1993-11-12-Personalizing God Consciousness

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Topic: Personalizing God Consciousness

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



Opening prayer

Daniel: "Good evening, my friends. I am Daniel, your guide, your teacher.


Change, Progress

The climate and atmosphere of this evening's discussion is one that causes you to come to that point of almost sorrow, of not always understanding what the surrounding environment, the world in which you live, is truly all about. This is why it becomes very important for you to remember that the reality of your life stems from one truth, and that truth is that there is in this universe the First Source and Center, the giver of all love, the creator of all, who has within His being, within Her being the overcare of all. As you come to these kinds of discussions, of thinking about the happenings in your life, in the life of society, and the life of the global community, remember, also, that as you have thought about the broad aspect, it is imperative that you then refocus and realize that change, real change, must begin inwardly with you, the individual.

As you have witnessed in your own life the love of the First Source and Center, as you have had that experience of being with and of God, of being in God consciousness, this experience helps you to realize that given the overall picture, the overall picture is made up of individuals as yourselves. True, there is much disharmony, much disequilibrium within the planet. There is also much that is being done to harmonize, to unify, and to bring the truth of God's love, forgiveness, and mercy to you on this plane.

As life continues, as evolution moves forward, there is a time when the old must give way to the new at which point in time there is chaos, misunderstanding and disharmony. Whenever change occurs there is this time of upheaval, there is the time when those who seek for greater progress must deal with those who are not yet ready to move forward! Those who move forward must look back on those who are staying behind and realize that their fear comes from the inability to look within, the inability to be able to change within. All peoples who are progressive, who are ready and willing to move forward are those who have to some degree been able to come into that understanding of their personhood. They are beginning or have realized that central to all change, all growth, all progress, is the understanding that through progress there will be a birth of more and expanded knowledge, more and expanded understanding regarding all areas of life including your sciences, your philosophies, and your religion.

And so while each of you have had a week of personal stress, while there has been a week of national stress, and a week of global stress, realize that in this movement toward growing and bringing about change, there will be those times when chaos seems to rule. It is when people are afraid to be stirred beyond that certain breaking point that there grows within the collective consciousness a desire to bring things back on track. And as these are brought back into a line of normalcy then there will have been this progression from an older way of thinking to a different and hopefully better way of thinking. As more and more people are finding a desire to search and find God they are taking steps to bring the knowledge of God to a personal basis. This is important. This is a step in the right direction.

Correcting Time

And you will see that the old ways of thinking are held by people who are going to cry out with even more vengeance, with a louder voice. For they are in a situation, a presence of mind, so to speak, where they feel threatened, where they feel they must do what they can to save the world. And, yes, you will see that they will strike in any way and in any form they can in order to make themselves heard, in order to feel as if they are changing the world. Their cry may sound louder than that which is real truth, however, let it be known that these are the sounds of dying coals, these are the cries of philosophies and ideas that are becoming outmoded, that are on their last leg. As more and more people grasp the idea of a personal God, a loving God; as more and more people realize that there is, indeed, much more that unifies human kind than that which separates you, then you will begin to see a real 'new world order'.

These kind of evolutionary changes will not occur overnight. Ideas take time for implementation. Ideas must grow. And then the idea must become the experience. And it is out of this experience and the growth mushrooming that real change occurs. And so as you contemplate the world you live in know that the best thing you can do is to daily turn yourself over to following the will of the First Source and Center. In this commitment, in this willingness to allow yourself to be a channel through which God can work, you will be doing your part in helping to bring this world back into harmony, to move it into the tomorrow of Light and Life. And as you go through your daily life the stresses and the concerns which you have from moment to moment, from day to day, will be stresses, will be opportunities that you will be able to meet the challenge of.


For you who are daily working or trying to daily work in that God consciousness, you will be able to recognize and know the guidance when it is before you. You will walk through life knowing no fear. You will walk through life knowing God's presence. That Indwelling Spirit is so close that you will not ever be abandoned. The Indwelling Spirit is forever a part of your inner mechanism guiding you and working with you so that you can know Father's will and you can live life without fear; that you can live life by giving love; that you can live life in knowing what it means to give; that you can live life in being able to extend your hand to one another.

It is paradoxical that as you grow into greater consciousness, that you begin to see where there is so much wrong that needs to be righted. And the paradox is in the fact that as you grow in God consciousness you need to expand, also, and realize that God has everything in control. These two things together often pull at your inner being and nag at you. Rely on the truth that God never abandons you. It may be fact that what you see is not loving, is not of God's nature. The truth is that God sees everyone as whole, as complete; that everyone works through a process of coming into that reality of the First Source and Center. Once that connection is made, once that has been achieved, the individual, for the most part, changes and becomes the individual on a path, a search for the Source.

True, there may be many digressions away from the path. But always are you like a homing pigeon knowing where you must come home to roost. And so have faith, my friends, in your brothers and sisters, that they will at some point in time know where the real nest is. And they, too, will fly back towards it. As you condition your life through worship and prayer, as you strive to follow the example of Christ Michael, you will be more and more empowered by the strength and the encouragement of the Indwelling Spirit.

