1993-09-07-The Kingdom

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Topic: The Kingdom

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



JarEL: Greetings, I am your Teacher who loves you. I will begin with our prayers.

The presence of God surrounds us.

The power of God protects us.

And the love of God enfolds each of us.

Wherever we are in this universe He is with us.

Teaching Mission

I am please to be with you once again in this the Teaching Mission, and to share my thoughts with you. I have listened with concern at your many human issues, and it is my understanding that these issues are real to you. But also this is the case of a lot of what is illusion; illusion appears to be real. The real issues of concern are not who will be my mate, or who will I share this existence with. The true issues of your lives are that which deal with your development and growth through this Teaching Mission.

Have you not read in the book called the Bible where you are commanded to "seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all things will be added to you".[1] So I say to you again "seek ye first this kingdom that we are establishing here again in the hearts and minds of men. All things necessary for your wise development and existence; for your happiness and continuation; will be added there to". If you diligently seek to work in the Father's kingdom, whatever is needed by you to accomplish this work will be given.

So fear not that you will not have those things that are necessary for your survival and continuation in this life. Fear not, that if a mate is what is needed to add fulfillment to your life that this will not be forthcoming. I say to you relax, take the pill. (Joe laughs: "We need to take one.") This is amusing.

So dear ones have we shed light in addition to humor upon this concern?



Joe: Yes, it goes to.....I mean the issue that we were also . ....part of the discussion where we were saying that this is the hardest part to be able to assimilate all these other needs that we have into our first concern which should be the Father's work. And I think that we all maybe in our conversation we just missed. We are missing the point that all we need to do is concentrate mainly and mostly on the Father's will and everything else will follow.

JarEl: This is true, and it is not that you missed the point. It is the anxiety that you feel, and we your cognizant of your moral concerns and feelings. We understand the plight of isolation and loneness. I particularly can perceive these feelings in this one, but he has growth to accomplish. And these are issues that he must deal with.

Again if we fight the battles for you, if we slay the dragons in your stead, then you are not truly the victors. You have not learned the experience. You cannot benefit from the experience. So always it is you who must fight the battle, but we your Teachers, your guardians who love you are beside you to protect and guide; to uplift you and encourage you to go on to the next step. And we are waiting to rejoice with you at your victories and accomplishments.

What say you?


Betty: Well, it's becoming more and more clear to me that I do have to act. I have to be the one to put the effort forth. I know as you know, if you have checked on me recently I have been looking for a place to live. I was just so discouraged and so tired with the heat, and with searching and the disappointment. Each time I'd looked it would just be awful. I'd just couldn't think of living there. And I really want to thank my guardians and my unseen helpers, because I know that in the end they helped me. I mean they helped me see that I couldn't live in the places that I did look that I wouldn't be happy in, and they also helped me to find a place that met my needs. And so I know that I have to be the one to do the work, and then I will get help. And that's been my impression for a couple of weeks now. That's the lesson that's been really impressed upon me, is that I have to do the work.

JarEl: This is well. As you know, it has been said when you make one step, He makes two, and this is true. You have to act upon your faith, and your belief in the process. And the process in turn will work toward your benefit and to enhance further that belief. Sometimes as in your experience, I believe you were at the bottom in despair and discouragement, but that also was the foundation in which you sprang forth to action. And as a result you found that which you sought; what is possible and exactly fitting your needs. So we are please that this has occurred for you, and we wish much happiness in your new dwelling place. We hope that we are welcome to visit.

Betty: You are not only welcome; I invite you to come and help me bless my house. I'm looking forward to us being there and having the air conditioner.

JarEl: This would please us to be there for these purposes. Explain the air conditioner?

Betty: Well, it's a machine that cools the air. So that inside it's very, very cool. And I don't handle the heat too well. So that's been really one of my requirements. I wanted an air conditioner wherever I lived.

JarEl: The dwelling is vented?

Betty: Vented?

Joe: Ventilated.

Jarel: Yes. (Joe: Yes.) The air flows through the ventilation and cools.

Betty: Cools.

Joe: And cools the inside of the house.

Betty: So they will be putting that in this weekend, or he said by the 12th. So they are making that consideration for me, and putting in an air conditioner which is wonderful.

JarEl: This is wonderful. So now, where are we in our lessons? Where should we venture? What is needed?

Presence, Balance

Joe: I have a question. It is my impression that...my personal impression when I have neglected my quiet time. Of course, I get a sense of withdrawing from the Father. And does that also automatically tend to withdraw me from my guardian angel and unseen helpers and yourself. Or are you still around during those times that we do neglect our quiet times and withdraw a little from the Father so to speak?

JarEl: You are incorrect. You can never withdraw from the Father. He is ever present; omnipresent. So, you are always in His watch-care. Do not think because you have not sought the Stillness that you are without His presence. We understand your earthly needs. We observe your daily functions. Your comings; your goings; your doings; your concerns; your racing here and there. Revolvements of time, run out and you neglect this for that; and you neglect that for the other. We understand these things. Often time you cannot attend to those matters that you would normally take care of. So it is well that you handle these things at your next earliest opportunity. Do not feel guilty; just go on.

