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Topic: Elyon-September-1993

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Evanson, Isaac, Aaron, Cyndia

TR: Jonathan

Session 1


Elyon: Greetings, this is Elyon. On such a beautiful day once again we meet as a group, as children of God, brilliantly shining.


Frustration, Acceptance

Life is to be abundantly lived and shared with all we meet. Allow the sadness of the old belief systems, the heaviness that is still felt within each of you at times. These parts seem to hang on for dear life. You can't seem to shed yourselves of them. They seemingly come up at the most inopportune times when you feel you have life handled, when you meet someone and want to make good impressions, want to shine, want to put forth the glow, the light. These are the times when these traits that you try to keep hidden deep within you, try to keep filed back away from all the others, will come up and show themselves. You may at these times feel anger. You may at these times feel guilt or shame, for you feel that you should be past all of this. These things should not any longer trouble you, not put boulders in front of you to trip you up at the times you feel you need them the least, when you cannot take the time to think them through. You see them for what they really are. Many times the situation is not handled with clarity, rather it is handled in ways that will bring up these traits, more of these undesirable things in each of you. My students, think of this all as part of your growth. Allow this as it is happening with an openness with which you can observe, you can gain, you can learn from. If you are truly doing something in a discriminatory or judgmental way, this, too, can be used as a lesson to be observed with an open heart, an open eye, an open mind. Go into these times and deal with them in a truly open manner. Through this you will free yourselves, you will go beyond. For when denying, when thinking you are all past all this, is when it will come up for you the most. Do not take this as a criticizing statement from me. I'm only sharing this with you in order for you to have better guidance when this does happen. I am, once again, not pointing fingers at anyone or saying that anyone needs to do better. I am only guiding you to a better vantage point of your dual nature to instill within you that, as residents of Urantia, these things will come up. You will not get totally past them. You can, however, have the opportunities to make them lighter, less controlling, by allowing your heart to open up, allowing the light of God to flow through you at these times.

Allow this time to open up to allow the guidance to immediately come forth to show you the way through this. Do not look at these times with fear. Do not bury yourselves when these times happen. Rather, go headlong into these times. Cherish these times, for if they did not happen how would you learn to get past them? The more one resists the more the resistance will take over, the more controlling it will become. Know that each day when you arise you go into the moment of each day not knowing who you may meet that day. You will not know what may strike, what may happen. Upon awakening open at that moment to any of the possibilities of the day, to any of the directions that the day may lay out for you. Also be open for in each day, however mundane, however boring, there are different paths that you can take, different decisions that you can all make. Lighten your load. Do not live with the fear, with the anxiety that something happening will not be within what your expectations may be of yourselves. For, you see, that through this, by openly observing yourselves and not judging yourselves, by being non-critical of yourselves, it will become much easier for you to be non-judgmental, non- critical, and loving towards others. For they are experiencing their days just as you.


Their actions may not be what they had planned for that day. Through love and support for yourselves and for each other, know that everyone has their good and bad days, days when you are flowing, days when you are very centered and it seems that you are so in control, that you are flying. You will think, "I've got it handled. I know what this is about." This may not last. You may have set your expectations for everyday upon this one day. Rather than set expectations, set a goal for yourselves to do the will of God. Each and every one of you do this. Know that as you are doing the best you can, do not always have expectations at a higher reach that you can possibly grasp. Keep your goals within the limits of where you are. If your goals start to create stress within you, take a second look. Restructure your goals to within where you are, knowing you can reach new heights. It does take work. There will be days when, upon rising, nothing will go right for you. This too, is possibly that you have set your goals, your expectations, too high for that day. Lower them and get into a center for that day where you are, where your emotions are, where your mind is. There are times when your emotions will overcome you. Allow them to go their route. Allow them their time, for this may be a way of telling you a release is needed, a release is in process. To shove this down thinking you are beyond this would not be healthy. Keep yourselves open. Keep the guidance flowing. Check in with your heartfelt feelings, your true selves, often during the day to see if you are off the beat of this, that possibly you have taken the wrong path. By opening up you can back track yourselves back on to the correct path for you that day.

