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Topic: Patience

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



Daniel: "Welcome my friends. I am Daniel, your teacher and your guide. It is empowering to yourselves to be able to freely discuss and to allow the thoughts and the feelings that you have to flow forth. As you have all come into the awareness of your growth, allow this to be but a foundation stepping stone for further growth and further understanding. It is, indeed, a time of correction, a time for global and universal correction. However, you must realize that the real correction does come from the individual, from your own lives. And so as each of you are able to see these corrections being made, so know that through your example and your greater knowledge and understanding shall there be given to the world more promise of upliftment. And so let me again thank you for your honesty in coming together and sharing.


Growth, Patience

Indeed, all of you have at some point in time, if not continually, wished that you could instantaneously become. This is, however, not the plan. For, you see, as an ascending being you are given to the wondrous journey of becoming. And in this becoming you are given those experiences which help to bring you from the lowest of levels to the highest. You see, this is not a curse as it often seems, but rather if you take this into the thought pattern that involves the First Source and Center you will see that this is but a gift of a great adventure, a gift that will bring for you a great and wondrous journey to find the First Source and Center. And in this journey do you help bring about the enrichment and the growth of the Supreme.

Indeed, must you all learn that through patience and through the natural evolution will there be brought forth this growth. As infants you are born into this world. As infants you learn through the environment how to become that human, that mortal of a material sphere. As infants, also, are you born of the Divine Spirit. And as infants you must work through each level and each aspect of soul growth in order to ascend to the First Source and Center. And so the lesson this evening is on this ascent, this journey. As you already understand, it often takes a reminder or two to get back on course. And so while what I will say to you this evening is not new, let it be a reminder for your thoughts this week.

Ascension Career, Moment

In your life you are able to take many vacations, many journeys. Let this analogy of a journey help you in thinking of an ascent to Paradise Isle. While you can on this plane board a fast vehicle of transportation to and from a destination, you are subject to arriving at that destination in less time. However, because of your mode of transportation you have bypassed many experiences that you could have had on this journey. If you were to walk the journey, think of the many experiences, the sights and sounds, smells and relationships you would have developed. True, you may arrive at the same destination, but which journey is most fruitful, the one aboard the fast jet or the one that took time and developed experiences? And so if you will, hold in your thoughts that it is necessary that patience be exercised in your lifetime that you do not bypass the many experiences that come to you by boarding a fast jet. Yes, it is not so much the destination but the journey within that destination that is important.

And so take each day as you pray in the Lord's Prayer, `Give us this day our daily bread', as you realize that the First Source and Center is offering you all the daily bread of nourishment, and that which you need to carry on. But it is given daily that you may eat of it in that moment; not `Give us this year or this eternity', but `Give us this day'. Be in the moment.

Treasure that moment that through it you can grow, that you can develop, as B1 has so rightly said, a time of being prayerful, aware of God in each and every part of your day. Truly you are growing as sons and daughters of the First Source and Center when your life is so changed that even, indeed, in the most menial tasks can you find God. If you are in that big of a hurry, if you must bypass all of those experiences you will not find God, for God is in life. God is in those daily things that you do. It is in your individual understanding and openness to Him/Her that you find meaning, that you find the real core of life's journey. Each experience you have helps you, when you allow Him to come into your life, that opportunity to reach another step of your potential. Do not bypass those step by step paths. Do not go for the short cut. Open yourselves up to all that the First Source and Center can give to you. Go the distance of that journey with a joyful heart knowing that in each activity, in each event in your life there is to be found some measure of growth, some measure of truth, some glimpse of wisdom into the First Source and Center. For many aeons will this be a part of your life, to search out and find God at that very moment in time, that which is now. I will accept questions."


K3: "Good evening, Daniel."

Daniel: "Hello, K3."

K3: "Great lesson, great lesson! You must have been reading my mind again in your answers."

Daniel: "I read all of your minds, yes!"

Light and Life

K3: "You have been working overtime on mine, I think. It was very good, very meaningful. We had talked about the personal potential that we can achieve as mortals in this sphere. A statement that I have heard or read is, `An individual in this mortal life, moving into Light and Life.' I don't quite understand that, without the whole planet being a little closer to Light and Life. We have been told that we are at some distance in time before this planet will achieve Light and Life. Can you explain to me or help me in understanding how an individual at this time can do this?"

