1993-10-10-Practice Session

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Topic: Practice Session

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



JarEl: Relax. Focus your minds on the brightness. Allow it to radiate your beings; warm your hearts and comfort your souls.

The presence of God surrounds us. The power of God protects us. The love of God enfolds each of you. Wherever we meet together in His name, He is with us. His Spirit nourishes us; uplifts us, and draws us unto Him.

Greetings, dear ones. I am JarEl. I am your Teacher who loves you and marvels at your dedication and development. Peace, joy and cheerfulness radiates your beings. It is always good to be in your presence, but it is especially delightful this day to see and witness your development; your discoveries of your life's purposes.


Teaching Mission

This group has learned much and experienced much over the interim of a few short months. Your foundation is firm. Your pillars stand erect. The covering of the building is falling into place timber by timber. Shortly the temple will be complete and each of you have worked on this magnificent building that God is erecting in your beings. It is not only a temple for His dwelling within you; it is a temple to be viewed by your brothers and sisters who have yet to come to this Teaching. This temple will light the world as you know it and bring about Light and Life to this planet.

We thank you for your hard work and endurance and dedication to the cause of this Teaching Mission. Our Creator Son is most pleased and will greet you soon. I your Teacher am most pleased at your reception of our messages; at your dedication to seeking the Stillness; at your attempts of verification of the various Truths that have been revealed through the text and through these transcripts of not only this group, but others throughout the world.

I am joyous, and I hope that you will share in these glad tidings and greetings that I offer to you this day. Be steadfast on your course; in your path to enlightenment and understanding; seek ye understanding in all that you do. It is for the asking. I have attempted to impress all this past week and it appears that all have found confirmation of that fact. Continue to be observant for the impressions that are sent to you. Record, share and discuss these impressions. There are lessons of Light in all. Please hold, for another desires to greet you.

Verona:Greetings to you, dear students. I am Verona. I am pleased for this opportunity to greet you once again. I have been very busy with each of you trying to impress you with my presence and a lesson or a clue so that you would know that you are receiving our messages. All is well with the Mission. All is well in your individual developments. I wish to reassure you and encourage you to continue with a little more effort and all should be rewarded. Thank you for your help in this Mission. You have my love and admiration. Farewell.

JarEl: Greetings students. I think this day we will depart from a formal lesson. I am most interested in how the process of association went this past week. In viewing the the transcript it is apparent that each was impressed. I would like to continue in this practice this day. This will help each to understand the capabilities of themselves. You may speak.


Teacher Contact

Stella: I have a question. It is not exactly on this. I would like to know if you and Aflana were with me last Monday. And also on this dream Wednesday that we were supposed to call the radio stations to announce the Urantia Book on August 21. Was this a correct impression of a dream or what did it mean? Is it time for us to go worldwide with Urantia Book?

JarEl: Dear one, myself and the other Teachers were quite busy as you would say this week. We have visited with each of you and impressed you with our messages. We must reassure this group a little more than others we have experienced. That is because each of you are unique. You bring to this setting your uniqueness. Years of development; development in fear; development without an understanding of love and trust and fellowship. So it is that you require much more. Confirmation of events comes about very subtly at times; other times confirmation comes as the sound of a cymbal, loud, piercing, alarming.

As we have instructed you in past lessons each of you should prepare yourselves for events that will take place within your time. As you should know that Christ Michael has upstepped all of Urantia. The Correcting Time is upon us. Events and movements are accelerated. A message that you received concerning contacting media with discussion I cannot confirm at this time. I am told confirmation will come at a later time, but for all to record impressions. The Teaching Mission is accelerating. You in this group are blessed to be in the forefront of change. You know that you know. And your physical and spiritual developments have shown you countless times the truth of the text and our messages.


JarEl: (continued) We ask why is there shyness; reserve and hesitance about our message; about being about the Father's business. We desire that you reach out to others and share the good news of this Mission. You have been told previously this, but yet when you are in the presence of others, of other readers you speak in hushed tones of secrecy concerning this Mission. There was a period when privacy was necessary. As in the birth of a child it must develop in the being for a period of time, where it grows and strengthens so that when it is delivered, it can withstand a new environment. So it was with this Mission.

