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Topic: Tolerance

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Unknown



Greetings. I am Ham. I am your teacher/friend. Our lesson this afternoon is about tolerance.


It is promoting of our Master's gentle nature in your experience. Our beloved Father/Brother, Michael, tolerated, in effect, all injustice in this area of rebellion. He tolerated the bitter fruit of rebellion nobly. Always He bore fruits of the spiritual realm with ease. Gracefully He bore sublime patience and tolerance extending forth to the most insidious iniquity born of Lucifer. Egotistic pride remains Lucifer’s legacy upon the isolated spheres. Exaltation of this sin has insidiously crept into all institutions and social acceptance. Today, even as it was in the Master's time, the ignorance left unbalanced by truth tends to breed ignorance. Our Master fought ignorance by simply living truth. You are all called to do as He did. Battle not ignorance with facts or worldly knowledge. All such mindal creations are partially ignorant also, as I'm sure your experience can attest Living the righteous hie, loving truth, recognizing if s source, forever frees the mind to observe facts and tolerate their misuse. Strive not with men using their understanding, give light from the source instead.

Seemingly, to those without personal experience with truth and it's source, our lesson seems cryptic. However, it remains absolute on finite levels that each individual absorbs that truth, that they allow and that you always must allow this. One can offer truth, certainly; however, one must tolerate each person's partaking. The experience of God isn't directly given from human to human. The Indwelling Spirit within each human sees that the truth is measured correctly. He sees that the absorption rate is regulated and that each human becomes nourished according to His wisdom. Therefore, when we are intolerant of the truth capacity levels of our beloved brethren, we are, in effect, judging God, which is ridiculous. We can become as living springs for those who thirst, but how does it serve to force water on the satiated or to offer bread for the spirit to those who hunger not?

Perhaps of all the ministry which I have begun, the understanding of such a central concept is hardest. All of our students long to share the truth, long to openly and intensely love each human brought into their influence and rejection is hardest to bear. But you have to remember that it is not your truth. It is not your kingdom. It is not your self which is accepted or rejected. The way of God is so encompassing you must always feel free of individual responsibility over particular souls. Allow each human being the respect and tolerance that they may individually seek the Master as you each have done. Remember that each capacity and mental bent is unique and precious and begin to understand that truth is malleable. Human beings each are fed what their systems can absorb spiritually. Hard kernels of truth can be ground into meal, can be leavened, can be made palatable to all of God's children. As you nourish babies with formula until they can absorb solid food, so it is with spiritual food and babies cannot eat the nourishment of adults. Your wisdom begins to discern this absorption capacity difference among your brethren, but ultimately you must allow our Father to nourish His children correctly.


Question: Jesus was intolerant of iniquity and spoke vehemently against it. Can you give us an guidelines to follow about speaking out against evil?

Answer: Speaking against iniquity is always a two-edged sword. On the one side you have exposed truth, and on the other side, you may isolate and compound this same iniquity or sinful behavior, even arouse retaliation. Our Master hesitated not to expose truth and tolerated it's repercussions in this sin infested world, yet He wisely chose the time.