Feel open and know that you have a support group that, if you could see it, you would be so overwhelmed. You can at any time open up to this support group and feel the love and the nurturing. Know that you can depend on each other. If your day gets beyond your means where you cannot cope, call upon your friends. This will not only help you but give them an opportunity to serve.

I will now accept questions.


Student #1: I would just like to welcome you to our group and thank you for the effort and all the time spent on our behalf. I'm sure you will join me in welcoming (two new people are introduced) who are here today.

Elyon: Yes, you're welcome and I welcome you two into the arms of the group. Know that the door is open to you always.

Student #2: Expectations can be set too high and this can bring frustration. By lowering them I think you mean make them more realistic. I feel like I do the opposite and don't set my expectations high enough. I just plod along. Could you please discuss expectations a little more.

Elyon: Many are very critical of themselves. They do not accept themselves be it physically, mentally, spiritually, always striving to be some other way, never fully accepting themselves for who they are at any given moment. This can be damaging for they never live life. They are always trying to live up to what they set their expectations at. This becomes a vicious cycle. They cannot just allow. They do not give themselves the opportunity to find out who they are, what their true personality consists of, for they are always trying to become this person they have their expectations of. As with all things there has to be a balance. Rather than use the word expectations, use the word goal. Use the word desire. I desire this for my true self today. If what your true self desires is not being met as a goal, then you tend to become out of balance. If you feel you would like to take a day and spend it in bed, not arising, covering up your head to not experience life on the outside that day, closing you drapes, so be it. You are not hiding from the world that day. You may need a day off from everything. If you, however, did this everyday, not allowing yourself the experience of life, there would be no balance. For you to create this openness within you, check with yourself to see if you are where your true feelings are. See if your path is straight or zigzagged with many boulders, many hurdles that you have placed there because your goals are higher than what is achievable for you. Does this help?

Student #2: Yes. I appreciate the distinction between expectations and desires. I see desires as setting my course. Expectations become roadblocks like deadlines. As we have learned from the teachers, the linear approach isn't the way everything is done in the universe. It's a matter of function and filtering out rather than step one, step two.

Elyon: Maybe a lesson for you, for you all if you wish, is to experience one day without expectations. Take that word totally out of your vocabulary. You may enjoy it so much you'll wish to spend the next day as such also.

Self Evaluation

Student #3: It seems like you have to evaluate yourself at times and see where you're going. But also you need self-forgetfulness as well, and not to try to pre-program everything but just live it, just go forth. We don't need to evaluate each step as long as we are stepping.

Elyon: Yes. Self-evaluation goes hand-in-hand with the true desires. If you are self- evaluating from your ego, animalistic side where it becomes critical and non-nurturing, this is when the expectations become greater. Keep it all within your true nature, rather than, as we spoke of, in the negative fog, the old belief systems, society's dictation of how you should look, how you should live. Allow it all to go from you and allow the truth to shine. Bring your true desires out in front of you. See how bright they are. Do a polarity of (contrast?) the expectation side, a self-evaluation from the ego side, and you will begin to see how important it is, how healthy it is to do this. Yes.

Student #4: A couple weeks ago our assignment was to discuss with at least one other person soul growth. I understood it as: What is really important? What do we take with us when we go? That isn't quite how you phrased it. I wonder if you have any comments based on our having this assignment.

Elyon: Through the sharing from that assignment you had more opportunity to get to know yourself. You allow yourself to focus upon what is important and at the same time share with others and allow them to see they have choices. What they gain here through their goodness and their love is not lost. There is in fact ascension for everyone upon their choosing. This assignment was as much for your own growth as it was to share with others. Does this help?

Student #4: Yes, thank you.

