1993-10-03-The World Situation

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Topic: The World Situation

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



Opening Prayer

Daniel: "Good evening, my friends. I am Daniel, your teacher and guide. As has always been my pleasure to come, so it is again today to be here with you, to listen to your conversation and to speak to you words that can help spark a transformation in your way of living, your way of presenting the love of the Father to others. Your manner and way of processing and organizing is to be commended. For you truly work as a group trying to lay a course that includes and embodies all. There is much to be said about the way you are all willing and open to the suggestions of one another. Important this is for it is part of that growth that must continue throughout eternity. As you continue on your ascent you will see that there are many, many times where you must meet with a group and during this time together there must be a coming together of minds that will lay aside individual and sometimes personal feelings for the good of the whole, for the purpose of following Father's will. And so I thank you in your ability to open yourself up to one another; and to be respectful and mindful of others feelings and thoughts; and being able to work together to bring about cohesion within your group. My deep respect for you in this regard.


Culture, Urantia

Today my lesson is on your place in, and your thoughts on, the world situation. Rather than a full lesson/discourse tonight I would ask that you take time this week during your quiet time and think about the world at large, being mindful that change must come about individually, knowing full well that through individual change growth is put out into the whole. And through that, then, can there be more progress and growth of the whole. In your thoughts this week, however, look at the good that is being brought forth. See the beauty and the areas where growth and progress and tolerance and understanding and forgiveness and the overflow of love is seen. These areas are indeed areas where the Spirit of the First Source and Center is working through individuals; the spirit of love, mercy, tolerance and forgiveness is finding a way of overturning the human passions of greed, anger, pride, and deceit. It is with joy that you will view this good.

As with all things, however, there is another side. And it is more apparent and easier for you to often see and realize this other side. As you see the discontent in the world, as you see greed at its highest where this passion overtakes the mindset of individuals to the degree that they turn their back on their fellow brothers and sisters. You will see this being manifest in many ways. You will see deceit being manifest. You will see pride and anger. Yet realize, my friends, that even though there is the dark side, with the First Source and Center working within each individual, there is always this area for hope. There is always that hope which will bring forth change. And so while you are considering this planet, this life, keep foremost in your thought the overcare and love of the Father. Do not allow the outlook of any particular situation, of any particular moment to extinguish that spark of hope. For you see, if you should extinguish that, you, yourself have died. It is most important to always recall and keep in your foremost thoughts that you who are the sons and daughters will never be forgotten or neglected; that you the individual who works to know the Father, to serve Him, will be able to, likewise, do what is necessary to know your brothers and sisters and to be able to serve them. It is impossible for you on this plane or for any on any plane to be able to embrace totally and openly without there being understanding. Understanding, my friends, comes when you are willing to look at more than one view, when you are willing to truly listen to one another, to truly try to understand the mindset and language and meaning and feelings of another. And so, when you in your quiet time see a world full of trouble, open yourself up that you can begin to understand where the trouble comes from, why it occurs and what you as the individual can do to help bring about a better tomorrow.

Understanding, Perspective

As you strive to understand, to learn, and to know, you will find that your personal life will begin to take on this characteristic. You will begin to see each of your brothers and sisters in a different light. You will work to know them, that by knowing them you can understand them, you can freely give more love, you can begin to see with a more joyous and open heart, rather than a heart that is shaded in doubt, fear, intolerance, or indifference. It is not the example of Christ Michael to see one another in this light, but rather to see each individual for who they really are. And as you develop this understanding internally, you will outwardly see and greet each other as a true brother and sister, as the brother and sister that has the Indwelling Spirit within.

