1993-10-24-Coming Together and Accuracy

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Topic: Coming Together & Accuracy

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



JarEl: I am JarEl. I am your teacher. I come to you today in love.

Hal: Well, at least you made a break!

JarEl: It is not difficult to change directions if an obstruction is before us.

The presence of God surrounds us. The power of God protects us. The love of God enfold each of you as you journey upon your paths. Wherever you are He is with you always. Greetings dear ones.

Betty: Greetings JarEl:



JarEl: It is joyous to be amongst you once again. The presence of your energies was sorely missed collectively. Individually we have been with you throughout this term of separation. Know you that although you were physically separated by distance as you measure, you are yet connected and joined to one another. There is fusion occurring in this group. Not fusion as you understand with the Thought Adjuster and the Soul, but fusion of one to the other, forming the whole. Fusion as it has often occurred in the Mariposa Grove with our giant friends. You grow close together and then fusion takes place in the root system and slowly grows upward to be visible above ground, so all can see that two have become one. This is true of this group. You all had small beginnings developing underground, joining in the common soil of love and faith and belief in the Father. Your love has allowed you to be connected one to the other, all as a group. This is joyous to view how the seedlings are becoming strong trees, to even grow to the heights of the Sequoia. This is marvelous!

I feel your love, and it gives me great strength and moves me to want to impress you more with the future and your purposes. Each of you are valuable; have great value to this mission and to one another. You have joined in common and fellowship. This is a wonderful thing to occur. Fellowship is much sought after by all, but you of much faith have found this elusive quality. It is through your dedication and sincere efforts to understand and comprehend the text and this Mission that you have reached that level that unites you in true fellowship. I trust that each of you feels the heartfelt joy of accomplishment and achievement that you all share.

We witnessed this earlier, how each heart rejoiced at the news of a new birth. Others are envious of these things, but you have gone beyond this baser desire. You have reached the level of true sharing. It is you that makes my job so much easier. It is because of your willingness to seek first the Father, and His will and to serve one another as equals. Would that all Teachers could have such ones! It is easier when you are on the path. I welcome you to share my joy at your growth and spiritual development.

Lessons are being taught individually, separately from this setting. We desire to impress the knowledge that you are acquiring through the text and the transcripts upon you through experience. As you experience these truths they are forever embedded in your beings. This is the reason for exercises. Experimentation to bring home to you the truths that secretly you already know, but that part of you demands confirmation. Soon through your growth you will no longer demand confirmation. You will know of a surety.


I wish for you to choose seven amongst you at the close of our session. Each of shall choose a word and secure that word with one other. Reveal not your word to anyone. The holder of the words only shall know whose word is what. If there is duplication, this one will ask that person to choose another word. Starting the morrow when you come in prayer and seeking the Stillness for each day, one person shall focus and transmit their word to all. Each day each one shall record their impression of this word. When you come together next, you will share this knowledge and the results.

Accuracy may not and most probably will not be 100%, but we are sure you will be surprised at the percent of correctness that you achieve in this exercise. This exercise will also improve your abilities in seeking the Stillness, and at the same time confirm your oneness. Be of cheer. We are happy for you all, and shower you with blessings and love. Thank you for your presence. Please hold as you will be addressed by another.

Teacher Contact

Verona: Greetings dear friends. I am Verona; your fellow companion in this Mission. How happy I have been to share with you impressions and to assist you in your spiritual development. How many of you have been in receipt of impressions from me? You may answer.


Betty: I have been Verona. Thank you very much.

Verona: All are welcome. We have attempted our communications during your twilights and rest periods. As we are growing in knowledge of this experience, the same as you, we trust and rely upon your patience in this process. We desire to commune with all. So please invite us during this time, and we shall endeavor to give you our words. The contacts are most exhilarating and uplifting for us as this group is very spiritual and founded in love.

Aflana, your first teacher has done well in the creation based upon the spirit and energies of love. It shall become easier for all to be impressed as we go further into the Mission, and the various stages of progress and development. I am permitted to answer a question or two from you to allow my growth and experience in this process. If you care to inquire of me, I shall answer within the boundaries that I am permitted. You may speak.

