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Topic: Elyon-November-1993

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Evanson, Aaron, Malventia

TR: Jonathan, Unknown



Elyon: I greet you again. I am Elyon.


Practice, Presence

I would draw your attention back to your studies this evening just to underline the importance of realizing the Father, of embracing His will in your life, of making every moment a search to discover Him more fully, and of making peace with every moment in your life such that it is not a battle separate from the Father. When you are engaged in your daily activities do not think of them as something else, and when you have time you will return to the Father's work. There is in all events the way to discover the Father more clearly, more deeply. And the secret for doing so is to have the Father with you as you engage in these events. By consciously realizing His presence all your activities will be transformed, and all the secrets of the universe you seek will begin to unfold. The Father is the secret of all of this, for He is all of this, and in that, far transcendent. If it were not for the reality of the Great Source of us all there would no thing.

(TR #2) And so please look toward everything you do with the understanding that the Father is here resident within you, continually revealing Himself to you from within you, as well as demonstrating His presence all around you. Make these coming days an exercise in holding the Father's hand. Thank you.

In your awareness of the efforts we have begun there is an established pattern of progression (T/R reception difficulty)...and you deliver from the beginning of your...(T/R #2 halts).

Evanson: Good evening to you, I am Evanson. I take this opportunity here to say hello, to express my belongingness with you all, and to share in our mutual delight at the unfolding before us. How wonderful it is to see what works out in life, the many ways we are drawn together, and the support we can give each other. I have been down a long road that has lead me to this point where I am with you. As I look back at the trail behind I see many rugged turns in the road, many wonderful stretches of adventure. Now as I join ranks with you, I anticipate some unprecedented events, some times head which will enthrall us all; and the likewise, many times where we will hold each other up hand in hand, push each other along with encouragement, with perseverance, dedication. This is all I would say as there is more to be heard by you this evening. Good night.

Progress, Process

(T/R #1) In the deliverance of your understanding we see the patterns of progression as they evolve. A limited revealing goes hand in hand with the steps as they have been taken through this ministry. Take into account what you have seen and heard occur over the last few years. How much do you believe is known, that has not been revealed to this point?

With the beginning there is a seasoning to ascertain the flavors and reactions of the students involved; as the reactions are positive then begins the structural emplacement to begin a system of shared learning of values which results in progressive levels of self realization of consciousness of the All Powerful Presence in your life. Then comes the lag, the downswing of events from the emotional highs to the realization of a balanced deliverance of understanding. The crossing point this time for the half hearted individuals fall to a more secure understanding for themselves or go on to find the new thrill.

By the firm beliefs there is time of struggle, and it is a decision making process to establish the certainties. Now comes the time to bring about an advanced learning. For most have secured themselves to an approach of balanced understanding. The testing is over. The trials of discovery begin.

I am Trinity Teacher Son assigned to a revelatory position on this planet. We will undergo a process of development that will expand your consciousness of the presence of the First Source. We will engage your teachers within a process of enhanced understanding of a social restructuring so that the levels of pursuit to search out understanding may become the norm for society, ultimately leading to the eras of Light and Life.

I would converse again with the aid of my liaisons to you. I thank you for your willingness to give. Relax. That is all. (T/R #2)

(T/R #3), Teacher unidentified)

(Troubles that you face here?) in your quest to at all times do the Father's will. These are not put there as a handicap but as an experience of overcoming at which you may chance to...(discern what's true?). Difficulties are inherent in growth. For you to grow and experience, difficulties will always be there to stimulate. Growth does not come from traveling on an easy road. True growth will only be attained by the trials and the tribulations which you pass through in your quest to attain the Father. Were it all easy, feeling feelings of attainment would be minimal, but realize that through your struggles you are experiencing a strengthening of will, a forging of character, a tempering of your spirits. In this way are you prepared for those future struggles which lie before you. For these you will need strength.

As you progress the trials do not get easier, although with your enhanced concept of the Father, with your enhanced concept of His will, your faith will continue to carry you through these obstacles. Expect not a life of ease when you have chosen the Father's will. With the attainment of each new level there will be a brief time of rest where upon will you be given a more difficult lesson to learn.

As you grow, more is expected of you. It will always be so. But with your faith and your love of He who is our Father, you will come to realize that none of these lessons will be beyond your grasp. Always must you stretch a little further than you have stretched before to receive them, but they are never totally beyond your grasp.

If you at any time feel that you cannot attain that which is set before you never hesitate to ask our Father for His help. It is ever there for the asking. This will not in anyway diminish the attainment. By asking the Father's will and receiving it, it can only enhance the lesson...(tape flipped)...

