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Topic: Elyon-October-1993

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Isaac, Ambrasia, Michael, Machiventa, Gavalia, Ham, Gabriel

TR: Jonathan

Session 1


Isaac: Hello, this is Isaac. It's just great to see such a lively bunch as you.

Teaching Mission

You need to learn to use your imagination, your sense of humor, to be able to communicate with your brothers and sisters who don't even want to communicate with you at all. This is a very serious mission, but we can't let it get us down, so we'll need to use our humor. Use the humor instead of worry and know that we are with you and that we can accomplish anything that we set out to accomplish.

I see the doubt going away in this group. I see the lives changing, and we are so proud of each of you, for we see you doing God's will. You are so dedicated, and we have waited so long to find people who are willing to do God's will without question. Keep trusting us as we go forth, and you really don't have to look too far ahead or figure things out because we will show you the way.

And, yes, there is something big coming up, and you are just about ready. So, we are going through with our final plans now. Our Father and Master Michael and each of us here are learning so much from you. As you have an experience, it gives us a chance to have that experience also. Your thoughts are so different. Your thoughts and our thoughts are not the same. Sometimes you have to be patient with us. We try as hard as we can but the lines of communication don't work just right all the time. It's like a radio tower sending out a transmission and sometimes we just can't seem to make contact. So see, we have our problems too.

We all love you so much. Isaac.

(T/R #2) (Speaker unidentified) From the initiation of this mission outreach there has been much concern for how the plans would be construed that we are implementing. Machiventa has been doing much for the self-sustenance of this teaching corps. You see as we began, the teachers being ascending children as yourselves...and then slowly as time went by there was a realization of different orders, which brought forth a variety of teaching deliverance. Midwayers touch so closely to you....A few are known, but many go diligently without recognition. Angels have become key in this outreach, and as their work becomes...realize the names of some. Melchizedeks, Michael's sons who teach you so beautifully in many different areas. Evening Stars who create a great interlinking potential....

Michael has been fully supportive of all these efforts and continues to endorse and expand this teaching...to even the insertion of Paradise Sons, that will expand the boundaries even further.

This comes tonight to let you know that ever and always this ministry is growing and we expect and appreciate your growth as well. Be aware. Take your learning seriously, but still let your burdens be light, for you are being given a present in being part and not a punishment. We are ready to continue stronger and more aggressively in our expression of (values?). Feel this goodness and proclaim your love.


Focus, Heart

(T/R #3) Elyon: This is Elyon. I welcome you all here this evening. I would like to give you a small lesson for the remainder of the week. Only begin to go with the trueness of your natures. Begin to go with what is in your hearts, to clean out all of the unnecessary burdens that you carry with you now. You are all way past having to carry these with you. You all have the tools and the wisdom within you to release them from you. You must begin to work from your heart and your true desires for this to work for you.

If you feel that something is getting out of line and you are losing touch with your own reality, your own truth, your own heartfelt feelings, stop and do a reality check for yourselves. Begin to do this often. Begin to flow into your hearts more and more, into your indwelling spirit more and more, Now is the time to begin to turn your life more and more over to the Father. Go with your hearts more and your illusionary burdens less and less.

Clean out all the belief systems that you no longer need. Clean out all that does not work for you. Know that this too will not happen overnight, and I will use a word you are all so familiar with: patience. Be very kind and gentle and loving with yourselves. For in order to do this with others you must first do this with yourselves. Do not be hard on yourselves. We are here in full force to help you, to support you. The Father sends His love, so open them..that you only need to open your hearts to it. Begin to focus upon your true feelings. Some things arise for you when you move to take an action whether it be monetary (material) or spiritual. Start to check in with what you truly feel. This may take a while to get to know who you are and what you truly feel.

Cast out all the illusions and beliefs that are not true. Once you get a glimmer and a a feeling of doing this you will begin to want to do it more and more and it will begin to work for you and lift you up, for you will be doing for yourself. You will be doing what your true desire is, your true desire to do the will of God.

The path will becomer brighter lit for you with clearer instructions once you remove the fog, once you come out of the dust storms, remove your goggles, no longer need the windshield wipers to clear the way, for you will see clearly and begin to see more and more with morontia eyes. Can you see this vision for yourselves? Can you see this happening for yourselves? My love to you this day. Goodnight.

Ambrasia: Good evening, class. I am Ambrasia. I come as a guest to . ..Elyon's request. As an introduction I am from a settled planet, one-time female.

the Supreme

We are all surrounded by the Mother Beauty Supreme, the very coordinates you occupy in space are... cells.... Each of you, and myself likewise, are like the little corpusscles that pulse through your veins in this great universe of time and space. Hold dear in your hearts the reality of this Supreme Being. Know that she supports you always. Know you're a vital part of...her reality presence. The ascent of our Mother is the pathway for us all to attain the Father. . ..If you apply the lessons of your teacher, you will find great ease in the workings of your guide. You will find the ability to execute your ideals and to make those attainments which the Father desires of you.


I have come this evening in the effort to actualize our mandates of networking and to make greetings to the group of the teacher I've known well for long, to return my thanks for his visit to my students. I bid you farewell.