Hal: Verona, I had some strong impressions from someone the other day without an identification. Was that you?

Verona: We have attempted to commune with you. However, we would have acknowledged our name. You must ask who is with you at these times. We cannot infringe upon your freewill. The process is give and take. We give to you when you accept our contact. It is at that time that we shall acknowledge our identities. Keep in mind also that there are unnamed beings who participate in this Mission. Also, names as you know them are not essential. The message; the impression is what is of paramount import. Does this help you?

Hal: Yes.

Betty: Verona, I have a question. I have this impression once the circuit is open between JarEl and myself when I have invited him or invited you in then, it's a lot easier for other beings to come and address me. Is that correct?

Verona: You are correct. For example, when one desires to make a path through the wilderness the first one is called the trailblazer. He is the first to cut away and make a line for the path. The others following, widen the path. They improve upon the leaders first steps. So it is with communication on this level. As we commune with you, you become more receptive to others. As your spiritual development grows, so does your receptivity and ability to commune with other beings, always on the highest order. Does this answer?

Betty: I have another question. In this process of healing do you play a part that we are not aware of? It seems that I read in one of the transcripts that in order for a healing to occur there needs to be a Midwayer present. Is this correct? Could you address this question?

Verona: Please hold. Yes, for many events to take place it takes the combined efforts, harmony and co-joint actions of many beings. The Father has been wise in this regard so that no one person--being, may bring about events in their own right. It is necessary to share and combine and join with others to bring about the desired event and result.

As you have read in the text, our celestial hierarchy, all intertwine; all work together for different accomplishments. So it is here in this Mission. However, your Creator Son has in His being the combined abilities of all as He has demonstrated in the flesh. Does this help you?

Hal: Verona is it possible for you to confirm the presence Olin as a Teacher?

Verona: I cannot. Your Teacher may do so. Please allow our welcome of Shannon. This one said ShaNay. Welcome Shannon!

Shannon: Hello.

Verona: We are pleased at your presence, and you are most welcome to our group. We trust that your faith in the process will help you to develop more spiritually and walk upon your path.

Dear ones, your Teacher desires to address you. Praise and thanks to the Father for all your beings. Please remember to call upon us that we may impress you. My peace and love I leave with you. I thank you and our Teacher for this opportunity to address you. Farewell.

JarEl: Greetings dear ones. How may we share with you this day? My thoughts are upon savoring this wonderful energy of your love and unity. But I know all too well that we must be about our Creator Son's business. The Mission moves forward in pace and step with Christ Michael's desires and guidance. I have the impression of a question concerning your reaching out to others.

Stella: Yes. Yes.

Hal: Yes. We wanted a little enlargement on the extent of evangelism. Is it spreading the Father's love to those that are current contacts or should we be more evangelistic to those we do not know?

Stella: What about this chain letter? I am not sure that it is my own mind, or is this something that came through that should be done?

Knowledge, Responsibility

JarEl: Let us begin. As each of you have developed in your spiritual growth you take on new responsibilities. Knowledge brings about a responsibility. When we say, that you know that you know,it simply means that you are aware or you become aware and more enlightened as you take on new knowledge. You are not the same. Knowledge changes you. It uplifts you, and it gives you more responsibility not only to yourselves, but to your fellows. This knowledge from the text and the transcripts of this Mission has created in you a desire--a sincere desire to be more; to be of more service to your fellows.

This is the objective of the text. To develop you and bring you to that consciousness with the Father that allows you to be of service. The Creator Son has said over and over in the text that service is the objective; is the goal; the eternal goal to serve the Father through serving your fellows. So what you are experiencing in your consciousness is the desire to function on that level of your maturity in spiritual growth. You have arrived at that point that your knowledge is demanding much more of you. You cannot be still in this Mission. We seek not observers as we have often said. We seek participants. Define participation. Point of example through my interaction in teaching you I have learned to allow for the device.

(JarEl is speaking of the tape recorder.)

Hal: Some day they will develop silent ones.


