1993-09-26-Give Love

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Topic: Give Love

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Iruka

TR: Unknown



Iruka: . ..surrounds you, the joy of God enfolds you, wherever you are He is. Good afternoon, I am Iruka, I am your friend and teacher.



What a beautiful fall afternoon to get together. Change is in the air and I see it reflected in your lives. There has been much change, much growth, and much more love than ever before. It makes me happy, it fills me with joy to see how you are progressing along your path to the Father. You have opened up yourself to this growth, to the Father's love, and you have trusted Him, and He has not failed you. Anyone who looks to Him will receive the power, and the faith, and the courage to move closer to Him. After He fills you with love, you turn around and give it to others. In this process, your faith is strengthened, your joy increases, and your love begins to flow freely to everyone, to anyone. It becomes unconditional and that is of course, what the goal is, that you freely give with no question on if it will come back to you. With the Father as your source, you do not need to worry about anyone else.

You are kept full of love and strength. The faster you give it away, the faster it comes back to you. You know you are never alone, you are never out of His presence, you are never lost. His presence is with you always, and the thought adjuster. The thought adjuster continually works to show you the best way. He continually speaks to you, he continually showers you with love, and joy, and peace. When you slow down and look inward, this is when you can feel it the most, but know that it is there always. In single moments throughout your day, if you can focus inward you will feel His presence. This is above and beyond the time that you spend with the Father in meditation. This is any time, all the time, when you are driving, when you are waiting in line, when you are making a phone call and you are on hold. Focus inward and feel the love and the peace.

This is what you are striving for on your path to the Father, to be aware of Him all the time, continuously. When you can achieve this and be aware of Him, your day will change. Decisions that you make every day may change. If you have been making poor decisions, they will become more positive. If you have already been making positive, healthy decisions you will become even more strengthened. Living in the light, showing the light, giving love, giving joy, giving peace, just by your attitude and by your actions. This is really no different than what I have been saying all of these months. Only maybe different words to encourage you to be aware throughout the day. This will help you in the minor frustrations that happen, sitting in traffic, being frustrated by your job or by the people around you. So this week, spend time in different situations remembering that you are a child of God, and that He is with you always, all the time to give you love, to uplift your spirit. If you can do this, the frustrations will decrease, the anger will decrease, the fear will dissipate. And so this is my lesson for this week, to feel His love at all times. Now I would be happy to take questions.


Teacher Contact

L1: Hi Iruka, I have a good friend here with me today and I would like you to meet him. I have some questions for you. I have had a wonderful week, I have had a really wonderful week. The time with the Father has been just wonderful and I feel such a peace and such a calm that like you said in your lesson it is with me most of my day. There are very few times during the day where I fall out of that and I feel so kept and loved in His presence. Though in the area of making teacher contact, I don't feel that...it is OK, it is alright...I feel everything that is happening to me is exactly right and is good and I am content and I feel tremendously blessed. But the teacher contact thing is coming along very slowly. I was thinking perhaps you had some suggestions on what I might try.

Iruka: OK. First of all let me welcome your friend. It is always nice to have newcomers to the group. Then back to your question, are you spending a separate time for teacher contact? [yes] That is good. Are you also clearing out your mind and sitting quietly? The words will not necessarily be heard. They may come to you as a thought, as an idea, it will be simple at first. Nothing...not an important lesson, more like a greeting, small talk. Does this help?

L1: Yes it does, and thank you for that. What I feel like I have been led to do is to work on some things in my past that may be creating shadowy effects still on me. Some painful aspects that need to be cleared away and I feel led to look at those, and deal with those, and that is good and I feel that is a contact, and that is help. But I am not feeling that sort of simple greeting, introductory type thing.