Daniel: "Certainly. You see, all of the mortals on this plane are from the First Source and Center, are embraced and loved by God with no discrimination toward one or another. But because of varying life experiences, varying cultural differences and varying levels of intelligence, genetic background, etc., there are many, many types of individuals. No two are ever alike. And no two ever walk the path to the First Source and Center on the same road. Each is different. And because each is different, each opens up to the Spirit of the Father/Mother in different degrees. As each opens up, as each receives, as each believes and as that belief becomes part of their total being, not just a belief system but a working, living system; as that transpires for individuals, so, too, do they grow more and more toward the light and become more and more enshrouded and part of that light. This is what is meant by `moving into light and life'; being able to transcend the material, to be able to realize that even though you are dual in nature that it is not the material or temporal that is important but rather that which is fed and nourished for the soul. When your light begins to reflect these values, then, indeed, are you becoming light, are you becoming a light for others, are you becoming more in what would be termed morontial status. And so, indeed, is there hope for greatness on a planetary scale when more are coming into light and life. But you see, in order for that movement to develop and embrace the masses it must begin with the individual. As each individual grows and changes that produces change in the outer. And so there must be many individuals that come into light and life before it can be embraced by all. Does this help?"

K3: "That is superb. Yes, it does. You have made those statements many times, those same concepts and they are beautiful. One step at a time. Thank you, Daniel."

Daniel: "You are most welcome."

B1: "Daniel, this is B1."

Daniel: "Hello, B1."

B1: "Again, thank you for your lesson. It certainly was meaningful to me. I know that you were listening to our conversation before the meeting as you commented on it.

Regarding this journey to Paradise that we mortals have begun, which you as a former mortal and now morontial being are ahead of us on, coming back to teach us and help us, I have heard comments by you and other teachers that in the process of working with us that you also are growing and learning. What I am thinking is, most of what we...I'll speak for myself, most of what I feel that I am learning is corrective in nature, is getting over the patterns of thought and behavior of many years, and changing those into positive and different ways. I know the mansion worlds, at least the earlier ones, are designed for correction and etc. Is there any way you could tell us a little about . .is there a difference in character when character defects are fixed either through this life or in the mansion world experience? What do you learn as morontia beings? I know this isn't what we are supposed to worry about because we are not there yet, but I am a little curious. Do you understand what I am trying to ask you???"

Daniel: "What we can learn from you?"


B1: "Yes, and how your learning is different from ours, as morontial beings."

Daniel: "This question is valid, is good. This question is also most difficult to answer in terms that would be understood. For you see as you have seen in your reading of the Urantia Book, many of the concepts are mind boggling, are very difficult to comprehend. And this question you ask would be one that would necessitate you having greater experience and knowledge in order to fully understand. You who are teachers have readily seen this in your students. If you are presenting to a student a concept it would be unwise to present the concept in such terms that would be overbearing so that the student would develop a fear for that concept or would develop anxiety because the knowledge was beyond what they could understand. Rather as a teacher you start on a very low level and bring the child up through the concepts by experiencing the various levels and by internalizing the concept. And as the child grows in the concept, so you can present a more complete and better picture.

And your question tonight resembles something of this nature, for the learning that will continue throughout all of your ascent and even as you reach that of the spiritual realm will be learning on different levels; learning how to interact, how to administer, how to help those who are not of understanding of the nature of the First Source and Center to develop that learning, to grow into that knowledge of the First Source and Center.

The learning that is taking place personally for me stems from this growth of learning about the many varied avenues of being able to present a concept, that it can be learned and understood by the student. This is part of the learning. The other learning stems from being able, like myself, to work with many other beings of many different levels and categories in developing and composing those relationships that help support and bring forth growth for the Supreme. Learning will always be a facet of your ascent. And learning takes place on many, many different levels, from the very mindboggling to the very minute. And so you see that which I learn from you and the many other teachers has significance for the individual as far as their experiences are. Each one of the teachers in the Teaching Mission, each celestial that is a part of this mission has within their own path certain experiences. And through the contact with mortals such as yourselves, their experiences of being in contact with you are that they learn according to that which they already have come through, do you see? It is difficult to put into clear cut terms the learning that takes place. But know that what is discovered and learned by us is part of what you will do as you plant seeds, again, for your brothers and sisters. Does this help?"

B1: "Yes. I think you did a great job answering a difficult question. You as a fused being, you are in alignment with your Thought Adjuster so that you are fused. And that's different for us because we have not arrived there. So much of what we are learning is how to walk in the Father's way, closer and closer so that fusion will occur. That is one kind of learning. And then, as I understood what you said, you were talking about the other aspect. So you have really answered it very well, Daniel. I must say in behalf of myself, at least, and probably the rest of us, as you know, we've learned more and grown more in the time that you have been in contact with us than in any other part of my life in particular. So I want you once again to know I truly appreciate your teaching ministry to myself and the rest of us."