(T/R #5) (Michael?) Be lighthearted and gay in your knowledge of what is to come, what is to happen, what is happening now. Be lighthearted and gay, and take this...out with you, out to those who are not so gay. Spread cheer and goodness. Do not allow yourselves to be pulled down. Keep yourselves up in your gaiety and your goodness....come to wish you well. Allow others many a moment and a second to open themselves up to this. Go forth, my children. I bid this of you.

Session 2

Oct. 10, 1993


Elyon: Hello again, my friends. This is your teacher guide Elyon. I am pleased to be meeting with you as often as I do. As I have chosen to work with my fellows like yourselves, I find great satisfaction in the fulfillment of my desire by working with you.



It is with great enjoyment by those of my kind to observe your prayers lifted to our Father. Know that even we pray, and it is a common experience for us. We always encourage you to do likewise. Not many of mankind understand the value of the experience of prayer. The difficulty arises in the perception that it is one way and disconnected, that it falls under a ritual or incantation. Recognize that prayer is simply conversation with your Maker. The benefit derived from this experience is obtained by spending time listening in prayer. The Father has the ability to receive all your statements to Him simultaneously, by everyone, always. He never is confused by this. There is no waiting line, and He delegates the response to your petitions by allowing His children in any sector of the universe who may help you, bring that answer. Your Father answers you at times through your attending guardian angel, through myself, and my fellow teachers. He is also resident at the core of your being. So, as you look and listen deep within yourself, you will hear His answer directly. That little germ of divinity that resides inside is all that the Father is who inhabits eternity and spans infinity.

Our master taught us to seek the kingdom within. This is the treasure of all treasures. Make conversation with God. Direct that conversation toward the center of your being with the faith that it is reaching the Father. Be willing to receive your answers from any direction, from anyone who comes into your life. God is all sharing and all giving and all loving. He will respond and He will share that response with His celestial ministers and both be attending to you.

May I at this time acknowledge (member) and her attainment of the circles of love and her reception of the beautiful truth of the love for oneself. This is the key that unlocks the door to the great universe adventure of Paradise attainment. Love is like the kite that you ascend upon. There can be no hole in the kite. Love for the Father and the Mother, love for your brothers and sisters, must needs include love for your own self. Trust your experience and be willing to share with the many who have yet to believe and accept this reality. I express my love to each of you and would, if I could, demonstrate it in the tangible terms that you require on your physical level. However, I encourage you all to share this love amongst yourselves, for it is with each of you that you are able to tangibly demonstrate the love to your fellows.

I am willing at this time to converse with questions and answers, to receive your insights and share if you are so willing.



Student #1: Hello, Elyon. Thank you so much for your acknowledgment. Thank you for your help, and I love you so much. I'd like to know if it helps to pray for the current situation with herbal medicine which they are trying to close down so we can't minister to ourselves anymore. Does it help to pray for these things as well as take whatever measures we can?

Elyon: Yes, most certainly. You know of the master seraphim, the angels who attend to various functions that interface with human society. There are the angels of health. They work to guide your professionals in the progress of medicine. This includes those who do not have the "parchment" which you like to grant to those who are schooled. At this time in the progress of medicine on your planet there is a crossroad that you are standing at. Your so-called alternatives have evolved from traditions of the past and contain helpful remedies. Your modern medical practices have discovered many of the physical facts regarding disease and illness. Where the one may contain superstitions and error, the other has often ignored the deeper spiritual aspect of your whole being, placing too much emphasis on your being merely a specimen. By your praying you give your vote to these angels for where you would like to see mankind progress, and they are always collecting these votes to better adapt the plans from on high to the progress of yourselves. Have I been helpful?

Student #1: Yes, very much so. By praying to these angels of health that will bring us further guidance in helping ourselves. By seeking guidance we are taking responsibility for helping ourselves. Am I correct?

Elyon: Yes, there is a reflective phenomena in prayer which is very beneficial to the one who prays. You will find yourself far more motivated as you extend your prayer outward. I encourage this.

Student #1: Thank you very much.

Student #2: I would like to thank you for your lesson on prayer today. So often it seems like prayer is a one way street. On closer reflection it becomes apparent that many of our prayers have been answered. I thank you for your support during this very difficult time for me. I love you and all those looking out for us.

Elyon: You are welcome, my friend. I would fan the flames of trust in your heart for your complete recovery. These afflictions like you face are disturbing. Know that the love that hovers over you and that wells up from within you will protect you, your soul. Every effort made toward increasing your physical health is accompanied by attendants from my side who work to accomplish this same goal. Do not allow fear to rattle your nervous system. Visualize peace and stability. This will resonate with the medicines you take. You are important to us, and rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Teaching Mission

Student #3: Recently the teachers have mentioned that we are at a new level, reaching a new stage. Could you elaborate on that? I'm not asking for predictions. Is there something from past lessons that those of us here might want to focus on in light of upcoming events or a shift is focus?

