1993-10-13-Teaching Mission Developments

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Topic: Teaching Mission Developments

Group: At Large


Teacher: Alista

TR: Unknown



REMEMBER THAT YOUR Father is love personified. We as teachers are most gratified by your continuing advancement and sincere efforts to define the will of the Father in these matters. To will that will into a plan for the development of the teaching mission.


Although from time to time we have noted periods of long stagnation of advancement, these do not last long. Perhaps they would best be termed resting between forward advancement but all-in-all it is our pleasure [to] let you know that your efforts are well received and bode well for the ultimate success of our mission here together.

I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to join you in your prayers, you now are at the stage where we would like to become a greater part of not only your meetings together such as these and the studies that take place at the beginning of your week but we would ask that you pay some greater amount of your attention to bringing us, your Thought Adjusters, and your guardian Seraphim more into your daily life as you go about the completion of your tasks that fill up those days.

Those of you in this room would be amazed if there was some way to portray to you the advancement [that has] taken place in such a short time. It is time to capitalize on that advancement by paying more attention to the integration of your mortal lives with morontial knowledge.

Sometime in the future, not to far distant, will come decisions regarding the unfolding of the teaching mission. We would ask you [to] devote as much time as you can possibly spare to the development of plans that you have discussed; those regarding access to those uninitiated to the Urantia book. You have put forth some excellent ideas.

I might at this time (suggest) that you ask that you give us some credit helping you formulate these plans, there's much that you are unaware of on our end of the teaching mission but our days as you would view them are quite busy with much to do that there is not time to reveal to you during the short moments we have together.

You have much to be proud of yet much still to reach towards. Be of good cheer in your efforts and know that what you do will add significant value to the goals we have all become dedicated to.


There are several visitors with us tonight, their purpose is not only to gain experience but to observe the exceptional nature of your spiritual development. This group among several others on this continent are the subject of much study because they represent the most success, subjectively and represent textbook examples of what we were expecting or at least hoping for when all this was but a hazy plan long ago.