Overview and thought are important in helping you to gather perspective. Do not allow an overview that is negative to bring you down. Rather utilize it as a tool to help you in furthering your knowledge and your commitment to bring about change. Look to your own lives that in this life, in your day to day work you strive to let go of anger, you strive to put pride in its place, you strive to be totally and completely in honesty, and you strive to not allow greed to be your ruler. There cannot be two masters of the soul. Do not allow these passions to rule you. Rather allow that you, because of your potential and the Indwelling Spirit, have the great capability of being in charge of your own actions, of shouldering the responsibility of your own actions. And this, my friends, is most difficult given the life on a material plane. However, recall that the Master, Himself, has, indeed, experienced everything that you have experienced, or will. From His life take the example of what it would be to choose the higher road. And as you strive to correlate your life in the same vein, you will, my friends, see a transformation within. And transformation within brings about the transformation without. Yes, take time to see the world and rejoice in the fact that despite the apparent disharmony, underneath there really is much harmony and much that is being done to bring about an awakening of the Spirit of the First Source and Center in all areas of life.

Correcting Time, Change

The time for real change upon planet Urantia is at hand! There will be times of tremendous growth. And with all areas of growth there is the time of upheaval as you are witnessing on this planet now. As governments change, as people work together to bring about environmental and health changes, as people work to bring about human rights in all areas, indeed, as these things are brought into the greater consciousness of all there will be times when the progress of change brings about much hurt and pain. But that is part of growth. From that pain and anguish there will be born a new tomorrow. Hold in trust that the First Source and Center and Christ Michael are not turning a shoulder to the needs of Urantia. Rather is there given much love and much spiritual help, especially during these turbulent times. And with that I will end this lesson. Continue to maintain hope. Continue to do your best in seeking to know the Father and the Father's will. I will now accept questions."



N1: "Daniel, I don't have a question at this point in time. I just wanted to thank you for what you said to us, and to thank you for the last year and a half. I guess in my own life I am experiencing the transformation of which you speak and I am finding avenues opening up that always felt blocked, where I felt trapped and could never see a way. And suddenly things open. And I can imagine that happening for us as a society where so many things have seemed impossible to take care of or bring together. I can, indeed, see the possibility of suddenly, as a group, finding new ways. I am excited about that and I am really excited to be living in these particular times! There were many years where I wished to have been born in Light and Life. I just wanted to say `thank you' to you and `thank you' to all involved in the Teaching Mission, to Christ Michael, for the excitement, the thrill, and the honor of living in these times and being a part of this! Thank you."

Daniel: "So noted, my friend. Understand that while many of you often long for the days of Light and Life there have been many who would welcome the opportunities to live on a planet such as this. Indeed, are you, my friends, learning and experiencing things that will be of tremendous service as you progress. Faith and trust are being built with incredible speed and greatness by the people on this planet. And so as more and more of you globally awaken and realize that the First Source and Center embraces all, then, indeed, will the times be exciting, and more exciting, as growth toward Life and Light continues."

N1: "Thank you, Daniel. Faith and trust are the two things that I pray for most. It's nice to hear that we are all building that together. Thank you."

Daniel: "As with patience, faith and trust is also a large ship."(laughter) This whole planet is like a ship with all striving to find the fruits of the Spirit within themselves, that they can truly live by the Spirit."

B1: "Daniel, I was wondering if you wanted to make any comments relative to who is to transmit at any given time in our meetings? Of course, D3 has had that main job, but she seems to want to offer it to others of us. I thought it would be appropriate to know how you felt about that."

Daniel: "This information will be given at a transmitter/receiver meeting. I do not wish to take time to deal with this, a business matter, at this time."

B1: "OK. Thank you."


C2: "Daniel, do other groups of beings wrestle with this tension between being a part of a circle and being apart from the circle, this whole notion of individual and collective? Or is that something that we human beings on this particular planet are graced with to grow toward?"

Daniel: "As the progress of growth goes on, as each progresses, there is given a greater and greater understanding of the all encompassing nature and wholeness of the universes, separate, but yet, unified. And so the collectedness of which you speak only grows in proportion to your ability to understand. Even on this plane it becomes difficult for you to imagine the collectiveness of all of the individuals on Urantia, the billions of people on this one plane. And yet as you come into that reality you, especially those with the understanding from the Urantia Book, are aware that there is even greater and more. And so you begin to deal with a collective consciousness that is much greater than you can even imagine.