Elyon: I would like to recap that the teaching mission, as you have come to call this, began with the contact of a few of you. It was an experiment to see what dangers may lie there and what advancements could be made. Success was apparent and seemed to be beneficial. Therefore, we began the procedures which allowed for more teachers and more humans to receive this contact. This experiment is also successful, and this phase is reaching its fruition. You all are in the sorting process, understanding the various levels of clarity and the various problems with personality and the difficulties of ego and glory- seeking. You are also gaining trust in the wholehearted sincerity of your contact people. The mission is a grand experiment, an effort to educate your planet, to bring it into alignment with what is considered normal in universe standards. You can expect excitement ahead for you. I would interject that on a light and life planet this is ordinary. We will begin a new phase of experimentation which I will not portray its nature or our plans, for that would tip the experiment. We need to see your willing and spontaneous response free from anticipation of what we would like to observe. So, rest assured the adventure is stepping forward and be ever diligent in your own efforts.


Student #1: Can you comment on our practicing telepathy? Is what we are doing beneficial?

Elyon: Yes. The circuit establishment for you, between you is available and does require your choosing to be in connection. Our desire is that you seek this connection. That is the one aspect of telepathy that we have no control over. For you to practice this you are overcoming in yourselves obstacles which say, "How can I do this? This isn't possible. I don't think it could happen." All of those hinder your willingness. The practice would be largely toward overcoming these. Some of the communication itself will be successful, will transfer, between you. Other times it will not from one end or the other. But the success of the transfer is not what we are seeking at this time.

We are seeking your openness to being able. Much has been developed from teacher to human connection. Now we would like to increase human to human connection. Make your efforts free from contrivances, from magic. Make it natural and simple and always with a sincerity. Do you need more?

Student #2: No, just to know that what we are doing is what we need to be doing.

Student #3: I've read that when you are practicing telepathic experiments to choose an image that has different impact on the senses. For example, if you thought of fire you could think of heat, color, etc. Is that in any way helpful or is that irrelevant?

Elyon: It is helpful to project in a holistic manner. Therefore you are right in this assumption. The caution I offer is the tendency to become complex and varied in the message giving. Keep the image simple and the all around aspects that you would convey this image need to be as simple.

Student #2: If you are thinking of a sunflower then think of a sunflower without going into hatching the seeds.

Elyon: Correct. The sunflower can lead to sun, to moon, to stars...



Student #4: I've felt there is a particular mission for this area. I feel like I was drawn here. Is there some special mission for this group, this area, that we should be preparing for?

Elyon: Each area has a mission and you are scattered all about. You are collected together in groups that will best work with each other. You have been faithful in responding to the urges you receive. I do not care for the word "special" because it can encourage a level of excitement that may miss the point. But you are under my wing, and I do have plans in this mission received from Machiventa which will involve all of you. There will begin more of the networking that you are discovering is coming about as we extend circles into overlapping circles, your cluster with other clusters.

What you can do to prepare is to live each day fully, actualizing the spiritual truths you have come to comprehend, to stay in constant communication with the Father's presence. Each day you live this way now will make you that much more successful in the times ahead. When the uncertainties mount you will be much stronger. I point out that many in this group have felt led together and to this area, and some of this leading has been over a decade. So, when it comes to future plans realize that our framework for unfolding is often not as swift as you prefer.

Student #2: I would like to introduce (two family members). They are here to observe the group. We enjoy having them with us.

Elyon: Greetings to you. I honor your adventurous spirits in seeking this experience. Know that you are capable of understanding the implications and of processing your own questions. You are equally loved by our common Father God. I thank you for listening this day.

Would there be questions still?


I would close our meeting today. To the one source of life, to the one bright light, to our heavenly Creator Parent: We all seek you with love in our hearts and joy in the anticipation of the great adventure before us, in rising to the level of divinity attainment where we may embrace You in the fullness of your being. In the time that intervenes we hug You with our faith arms and seek to manifest the reality of Your presence and the relationship of our experience with You so that those who may be uncertain may take that leap of faith and gain as a real possession in their souls the assurance of Your overcare and of your reality. So be it. I take leave.

Group: Thank you.

Session 3

Oct. 12, 1993


Aaron: From the beginning of this effort I have been truly amazed at the levels of kindness in those who are truly seeking for something within. I extend welcome, I am Aaron. Thank you for being here tonight. I would ramble on but for our friends to speak. I have previously given a message that can be distributed. Welcome to my friends, Nolus and Jeremiah. Hello, Sheila. And the rest of you are old hat. (laughter) So, now I would allow. Welcome.


Elyon: This is Elyon. I greet you tonight and come to say hello, for we have been engaged before. I would offer you, Nolus, my appreciation for your courage and strength in giving us so long ago, but not so long, the catalyst for my group becoming willing to see and to hear the message that I would deliver. I only come to express this appreciation and my thanks to both of you for your bravery and your outreach...


Criticism, Communication

Student #1: May I ask a question? Last year when we were coming around we were able to give, but this year we are more in need of receiving. Do you have any words of encouragement that would help our group this year?

Elyon: This is necessary. This growth that is occurring now, it seems frayed and somewhat worn to some. In your willing parting there is a disenchantment, a frustration, for there are many ideas for continuing positively, but there is no one that can decide. As a group of people, I would recommend that you define your levels of willingness openly in a conversation, this is not the time to hold back. You need to decide where your effort is going to be, and the time for judgment and distrust must be set aside. Speak what you want to happen within your group. If a parting must occur for the sake of continuing forth, then to postpone this would do no one any beneficial help. But communication I see as being the most important area of focus. Does this answer?