Teacher Contact

Student #5: How easily does help come to us? If we feel it's not right for us to be in the job we are in, the relationship we are in, if I want help outside of myself, I need guidance, how easily does that come?

Elyon: There are at this time personal teachers available for everyone if they so wish. But know that they are not a magic wand. They will guide you, bring you into awareness and help you focus upon doing the will of God. Through their guidance and focusing you can begin to see a clearer picture of your blocks, your boundaries, to help you clear these away. You, however, have to clear these away. We are only teachers, guides, friends. We do not in any way infringe upon you freewill. You always row your own boat. But, yes, it is available if you so want.

Student #5:Is there help in this group here for me to discover this guidance?

Elyon: Most certainly. I am also available. You can set up a private session and we can talk of this further.


If there are no further questions, I will bid you farewell. Go forth with your open hearts. Step into the newness of your true self. For, my student friends, it is your true self that you are building your soul growth from. It is this that you will take with you. To be concerned with all the illusions, the old belief systems, the old survival mechanisms, is very time consuming. Begin to pull back and focus yourselves on the truth of who you really are. From this your goals will become easier. Your days will become easier, for you will not be walking through the muck. You will be walking in the crystal clear. Good bye.


(Later that evening there was another session with a different TR and three others present.)

Elyon: Hello again, friends. I am Elyon, your teacher. I know the hardships you face in life. I ask you to always look to the Father for your spiritual food. Many times we all must proceed with the events that transpire in our lives that do not bring satisfaction and do not appear to make progress. Yet, as it all unfolds, we realize that at the point of result the plan was nearly perfect. Nothing can be exactly perfect while we unfold in this dimension of time. I have been with you this evening and I am fully aware of your struggles and acknowledge your needs. Many are here available to help, and they can be accessed at any time. You are special students. I am looking forward to what is in store. I have been able to scan your potential and see a great storehouse, much to actualize. Your requests are known. May I now turn this over to Evanson.

Evanson: Good evening. I am Evanson, an assistant. I will let you experience some of the differences that exist in regards to our status and assignment as teachers, for I am not to be functioning in Elyon's role yet. I am here to provide guidance to my assigned associate. You each likewise have this very opportunity. Perhaps this will transpire even now...We are very excited to be here with you, though our efforts do face difficulties. I recognize how distracted your life can be and see how important activities are that we might not consider necessary. Your life is yours to live, and we are partners with you. May I encourage you to look at you own inner resources. Here you have all that is required. You are in training, for you have been active in your personal ascent. We would not be here now working with you if you hadn't been so successful to date.

(Then followed messages and dialogue with the personal teachers of the group.)

Session 2

Sept. 12, 1993


Elyon: My friends, I am very pleased with your discussions and perceptions today. I know you all well enough to perceive the great potential within you, the great storehouse of spiritual power, your grasp at the realities of God and the ability to minister to each and every one in your life. Our Father has granted all His creatures the gifts that they are capable of living up to. You need not feel incapable of accomplishing a mission of ministry in any form, for the Father never sends us out unprepared.



As your teacher Elyon, I would present to you today a lesson on fellowship. All around you are God's children. There is no point in time when anyone need feel alone. All of space is teeming with life and personality and this is the source for the outflowing of love to one another. Many go through life struggling to experience companionship and togetherness only because of the lack of comprehension that everyone is a brother, is a sister. Much of life is spent with the conception that you are on the outside seeking entrance into fellowship. A simple adjustment of perception would remove great distances between the hearts of all. Since the Father has created us all, we cannot be anything else but His family. We are sonshipped by Him and thus fellowshipped by one another. I would encourage you to make all actions, to entertain all thoughts, and to utter every word that acknowledges and upholds this truth such that your fellows that make up your daily life will have this light dawn upon them. Particularly for those who have an inkling, that ever faint flicker of faith, they are the ones in greatest need. They are the ones on the brink of the realization and discovery of the divine family. They are also the ones wherein you will personally gain the greatest satisfaction of having brought this reward to them, for they are not far. And being so close you need but offer them just your hand and they can cross over to comprehend what really is. By so doing you will then become stronger in your faith and more assured in your own power to take on the task of planting the seed within those who have not even the slightest awareness. You will even become so skilled at this that you will eventually, as years pass, pursue the most difficult of individuals to draw them into the Father's embrace. Know at all times that the Father is resident in each, and that as you minister to your brothers and sisters, as you work from the outside, God works from the inside, from within them as well as within you.