JarEl: This would be wonderful. Back to the point. This issue of outreach was of great concern to this one in the week past. After attendance with Rayson we have allowed him to experience the realities of outreach while on his vacation of sort. To interpret for him his feelings,"it was very exhilarating, joyous, soul fulfilling to reach out to others who had no knowledge of the text, or their personal relationship to the Father, and share with them my experience". "It was heartwarming to look into the faces of people as I expounded upon this wonderful experience of seeking and finding the Father. And most importantly the real ways that He daily communes with me". As you can see for Douglas, outreach is very rewarding, personally.

However, there is another important aspect of outreach. As you know we are in the Correcting Time, this is a time that should not be wasted. Much is occurring around the planet. Others are also being impressed. When you reach out to them to share, you are the living word and confirmation of that which they have been impressed with.

You know not the person that has been impressed by the Father through the Adjuster or other high celestials. Just as you were selected and chosen to come to the knowledge of the text, your brothers and sisters who are not here now are waiting their confirmation and invitation to come into a knowledge of the Father, through the text and this Mission. Whatever environment or setting you find yourselves in, remember you are soldiers of the circles. You are engaged in an effort to bring about salvation of this planet. To win as many as will come to Christ. Hold out your hand; proceed in faith; plant the seed; nourish it with love; step back and allow it to grow. When you observe it breaking through the soil, more nourishment is required; conduct yourselves accordingly. The ideas that you have; that you bring to this group, use that which is good. Be kind in your critiques; all desire to contribute; so all must be respected. Does this help you?

Stella: Yes, JarEl. Yes, thank you.

Dora: JarEl, you are saying then that each one of us as being unique has their own way of approaching people with the word. Some are more outgoing than others, and others are less outspoken, but they are still working to do the work. I find the need to reach my immediate family at this time. Those are the impressions that I have received.

JarEl: Then these impressions are correct. Follow them within the perimeters of your knowledge. You are already know that the Father desires all to come to His table.

Dora: Thank you.

Violet: JarEl, then some of the seeds that we're each planting may not take root within the next few months or so. And that we should be patient even though sometimes we get excited about wanting to share this. I feel that those that are within my reach are further down the road in time, but that eventually they will respond in some manner and remember this.

JarEl: Time is of no consequence. Concern yourself not with when they shall respond. Each seed is different. The only commonality is that they are seeds, but housed within the shell of the seed is a full grown tree, in potential. For some the germination time is longer, that is because of the soil. If you loosen your soil with love and sincere desire, the seed has a much better chance to germinate. However, as you have seen trees grow in unlikely places; in thin soil; in very little soil. It is incumbent only upon the Father to ensure their growth. We are responsible for the planting and the tilling.

Lucille: JarEl, I keep thinking of Jesus. In the book it says Jesus went about doing good. By helping older people I find that I try to share love, but it is difficult to teach or express the Urantia book or things like. Is that sufficient just by being with him, or should I share more knowledge?

JarEl: The capacity of the elders to learn is still present unless blocked through disease. Evaluate your relationship; find what brings joy not only to you, but to them. And see if you can implant small gems of knowledge within this area of sharing. However, if those that you work with are comfortable with the emotions and feelings of love and service, then this is well. Because in their beings they recognize your difference from that they have experienced in the past. And there may come a point that they desire an understanding of these differences. Does this help you?

Lucille: Yes, thank you very much, JarEl.

Betty: I have a question or a request. Last Saturday [1] Rayson gave us a rather extensive lesson on kindness. And he gave us examples of true kindness and erroneous kindness. Kindness that we have been led to believe was what to do, and definitely was not to do. And I wonder if you could give us a lesson on sharing. I know that we all have our ideas about sharing, and it occurs to me that this may be a realm in which we need to understand what is true sharing, and what is not sharing.


JarEl: This is true. This is an area of concern. Knowing when and how and what to share with others. First you must look at your environment; your setting. If you are in battle with one perceived as an enemy you do not want to share your tent and food and weapons with this one. For this one will take what you give and use it to defeat you. However, if you are in the environment of the countryside, where you have neighbors, and your neighbor is in need, and you perceive his need without him asking, the love of service that the Father has blessed you with, should allow you to freely assist.