Student #1: It does answer. It is what was on a lot of people's minds but we were timid to do it. From our travels we have received confirmation that this should be our focus. It helps to hear it from an outside teacher. Thank you.

Elyon: Do you feel that you would lose something by stating your feelings freely and honestly and calling on everyone else to do the same?

Student #1: I think everyone has expressed their feelings, but I don't think everyone has addressed the aspect. We have so many people who feel that it is their right to criticize and be negative. There's another faction that feels the opposite. Those things have been stated. It seems like the people who are positive are pulling away and not going. The negative are staying in their criticisms. Things are being held back that way. I hear you saying that we need to outright say we need to have a group on the premise of positive and another group on the premise of criticizing.

Elyon: This is where my expression is focused: That somehow you feel that is necessary or committed to staying combined even though your true underlying feelings tell you that it may not be positive for those who are willing to go forward to do this. And this is my word to you that those who are of a positive nature must truly express and go forth with what their hearts tell them is right already. Is this clear?

Student #1: Yes, thank you.

Student #2: Teacher Elyon, from the beginning with the teacher groups, the lessons are on different levels so that those who are on different spiritual levels can be accommodated. New people can enter in and those who have been going for awhile can all get lessons there. So it's best to keep the group together in the beginning. Later people are differentiating. Likes have tendency to go to likes. This divergence of views, differentiating on different commitments, different levels of spirituality, seem to bring on the question of splitting into separate groups. Could you talk about dynamics of when it is best to form separate groups and when to keep the groups unified in both time, in the beginning and later, and also according to different types of personalities that are involved in these groups? Could you discuss that please?

Elyon: What I cannot do is to tell you what to do.

Student #2: Yes, I understand. Generalize for the other groups to learn and go by.

Elyon: When the level of doubt reaches to a point when personal affronts occur, when people choose on the basis of who tells the most appealing message, when you are so willing to love and be tolerant, yet in your own being you know that through this willingness a solution cannot be achieved that is desirable, then you must formulate a new goal. I would like to speak in great detail about these dynamics of fostering working groups, for truly that is the goal of the initial stages of this mission. Sometimes you have to know what is right, and you have to decide to do something strong to support what you believe in; and if you see that there is no salvable solution, then you must seriously consider what you can do to keep your inner peace. Does this help?

Student #2: Yes, it does. Thank you very much, teacher.

Elyon: I would gladly share my thoughts with you anytime that you would want; and feel that it is no burden to call for advice and understanding. I hold you dearly to myself, and if you see what can happen when those with like desires work together then your decisions will be eased. Don't feel that stress needs to be a major part of your goals. This outreach is not supposed to be difficult. It should be held with joy also. I thank you for coming here.

Student #2: Thank you. We will be happy to call on you when we are back home in Utah. We enjoy you very much, and we've known you now, actively, for over a year.

Elyon: And I will see you tomorrow, hopefully.

the Supreme, Unity

Machiventa: Good evening. I am the Melchizedek you know well. I come on this completion of the cycle of your group's activities to salute you. You have all extended in commitment to the degree that you have all gained success in the mission activities. I recognize that commitment within you that you individually place before our God of all. I see in this grouping the bonding of a social commitment. I would encourage all to seek this togetherness and to trust in the supremacy of such a grouping even when the external circumstances do not simply portray the case. The beauty of our universal makeup is that individuality is maintained while we all experience the uniting, the one family quality of the Supreme. And in this individual-and-all interplay, doubt and confusion may arise in regards to what appears as fragmentation. Trust that all is working in harmony toward this unfoldment, and that the individuals that move about seemingly independently are very much co-ordinated.

Always look deep within yourself to the Father source for your own stamina, direction, energy, motivation, commitment; and look with the eye of discernment toward the God Supreme as you reach out to those around you and seek to gain the harmony of brotherhood. In Her you will gain the trust of togetherness, of fraternity, of a unity in spite of individuality, of a cohesiveness that maintains your sovereignty and the sovereignty of all.

I thank you, my children, for working with me and our Sovereign Son. The faith that you have extended in this outreach program is a noble faith, and it is a good mark in your ascension achievements.

On this occasion I would receive from you comment. I would be willing to dialogue, as this year has brought you to the point of accepting the many surprises that occur.


Student #1: Could you tell us what part criticism plays in the dynamics of a group?

Machiventa: Criticism on its own is neutral, however as it gets applied becomes polarized rather immediately. A good critic is one who can discern the flaws or frailties of a situation and guide those involved toward building and strengthening and achieving a good result, much like your skilled art and music critics. Yet, as you are aware, there is a form of criticism that drives wedges, splits and cleaves, destroys, halts the momentum underway. You have in your culture many an artist who sits with uncompleted projects due to careless criticism. Criticism can shine light on a situation if extended with the eye of help, with the arm of upholding. Perhaps a better word is needed to differentiate. As you recall this evening the phrase "wise as serpents, harmless as doves". That applied to criticism would be bonding and building. Would you like more?

Student #1: Yes. What I would like is a role model right here. I would love it if we had a Melchizedek to emulate. I am just waiting for that.

Machiventa: Agreed. Our efforts at assigning teachers to you all is, in a way, to bring this about; though, having walked with you, I realize the difficulty, standing on your end, the requirement of faith, the lack of physical abilities to discern the morontia companions. Where there is no emulator, no example, I encourage you to become that example, to provide your brothers and sisters with the very thing you desire. And this may cause a chain reaction amongst you all and an upliftment of this planet. I would be very happy.