Continue always to strive for the Father's will. That alone constitutes our eternal goal. The Father wills nothing for His children which is not for their eternal benefit. That which you need for your growth is the Father's will. Be not afraid of the changes in you that the doing of God's will will bring, for these are the changes which will bring you ever closer to the realization of His presence within you.

This constitutes my lesson for you tonight. The Father's love be with you.


Group member: I hate to interrupt mid stream, but I was wondering if it was possible if you could impart your name to us?


T/R #3 responds: I was trying to listen, and I could not get it.

Session 2

Nov. 7, 1993



Elyon: In the outworking of your Father's will you'll be in the awareness of your reception to the given ideals that flow from within to bring you out from the balancing on the edge of unsurety to the inner realization that you are contained within a larger whole. Feel comfort in knowing that you are so led. As your desires branch out to the avenues of service you will know the course for you to take as you move to accept a given avenue of approach. Will you accept the plans of the Almighty Father if they somehow disagree with your perception? The adjustment to your inner course is needed on a constant basis to . ..and to your hopes and to correct the manifestations of personal prerogatives in contrast to the will. Seek carefully your...(Long pause, switches T/Rs)

As you work toward the fulfillment of the plans, purposes, of the Father there is freedom in lateral movement where your choice, your selection of process. Working within the guidelines provided in this mission you need to consider with care what are the purposes of the general group of participants as they work out Michael's plan as comparison to your individual desires. All are encouraged to express their prayers and inspirations, but we must scrutinize our motives when working in a process that is larger than one's personal growth to ascertain the greater overriding perspective.


The Father has put forth the call that all become perfect as He is perfect in His divinity status. You observe in your lives the great variety and the ascension of individuals yet there is in actuality only one path to become perfect. In your potential attainment you are in a sense limited to become perfect. As the ascension mandate was issued there is no room to ascend outside that calling. I attempt here to illustrate that your personal choosing and individual growth with the Father has great leeway. Within the totality, the boundaries are set and that is where one's discernment of the realities of the Father's will become important. His will is that you ascend to Him, and His will is that it be ascension. As you ascend you may ascend in many ways; you may rise, you may climb, you may fly. But His ascension is not to dig deeper, to turn away, to ignore. There is a great art and skill in the discernment of the Father's will. It is a challenge for all morontia beings to know when it is personal choice and sanctioned by the Father, the knowing when it is the Father's will, and the discipline of personal involvement is necessary.

To greatly compound this, as you work the Father's will in service, freedom of volition your fellows have creates a geometry of choice that often makes it difficult to perceive the angle of approach. It may cause you to feel like you curve off the path or take a tangent. Yet as you trust the Father's overcare the grid work is quite established and connected. At the point where you reside you may not be able to see the structure. But in the overview, from our Father's perspective, all the variations of will and choice do connect in a wonderful mosaic that you have been introduced as the Supreme. So I encourage you to develop those skills of choice of decision of Father's discernment. When confusion sets in, pray wholeheartedly and trust that you may need to act without knowing why or if you should act. Your indwelling spirit may require you to act, stumble, and learn in order to actually and bona fide comprehend the Father's will in a manner whereby you would not be able to grasp if you had just reasoned and concluded what the Father's will may have been.


  1. 1: Are you still here?

Elyon: Yes.

Transmitting, Plans

Student #1: Are you open for questions?

Elyon: I am, and will preface that I have enjoyed my experiment.

Student #1: What might that be?

Elyon: The ability to shift my channel of communication with your non-preparation for the greater needs that will develop down the road. The element of spontaneity may be required. You have done well and I will receive questions.

Student #1: You threw me off at first. I didn't feel that you'd left but I didn't hear words. I felt contact even when you switched.I felt like I was being comforted by the Father that I wasn't doing anything wrong. I want to thank you for the experiment, but I want to say it was a dirty trick you played.

Elyon: I understand. The situation will provide the opportunity at subsequent times for me to open a communication through you and then turn over to a higher being than myself who is more remotely connected to your level of attainment. The transition can cause breaking. You did well to maintain the awareness, and Jonathan did well in opening when he was not feeling anything immediately before. To conclude my observation, I shifted back your way before you asked if I was still here.

Student #1: I thought you might have. I'll try to accept more in.

Elyon: In the stages unfolding for your group there will be an influx of personalities who communicate to you and it will be stimulating and confusing. So I attempt this to prepare my brothers for what lies ahead.

Student #1: I assume you are Elyon.

Elyon: Yes, I am.

Student #2: Would you like to comment on our meeting?