Those who seek the Father also must show tolerance to those who are not of the same understanding as they are regarding the First Source and Center. Be ever vigilant in this. Be loving, but do not ever be judgmental or condemning in this regard. Show instead to your brothers and sisters true and Godly love, just as the Father does for each of His children. I will now accept a few questions."


K3: "Good evening Daniel. Thank you for that lesson. As usual you answered a question I was going to ask, so I won't ask it. But I would like to say thank you to those individuals, those great beings that have been with me and my family, that have guided us into this Teaching Mission. Thank you."

Daniel: "Thank you K3. And might I say that it is our joy to witness faith being lived, faith being followed. For it is most difficult to turn over and follow guidance not knowing, not truly understanding. The personal experiences that each of you have, have been heeded by yourselves. And we are so thankful to be able to be able to work with each of you."

C2: "Daniel, this is C2. As you were speaking with us and talking about persons who are fearful and not having found within themselves the strength..at least I think what I heard you say came out..those persons who live in fear of change or fear for whatever that might be are those whose self-light, I guess I would add, has not been sparked, or they have not the assurance of the First Source and Center and the beings; as I become an advocate for those people's justice, it finally dawned on me that what I am doing is hopefully holding their hand and perhaps being companions with them as they find that spark, but in the mean time also made to be what I perceive my guides and my spirit to do for me, which is to lead the way. Does that make any sense?"

Influence, Growth

Daniel: "If I may use the example given from the Woods Cross group, you are all like a field of wheat. All of you are part of the human race. All of you have much that is in common. However, there are always some shafts of wheat that rise above and grow taller than others. These are the ones that are able to grasp and find that spark that pulls them into that search for the personal God, into that search to know God; and once knowing God beginning to understand what love is, how they can be loved and how they can love; and then to go the next step further into being ones who would serve the First Source and Center; and through that you would serve one another. Indeed, you are all part of the same. There are those who rise and accept the challenge, thereby being able to turn around and help those below them; all the while not finding judgment, only giving love and service, knowing that because of the overcare of the First Source and Center all in time will know and be able to rise to that which beckons them. Do you see?"

C2: "Thank you. That is a very beautiful and vivid image of how that works. I can picture the wheat fields and the taller shafts and how that works as a bundle. Thank you."

Daniel: "Each of you as you grow above the shafts of the others, as the breeze waves you through, back and forth, as you touch your brothers and sisters, you stimulate them. You cause them to have moments where they can make a choice for growth and progress. You see, you have no idea of the many, many ways that you touch one another, the many, many ways that you have been the catalyst for another's growth, just as others have said or done or been something in your life as a catalyst. Ever be vigilant to the fact that you can very unconsciously be doing God's work which is even more of a reason to hold God consciousness as part of your being."

C2: "Thank you Daniel."

N1: "Daniel, when you referred to our personally stressful week, our nationally stressful week and our globally stressful week and then talked about (as I translated it in my own mind) the need to be uncomfortable in order to change, the question that comes to my mind is..are we all being stirred together at the same time to be in this discomfort so that we will move ahead and make those changes. Is that part of a plan. I guess I heard you link them and I thought, hmm, that's really interesting. I don't know if you want to respond to that or not. Thank you."

Daniel: "My intent was not to link them, so as to show that you are being ganged up upon to feel discomfort; rather understand that the normal unfoldings of life generate tension and stress within your lives. And this is also a constant as it moves out into general society. For always will you be like this, for many, many years, until self responsibility and Light and Life are a given for this planet. Always will there be tension, stress, and resolution needing to be made. And as the planet grows in increments and gets closer and closer to Light and Life the stresses and tensions seem to level off because those things that keep one stuck on a personal basis are let go of, thereby freeing the individual to think and make choices for a larger group and then eventually for a more global perspective. Do you see?"

N1: "Yes, Daniel, I do. Thank you for clearing that up for me."


B1: "Daniel, as you said that our discussion had led us to almost sorrow, it occurred to me to ask you this. Should we not talk about things like this, even though they are on our minds? Do we just merely make ourselves feel worse? And maybe we are doing what I accuse the news media of doing by focusing only on the bad news? Did we kind of go astray, perhaps, in the direction of our discussion today? Do you want to comment on that?"

Daniel: "I have no intention of stating that what you spoke about tonight was in error or has no meaning or value. Your discussion tonight has, in fact, been able to generate a feeling within this group that, indeed, there is need for change. If I, myself, the individual is able to become in that alignment, into that state of God consciousness, then I will not only be following God's will as He sees fit for me, but I will also be benefiting those around me. I will be effecting change. It is important that you have discussions. Would you ignore it and think that it would go away? [No!] And so it is important that you do come together, and that you speak about these things, for it is through such talk that you can formulate plans, you can share with one another, plant seeds of thoughts for one another.