Healing, Memory

Iruka: In your time with the Father, bring these painful memories one at a time, don't overwhelm yourself, to the Father and let Him heal you of these memories. It may be that you will walk through the experience again with the Father, with Christ Michael holding your hand. If that begins to happen, don't be afraid. Go through the memory step by step and you may be very surprised on how it ends. Usually new perspectives are given so that you can see the incident through God's eyes, through Christ Michael's eyes, and this helps take the pain away. This helps take the fear away. The same thing happens but you see it with new eyes. So if this does happen, don't be afraid, carry it out until the end and you may be completely healed of that memory. If it is necessary to do more than one or two, do them different days. Don't overload yourself all at once. You have much time for this healing. You only need to work on one thing at a time. This is not meant to overwhelm you or anyone else when they are doing it with themselves. It can take time or it can end very quickly, it just depends on the situation. Then when you feel free with no bad fears or memories, then approach the quiet time with the teacher again and see if this helps. If you can come to it with a clear path, it would make all the difference in the world. Does this help?

L1: Yes Iruka, thank you very much for that.

Ego, Fear

S2: Iruka, my week has been dizzy. I was with the Father for about a half hour one night and my wife called me. I answered the phone, and when I answered the phone I thought I had just awakened. I was sitting in the chair in the hotel room, when I answered the phone I went over and sat on the bed. When I picked up the phone, I felt like I had just woken up and I was disoriented for about five minutes. My wife kept talking to me on the phone and I couldn't figure out what time of the day it was, I couldn't figure out where I was....and that has been my week. I am being showered in front of a class, teaching with these warm feelings and then I am feeling dizzy, I am feeling out of control. I am reading on the computers discussions people are having and I am feeling no thoughts, no direction, no ego, I am feeling like nothing. It is almost like I am losing...maybe part of it is because I am scared about changing...I don't know, I am just dizzy. I am wondering if you have any suggestions or is this normal.

Iruka: Each individual is different, so it is hard to say what normal is. If you are feeling fear, slow down and take it a little slower. Take this fear to the Father and ask Him to take it away and to help you understand what is happening. Change is scary, it is painful. It is painful to grow and change old ways, but you need to keep a balance. If you are moving too fast, slow down, but only you and the Father can decide that. I cannot tell you what is too fast for you. Do you see this? [yes]

And maybe in your fatigue from working, you may be taking on to much growth at this time. So spend time with the Father and find out if you are indeed moving a little too fast. He can give you insight on what is happening.

S2: Thanks, I have been...one of the things I have been working on is my ego and trying to not say things, and trying to let other people talk and just listen. And it is so disorienting because I don't know how to behave anymore. Maybe that is wrapped up in all this. A question about ego and sense of self, is there a loss of that sense every now and then when you are working with the Father?

Iruka: Yes. When you are...when you spend time in the Father's presence, and He becomes the most important one to you at that moment, and you feel loved and you feel safe, the ego is not needed. The ego can be a [defense] mechanism. It can be positive or it can be negative. It is like anything else that you can use for good or use for bad. If you have been using it to protect yourself, which most humans do, that is a part of it. And you are feeling stronger, and very well loved, it may be shrinking. It is not needed in this capacity. Now the ego is also positive, but do you see that as you become closer to God it is less and less needed?

S2: Yes, I am feeling that and that is why when I read stuff that I would normally respond to, I don't feel like responding to. I feel like I have given up something. The question...how do you...when somebody's ego is projecting itself and it is harmful on the rest of the group, my normal tendency has been just to project my own ego and just squash them, or at least try to. Now, I just sit back and watch and feel a big mystery, I feel a big peace, but I feel uncertain about what to do next. Now maybe if I am in closer communication with the Father then I will have more confidence.

Iruka: This is in relationship to a group situation where you are leading it? Do I understand that correctly?

S2: I am blurring the two. There are situations where I am leading it and other situations where I am just participating. Most of the discussion, most of my thoughts were in a group where I was participating, not leading.