Your efforts are the bridge for that indwelling presence in the both of you. Imagine in your mind's eye how the divine light is present in those you would minister and how the divine light is present in yourself. And recognize how you have come to understand this and see how that soul who hungers how they have not comprehended. As you offer your light, as their Father fragment offers its light, this light passing through the mind and experience and soul of this other individual is like a spark that bridges the gap, sets on fire their desire to grow. And much like the smoldering ember it goes unnoticed. The flames will emerge and the brilliance will radiate. Hold in your own trust this high reality that all are truly, truly brothers and sisters. Why? The Father indwells each and every one. No one can be apart from Him. This is not His will that this be so. It should not be your will that this be so. As you know, an individual may remove himself from the Father. But you and I and all who have come to understand must never entertain that thought. I have with me friends who work in my company. I would like to provide a time here for them now to communicate. I will now turn this over to other teachers.


Isaac: Hello, this is Isaac. My greeting is always, "Hello, this is Isaac", because (the TR) wants to know who she is talking to. It seems this group is becoming happier every week. We are just trying not to give you more than you can handle. We have so many exciting plans that it's hard for us to take our time. We will be watching this week to see if you notice where there is sadness. Sometimes just one word or one sentence will give another person the hope that they need. The biggest gift of all is praise. Your fellow man will react to praise faster than anything. Be the person who looks at the other man and says, "I care about you." The closeness of your group is really extraordinary in your civilization. We delight in this group and are so happy that each of you feel that you are here to do God's will. Your group will be a model to other groups. This will be a very fulfilling adventure for you. Remember that we are right by your side at all times. Christ Michael has his hand on your shoulder to give you strength. Thank you.

Teacher Contact

Evanson: I derive great benefit and encouragement from my friend Isaac. Amongst the teachers in this group he has the ability to point straight ahead, to focus. I would encourage each of you to spend time in quiet reflection each day developing the ear to hear for we all are here with you. Each of you have a teacher counterpart. I know the efforts can be difficult. We encounter the same difficulty. But as this planet progresses it will become easier for each one to carry on in dialogue with an unseen companion. Much of what it takes on your part is faith that the Father leads you toward Himself and that what you think, what you desire to express, is valid and true. As you give forth you will find we are right alongside to support and commingle. And then, as your trust and faith build, you will discover how easy it is for us to step in, provide ministry. The secret is faith and trust. One tool is time, another devotion. I shall go.

Elyon: For (the other TR's) sake, this is Elyon. I truly love you all. I enjoy watching you live your lives for it reminds me of my life so long ago in a form so similar to yours. When you struggle I take delight, not as a cruel master, but because my background has revealed that the struggle never truly cripples. but in fact strengthens. I see when you become uptight, when you feel you are fighting off every force that is hurtling at you. I know so well for I have done likewise. I extend to you the recognition ability to see that no force can overcome, all difficulties do pass and triumphantly these very struggles build the soul. I would receive questions or feedback from you at this time.


Art of Living

Student #1: We were discussing earlier about going out and serving. I get confused on how to help people out. My resources are so limited and the needy are so many and varied. Just being with people and helping where I can, being of good cheer, being loving and kind, seems more effective than preaching at them. Could you comment on that.