Communication is essential. If you hold your feelings in then you are not only depriving yourself of the benefit derived from speaking your thoughts, but you are also possibly holding back information that may help your brothers and sisters to see from a different perspective. When you put forth your thoughts and others put forth their thoughts, if you are like in a thinking chamber, then these thoughts are bounced off one another and higher and better perspective are gleaned by all. So I would say that, no, what you thought about tonight only helped in realizing that there is a lot of work to be done! To continually dwell, however, on that which is wrong will not bring about change unless you devise plans that can be constructive in their use to bring about change. These discussions you had tonight may, in time, bring you to a group consensus where you will decide as a group to act or do something to help bring about a change. Do you see?"

B1: "Yes. And I hoped you would say just about what you said. So we do sometimes feel sorrowful when we face bigger truth but keep in mind that the Father's care is there all the time, I realize. I didn't want to get off on a tangent in my thinking so that is why I asked you that directly. And you have answered very completely for my purposes. Thank you."

Daniel: "You are most welcome."

Education, Unity

V1: "Daniel, I couldn't help but hear you give people, that certainly I would differ, with good motives of saving the world; and to be loving and tolerant toward these same people that might have wonderful motives. I certainly agree, there is no way I can or should try to judge the motive, but in confronting these people where . ..I immediately think of the white supremacists within our community and within our state and within our nation and across the globe...well, I will just say it like I was thinking it..It is far easier for me to believe that God loves them and will ultimately bring about good in their lives. But, my gosh, I can't tolerate their actions! I have to stand up to that injustice! How do we act loving and tolerant and don't judge their motive and still say, `come on, we have to change!'"

Daniel: "By your example you will be known is one way. Through prayer that God's will can be found by them, and through your working through proper channels to bring about the change of getting information out into the open. Education is the key.

Let me, my dear, use you as an example, if you will. You are not asked to tolerate that which is unjust. You are working to bring about change through your workshops that you give on peace; through the message that you give out daily in your classroom; through the things that are said to others in conversation. You do not need to visually and confrontively attack an individual who does not have the same feelings and thoughts. Rather work in other ways to help bring about that change. You will not be able to change those whose opinion is so entrenched and so a part of their belief system. You will, however, be able to affect things about their life, about ways in which they can think, that help to take the sharp cutting edge off of their beliefs. This is done through continual putting out of the message of oneness, of love, of mercy, of brotherhood, of sisterhood, of being able to seek better ways of settling disagreements, of being able to bring about a more peaceful world. Your workshops, the work you do daily with children, the relationships you have with others, all can help you in combating that which you see that is unjust. You are not asked to stand at odds with those are such opposite views as yourself in regards to that which is unjust. You are asked to support them with love, but show them by your life, through your work and through other means a different and better way; to keep presenting that which is correct, that which speaks of love, justice, and the unity of all. It is not easy to live in a world where there is much hate. But you must realize that there is far more love that abounds than hate. For were there not, there would not be this planet at all! Live your own life. Do what you know to be God's will for you. In following that guidance you will be led, then, to be that example, to say that word, to give that helping hand at just the right time to help others to see with maybe a little broader and different perspective. You cannot change the whole world. You cannot change the whole individual, but you can plant seeds. This is what you are asked to do. This you are doing. Does this help?"

V1: "Yes, Daniel. Thank you very much, and thank you for the very hopeful message that there is always more love than hate. That is wonderful. I guess I was thinking in terms of a much more dangerous situation even as the Jewish people experienced in Germany; and to stand up and say no. I was thinking in those terms. So thank you very much, Daniel."

Daniel: "You are most welcome."

N1: "Daniel, your last response, I got a very clear picture of Christ Michael's life. You were describing how He lived it. And just now, mom, as you said, 'stand up', I also thought of how Christ Michael did not want the crucifixion, but allowed that and knew the presence of God's love all the way through. And it has been a very odd experience tonight as we have been talking about gas chambers and things. I am sure you all remember that it would have been just a year ago where I would have found that...I could just not imagine that existing in the love of God. And now it was weird because I could see myself now knowing peace in a gas chamber and imagining that. I couldn't have done that a year ago! I guess I want to let you know, Daniel, Linda, and the whole crew, that you certainly have affected my life in a very major way for that shift in thinking. And also as we were talking about life's occurrences and stuff, I realized that we very much have to be careful, which is what you are saying, of also not wanting to save the world and end up in exactly that place, because we think we know what is right for the world. But really our job is to love all including white supremacists. So I thank you very much for your lesson tonight and for your lessons for the last almost two years."


Daniel: "Your 'thank you' is taken to heart. You see, you all have grown! And so let us end this evening, holding hands. In quiet contemplation turn yourselves over now to the One and True Source. Allow that Indwelling Spirit to move you. Allow the consciousness of God to enter not only your mind/thoughts, but into every cell, every part of your body. As God becomes real to you, so will He, His love, His forgiveness become manifest in your individual lives. Let go and let God! Amen."