Iruka: Now when you are the leader, and when you are a participant, your roles are very different, is that correct? When you are a leader, you have to maintain control of the group. As a participant, that is someone else's job, is that right? [yes] So you still have to maintain control of the group as a leader and you are experiencing different ways of doing that, that are unfamiliar to you. This is frightening, is that correct? [yes] And so you have to answer how it is working, does it still work. Are you still able to guide the conversation in the direction that is the goal.

S2: I need to think about this, thanks.

Iruka: And then when you are a participant, you do not need to worry about the overall topic of the group, but can contribute as an individual. So you play a different part, and you have a freedom in that to behave differently also, correct? [yes] And that is also changing.

S2: Yes, that is changing the most, that part, participating.

Iruka: That is less threatening because you can be who you are and not worry about the focus of the group at large. I see a greater freedom in that. You have more freedom to explore how you want to participate and how you want to be and act, and what you want to say. Is this helping?

S2: Yes, but I am not projecting a constant image of myself in the group. I am not controlling that image, I am turning control over and it is scary. That part is scary, because I am afraid people will think I am a flake, or inconsistent, or unschooled or . ...

Iruka: So you are controlling what people think about you. That is difficult to give up, worrying about your image, their image of you. And so what happens if they do think you are a flake, as you say or not in control, does this hurt you? Does this cause you less work.

S2: On a professional level, yes it hurts you. On a personal level, it doesn't, I am not scared of it. On a professional level you have to maintain an image, otherwise you don't, you can't move people. You can't lead.

Iruka: You are in conflict about an image you have created and a new image you wish to create, or who you feel you are. I think you have to separate some of these issues.

S2: I will work on it.

Iruka: Am I interpreting this correctly, without being in one of your classes, is that what you are saying?

S2: Yes, you have been very helpful. This whole idea of separating the leading versus the participating...and the idea of when I can control who I am, my image, and when I don't have to...those concepts were not conscious to me, available to me. I appreciate that.

Iruka: Your welcome and this may take a while to sort out and define and choose, because it is a choice. [thanks]


E1: Hello Iruka, my question has to do with the disasters that are occurring. Is there something spiritual behind them or is it just some natural disaster.

Iruka: Hello, are you referring to the flooding when you say this?

E1: The flooding, Andrew, it seems like things have been happening not only to eat up the government's money but it just wastes people's money, and homes, and things. The hurricanes . ..it seems like ever since 1990 we have been having unusual disasters, and I am wondering is there any spiritual implication behind them. As most biblical people probably would think there are. That God's wrath is falling down on us and whatever else is doomed for humankind here on earth.

Iruka: Father loves His children and wants them to grow, but He does not shower wrath down. He does not get angry and cause bad things to happen. It is the combination of what is going on in the planet itself. There is flooding all the time in different parts of the world, but you may not hear about it because it does not make the news. People are starving in many places, but it does not always make the newspaper. There are droughts in various parts of the world, there are floods in various parts of the world. It may be that you are particularly aware of this because it is happening to Americans, to people who speak the same language that you speak, and who gets the news media's attention. So no, this is nothing unusual. You might become sensitized to this if you read small print or single news items, a flood here, a mud slide there, or drought. But it is because they are fellow Americans with the news people right there.

E1: But not only, you know with the media, but for example the degree. They are saying how this has been the largest, or the heaviest...even around the world, I think there was an earthquake in South America, and they were saying how that was the biggest...it seems as though everything is being done out of its proportion as usual. My question is there any spiritual implication behind it or is it just something that the earth goes through.

Iruka: It is something that the earth goes through. When they say it is the biggest, or the worst, think of how long they have been keeping records; one hundred years, two hundred years, three hundred years? In all the hundreds of thousands of years of this planet you can't really compare it. You don't know what happened ten thousand years ago. You don't know what happened four thousand years ago. It is a measuring stick that is not very long in terms of the history of the planet. Consider this when you hear these phrases.


L1: Hi Iruka, can our thoughts collectively have negative effects on the earth?

Iruka: On the earth, or on the people? On the people.