Elyon: You are correct, my friend. A lot of life is spent on maintenance, in providing for your needs and loved ones'. And until your planet reaches the ages of light and life, great amounts of time will continue to be spent this way. So you need to develop the art and skill of ministry in the minuscule, in the little passing moments, as you have said, in spreading cheer. Watch for those moments when you can offer a hand, when you can say, "Here, I can carry that for you." The art is the ability to complete your tasks for your day and simultaneously embellish the life of anyone you encounter. I wholeheartedly embrace Isaac's entreaty to minister to the needy. You all have the skills. Perhaps as time goes you can develop a working arrangement. At this time you need to decide amongst yourselves how, where, and when. We will drop in insight and we will provide motivation. You must be the deciding factor. It is possible to be on the watch for those who are engaged in these ministries on a full time level and provide them support. You may cover great distances with a short phone call to one who sits behind a desk and feels the services they provide are met with failure or lack of recognition. The many who come through that struggle make it hard for them to hold their heads high. And the many who don't struggle seem to take no notice. I would encourage you to contact one of these individuals and give them a hearty pat on the back. Would this meet with your approval? #1: Yes, it would. Thank you.

Student #2: I have been having trouble shutting off the mind chatter or redirecting it. I know what I need to do but I don't seem to be able to do it. Can you help me with this?

Stillness, Mind

Elyon: I seek clarification. This mind chatter: do you mean when engaged in the efforts toward quiet contemplation and worship with the Father, or do you mean the rambling of thoughts that go on throughout the day making it hard to focus on the tasks at hand?

Student #2: Both! However, I am more concerned with the mind chatter when I'm trying to meditate, to reach the Father. I'm not patient so I get irritated when my mind tries to drag me away and I have to bring it back.

Elyon: The mind is an amazing, flexible reality. It is a continual flowing of energy. It is a great medium for the personality to grow because it is always providing soil in the form of thoughts wherein you may grow. It is a natural function for the mind to run. It is like a river. A river is no longer a river when it stops. I would then encourage to practice directive techniques. Mankind has taught for centuries that you can stop your thought. This need not be. Thoughts are your aid. I would encourage you to provide feed for the mind. Perhaps a devotional reading prior to your worship time. Perhaps prayer such that the mind can lock into a train of thought more conducive to your heart's desire. When your mind becomes thus channeled, you will benefit from the ministry of the Father and the overcare of the Son and from the upliftment of the Spirit. Have great patience for the mind can be like a little child who runs down the street when the door is open. You are right, it is frustrating. But the little child need not be severely rebuked. Only continually restrained until it grows. Has this given you insight?

Student #2: Yes. It is what I know I need to do. I'm just not patient. Thank you.

Elyon: It will take time. The mind endowment that each of you have is a time-oriented mind. If we had the divine mind, I would not be here with you, and you would not be here with me. We would be the Father and this great experience would be nonexistent. Accept your status and joyfully pursue.


Student #3: I find a lot of comfort in having help... (tape flipped) . ..get out of myself to let my mind be God's mind. I feel so selfish, concerned with my needs and my family's needs. I'd like to be more spiritual and be a part of the life of others. Do you know what I'm talking about?

Elyon: Yes. By way of background let me illustrate: I work diligently toward my ascension and I have attained levels that far exceed the human. However, I took with great delight the assignment to come here to minister to you all, to essentially stall in my personal growth because I know that by ministering to you I gain far more than I could in tending to my own progress. It has a boomerang effect. You have rightly perceived that, enlisting in a ministry of this nature, will draw you away from your own demands. It will help you sort your values and clear away the rubbish. Seeing the needs in others clarifies the true needs in yourself. I have spoken at great length on judgment. You are all skilled at pigeon-holing, at being able to describe another, and yet flounder in the ability to pin yourself down. By serving another you work judgment in reverse. You minister to the soul, you heal the body, you calm their mind. You find yourself enlarging. Since you are capable of assessing another individual so easily and so confused towards yourself, it is equally as easy to minister to another and thereby understand yourself. Your master said, "Love your neighbor as yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Within these two phrases lies the secret of your question. As you go beyond yourself you will, yourself, grow. Have I helped you?