And yet, as you grow in that vein, so do you grow in your own individual path, as you are now doing on this plane. Sure, it is important to realize that you are part of the whole. But you are also that one part that only you, yourself, can take charge of, can control, can choose for. And so while you are learning to be a part of the whole, at all times will you also be that one that must be able to work and function within the whole. It is important for you to realize that even as you progress there is a dichotomy, this dualness of being able to work singularly for the Father, but work for the whole as well; to be able to take on a task that you alone may be pursuing or working on; but realizing that even in your aloneness in this task, you are contributing to the whole, and especially your contribution to the Supreme. Does this help answer your question?"


C2: "Yeah. It leads me to another question that has to do again with the value of community, and individuals who really are looking, who make a difference, and who are also called to their own path of growth in their own way. Then we talk about the collective consciousness and the awareness of our interdependency and our being all a part of that circle. But what about more than a collective consciousness in terms of the reality of individuals working together in community? Do you know what I am saying? Daniel, do you think..."

Daniel: "You are asking if it is important that individuals work on their own as well as in the community?"

C2: "No, I think I understand that it is absolutely crucial that individuals work on their own. But I am wondering in terms of working on their own things in community as groups of people. We all, that are here as this group, are a group who respects and cares for, as you mentioned earlier, really do care and work as, I would suspect, you didn't say team, but as a whole. I'm just wondering what the implications are in regard to persons forming a coalition, should I say to work toward being at one with God's will."

Daniel: "You are, perhaps, wishing for this group to form some coalition, some work toward service together?"

C2: "No. I'm just wondering about the value of that since primarily I am just interested in your response. For I am already identified with a group that does that, as a community of people working on issues of faith and trust, and in an organized kind of way. So I am not necessarily wanting this group to do that. I am interested in your reflection on other groups that do that."

Daniel: "It is always important that groups do form and work toward goals that are of special interest for that group. For in doing so is there brought about not only a chance for personal growth for individuals, but because of this group formation there is given a special cause which can be viewed by the outer world. And often it is these small grass roots formations that help to bring about changes for the greater good of all; that often a few grouped together do bring an awareness to the broader group. And as this awareness grows, so then can change be brought about. And so, yes, it is valuable to always grow and work as individuals. It is valuable to work in groups that do focus on certain ideas and areas that can through this effort bring changes for the greater good. And this is also a good possibility for this group to, at some point, perhaps take on a group cause or group work that help to be of valuable service, not only to those members here, but to the community at large; not a `have to' but something that might be considered as you continue to grow personally and to develop more confidence and greater resources. Does this help?"

C2: "Yes, Daniel. Thank you very much."

P4: "Good evening Daniel. I feel like I would be remiss if I did not say `thank you' for your presence with K3 and I on our trip. I really appreciated that you were there with us and your encouraging words. I would also like to thank the other teachers and beings who were with us also. It was truly a wonderful thing for us to experience. Also I would like to say that we thought this was just going to be a trip with families and friends, and it turned out to be a very spiritual journey. Thank you."

Daniel: "Your thanks is taken by all of us. We, of course, are very much aware of the gratitude that you have, as well as all of you in this group. And let me say this. The journey that you took indeed was one that helped move you and K3 into a greater awareness. A wonderful growth step has been taken by yourselves. Yet all of you must be aware that as you willingly, lovingly, and wantingly turn yourselves over to the Father, will you daily realize with greater and greater impact the spiritual journey that you each are on! Life, my friends, is but the beginning! Yes, those who can consciously know this concept of the divine nature within are truly fortunate! For no matter what transpires in your life, the knowledge that you are always taken care of will sustain you. Your journeys are well on the path, my friends, to the Father.

K3: "Good evening, Daniel, my brother, teacher and guide!"

Daniel: "Good evening K3!"