Student #2: Prince Machiventa, I have a question. Some groups when they split up, split up harshly. Could you give some guidelines on when they do decide to split up the best way to do this. Is it best to do by outright discussion with everybody, to start small groups on the side? Should there be secrecy? Some groups that's brought troubles, though when you do bring it up with the entire group, a lot of times people are reluctant to talk that way or share their full honest intents. Could you give some guidelines on how groups could pursue such topics?

Consensus, Flexibility

Machiventa: In a word, flexibility. At greater length, the ideal is for the entire group to come to a consensus. However, you have done well in expressing some of the avenues of approach when consensus is not attainable. The Master would often draw the apostles off by themselves for private consultation and group strengthening before engaging even with the disciples or evangels who traveled with them. These were a circle within a circle. You do need to take into confidence your trusted friends. And through the seeking of group wisdom come to a decision as to how to approach the larger mass, but it is the path you must traverse on your own.

You must be flexible. Try all avenues, since this planet has been disrupted in the normal progress of evolution and much of society's skills are lacking in co-operation. You may need at some point to simply "kick off the dust" and begin anew. But I would encourage you to seek to bend and flex with all in attempt to provide the grounds for everyone to be nourished. Use your discernment in what may be simply personality hunger for power and manipulation. This need not be tolerated. This has gone on too long here. Always provide the counter truth of co-operation, of harmony, and of placing truth high above any gain toward self. Has this been helpful?

Teaching Mission, Materialization

Student #2: Yes it has. I also get the impression that since this planet has been mismanaged and really had no planetary government in the past, it seems like a lot of things that we are used to doing in a traditional way, do not necessarily mean they are right. Is there truth to that? Would the Teaching Mission be trying to teach normal ways that we should be on if we were in a normal planetary situation?

Machiventa: Yes. Our mission here is to discern how best to educate the forward- looking souls. One day we will be amongst you to facilitate the process directly. I know the hardship that is experienced in the seekers who hold to the high ideal. I would recall to your attention the portrayal of my good friend, Abraham. When we were together in the flesh, he would charge into the next city to spread the message by sword and by force. This illustrates that the zeal, though misdirected, did not harm him in his ascent, as he stands with me today in service. The amazing spectacle of Urantia is that this planet was able to grow in spite of the difficulties. It will be corrected over time, more rapidly as we undergo this process. The traditions, the conceptual frameworks, the social organizations you have will change. Much is changing today and causes distress amongst the factions of your societies. Let us work together toward the inevitable.

Group: Thank you for being here.


Machiventa: I thank you for being with me. I will be with you again. Farewell for now.

Session 4

October 13,1993 (Many TR's)


Michael: Where two or more are gathered in my name, there am I also. It is my pleasure, my children, to be amongst you this evening. In monitoring your conversation and desires, my heart is touched with mercy as I see you reaching upward. As you have not- yes, I do respond with open arms. It will truly be a joyous day when we are all together face to face. But because of your increased desires and seeking and searching, this time has been advanced for you.


It is true, as you have spoken, that many morontial insights are being administered to you as apostles of mine, many lessons and insights given that normally would be delayed until morontial existence. This may then help you understand why the delicacy of spiritual balance is so easily jarred in humans, as you merge into another dimension of understanding. And is this not the case in this form of communication?

I am pleased that you desire to speak with me and learn of my ways and of my desires. I am with you this evening. I will remain with you and monitor your session together. My blessings I leave upon you all, touching each individual life with recognition of your dedication, seeking, and love, for the will to follow our Father. And so I allow your sessions and communications to continue and will close as your known Michael.



Solonia: Good evening. I am Solonia. The Father has in store for you many things which you will discover in times to come. Be always open for His leadings. They will come to you as you are ready for them. Seek His presence in all that you need. He is there waiting for your recognition. He will never fail to see you when you search for Him. In all of your daily contacts you may be assured that the Father is attempting personal communication.

Many are not aware of His presence. Many choose to ignore His presence, but as they see His presence in you, in your life, in your actions, there is a recognition. Many do not understand that this is the spark of the Father within them reacting to the Father which is in you, but they feel something. They feel a kinship. Many will be lead to you. Many will not.

You may see people who do not choose to recognize that spark of the Father which is in you, and moments later, you may see those who are very open to this. Some will at first look away from this recognition, and then moments later look back to see if they really saw what they thought they did. At that point the two of you will be open for more intimate communication between your Father Fragments. Always be available for these contacts, but do not be discouraged when they do not occur.

Some will perceive you as different. Some will see you and recognize that spark of the Father which is in you. They may say that they know you, yet you both know you have never physically met. What you are experiencing is the Father which is in both of you. Thank you for listening.

Prayer response by a group member: I thank you, Michael, for speaking with us tonight, extending your mercy, and being with us for these proceedings. Thank you, Solonia, for your words to remind us to see the Father in each other and share. My thanks to all the teachers we'll hear from this evening.

Evanson: My fellows, I greet you this evening with joy. I am Evanson. It is a joy to be in the presence of Michael, and He brings with Him many attained and exalted teachers, assistants, guides.