But I declare to you, this Mission has been birthed. It is visible for all to see, and will be more visible in the short time to come. Do well you do well to strengthen yourselves in this setting. Prepare yourselves to represent these Teachings to your fellow man. Think on this: How long will you wait while others hunger for Truth in darkness? This question is addressed to each of you to answer privately. You know period.

Lucille: JarEl, this is Lucille. I gave the book of the transcripts that Doug had made to Shannon. Could she be invited to this group next week or the week after when we meet?

JarEl: Please do invite Shannon to your group. Again, I will remind you that the child is born. All may come and view it. As the shepherds came to see the Creator Son at His birth,[1] allow all sincere seekers to view the birth in your presence of this Mission.

Hal: JarEl, I would like to thank you for being with me last Sunday. I am...had a wonderful feeling of peace and cooperation. Did we touch any new lights in any of those to become more acquainted with their Mission?


JarEl: Yes, dear one you have sown many seed, and you are to reap the harvest soon. This group is growing, and it's growth will be contributed to by others like you. But the seeds you have planted in particular place will be coming to development. Be patient; continue to sow the seeds of Truth as the Father has let it infuse your being. Your knowledge of the Text and these transcripts is important. You cannot build the house without tools and the means of holding the parts together. Your tools is the knowledge of the text and the transcripts. Your mortar is the love and fellowship that you share in this group. Continue in sharing not only amongst yourselves, but with others as you plant the seed in the ground; water it with loving kindness.

Hal: Thank you. Are we ready to sow more seeds in my men's fellowship group? Or do I need more tools yet to work with?

JarEl: You have all that you need. Venture in faith. This Teaching is an adventure, not designed to alienate any. Proceed as the Master would proceed. Allow Him to be with you as you address others. Pause and seek His guidance, and you will proceed correctly.

Hal: Thank you. I will do what I can.

Stella: Thank you, too, JarEl. To me this is such an awesome responsibility that I hope we can fulfill the Father's Mission. Thank you for your mild chastisement. I shall take it to heart.

JarEl: All are welcome. Again it was mentioned prior to our beginning, to stop doubting yourselves. There comes a time when all of this knowledge should push you forward into action. This is the birth. These are the pains that accompany the birth of a new being. Doubt is a necessary pain, but only for a while. After the child is born the pains of doubt should be no more. Doubt should be replaced with faith and assurance; confidence in this process; confidence in yourselves. The Mission is designed to create a new being in you who have been called and separated. I remind you to look at yourselves and evaluate your stance of where you are today, as compared to your yesterdays. And rejoice that the Father has brought you thus far and seek His presence and guidance to continue upon your journey. We will entertain one other question, and then proceed with our exercise.

Betty: I was reading in the Urantia book on Jesus's life when he was in Rome. And he talks to the little boy and their talking and he says. He passes by some people who are not able to receive the Light because they are not spirit infused. Or they don't respond to the Spirit. And Jesus told the little boy that he should not seek to shed light upon those who are steeped in ritual and dogma that they would be unreceptive. I wondered if you could address this, because I feel that so many of the people that I interact with are steeped in this dogma of "if it doesn't come from the Bible you're of the devil". And they are not open to hearing any new truths. Or they want to..you to confirm what your source is, and if it isn't the Bible then they are not open to you.

JarEl: Yes, dear one. This is a dilemma of not only this time, but of the time when the Master walked this earth. He perceived through Spirit the conditions of others that He came in contact with. The child and His apostles were not gifted in this way. So they reach out to all as was their instruction, but the Master knew where the seeds would fall into fertile ground.

It was only in this one instance; in this single isolated occurrence that He admonished them not to address these people. For you and others the instruction is to seek all and reach out to all.

However, your enlightenment, knowledge and spiritual development has caused you to grow. Discernment is a gift from the Father. You must trust in the process, is what we have admonished you over and over. So trust in your knowledge that the Father has blessed you with. When you feel in your being that others are not receptive, conduct yourselves accordingly. It is better not to say anything than to say something and create a fall. Enemies are not won through antagonizement; enemies are won over through love. So guard your speech; rely on your intuition that comes from your spiritual development through practice of this process. And you will do well to plant your seeds in fertile soil always.

Lucille: This morning we had instance with Kendra our granddaughter. She has no self assurance, and I went up to her and said, "You have a little bit of God within you, and you can do whatever you want." And it was amazing her reaction. It was entirely different. She felt that it was trying to correct her or something. She had a different reaction than I had hoped she would receive. Can you comment upon how we can give her some of the knowledge that you talk about to her? She needs self assurance, I know.