L1: Both really, but more specifically that might be confusion and the anger and rage that exists collectively around the planet be causing upheavals in nature.

Iruka: To a certain degree, yes. To the collective consciousness of man, absolutely. When you send love that changes it ever so slightly and if you send hate that changes it for the worse. So yes, you have more power than you realize. That is why staying positive is not only just for you as an individual or for this group, but it is for everyone, for all of humanity.

L1: Could it be that the . .. you are familiar with the peace prayer that has gone around the world for many years now, at noon every day people all over the world will say the peace prayer . ..could it be that the effects of this and many positive individuals have helped to shape some of the current political outcomes that we have seen lately?

Iruka: Both directly and indirectly, yes.

Social Movements

L1: I have a question that is on perhaps a trivial level, but I am interested just the same. I am deeply inspired by certain people that have led this country, and had an enormous impact on our history, one in particular is Martin Luther King, who I feel really changed the direction of this country and the world. So when really powerful leaders like him move on, do they then become...are they still connected with our world, are they still influencing events in some way, in this system or do they then move on to other systems where they can have influences elsewhere. Say, teaching missions elsewhere that they might be involved in.

Iruka: As you move on into the morontia worlds, the awareness of everyone becomes increased. The movement toward love and joy and peace of everyone influences, and it grows, it is contagious. So in answer to your question, it does effect everyone the more love there is, the more growth inspires more growth, moving toward the Father, toward light, towards life. There are prayers for this planet from the ones who have gone beyond, are in the morontia worlds, they send prayers to the Father for this planet. So they are helping the movement, the enlightenment. Is this answering your question?

L1: Yes, it was that if such powerful spiritual leaders have moved on what is their connection still with us and your answer is that they are sending prayers still for us.

Iruka: As a planet and there are prayers also for individual loved ones, or individual families. And so yes.

S2: Iruka, my brother witnessed the death of Alan Hunter, who was a man I would love to live my life after, pattern my life after. My brother saw Alan Hunter change into a, as he describes him, a fearful child just before he died. And my brother reacted negatively to that...and basically gave up a lot of ideals and.. I was listening to a tape about a priest who knew the lady who wrote the "Course of Miracles" and he was very negative about the "Course of Miracles" and it all seemed to be linked up to the fact that he saw this lady die. When she died she turned into a very bitter person. So a lot of would-be saints that completed their lives seem to lose value, during that period of facing death, in their followers. I am wondering why, is it because the followers have invested themselves in that personality and have not separated that leader's personality from the truth?

Iruka: Very possibly, yes, that is why it is so dangerous to look to another human being as one to follow. Of course the one to look at is Christ Michael. Now to look to another individual has both positive and negatives; what they are teaching, what they are saying can contain much truth. But they are not infallible and it should always be tested against what Christ Michael says and when you go into your private time with the Father, it should be tested and if it is good and uplifting, then keep it. If it isn't, cast it off. Even what I say to you should be judged. Even what I say should be tested, should be taken to the Father and if it is good, keep it, and if it doesn't apply to you or if it doesn't work, get rid of it. Don't follow any other person blindly, you have all been given brains to use. You know what happens when leaders are followed blindly, things like Waco, the incident with Jim Jones. The individuals themselves are searching, they are loving, they are sincere, but they have given their allegiance to another human. They have given their power to a human and that is where you should draw the line. Take what is good and leave the rest. In both individuals that you have referred to, they had much truth but they didn't have all of it. They were not perfect, so to take everything they said is quite dangerous. You always must judge words, you must separate the good from the bad and don't throw the good things that they said or wrote away, but know that they were human, they had their own fears and they weren't perfect. Does this help? [yes] Was this the question?

Truth, Parenting

S2: Yes. I have a follow up. Eli in the Bible, the judge, the head priest of Israel. His sons didn't live up to the standards that Eli set for himself. Samuel followed Eli and Samuel's son didn't live up to the standards that Samuel himself had set. Ghandi's sons didn't live up to the standards that Ghandi had set. I am wondering about my sons. I am wondering about how is it that we can pass on from one human being to another at least that positive truth. So it doesn't have to be re-learned, it doesn't have to be re-discovered. Why is that part of our society's existence so difficult.

