1993-09-12-Other Human Worlds

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Topic: Other Human Worlds

Group: Albuquerque


Teacher: Ham

TR: Unknown



Greetings. I am Ham and I am your teacher and friend. Our lesson is about a subject that is on humanity's consciousness circuits frequently.


Ufology, Cosmology

Humankind asks if there is another world like earth and other human beings living there. You who are readers of our text book, the Urantia Papers, do understand that there are indeed trillions of other worlds inhabited like Urantia, however, most humans are unaware of this fact. As the systems circuits are reinstated your isolation comes to an end which is unsettling to those whose world-view had developed in isolated conditions. Although our understanding is limited, I can say that your planet will experience human contact sometime in the future, which would precipitate fear and incredulity among human were they unprepared. All of the surrounding sun systems harboring human intelligence also have been in relative isolation, though their strong leadership has prevented full scale rebellion and thus they have received teachers regularly and have responded to the system authorities. Your isolation is largely resulting from ignorance and fear, both have enforced archaic reason upon this struggling sphere.

Your great religions almost invariably hold thought within certain boundaries and likewise does your science. Your institutions entrench old views and hold an unreasoning attitude toward enlightenment and truth. Great cataclysmic change precipitates reorganization and rethinking of old "truths".

Really is your earth yet only starting an age of upheaval that is sure to change thinking throughout subsequent ages. Interest in the probability of other human worlds is a sort of preparation for this rethinking where old borders collapse and new and higher cultural, religious, and scientific awareness can infuse it's potentiality quietly, even unconsciously, throughout the whole world.

Understanding, Peace

Religion is the first to exhibit change and motivated awareness expansion. As Hindus, Moslems, and Christians, each struggle for advancing political authority, our revelation shall shine unto all comers, and those who come shall eventually lead this world forward in all areas of thought. No longer is the prize won upon this earth. There exists nothing here to fight over once your understanding has advanced. Only is the advancement of the heavenly reign important and only as men freely chose to give up earthly power will it increasingly be spread abroad in the land, the world Urantia. Someday nation will no longer make war against nation, nor religion against religion, for the great brotherhood of man will have dawned and the over-arching understanding bridging worlds, tying humans together with humans, it is the goal of understanding each other.

Understanding is inseparable from the goal of love, of human love or divine love. Human understanding spreads with the intention of eventual love. When, for example, you intend to love another, you must learn to understand him, but if you remain dedicated to your intention, this understanding shall become realized. Therefore, I say to you, be true to your intention to spread brotherly love in this world. Intend love as your goal with each human associate and understanding is sure to become realized. When Jesus said, "Love your enemies (140:3.15)", He intended active love, active intention which leads through understanding to it's ultimate goal. Destroying enemies, then, is a spiritual battle rather than material and mortal. Our ultimate goal for Urantia includes that your bloody inhuman contests shall cease and be no more.

Work is then required for the Kingdom now and always. Living a life of ease and ignorance is not a sign of God's favor. God requires effort from His children to love each other and through vigorous and sustained rigors of human existence is your intention tested. If you intend entrance into God's house, then must you actively offer entrance always to those less deserving. If you expect God's mercy upon your life, show abundant mercy within your life. Love is never passive or neglectful of it's purpose for you. Find your destiny in this world by actively being true to your intention, the intention of love.