1993-10-17-Establishing The Father's Kingdom

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Topic: Establishing the Father's Kingdom

Group: Half Moon Bay TeaM


Teacher: Ham, Aflana

TR: Susan Kimsey



Aflana: Greetings. I am Aflana. I am unused to communicating through her circuit; however, I desire to greet you all here today and am ready to announce another teacher who asks to speak.

Ham: Greetings. I am Ham and I thank you for corning here today also.


Our desire remains constant. It involves simply to restate the teachings of the man, Jesus, our beloved Creator/Father, into a form that humans, as they live on this world, can recognize as Universal Truth, unmixed and diluted through centuries of contamination among the ideas, even well meaning though they were, of humans. His pure goal is no less then the establishment of His and our Father's kingdom on earth. The coming of the understanding of Universal Sonship and Daughtership with our God carries also the realization of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood among all human beings.

How am I, this heavy task, to carry? Who am I that I should be called, you ask.

Simple: You came. All the universal hosts rejoice over including each person more. If you could know how valuable each human being is, then you could understand better why Jesus lived and could comprehend this great life the more. Your human understanding is so limited that you fail to see that you need to rejoice over the miracle of being, but even more over the greater miracle of BECOMING. Each human being lives shortly through his larval stage called mortal life and emerges as a beautiful butterfly at it's natural end. I say to you that your wings already exist, that your freedom is at hand. The skies are opened. Who among you would be ignorant of the Truth purposely? No, you are courageous people who love Truth as it, indeed, is Life, Love, Truth, and its great freedom as you loosen the chains of human existence, one by one.

Surely it is by His power that you exist now. Dare to depend on that same energy, that same source of which you are. Life is short and your lives are the gems that our Father refines through this harsh existence. Allow then His tools to cut through the sand in which you are all enveloped and understand even though human adversity, pain, and suffering, deeply engulf your souls briefly, have courage to trust that He is creating a masterpiece in your soul. Human existence is hard, even brutal and disgusting at times, but it is not in vain. Know this. Children, know always that His sustaining Love reaches into every darkened corner that you allow it to. Allow His energy, His love and understanding mercy into yourselves that you may know Him. Alleviate your suffering. Allow Him the freedom within your hearts to heal, to alter, to make right old wrongs, to ease old troubles and to erase old habitual fears. Allow Him to remake your soul, even so may it be perfect.


Remember His love is not too weak nor too far away, rather is His Love strong, constant, and familiar. Walk into His arms that He may breathe new hope into your soul and Love into your heart. Allow Him to erase the furrows in your brows, ease your troubled spirits, and along the way, your burdens, for you are truly His children. He waits to hold you and give you His wealth, even beyond your comprehension, eternally.