I would like to encourage you to pause for one moment and reflect upon the gifts that are bestowed upon you, that marvelous mystery of the Father's presence, the all-pervading embrace of Michael and your Mother spirit, the many companions that fill this universe and fill this room, and for life itself, for your own individual and unique and real personal presence. All things are a gift. You are a gift to the Father in your ascent to Him, in your trust, in your love.

When times cause faltering use the simple words, "all things are a gift", when you find you need energy, vigor, and enthusiasm. These are my comments to you this evening. Thank you for allowing.

Elyon: Good evening. This is your friend, teacher Elyon. I come this evening with much joy in my heart to see how you are striving and reaching out to the Father, to see the ways to better yourself and to better the lives of others. Regard yourselves highly, for you are making a difference. Through your efforts others will strive to work harder to make their lives better, to make your environment a better place to live.

Daily reach out to your brothers and sisters, for this will fill your needs, fill those areas of emptiness which you sometimes feel. Through the love of a brother and sister you will become more of love-encompassing, and will find it much easier to reach out when those around you need you.

It is a matter of gaining the confidence within yourselves, gaining the assurance that you need in order to do this. For is it not the lack of these things that holds you back? You come up with many reasons why you should not, and when you do this feeling your confidence level going down, be alert. Be aware of your environment, of what's going on around you. Know when one is in need and when one is not. Do not ever put your life on the line. However, risk and allow yourselves to go out of those comfort zones to gain that confidence, to gain the trust that will be required to do these things.

This does not mean to stomp foolheartedly and blindly into areas and situations that you do not feel comfortable in. No. Trust in the Father to guide you and lead you where you are needed, where you can most be of help and benefit. My friends, I truly benefit in watching you grow. I, too, am growing a great deal by assigning myself to this mission as a teacher for your group. Know that things are happening, and though we have been teaching patience, do not be alarmed if things are going too fast for you at times, for this may be so. Prepare yourselves diligently, and trust in your hearts, and send your love to Michael, to the Father. Commit yourselves and love yourselves and your brothers and sisters. Allow this. My love to you. Good evening.

Trinity Teacher Sons

Gavalia: I take my work here very seriously. I will be administering an effort for many to engage a new way of understanding. I have been given the authority to bring forth this movement of spiritual love. I am in the service of the Trinity Teacher Sons.

I come tonight to bring you the awareness that an effort is about to begin that will put your beliefs, your thoughts and desires into action. The move now is to move beyond the `wow', to become familiar with the love of God in its purest form. There will be no heartbreak if you decide to follow; instead, a progressive understanding of yourself and your relationships of those around you, to break away from the handicaps that should have been done so long ago. You will learn to relate in love and understanding, and you will come to know your Father who's in yourself but as much and even more importantly in those around you.

The effort will begin in groups around this mission outreach. Do not feel that you must be sure of everything now. It will become clear what we are about to do. This engagement is held most highly by my superior, and he will take all the time that it needs to fulfill his obligation - Light and Life. Though you will not see this age occur in your lifetimes, you will be involved in the corrective measures that bring about this age. You may not be known in material history, but you can be and may be known in the universal history of this planet.

I am thankful for this opportunity to be of assistance to 606 in any way possible. I will be engaged with you again. I am Gavalia. Thank you.

Teaching Mission

Name?: Good evening this is teacher M. I am Jeremiah's personal teacher. Happy I am to be here with this group gathering, the joy it brings me to see old friendships continuing to be developed and new friendships being made which will grow in the future. This sharing, this personality touch, is very basic to the development of the mission bonds. Look to see how you have advanced since the last time, last year when I was up here with my student. How people were seeking -Is this real? What's involved? What are we doing? What's this mean?- to the sharing that's taking place this year on service, your own personal spiritual development, and interacting with other groups, the joy and excitement and happiness that each one may share their experiences now taking place in this last, short, small time of the year. Indeed, from our standpoint, this is joy and happiness to us as teachers who have volunteered to come here and serve this group or as personal teachers, to see the effects how the groups have grown, who have served Michael and the Father.

I am pleased to be able to address you. Last year we, as always, attempted to come through Jeremiah, but he was not ready. This year he is, and I should point out this is the second time talking to a group, all in this last week, outside of his comfort zone back home. It is much easier for myself having experience in circuitry (words faint) to be able to do this. That is why I've chosen to come through this evening.

This sharing is indeed important, to share among each other, and the sharing from group to group. We are all unified in our purpose to serve Michael, the Father; to bring, as we just heard, beginnings of Light and Life to this planet, to make Urantia an example to all Nebadon. Much has been brought here; as we also heard, many beings are here to do this, to help you, to correct this planet, to bring it back to normalcy.

Yes, have faith and trust that guidance is always available. The Father, Michael, are infallible. They are always there, just a matter of seeking. Every decision, every possible door that you go through, they will be behind us if you have trust in this, actually seek it. Even in the Paper you just have read, Adam and Eve had much counsel and guidance. And this was in a state of isolation. Today the circuitry is open. There is a mandate from the Master Himself to utilize all these beings, personalities, and circuitry, to spiritually advance this planet. Have faith and trust in that. Know that you can call at anytime for this.