Iruka: But it does have to be re-learned by each individual. Everyone is on their own path. Everyone must discover for themselves the truth. They are individuals and they walk their own path. They discover things in different ways, they learn things in different ways. It can't be passed on from one generation to the next. Each generation must discover it for themselves. Each individual has to discover it for themselves because each individual is unique. Each individual understands things in their own way, they put their own meanings, their own values on these things. It is very, very individualized. That is why many times I cannot answer a specific question for you because you have to discover it with the Father. That is your own uniqueness. If I told you how I discovered it, it would mean nothing to you because we are different. You can teach your children, you can raise them in a loving environment, you can provide the materials, you can provide an atmosphere of growth and love, but it is really up to them to take that and learn. You can only surround them with a safe place and with a learning material. They must go on from there. Does this answer?

S2: Yes. Is it then the learning material and the expectations that we try to teach them. For example, Alan Hunter's son didn't even desire to be like his father. He didn't even have the expectations that, that was what he would want to be like. In many ways it looks like the sons do the opposite of what their father is doing.

Iruka: Many times this is true. In their rebellion, they rebel against everything, instead of just the negative things. They want to disassociate themselves and be someone else, be someone different. So in that process they throw everything out. But as time passes and they get older, most return, most appreciate their parents. But they have to again discover that themselves. Sometimes they will learn from other individuals and not their own parents and while this may be very frustrating to you as a parent, know that they will come back and they will be who they are meant to be. Remember the Father loves them more than you do, He has more capacity to love and He loves them better, and more, and greater. You are loving them within your own limits. So know that He doesn't wish any of His children to stumble. Have confidence that the Father will touch your children in a way that they will respond. [thanks]


E1: Getting back to the part about the disasters...and the collective consciousness..if there was a group that formed specifically to generate peace and love and righteousness would that counteract the negative thoughts that are being put out by the ones who are unaware of what their thoughts are doing to the earth and to the people?

Iruka: Yes, in fact there are groups and individuals who from time to time send love, try to stay positive, and are trying to change the world. Trying to uplift the thoughts.

E1: For every one person that takes the time to send out positive thoughts and love and things like that...how much of the negative consciousness can they counteract?

Iruka: I cannot give you a specific amount, a number. If that is what you are looking for. But nothing is lost, nothing good is ever lost. At this time in the life of this planet, there is more and more and more good being sent, being prayed, being sent out to everyone than there ever has been. This is not answering your question, but know that you do have power.

E1: So if I sat in a room or wherever for say five or ten minutes and just repeated the word love or peace, joy or whatever positive words..that in itself would have a counteracting effect against the negative thoughts? Just constantly repeating..over and over.

Iruka: Make it in a prayer to the Father. That you wish to send love or if you hear about someone in an accident send love to that group, or individual. In the form of a prayer to the Father that you are sending this to them, that you want them to feel His love and His peace. That can be very powerful. People sense that they are loved, people recognize the comfort. There have been people who say after a bad experience that they felt the love. They knew people were praying for them, they felt the presence. It can be very positive.

E1: So as a simple chant or mantra it doesn't have an effect you are saying? Only as a prayer?

Iruka: It is not as powerful as a prayer, as a mantra it wouldn't be felt as strongly. Mantras can become meaningless, can become habit or ritual and the power is decreased. But a heartfelt prayer has much power.

L1: So you are saying that the difference would be the intent or the emotion, or the motivation behind it. That which propels the thought outward with desire.

Iruka: Yes, the love, the concern, how you are focused makes a difference.


If there are no more questions we will close. This has been delightful. I so enjoy being with you and answering questions and experiencing your love and who you are, and I thank you for that. Good afternoon.

Group: Good afternoon.