Daniel: "I thank you for this nice compliment. However, let me return the compliment to you fine students who are willing to listen, open up, and have made the commitment toward more growth. You see, the world's greatest teachers can do nothing if there are not receptive students. I congratulate you."

B3: "Hi Daniel. This is B3."

Daniel: "Hello, B3."

B3: "Thank you for another marvelous lesson. My question deals with the problems I have in getting things which I think I understand in my mind into my behavior. In relationships with other people, I usually come up with ways I think I could have handled that better. And yet I still find that difficult to incorporate in my behavior. So I guess I have two questions. Is that something that one should try to do, improve relationships with other people using the ideas we think will work from our brain to our behavior? And then, secondly, have you any wisdom for us in that regard? That seems to be such a struggle to do it, even though I know it could work I have a difficult time in doing it."


Daniel: "My words of wisdom are to develop patience, that through your steadfastness and your desire to change there can be over time this changing. The idea of analyzing a relationship to see where you should change is a good idea so long as it does not take too much precedence, too much time.

The understanding that you are developing now in realizing that, indeed, you could have handled a situation differently, better, with more tact or more love, tolerance or understanding is a part of growing in understanding God's will and God's love. You see, had you not grown, you would have not have even realized that there was potential for more growth in a relationship. By the fact of knowing that, yes, things could and can be better, you are developing and growing. You are evolving those potentials. You are making those corrections. But evolution is painstakingly slow. Never give up on it. Never fear that you will not be given another opportunity to right a wrong, for surely every time you are given into error, there is time that you can rectify. This is part of the learning, the growth. I am pleased that so many of you are realizing that which can be changed, and are striving to work toward bringing about enrichment, enlightenment and a better working relationship with one another.

Stillness, Self Evaluation

Another word of wisdom is that whenever you sit in the quiet with the First Source and Center you are fortifying, you are given the strength that is necessary in order for you to continue to make those changes in your relationships with others. Whenever you feel there is a problem self analysis of what can be done is good. But better yet is to seek out the First Source and Center and go and turn over to Him, that through the time spent that which is next needed for your transformation, your coming into greater terms of understanding, will be met.

Do not feel, my friend, that overnight you must change radically. But know that through the Father's love and your desire to follow Him and be in that alignment, there is ongoing change. Change is a necessary and viable element of all ascension. Your purpose on this planet is to grow into that understanding and that communication with the Indwelling Spirit. That change is happening daily. It will grow toward the light with more wisdom and understanding when you temper it with prayer, worship, and a desire to follow the Father. It will grow in the reverse direction if you let it stagnate. That is a beautiful choice that you have! Change slowly and daily is always going on. Daily you do not see the growth spurt of your children. But when you have not see the child of another family for a year and you suddenly see them you say, `My, how you have grown!' Daily you do not see your individual growth, but as you have beautifully said earlier in the evening, over the last year you have seen much growth in yourselves. Know that this will be a continual ongoing process. It is hoped and it is desired that this process be tempered and conditioned on prayer, worship, and a desire to follow the Father. Does this help?"

B3: "Yes, that is a marvelous explanation. Thank you very much."


V1: "Daniel, thank you for your answer to B1 on his question, but I have a thought with that. I think in terms of beings that are beyond the morontial level, beings certainly more perfect if not as perfect as you would want to be, but more so than I am. And I am wondering as we think in terms of the fruits of the Spirit, do you still have to deal with relationships as far as acceptance and love? Or is it just a matter of teaching us what you have learned?"

Daniel: "Always is faith a necessary ingredient in all that is a part of the universes. And in and through faith one must continue to reach out and to have and hold that in the First Source and Center all things will and do work for the greater good. And in that regard I can say no more other than the fact that even those created on a perfect world are still given to the fact of learning and growing. For what is greater than the actual experience? This is important. And so though there is perfection on one end and imperfection on the other, do you not see where these must grow together and become as one? And in becoming one and in growing past this oneness there is a constant circling of growth and the necessity to be open and willing to let faith and let the Spirit of the First Source and Center guide all. This is what I can allow in this regard."


