1993-10-19-Assignments for Group in TM Development

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Topic: Assignments for Group in TM Development

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Mantutia

TR: Unknown



IT IS AN OCCASION of great importance for you who are all dedicated to the mission are gathered here tonight. It is a rare occasion that this occurs and since I knew that you would all be here I will therefore speak. I am Mantutia, I am from the order of Melchizedek Sons.



It is time for this group to receive direction. It is time for you to be given assignments that will help you as an individuals and also as a group.

I find that in this group the sharing of one another's experiences is not forthright, meaning each of you have experiences that you go through during the week that must in your mind have some type of spiritual significance and yet you feel it is important for your development but choose not to share it with your fellows when they can also use this experience. And also you can help one another in reflecting if it truly was an experience that you feel helped you progress spiritually.

I realize that time is a factor but if you are to grow as spiritual beings part of the growth is helping one another grow spiritually and sharing with one another. So this is one of your first assignments, is to open up one another and share your traumas, disappointments within your growth, your joyous occasion when you feel you have taken a baby step, this will bring you closer.


A second assignment is to have a more personal contact with our Creator-Christ Michael, meaning, while in prayer to commune with him, to visualize him within your presence at all times, while at work, while at home, to look at him as a brother who is with you, by doing this, what helps is that in your mind you will visualize the type of characteristics that he had while he was human for this is how you can best perceive him through the learning that you did.

Visualizing these attributes then you also become these attributes which then will show forth to your fellows and then they may see the Christ Michael through you. Each one of you have certain qualifications that you bring forth to the group, and each one creates a harmony, a balance which gives this group great potential to make change through the teaching mission.

Spiritual Gifts

I wish for you to explore what you feel as individuals you give to the group what your attributes are and share this also and use this in a method of self-esteem, self-love to create in yourself the feeling that Our Father wants you to perceive yourself. He loves you and so He wants you to respect and love yourself as He loves you. We love you also and are always there for your questions that you may have.

They may not be forthcoming as you wish but we will answer them to the best of our ability. When you are outside and are listening to the wind blow through the trees, imagine if you will that the wind is the voices, the voices that are seeking to find the Father and you are the tree, are the trunk of the tree that holds forth these branches that the wind is rustling through and on each leaf that is rustling are the answers that you may give the wind, that you may give that are attributes of the Father. This is your job, to show forth the attributes of the Father, that He wishes to share with His children.