Elyon: It pleases me greatly to see you enacting your desires and goals, the ideals you hold. The establishment of light and life on this planet is not something the teachers provide. It is an attainment your planet's citizens attain. When I spend the time I have with you all instructing in the ways of our master Michael, I am fulfilled with satisfaction to observe you undertaking the activities you are, for it indicates to me that you are initiators and that is what we hope for in our work with you. I am a willing participant in this project with you. I will not direct your plans for I would be overjoyed to watch this develop under the creativity of your human mind and soul powers. Would you like more comment?

Student #2: I don't have any specific question, but I welcome more feedback. I hope we are on a productive track.

Elyon: There have been presentations to you in the last several sessions and today regarding the will of the Father and this is worth a review so as to better discern how His overriding purposes play in your personal goals. Rest assured that you have the freedom and to, with loyalty and devotion, continually factor in the Father's will over all. This is my encouragement.

Student #2: Is it beneficial that we strive for this eventual organization? I'm concerned that we might be over-planning, possibly getting in over our heads. Perhaps we should start with something more practical or immediate.

Elyon: I would offer an example. Our mission has been greatly thought out and pre-planned in the councils of the constellation government for that is the level that oversees all systems. Your system has been in need of this outreach. My presence here with you is the specific manifestation of the overriding plans. That is my approval of your greater organizational efforts. By further example I would point out that our message to all of you from the start has been to seek the stillness, the Father's presence. That is a direct and immediate step you may take when the fervor for teacher contact rises in those who seek to be involved in the mission. Thus I compare with your efforts that you will need to undertake simple tasks in the near future which help to fan the flames of your ideals, to strengthen your hopes for accomplishing the far grander objectives. In other words seek to balance the immediate with the grandiose.

Student #1: How often have I called you Aaron or called Aaron you? Has that happened?

Elyon: This is of no real importance, but since we have developed a sure relationship, I would indulge you by saying that at times you have not known whether it is I or another. The confusion has been more in the arena of your own receptivity, within your own personality. Our messages when they downstep into your consciousness become "Simonized". At that point our message takes on a flavor where you would perhaps be come confused. Yet if you hear the import and content of what I say and give that Aaron's name, the both of us are very happy.


Student #1: Thank you. I get unsure when giving information that I know nothing about, especially names of teachers of group members. How can I better convey this without being so worried?

Elyon: I would indicate that when you see with clarity the name, issue it immediately to dispel the reconsideration you may interject following. If the level of uncertainty is concurrent with the name reception feel free to convey that uncertainty and encourage your fellows to seek clarity.

Our ability to be insulted is not as prevalent as it was when we were in the form you inhabit now. If I am misnamed I am not bothered. My status and my standing is in my attainment before the light of our Father and He is welcome to call me whatever He wishes. So I would say that as in the discernment (of) the Father's will you have to play between the choice of your own self and the overriding will of Paradise. You will also have to perform the same juggling act with the comprehension of the name of the teacher and your own projection. Honestly state when you are sincere and certain, and sincerely state when you are honestly doubtful. This will go farther in the ultimate correction or acceptance. And you do well in the overall.


Student #1: Thanks. About the teaching mission conference, I'm mailing this letter this out this week and I welcome any words of wisdom.

Elyon: First, maintain the highest motivation to serve our Father. Second, be receptive to all the input you'll receive from your fellow humans. Accommodate as best you can in coordinating the many wishes to make this event enjoyable for all. Thirdly, define and concretize steps as they go so the steps become real. If flexibility remains too long, the energy will dissipate. Conclude and step ahead when you discern that the information you need is gathered so it will become an event in actuality. The teachers are working with you on this, and it is another activity you have chosen to undergo which we acknowledge and accept and willingly participate in. It is not a requirement that we give you. We are very pleased at your initiative and will foster your efforts as you provide the energy.


I would conclude my visit this evening by saying that I enjoy your company I have been involved in much reorganization in the light of the process we all are now initiating. It is a pleasure to be with you in discussion of things that are weighing on your minds. It does relieve me of my involvements and I find it restful. As we undergo the unfoldment of the immediate objectives of the mission the broad spiritual skills you acquired of intuition, insight, devotion to the Father, and loyalty to truth will help greatly in the ability to discern the will of our Father, the plans of your teaching brethren, and the motivations of your own heart. I bid you good day.

Session 3

November 10,1993


Elyon: Good evening once again. I am Elyon. I would just like to begin this evening by saluting your efforts and acknowledging the energy you put forth to foster the plans of our Melchizedek overseers. We are always overjoyed by the efforts of you mortals, who have for so long struggled underneath the veil that separated you from us, and recognize, yet through all this, the light beyond and draw that light to yourself. May I say that you are extending yourselves in an appropriate manner from our point of evaluation. I am happy to be your teacher throughout these developments.