Hal: May I add to that she felt that it was a put down. Inferring that she did not have this knowledge or this bit of God within.

JarEl: This is typical of this age. The wonder of inquisitiveness; the questions and searching for identity and who speaks within. Your approach as a loving parent is correct, but you must guard yourselves always to the unexpected response. You must keep in mind that this is a young one who has suffered many setbacks in her natural development, but has excelled in development in other areas beyond her years. The thinking is advanced. This is the reason for feeling a putdown. This one thinks on a mature level at times, but the child is still developing within. Be conscious of this in your approach.

Share the love that you have kindly without force. Allow this one to reach for you. Be ready to give what is needed when she reaches. We will attempt this week to impress her. Take the opportunity to converse on spiritual matters this week. Our attempt is to impress similar to each of you here. This will be encouragement and a guide to direction in future dealings.

Lucille: Thank you very much.

Hal: Yes.

JarEl: Dear ones, we will take our leave of you at this time. I wish to acknowledge my great joy and happiness at being your Teacher. It is most rewarding. I am most thankful to the Father, Christ Michael, and Machiventa Melchizedek for this assignment. As you know I have lived many of your earth years. As you know I would be considered ancient in your time. In all of my time I have not experienced such joy as I have with you. I thank you with all my being for your sincerity and dedication to this Mission. It is beyond rewarding for me as your Teacher to view your growth and development and to know that so many beings have come together and contributed to this phenomenal growth. It is with joy and love that I leave you now to your practice. My peace I leave with you. I look forward to our next meeting. Love, peace, truth, beauty to each of you. Farewell.

Betty: JarEl, before you leave I want to tell you that we will not be here next Sunday. We will practice on Tuesday, but there will not be a Sunday session.

JarEl: This is well. The word vacation, rest, recreation is appropriate.

Betty: Thank you.

Hal: JarEl, you have lifted our spiritual values tremendously today. We are so thankful for your messages.

JarEl: All are welcome. Practice the association under the direction of Verona. Farewell.

Group: Farewell


Verona: All should seek the Stillness at this time. Relax your hearts and focus for the impressions. As you see and feel the impression you may speak it. There is no order of speaking. Allow the impressions to flow for approximately three (3) minutes. We will address you at the close. You may begin.

Lucille Joe Stella Marlise Hal forgive of yourself to all belief seek the Father

Violet Mrls Lcl Stla Doug Mrls share the love the Light don't be afraid of Truth illuminate

Betty Donna Joe Sla Lcl Bty Mrls my heart wonder and amazement awe joy comfort healing

Dra Dg Hal Bty the growth of the soul of praise to the Father vibration

Mrls Stla Lcl Dra Bty resounding new horizons listen of truth, harmony focus

Verona: Hold. Slow your beings.

Stla Mrls Bty Dna Dg Bty exultation prayer trust purity faith you know

Mrls Lcl Bty Stla the way relax accept the path to enlightenment

Vi Lcl Stla Doug show forth the good your fruits your Teachers

Bty Dra Mrls Vi Joe Mrls resonating love joyous happiness peace calm tranquility

Dra Dna Bty Dra Mrls show me deepness soldiers of the Circle love thankfulness

Lcl Stla Dg Bty gratitude adoration celestial beings brilliant stars

Vi Mrls Stla Bty Mrls charge forward to guide with confidence like eagles fly

Bty Dna Dg Vi Hal on the wind soaring your spirits search your heart

Mrls Dg Dra Hal Stla Dra for Truth enlightenment knowledge peace gratitude wisdom

Joe Dg Mrls Bty the Truth the Father the Son the Infinite Spirit

Hal Dra Mrls Dra Mrls are all part of us loves all sees all knows all is all

Bty Dra Joe Dg our Savior Christ Michael shall guide your steps

Hal Mrls Bty Dra Mrls are sure to take the lead move boldly confidently

Bty Vi Dg and surely through eternity This is all.


Verona: This is all. I thank you for your participation in this association of impressions. This exercise will reconfirm to you that you are indeed receptive to our messages. Greetings to each of you. Peace and love from the Father, and your Teachers. Please be in receipt there of. Farewell.

Group: Farewell

Hal: Peace be unto you.