You are reminded in a previous lesson not to judge who should receive the benefits of this Teaching. The Master freely gave to all; all who are in need; He refused none. His example shows the unconditional love that the Father has for all His creatures. Even those unworthy ones were freely given to; Lucifer, Satan, Caligastia were allowed freewill prerogatives. Even when they rebuked and refused the wise counsel and love of our Creator Son, still they were given freewill prerogatives.

Their influence was curtailed through quarantine, but the exercise of their freewill was not hampered. At any time they could have exercised their freewill, and sought repentance, forgiveness and rehabilitation. But their freewill led them to harden their hearts against the Creator Son and Father. Once hardened they could not allow themselves to go back, so they went forward into oblivion.

The needs of the planet are that of love, knowledge, and understanding. When you reach out in love you do much to heal the individual. When you impart the knowledge that you have received, you do much to enhance the spiritual development of others. When you attempt to understand and reflect accurately to others, you do much to bring an environment where sharing and congenial fellowship can thrive. In essence, you are assisting to bring this planet into alignment with the will and desire of the First Source and Center. You are helping to bring Urantia into Light and Life.

As we have told you, the Mission is on schedule. However, inactivity, reluctance, hesitance, laziness can hamper and delay. Not forever, but delay still. So each of you are enjoined to be about the Father's business.

First with yourselves in your individual development. Secondly in this Mission through your participation, contributions, and service. And thirdly to your fellow creatures by finding those opportunities to share our Father's love; by seizing those opportunities to share the knowledge that you have experienced with others. By finding those opportunities to be of true service, whatever form that service needs to take. I trust that this will help all.

Hal: Yes, thank you JarEl.

Betty: JarEl, are you saying then that it's up to us to perceive how to share, and what to share without it being asked for. Once that it is asked for--what I am thinking of are people standing on the freeway saying, "I need food." "I'm homeless." "Can you please give me money?" or "I will work for money." And yet we know that many times this is a scam, and this is not truly what they are out there for. And yet you are saying that we are not supposed to judge whether or not they are deserving of receiving from us? So, I'm sorry, JarEl, but I am still confused?

Hal: Can we say that we should make our own decisions on these things, and not rely on you?

JarEl: You may do so. I ask you to look closer in your heart; follow the leading; allow your judgement to be tempered with compassion. If you come into contact with persons such as this continuously, repeatedly the same persons over and over, and they have not taken what you and others have given to improved their condition, but seek to rely upon you as beggars, I am sure your compassion will direct you not to cast pearls upon swine.

However, your compassion will see that others are deserving of your assistance. If you have the means to assist, then do so freely, unjudgemental, and in faith. Give what is needed to help. Are you giving for the sake of the person or for yourselves? The poor are amongst you always. The Father provides us with an opportunity to express His love through them. It provides you with an opportunity to be the expression of that love through service. Serve cheerfully! Does this help?

Betty: Yes, thank you, JarEl.


JarEl: We have been quite tedious in this session. This is productive. We desire not to leave you in doubt or confusion. It is our task to make clear to you those areas of issues that further your spiritual development. I am most pleased with this group in that you have not sought questions of curiosity or of vanity.

You have always sought to improve your stead in your growth and development. This is admirable. You are admonished--correction--admired and commended by all for this quality. I shall leave you now. My peace and love I leave with you. I take your love and kindness with me. Farewell.

Group: Farewell



Hal: Shall we do that exercise on impressions of words?

Stella: I have to leave.

Marlies: We have a different assignment.

Lucille: During the week within our Silent Time.

Hal: I thought we were supposed to select a word now and be impressed now.

Donna: I think we were supposed to hear the word tomorrow morning, but Doug can...

JarEl: Dear ones, there is confusion as to the assignment. You are to select seven of you, from among you. Each day one of the seven shall transmit their word to the group. The group shall endeavor to receive that impression. A person holding all the words shall only know which word is transmitted on a given day. Does this clarify the task?

JarEl: Dear ones, I will be with you in your efforts to complete this assignment. Farewell