Betty: Well, I wish I had that... I wish I felt that applied to me. I feel like I have been just sort of numb. I've been exhausted. And I come home and the heat just exhausts me. And this whole past weekend, I had a day off on Monday, and the whole weekend I just looked for a place to live, and I would come home and just stare at the television set.

Betty: (continued) I knew that I was just sort of numbing out, and I did feel guilty. I do feel guilty. I feel like I should be reading and studying. And I promised myself as soon as I got this thing settled about a place to live that I would be more diligent. But I just feel that it was laziness or exhaustion. It's like a numbness. It's like you just want to numb out, because you are overloaded with your exhaustion and your concerns and your worry. I know that I'm not to worry, but I do.

JarEl: Mortals have not understood balance. Throughout the text you are reminded about the effect that recreation, and diversion has and the place it should have in your existence. On the higher planes recreation and diversion are intricate part of the ascension program. It is often that you be required to relax in reversion activities, and not feel the pressure or stress of having to do other things. After this period you may return to your task refreshed and anew; rededicated, rejuvenated and go on to complete your task. If you do not avail yourselves of that time needed to refresh your physical bodies and your mental capacities, you will burn out. And this condition is not good for you nor us who love you. So seek relaxation, reversion in balance with your everyday tasks, but seek it without feelings of guilt and neglect. The Father knows all and is understanding of all. Does this help you?

Betty: Yes, thank you JarEl. That's very comforting. Thank you.

JarEl: This is good.

Betty: I know that when you talked to us about challenge and there is so much work to do,I feel an urgency. I feel that the time out that I take is slowing things down. So it does help to know that it's understood and expected. And it helps me not to get burnt out.

JarEl: When there is a great battle to engage in, all of the troops are not on the front lines. Some are withheld in reserve. When those on the front lines come back for relaxation, the reserve troops are brought up to take their place. The battle still goes on while the troops are resting and refreshing. Then they return to the battle refreshed, rejuvenated. Do you see this?

Betty: Yes, that is a beautiful analogy.


JarEl: Thank you for your understanding. So with this Mission there are those that pick up where you leave off.

Betty: So let me go over this. To make sure that I understand. That if we continue with our studies and with true desire in our heart to do the Father's will and with gratitude at being in the Teaching Mission and with true desire, that all things will be given to us in order that we have what we need? In order to be about the Father's business?

JarEl: This is correct.

Betty: And that when there are times that we feel we need a little rest, or we need a little diversion that's fine? We're just resting and getting ready for the next leap forward in our growth. Is this correct?

JarEl: You understand correctly. Those of us who are Teachers work somewhat tirelessly in this effort. We are called to numerous places upon short notice, but there are times that we must allow for relaxation and diversion activities in order to be at our best. So it is with you.

Betty: So JarEl do you get tired?

JarEl: Physically as you would say? No. The fatigue, if you may it call it so, that we feel comes from numerous activities; continuous. So a diversion is needed from these activities.

Joe: What do you do for diversion and relaxation if I may ask?

JarEl: Visiting and talking with others; families; associates; viewing broadcasts; checking events. Doing of what you say is nothing. Worship. Numerous activities that are restful.

Joe: Along those lines...in talking with Doug earlier. He indicates a strong desire to be able to take some time off from work and be able to really dedicate time to the Mission. To begin to do many things that he would want to do. And I think that's the case with several us even thought I realize that we are nowhere near ready to begin maybe what is planned for us. Even though we can on a daily basis begin to participate in doing the Father's work. Is there something that you can tell us in relation to that?

JarEl: A desire to be of more beneficial service is admirable. It is appreciated from all. I would suggest that he proceed slowly. That he work from a secure position with his employment. So that his needs are met while he devotes extra attention and effort to this Mission.

Betty: So it's not a good idea for him to go on medical to do more about the Mission, because that might jeopardize his employment situation?

JarEl: If this can be done and his livelihood maintained, a much satisfaction will result. If he cannot maintain his livelihood in this effort, then it would not be wise. Although his efforts would be appreciated, the result would not be totally beneficial to all.

Betty: I understand.

JarEl: Let me reassure each of you. We understand your desires to move quickly showing what you know and believe. We know that the Teachings spark great desire to do and develop. We only caution you to proceed with caution in your efforts. We enjoy the zeal that you have. We admire the way you are stepping out boldly in faith. Continue to support one another as you are doing. Continue to share freely with each other as you are doing. This will go a long way in helping each of you find that balance. Are there other questions, if not we should take our leave due to the lateness of the hour.

Joe: Just briefly before you go JarEl as far as our transmitting how are we doing on that? As far as Betty and myself transmitting? How are we doing on that?

Betty: Should we set up a time? We sort of stopped. We would like some direction or advice or comment?

JarEl: Practice, practice, practice! Take the time to practice. When you seek the Stillness, thereafter, seek us. Ask for our presence. Ask for our messages. Try to perceive; listen with open mind; attempt to write; to perceive messages on all levels. Come together and practice one with another. This is all.

Betty: Thank you, JarEl.


Joe: Thank you for your soothing message tonight, JarEl. We appreciate it.

JarEl: All are welcome. Extend to the group our love, and remember they are not alone; remember to share this message. Love to all. This is all. Farewell until we meet next week.