W who was..I am not sure exactly what happened to him..but I understand that he was doing something and fell off..or did something, had an accident and broke his jaw. He is now in a hospital. Would it be appropriate for all of us to go over and visit and lay hands on him. Would those of us who have requested healing angels, the sum of our laying on of hands be more powerful than individually coming by, one every other day or something like that. Which one of those situations would be desirable.

Iruka: Having more than one person lay hands would be no different than just having one person lay on hands. So it is not necessary to all lay hands in a group. Certainly many people praying for this will have effect. The healing process is between the Father and the person being healed. You can help the healing energy by laying on hands and having it go through you. With several people doing it, it would just get there faster. So it is not needed, one person can do it in 10 or 15 minutes. Where the real power would be is if you prayed together. You know that where...and have heard this Bible verse...where two or three agree and ask for something it is answered. The more who ask for it, the more positive the energy and the more likely it will happen. But do check with him, he may be well on the road to recovery already. You may be surprised at how far along he is right now. Because he already knows the Father can heal him and has already accepted it. So do check with him first. Does this answer?

S1: Yes it does. In fact his wife mentioned something about the fact that he had prayed for the pain to go away and it did that in response to prayer. So apparently he is tuned in appropriately.

Iruka: He has already experienced some healing, at least partial. I am not sure how much but at least partial. It should be a very fast recovery process.

S1: That is wonderful, thank you very much.

Groups, Stillness

L1: Hello Iruka, I am interested in the aspect of group dynamics and how as individuals we can come together more powerfully as a group. How we can, of course in our quiet time spend more time with the Father, and come together as a group and experience it together as a group. I am wondering how you would feel about, say us spending time together as a group in meditation say prior to the teaching mission. Say maybe 15 minutes in silent time together in hopes that maybe we can come together more closely spiritually in that time and then perhaps that would carry into our own individual quiet time and help guide us as to how to better center ourselves in our quiet time. But a group meditation and I thought I would just ask what you thought about that.

Iruka: Group meditations can be very effective and very helpful to anyone who is having trouble and doesn't quite understand or isn't quite reaching the point that they wish. I, however, feel that for this group, it is more important to get to know each other, to understand each other, to form bonds of understanding, of love, of genuine concern. Just like the concern of W who has been hurt. You are separated the whole week, you only see each other once a week for a few hours. I think it is more important to talk to people, to each other, to learn something new that you didn't know, to become more friendly, to have more group interaction. This builds trust and through this if someone is having trouble in their meditation, they will feel free to ask...you will feel free to ask each other. And I think the same ends would be met this way, but this group needs to be a little more united, a little more concerned with each other to build more love, more harmony. Does this help?

L1: Yes, thank you.


M1: Hello Iruka, I remembered you had just said that healing is between the Father and the individual who needs the healing. I wonder if you could explain that a little more, because I was under the impression that partial healing of the physical body I guess is natural and I was wondering how the spirit can accelerate healing.

Iruka: What I was referring to was you or an individual can lay hands on someone and the Father can want to heal them and can in fact send the loving energy through their body. But if they don't believe, if they don't believe first of all that God exists, or if they don't believe that the Father would even want to heal them or take the time to heal them, they will not accept this. They will not believe it and so their body won't believe it, will not take it. Now when you pray on someone who believes it and who knows that there is power and who expects it, and who looks for healing, this happens very quickly with no blocks. Does this answer?

M1: Yes it does, thank you.

Stillness, Thought Adjusters

J1: Iruka, last week, two weeks ago we were talking about quiet time with S and in the conversation you mentioned, or S mentioned that in your quiet time you are primarily talking with your thought adjuster, and then somehow that gets relayed to the Father. All along we have been talking about quiet time and spending time with the Father, could you go back over or elaborate a little bit on the relationship between the pre- personal fragment of the Father, the quiet time, and how all of that works.