K3: "My wife pretty well said it. I would like to pass on the words of Terry and Marlene, that they felt honored that you were in their home, as were we. We had a good time. There is a lot I would like to say, again, but it won't come to mind. I hope our teachers enjoyed the Oregon coast as much as we did! It was beautiful. And I think maybe you were there. We had a good trip. We will cherish it for a long time. I want to tell you, `thank you' for being our teacher, as part of this mission. It is a great honor to listen to your words and your teachings. Thank you, Daniel."


Daniel: "Thank you K3 for your love, but you all must thank yourselves that during those times that the knock of opportunity was heard by you, that you listened and you accepted the challenge. You were willing to experience and work toward growth. You asked that you be fortified, that faith increase. And so have you all been nourished and given more. Yes, all of the teachers are very aware of the sincerity in which our students come to them in thankfulness. For truly those who have listened and followed through on the call, truly have they grown! And their thankfulness is felt. We, in turn, wish to give all of you our love. And we wish to say, `thank you' for listening to us and this type of communication, which is often clumsy and rimmed with whimsical humorous stories of its lack, of what you would call, real professionalism.(laughter) We understand that it is not always the best mode of communication, but it certainly has been effective! And thank you for listening!"

V1: "Along this same line, and I have expressed this before, but I am just so very grateful for the humor that you teachers have brought into our lives. Indeed, our professional peers would say that you are absolutely correct in saying this is perhaps not the most `professional' way. And when you said that it reminded me of what Klarixiska said on Monday morning after my question to you about whether or not we were really involved in a miracle that would, indeed bring us spiritual growth. And I know that sounded foolish, but at the same time I want the experience of these last eighteen months to be enduring. And Monday morning Klarixiska said to me that, indeed, maybe this is a miracle when she considers where she has come from! And I just appreciate so much all of the humor that she has brought into my life because I have wanted to develop a sense of humor as I have been told so very often that I am far too serious; that I take my word seriously; that I do this or I do that seriously. And so I just really appreciate the humor that you teacher have brought into my life. I really enjoy it!"

Daniel: "As do we, of course. And you would all be rolling in your seats if you could see some of the happenings on this side! Even though we are above you there are times when we, too, have instances such as you do on your television, your bloopers? Yes, we have bloopers on our side as well.(hearty laughter and comments from the group)

It would seem we do have a pause now. So let me ask that this week as you consider the circumstances of this planet, that as these circumstances come to your mind that you pray for resolutions for the many areas that need healing and help. For as we have spoken before, it is through prayer that thought is put into the collective consciousness to the whole. And so as you consider your individual paths ask for that guidance that you need in order for you to bring your life back into that alignment and to help you sustain that alignment, that you can follow in the footsteps of Christ Michael; and in doing so that you can be an instrument through which the seeds of love, tolerance, forgiveness and the like are spread, are planted, are scattered. Truly, as you come into greater understanding of your divine nature will you be more willing to turn over and allow the First Source and Center to work through you. This, again, can only be given to you as you take the time to work for it. Take the time this week to sit with the First Source and Center, that you can be fortified and given that guidance necessary for your path back to the Source.


My love and peace go with all of you. My hope is that you, my students, will continue to turn over, step by step, inch by inch. That is the real key, even progressive steps to change. While you may feel that what has transpired in the last few years has been very rapid and that you have not had time to process, realize that the growth that you have made has been steady and will continue to be so, given your desire and willingness to know the Father. And my friends, this has been for me, this desire to continue to know the Father, has been for me a wondrous journey. As I look back over the many, many years, I have been able to see very much growth. The thirty years that V1 has spoken of is so minute compared to the bigger picture. Yet it is in these small increments of time as seen across the span of years that you truly do appreciate where you have come from. And you can even more appreciate where you will be going. This is given to you from someone who has had more experience, but yet is still on a pathway with much excitement ahead. My love to you all. Go this week in the knowledge that no matter what transpires, the love of the First Source and Center is a truth and a constant with the universes. Good evening."