Do not be afraid or fear the mission callings. As we all sense now, shortly events will start to unfold more and more. And more service activity will be coming, be asked of you. Recall in the Urantia Book, on the Mansion Worlds missions are assigned to individuals. Then they are adequately taught and trained in what they need to accomplish those missions. Would not the same happen on this planet? Would not the Correcting Time train and give you a mission that they know, we as teachers, that you could fulfill? Yes. We will not send you out if do not feel that you could accomplish or if you felt a little uncomfortable. We know sometimes there is a little uncomfortable feeling. And truly you are supplied with all that you really need as help. Seek it. Seek the Father.

Do not be afraid. Realize that we are all working together for this divine plan, as you now with the mission have seen, the synchrony of certain events, how things are working together. How we've just heard that you will be lights and beacons, that others will be brought to you. How this recognition of other people, which you are actually experiencing now, that you feel you know that you have not ever met before, are known because of the Father. Have faith in this. Look for this. Ponder this. See it more and more happening. You will be amazed. And, as you are realizing now, the only true joy and happiness that you feel deep inside comes from serving your fellows, pursuing the Father's will. This is what we desire. This brings happiness and joy, to us on our side, to see mortals of this realm who can give up the old ways, to put their trust and faith in the divine spirit that guides eternally.

I have said enough now. Jeremiah and myself are amazed that he was able to go as he did. So I will take leave, and again enjoy this group and all the individuals in it...(tape flipped)


Ham: I desire a word. I bow to one greater, whose footsteps I only desire to emulate. I have a new technique that I desire to facilitate this evening. Perhaps it could be facilitated through the subject of the Brotherhood of Man. Indeed, the new era could be called the Brotherhood of Man.

I often travel with Jeremiah and Nolus and others. It is my pleasure to be here. I am available for this group also should you desire it. It is my purpose this evening to show you that no matter who is the voice for me that my message can come forth. The facilitator can be different as with any teacher. The faculties of the facilitator will, therefore, add a difference in transmissional color and transmission vocabulary. My pools also offer a variety of abilities through transmitter/receivers. However, it is my purpose to show that the message is authentic no matter from which facilitator it is received.

To demonstrate, I will encircle members of this group and attempt to speak briefly through many. May I take leave of (T/R #1) and attempt my transmission through (T/R #3)? Are you receptive?

T/R #3: Yes.

Welcome again. It is a pleasure to be able to express myself through many avenues of human mind circuitry. It is not a difficult thing to accomplish when the human facilitator is willing and receptive.

You are part of a giant family. Many brothers and sisters surround you; you see with your eyes. Many who are about you who are unseen but very directly involved. And now, if he is so willing, I would seek to express through (T/R #2). Are you willing?

T/R #2: I will if I can.

I can even come through those who are not as practiced as the others. It is more difficult for those who are unused to verbal transmission, yet if they are willing, I may even voice my messages through these. (T/R #2) somewhat tires at this time, so I would attempt to transmit through (a group member who hasn't transmitted yet) if she is willing. Are you willing?

Group member: Yes. (Difficulty)

(Through T/R #4): It is I transmitting through Gloria with the message to Evelyn to allow yourself to hear the words. Do not be hard on yourself. There is really nothing wrong, nothing at all, for you are so very close. Simply allow the word through. The word you think you are hearing, you are hearing. Are you willing to try this again?

Group Member: Of course. I am always willing. I don't hear any words. I don't think I hear any words. I'm not pretending I don't hear words.

(Through T/R #4): Allow the surfacing to take place. Think of ice fishing. When the hole is cut through the ice into the water, allow the words to come through. Do not put into that the context of frustration or exhaustion. Be ever so gentle upon yourself and with that knowledge of how very close you are. Allow it to relax. I will now transmit through (T/R #5) if you are willing.

T/R #5: Yes, I'm willing.

It takes a lot of courage to try to do something that is not easily accessible for you. My congratulations to all of you, to see that there is no wrong and right way here, because you are truly searching for The Will to be known to you. Sometimes the methods get in the way. Sometimes advice hampers, but it is always well made. But the common understanding that you all must have is that you are truly capable of doing anything that you are willing to do. Time factors only restrict the actualization, not the will. I will attempt to exchange with (T/R #6) if he is willing.

(Through T/R #6): This is teacher Ham. Yes, I can and do come through (T/R #6) in this way. We have practiced this before recently. Now you have heard my voice through various transmitters. You can see the advantages of this new form of communicating, see that, indeed, the same teacher, either myself or others, can be expressed, different vocabularies, different accents, different ways, different techniques, and still my message gets across. That's the main thing. My message comes, not how or who delivers it.

There are many advantages to this new form of communicating which I would like to suggest that you as a group pursue. One is, as you just saw, for a group member to have the opportunity to know that she is being given a chance to transmit and be able to, back and forth, ask through the human mind the questions of another transmitter, what she's feeling, (faint words) . .. potential, back and forth allowing drills and other exercises to develop the technique (faint words)...Also we saw how a transmitter can tire, and that I can jump to another that is more refreshed. Also in longer transmission messages it is hard to listen to the same speaker transmitter forever; this is true for any mortal association. Think back in your past of even delightful speakers that you desired to listen to and still not all the words are taken. The mind will drift. Or going on for long monologues it's hard sometimes to stay focused. This form of communication where, indeed, a different speaker, transmitter in this case, could take on my message, allows the rest and relaxing. Indeed, I and other teachers can get longer and more in-depth messages across to the audience.