Iruka: Certainly, first of all the Father has given you...every individual on this planet who has made a decision for someone else, put someone else first, this usually happens as a small child, four or five somewhere around there... gives this individual a piece of Himself, the thought adjuster. He stays with the person his entire life and tries to make contact, tries to influence, tries to teach the individual about God, or maybe at a very basic level that there is a God. And the goal is that the person reach towards the Father through the thought adjuster. It is an inward journey. You look into yourself and meet with the Father. You are primarily making contact with the thought adjuster. Many people can communicate with their thought adjuster and hear the thought adjuster. Usually not in long wordy communications but simple statements, simple affirmations, and the goal is to fuse with this part of God, to become a new being. So you are really communicating with the thought adjuster inside, but anything you say or feel or ask or question, the Father in Paradise knows what you have said, knows your problems, knows your joys, whatever you are trying to reach the thought adjuster. They are one and yet they are not. This is difficult to convey except the thought adjuster is with you and Father is in Paradise. But Father is also everywhere, there are different aspects of God, He is truly with you wherever you go, but He also exists in Paradise. I am not sure this is much of a help, but does this help at all?

J1: Yes, surprisingly it does, thank you.

W1: Iruka, should we be reading before or after our sessions with you?

Iruka: That is a decision that the group must make together, determined by your needs. Ideally, yes, but this is not an ideal situation. Some people have to go to work, some people are getting off of work, if you can read the book during the week, come together during the week, hear the lessons, put the lessons and the book together, take what you can and put it into your life. At this point, time spent with this group may probably best be spent getting to know each other, building bonds, building communication, and a caring group. Does this answer? [yes]

W1: If nobody else wants to take the mike I'll try one more. I am curious, have you...is Avery here today.

Iruka: Yes.

W1: Do you ever discuss anything with Avery, as far as my progress, as far as giving help or communication.

Iruka: Occasionally, you are all in this group and I visit with...I make my rounds each week. And of course all the teachers of the individuals in the group know each other and meet and support each other, encourage each other, make suggestions. Does this answer?

W1: Yes, I was just wondering if he was getting impatient with me.

Iruka: Impatient is not a word that we worry about on this side. Our sense of time is much different than yours. So no, impatience...we recognize your impatience but we are not impatient because we do not have the time frames that you are limited by. He knows you are frustrated, and he wishes you to be patient and know that you are getting closer all the time. You are making progress and he wishes to encourage you and not to get discouraged. It is easy to get discouraged, but just work at it a little bit every day and it will happen, it will happen. [thank you Iruka]

L1: Iruka, I am wondering if you would know...I have asked for a teacher and I am wondering the status of that, whether it is something I can look forward to sometime soon.

Iruka: I am aware that you have asked, but as of this time, no one has been assigned yet. Please be patient, it is being worked on and all I can say is there will be a teacher for you very soon. I don't know if you realize that much care is taken when assigning teachers. They try to match, not exactly personalities, but temperament. Matching qualities of the personality that will help, that will balance and help both the student and the teacher. Because it is growth for both, so try not to be impatient, because they are taking their time so that the match will be positive for both of you.

L1: Thank you. I thought I would mention something else that has been on my mind recently. And that is that as questions arise in my mind, and I think about them, I realize that I already know the answer. And that the teaching mission and the message that comes through to us is actually rather simple and there is really only a few major concepts that are being conveyed to us. To seek the Father in stillness I see as the major message and yet when I have these questions I can see where they fall in line very simply and I can answer them myself. Very often it is nice to have the affirmation from you that what I was thinking is in fact the right answer, and the right direction. And so I just want to let you know that this has occurred to me and sometimes when I ask questions I feel a little fortunate, I think that I already know the answer, and to be patient with me...and perhaps myself to be patient with myself as I struggle with this. But it seems to me that all things come back to spending time with the Father. Is this something that you want to comment on.

Iruka: You are absolutely right, in everything you said, and sometimes the answers will come to you. It is OK to ask questions that you think you already know for an affirmation. That is fine and I will be happy to do that because that will release you from that question so that you can go on to another, go on to another stage in your growth. That's why we are here, we are guides, we are trying to point the way. Absolutely, I can agree with everything you say. [thank you]


This has been a very satisfying afternoon. I have enjoyed it very much and I hope that you can take away something from today, to grow, to think about, to inspire. So that you can show a little more love, a little more patience with your fellow humans. Good afternoon.

Group: Good afternoon.