V1: "Thank you Daniel. I have one other thought and that is...when you were answering B3 and saying that we always have the opportunity to change..I think on the most difficult things I have had to do in changing is to realize and point out to someone or accept the fact, maybe, that I am wrong in a situation. So where I am trying to get to is humility and being able to correct those problems. As you say, we always have the opportunity to correct a situation, but for me that takes an awful lot of humility, or maybe not even worrying about it. I am thinking in terms of the statement, `I don't have to be right; I don't have to prove something. I just want to be happy'. Maybe I am asking you to comment on that. I'm not sure what my question is."

Daniel: "Indeed, the question is understood. And it has many layers, many routes one could take in answering this. I will say this. When I stated that opportunities that are slipped by can be rectified, this can be twofold. There may be the time or chance that you can rectify the actual experience; to be able to say, `I am sorry' or the like to an individual regarding a specific conflict. This is one avenue of being able to correct. The other avenue is that there will be other instances similar that occur. And how you react and respond to those situations will in many regards help you to grow and correct that other path. Certainly as you go on, all wrongs ever associated with individuals can be dealt with even in the morontial worlds. But similar experiences can help you in correcting that flaw of character, even though an actual correction of the first initial experience has not been dealt with. Do you understand?"

V1: "Yes, I do."

Daniel: "And so this is what my words to you were in this regard. Always hold out that there will be times when you can make correction. If you cannot rectify a situation, but there is a desire to do so, putting forth that desire is very beneficial. It may not see a completion, but by being in the mode and framework for correction, in time and over time there, will be an avenue for that correction. Has this helped?"


V1: "Yes, thank you. Another thought and I need to pass this to someone else, I am sure..I think one of the most difficult things that I have going both directions..either when I have a good motive and someone else misinterprets my motive because of the circumstances, and the opposite, when you disagree with someone, to accept their motive as good. I think this is something that is very difficult for me to accept in other people, giving them a good motive when I don't see that what they are doing is good for children or good in relationships or good for families. How do I get rid..and that is judgement, obviously, or do I just let that motive go or not worry about it. I am not sure."

Daniel: "There can be no change in society if people do not speak up in defense of those less fortunate than themselves. And so there are many avenues available for bringing about and bringing to light things that can and will make this planet better for all. And in this regard, those of you who choose to follow a cause for a certain change will find ways that you can bring about this change in an organized and educational way. This is the societal way of bringing about change.

The personal way of which you speak is, indeed, much more difficult. For it asks you to take a stand that can lead to personal confrontation and the like. What is necessary in all situations, my friends, is that you, yourself, set and example that is righteous and that is correct. As you set the example, you are helping others, even though you may be setting up defenses. Do not believe for one second that they have not noticed. Actions speak louder than words in this regard. Show love and tolerance. Allow judging to be done by those who are in authority to judge. Allow what you know to be right, to be the lifestyle that you lead. In this regard you can and will bring a parting of the waters. And there can be an avenue for change. On occasion there will be the necessity for you to personally confront a situation. In this regard, seek the inner spirit for guidance. Know from where you stand and know that often times the trod upon must have a voice. This is in no way saying to go out and rescue all. It is saying in life as situations arise, when you are strong and full of spirit you will know how to act and to act wisely. Important it is, therefor, for you to be in that contact with the Indwelling Spirit, with the teachers of the realm, that you can be so guided. Does this help?"

V1: "Thank you Daniel. That really is more than what I thought I was saying with the question and statement. And thank you. For it is sometimes difficult to do that which you know is right and to do that the best way, no matter what anyone is saying. I really appreciate that. Maybe that is what I needed to hear this week. Thanks."

Daniel: "You are most welcome my dear. Turn over. Let the yoke of this fall upon the shoulders of Christ Michael. He welcomes these burdens. He asks that you trust and follow Him and His help will light the way for you.


It is drawing late. I wish to, again, welcome T5 back among us. Know, my friend, that you are gaining understanding in many areas. And decisions have been and will be ones that for you will dictate a new and different path. And so in regard to the temporal decisions that must be made, seek inner solace. Prayer will help you in knowing that task which would best suit your following the Father. When you are given to following His will, answers are available. My friend, do not be afraid to go the journey. Do not be afraid of the step by step progress you make. Enjoy the sights, the friendships, the joys, the sorrows, the growth that each experience gives you. You will value every experience you have when you realize that through experience you are given opportunities that you may make choices for growth and change. If every life was but a fast jet ride, can you see how mundane and boring it would be. Rather, enjoy the blisters and corns you develop as you walk bathed in the sunlight and the rain of an autumn day. Enjoy the fragrance of the spring flowers. Take life as it is given to you, temper it with prayer and worship. And by this, so shall you be directed.

I leave you now with my love and peace. Go this week and seek the Father in all that you do. Good evening."