I will also make known that Malventia is here, for he knows that you have questions to ask of him and is willing to talk with you in this manner. I do not have any lesson or statement to make to you this evening; that I will leave up to other teachers present, but as an introduction I just wanted to shake your hand and thank you for these efforts. I will now make room for the others.



Aaron: When you come from sincerity in your joyous exclamation of humor, it is well understood by us, the intent, not always the humor itself. I'm Aaron. I am glad to speak to you this evening. I feel light hearted on occasion. Tonight is one of those occasions. Sometimes my friends consider me as you would consider a jovial person.

When you look towards your understanding and feel the uncertainty of your course, a reversion into humor is quite a...Your humorous attitudes are a reflection of your nervousness at times. As of late much has been offered to you all. Study.

One underlying factor that creates stress is that increasing sense of responsibility which fills your consciousness. The realization that this "fad" is over, and that your responding is somewhat expected, to the measures which are, and potentially, handed down.

Feel the security that you will not be taken further than you can fulfill in your endeavors. Let your nervous excitement and expectation turn to a joyous assurance of your role in the Father's kingdom.

In your righteous attitudes be fair and allow the ex...and allow your fellows the same leeway that you are willing to allow yourselves. The pressure to perform in this atmosphere diminishes with your increasing sense of belonging.


Malventia: I am here. I am your Melchizedek, Malventia. I would like to speak with you this evening, by first saying that I'm quite pleased with the acceptance you have given toward me and the ease at which I have been able to make contact with your various contact people. I am not at all surprised because you have been working together quite sometime, but nonetheless I feel the joy that in my assignment here, I am making the headway I have planned to undergo.

Our focus is to better comprehend the way of the Father as it is manifest through His representative, our Michael son, your Jesus. There is no greater thrill than to actually activate your grasp of the Father's purpose and plans in your life. It is of no great universe significance to become theologically sophisticated and conceptually brilliant without the attainment of personality execution of the very gleanings of understanding that you hold. A package delivered to your door doesn't come home until you dive in and release its contents.

I am going to reemphasize the expectation of coming events with the parallel caution that excitement and anticipation often exhaust themselves well before the task is accomplished. Do not lose hope when the excitement recedes. It will be a challenge. I observe that you all are able to endure, and because of this ability you have to pursue, I am here.

I will now make myself available for your inquiries and may consider points of curiosity. Begin.



Question #1: Well as a point of curiosity, If there is a way that you could relate your name so that we can be more sure; if you could spell it. Anything you can do if you can would be fine.

Malventia: Difficulty arises at this point with your receiver's conceptions. He may be able to hear (pause) At this time-no. The sound you receive that depicts my name is quite accurate. I would consider spelling at another time, hopefully through you directly.

Questioner #1: Are you the same teacher that has dealt with Sarasota? They never got the name either.

Malventia: I am the one you have discovered in their information. I am involved quite extensively throughout the many groups in this mission outreach. I will be with you for a long time. That is not my exclusive activity. I am engaged in many projects even those that do not have any bearing on the mission as it manifests to you.

But it is true I have worked with them and continue to do so and continue to work with other groups, though often they have not realized my placement in their group of teachers. I will be co-ordinating the events transpiring "up your way" in the near time to come.

Questioner #1: Thank you for your insights.


Question #2: I think we are all familiar with the difference with a Melchizedek and a fused mortal. I wonder how your role differs from Elyon or another teacher. Should we ask you different questions than we might ask them?

Malventia: Elyon is your group teacher, and he oversee the activities of the personal teachers, though not with an elevated sense of being. He considers himself equal to all in the team. I am a Melchizedek, and by my nature and my qualifications, I am often referred to by the ascendant teachers for directives or proper procedures. I perform the role of an advisor, and I perform the role of overseer. I am the advisor in a one-on-one sense, myself to any particular grouping of teachers. Where they experience difficulties internal to the group, I advise. I oversee the interworkings between the groups and help the teachers deal with the many elements that pertain to the crossing that is transpiring now.

The Melchizedek presence on your planet has been long in being here and will continue so. I am another more direct link to the schools of ascension, the very schools your teachers attend, the schools long absent on your planet. I trust this explains my orientation.

Questioner #2: Yes. Thank you. When you say "the schools long absent", if this were a normal planet, the schools established by the Prince's staff or Adam and Eve, would they be considered the planetary Melchizedek school?