There are many potentials for this. Jeremiah has stated, he has problems sometimes knowing when to start, you might say his weakest part in the overall process. Again, a lot of that is based on his own fears. But still, nevertheless, this technique allows those to be recognized and continuing doing so, the fear will be slowly pushed away, and the fear can be transcended.

I can use the various minds all differently, different abilities, and I would leave this form of communication with you to explore, experiment with, to develop this communication to higher and higher levels, to see future unfoldings of this wonderful form of communication with the celestial beings. I am happy to be able to do this experiment with all of you present. I will take leave now of Jeremiah and return once more to Nolus.

(T/R #1)


I will end my words this evening. I am most pleased to have attended. But first I will put my arms around (group member) and express my love to her, as does your teacher, as does Michael. We will be patient, for we know that in time, according to freewill, according to time frames, your will-it will be accomplished. Forgive me please if I put undue pressure on you. I do humbly apologize.

Group member: That's okay. I appreciate your efforts.

So, I thus leave you on this visit with the best meaning intentions of my experiment with this group. It is a pleasure to greet you and greet you again. Please call upon me at anytime. I am not just for (those visiting). I am here for all in the Teaching Ministry. And so I do bid you my love and say good evening.

Session 5

October 17, 1993


Machiventa: It is I, Machiventa, come to you today to further your understanding to the greater good, to greater love, to greater depth.


New Age

I bid you open to all that is happening, to become open to things that may come into your being, into your presence. Allow your skepticism to be set aside, for we have indeed come into a new era, a new mandate; more opening of the circuitry into your understanding of the power of the love of the Father, of the Mother, of Michael. Allow your minds to open to the intellect, if you will, of the understanding of what is to be done in order to lift up Urantia to a new level. Do not be afraid if new insights are brought in, perhaps stronger than ever before. (There will be) clarity, possibly visions, possibly feelings brought to you, new strength within yourselves to lift yourselves above your obstacles, new strength to come to you to enable you to risk to go forth. Allow the Father to come into your lives more and more. Allow the love to heal the parts of you that need healing, for this, indeed, has been gifted to you. There is work to be done, my fellow brethren. Open to this new mandate brought forth by Michael. He is working very close with each of you, his children. He is bringing you into greater depths of love and mercy for your brothers and sisters, greater understanding. This is all I have today. Take down the caution signs and step forth into the new era and let the history be made. Good day, my love to you all.

Gabriel: This is Gabriel. I have also chosen to come to this group on this day to also give you my support and to explain to you that there is a lot of potential in this room. Lift ye up to the Father's love. Do this now. Give yourselves to Him. Partake of the healing that comes forth for you whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual. We need you ever so much now at this time. We entitle this gift to you. Be open to it. I go now. My love be with you.

Elyon: This is Elyon. A hard act to follow! I see and feel that you are all very inquisitive on what just happened. To bring forth a lesson at this time I feel would not be beneficial for you may not hear a word. I would like to take a short time for each of you to share in turn on what you as an individual would like to receive from doing this mission; what you feel you can receive, what you can give at this time. Not a sharing to put you on the spot by any means, only to focus you in to your commitments to where you feel you are at this time. Also it is a time to share and bond with each other. We can start with (#1).

Student #1: What I look to receive is a greater exposure to my brothers and sisters like yourself, Elyon, who are here in abundance, and form working relationships. What I could give to the mission is a sense that this planet does have a definite path it is on, and it is a positive growth development. We aren't struggling alone without an inkling of where we are going. Hopefully we can, with the help of the teachers, let others know what this is about.

Student #2: What I would like to see is everybody around us brought to recognize the Father in themselves. When I talk to someone who has that awareness they just brighten up. Many are antagonistic because they don't feel the Father's presence or they suppress the feeling if they do have it. I'd like to see the bringing of the average man to an understanding of the Father in them. I'd like that for myself personally also. I'd like to see it more in my family.

Student #3: I wasn't expecting to receive anything from the mission, but on reflection what I expect to see from the mission is opportunity, opportunities to live my religious beliefs. With the opening of the circuits the opportunities are much broader than before. I feel excited about people having increased receptivity to your message of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. Before the circuits were open you'd get less response from trying to give people the message.

What I feel I can give to the mission is probably my children. Hopefully I will do a good enough job that they will grow up to be good ambassadors in the future. I feel that my forte is sharing one-to-one with both friends and family and people I pass by, being a channel of the Father's love.

Student #4: What I'm looking forward to down the line in the mission, and hoping that I can in some way contribute, is the peace on Earth effort. I'd like to see the various cultures of the world appreciate each other more and quit being so antagonistic. I don't know how I can help that effort on a day-to-day basis where I am here and now. I would like to receive some insights on how to do that and some courage to carry through.

Student #5: Many of the goals that I have all come back to what I want to receive and what I would like to give: I would like to be closer to God, closer to Michael, closer to all the spirit beings who help us. In turn I'd like to become a conduit to express the love of the Father and the other assembled beings to my brothers and sisters. That is my biggest priority, to become closer to Father and lead others to be closer to the Father.