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Topic: Opportunity

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Our lesson is about opportunity and the wise utilization of it among your friends, associates and enemies.


Everyone experiences opportunities of varying or changing natures and potentials. Opportunities exercises a persons ability to be equal to the opportunity presented. Failure in life's material areas is the result of failure to exercise one's own abilities Concerning every opportunity presented, small or large. Little opportunities are the training ground that one has to work through before one can recognize or have the proper ability for those larger opportunities. It is just like school where a child learns his numbers and then later finds out that these numbers can be used abstractly for addition and subtraction on into your higher mathematics which are precise and yet abstract. This understanding cannot be give to a child who doesn’t know what numbers are. All of life, then can be viewed as the advancement of opportunity.

Opportunities aren’t only material as in career opportunities, also are the mental learning opportunities, and also are they morontial, in that friendship and person relationship opportunities rise and fall, open and close, like the others. As Jesus lived among men, He took advantage exclusively of morontial opportunities. He lived a life as no other human has, in the His great motivation and purpose was entirely in the spiritual and morontial realm. He understood the value of each human being’s soul and He directed all His ministry to the soul and about the soul. Addressing the multitudes in parables, He was able to speak directly to the souls of millions here through the ages and beyond this world. Become aware in your dealings with people that each human soul is of the greatest importance. Nothing material can save or harm this soul, and when you become so re-adjusted to reality that you see this plainly, then will opportunities multiply in this higher realm of living. Have secure faith about all the remainder of life, that is your material concerns, and learn the mota principles that are higher laws and more enduring truths. In other words, I’ll teach you how to multiply.

Understand that eternal laws or truths about God are the key to a more secure life, a happier life, being purged of fear and the inconsistency that plagues the lower realms of living. Consider how multiplication changes addition. Addition basically is counting through each number until the sum is reached, but by knowing how to multiply from a table, how easy this chore has become. You have replaced a lower level of mathematical reasoning with one higher and simpler. So it is with the broadening awareness of spiritual values, they supplant older and more unwieldy concepts with those of sublime simplicity. Eventually, as you learn limitations of multiplication in handling larger tasks, then does an algebraic level of mathematics become essential and more abstraction yields a greater simplicity.

Every opportunity for growth yields a higher awareness understanding or the morontia mota, which really is in essence morontial problem solving, and as you increasingly learn to function on these higher levels of reality, mota becomes essential. You will learn that not only must you understand the Gospel through faith, but that eventually you must learn about the rules of the universe that are behind the sayings. For example: Jesus said, "Love your enemy, do good to those who seek to harm you." Now, at first glance this seems like unhealthy martyrdom, some kind of idealistic ranting of someone who isn't living in this world. However, as you grow to understand mota, you will see that this is a clear-cut law of the universe and when followed always yields spiritual fruits, and when one's values are correct, one knows that spiritual fruits are valued immeasurably higher than material gains.


Beginning mota impinges on philosophy a little, yet it clearly deals on higher levels than your unaided philosophy can touch. Consider yourselves extremely fortunate that you have received and are receiving the beginnings morontial teaching. You have all become ideal pupils and I am happy to continue in these teaching lessons.