Student #3: Yes, Elyon, and my love to you today.

Student #4: You mentioned that we should draw our attention to those who have a certain amount of faith and enhance that. When we get good at that then we can work with those who have little or no faith. I appreciate that because, in focusing our efforts to find ways to serve, that is one that isn't necessarily obvious, but we can seek in anyone.

Elyon: Yes, as your teacher I would encourage you to function in that manner you have just spoken of while you take time from your routine life and hit the road. I know you struggle with the abstract and berate yourself as being dense, but you have ahead of you an assignment wherein you may do the very thing you speak of; encouraging those who are already on the way. May this be an assignment for you and do take notice of the times when I am at your side. To each I would ask you to look at everyone as your brother and sister. Work on it. Be ever mindful of the many things you can provide that would help. Realize that, as this catches on, others will equally help you. Do not fear that your life will fall apart as you tend to other's needs. As I have stressed, the opposite will result.


I have enjoyed our discussion today. I thank my fellow group teachers for their input. Look to the Father always. Put your arm around Michael. Step into the world with a smile on your face and love in your heart. Farewell.

Session 3

Sept. 22, 1993 (T/R #1)


Aaron: In support for your embrace of your fellow man, we come to you tonight to offer you our love. Hello, I am Aaron. It is good to be here.


I sit back and I think of the ways in which I can motivate my student and students, and always it seems the motivation comes from within and our goal is just to amplify that and make it a passion. Take the time to realize what you can do even individually for others in your lives, and then see how that can branch into personal efforts for sharing even with strangers the love of God you have within you. There is a vast amount of energy you can give on the individual level. But now step back and realize what you can do when those individual efforts become supported by those around you who have the same ideals, who have the same wishes and beliefs, whose only lacking for the motivation is that support from another for their cause. You are together for this reason: To serve the Father and His will in any way that you can. As you realize this in your lives then you will see the avenues, and we will offer support and insight. So much can be done to bring hope to those with little or nothing. See the ways. I give you my peace tonight and I thank you for your time.


(T/R #2) Isaac: Hello, this is Isaac. I am thrilled with the reception you have given toward the outreach program. You don't need to feel pushed or that you should do something you don't want to do. You will do much better by doing the things you love to do, so you'll happily be giving from the heart and be genuine in your love for others. You don't have to put yourself in a predicament where you'd rather not be. We think it's wonderful that you will try to help us in giving outreach that start it needs. Of course you will be a success at anything you try because we have a lot of support from this side. Don't you feel us cheering you on? You may be thinking of how you can give, but your big reward will be how it makes you feel. But you cannot finish a project you never start, so I would advise that you go forth and enjoy doing the work that you are sure tho find. It is an important lesson that you should . ..(some lost) You need to learn the joy of making a child smile, or buying someone a nice pair of winter boots or whatever, all the time not thinking, "I am giving to them", because they are giving to you, and you're the one that's going to feel so proud. Tell yourself all the time how good you are, how much you are growing, that you are a compassionate person, that you care for others, and don't be afraid of getting a big head! You are wonderful and I send my love.

(T/R #3)Cyndia: This is Cyndia. We have given Elyon the night off. My message to you is to keep it simple and if you choose to do this project together, do not complicate it by making it so large that it is not within your means to do so. Start with something small so that you can begin to work together as a unit and begin to know each other more and deeper. Sitting around getting the messages and studying the book will be a lot simpler that when you as a group plan what you will do for the outreach. Keep it simple. Plan something and carry it through. Your rewards will be larger, rather than sitting around designing a program which could take up the winter, the summer, and the seasons will be lost to you. As you find out and learn more about yourselves, individually and as a group, you can enlarge your outreach and begin to come together with something more substantial.


I, too, am very pleased to be here this evening with you, watching you grow, watching your lights beam out. Realize that all the small things that you do everyday are about giving out. Keep this in your minds, that moment by moment sharing and giving that you do. My love to you. Good night.