1993-11-19-Do Not Remain Passive

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Topic: Do Not Remain Passive

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



Opening prayer

Daniel: "Good evening my friends, I am Daniel, your teacher and guide. Even though you are few in number tonight this does not take away from the fact that this group is a strong group, one that is on that path of seeking and searching for truth; and group members that are striving to align themselves with that pathway which is of the Father's will. And so as we have come here again this week, let us take time this week for a different type of lesson.



I am most sorry that several members of the group are not here this week. However, I am going to proceed with this lesson anyway. The transmitter/receiver is having a lot of trouble due to physical limitations this evening. Therefor the lesson is appropriate in this regard. Last week you asked and received answers from me that led to some confusion and perhaps misunderstanding regarding my words. And so I am asking you this week to read in the Urantia Book information that will help settle the questions that arose.

Isaac, if you would be so kind, read from page 1931. Please look to paragraph five."

B2: Reading from the UB, "You are not to be passive mystics or colorless ascetics; you should not become dreamers and drifters, supinely trusting in a fictitious Providence to provide you even the necessities of life. You are indeed to be gentle in your dealings with erring mortals, patient in your intercourse with ignorant men, and forbearing under provocation; but you are also to be valiant in defense of righteousness, mighty in the promulgation of truth, and aggressive in the preaching of this gospel of the kingdom, even to the ends of the earth." ([178:1.14) "Is that far enough, Daniel?"

Daniel: "Yes. This should help answer the question regarding the confrontation of others as opposed to the feeling that I had said that you were to always turn face. This statement alone from this paragraph can give you much food for thought, much to think about, meditate upon and contemplate in your dealings with one another; that indeed you have been asked to be apostles requiring that you do not turn your back, but that you bring forth the truth as you know it, as has been presented regarding the Father's love, mercy, and your brotherhood, sisterhood upon this plane and throughout the universes. To accept complacently those ideas which speak of injustice, that are of hate is to not bring forth truth on this plane. You are, therefore, asked to seek the guidance necessary in any given situation that you can know how to best be that presenter of truth. Even the Master, as you have read, dealt with situations differently according to the individual and according to the underlying climate/environment of the situation. There is no pat answer or formula for these things. Those who are in tune, those who walk the path daily with the Master shall also understand and know that guidance. There will be times when confrontation and conflict of your values, of what you know to be truth, will be very evident to you. It is therefor very important that you prepare yourselves so that when these situations arise there will be inner confidence in knowing how to react, how best to be the apostle at those times.

I would ask that this day in leu of your other reading, that you read this entire section from which this paragraph has come. For these pages are valuable in helping you to understand. Please take the paragraphs and discuss them individually amongst yourselves. This will be most beneficial today. And with that I would say that I will accept some questions. I apologize for the shortness of the lesson, however your reading time will be longer than normal. Any questions?"


N1: "My question would be if we can ask you questions when we are done reading?"

Daniel: "Let this be determined by the TR at that time."

Teacher Contact

M4: "Hi, Daniel. Thank's for meeting with me this week with D2. And thanks for introducing me to Cora. Hopefully I can talk to her on my own before too long. In the group TR practice session Monday, we kind of had a question, if you could answer for us...Was the Cora that came through there, was that my teacher, Cora, as well as when she came through just calling herself, 'my teacher'?"

Daniel: "The Cora is the same in both instances. The reasoning behind this is evident. The reason for giving the name Cora was to help lay preparation for you. Cora was hoping that the name would help you in your quiet time. There is a message that I have from her to you, and that is to not worry incessantly about transmission, rather hold in your understanding that Cora's love and guidance is always available to you and that there are other routes that the teachers use to bring communication understanding to you. It is not always easy for there to be this communication input from this side to your side, therefor there are other channels through which information is given. Cora sends her love. Are there further questions?"

M4: "No, thanks a lot. And my love to you, too, Cora."


V1: "Hello, Daniel, this is V1. In the paragraph you had B1 read it talks about being gentle in dealings with your erring mortals. For whatever reason I was thinking in terms of Judas and not spending quiet time when Jesus had asked him to do so. But I underlined something else on that page that perhaps is why I turned to this. Andrew has gone to Jesus because he is not sure how to deal with Judas in a particular problem and Jesus' answer to him was that 'it is not amiss, Andrew, that you have come to me with this matter, but there is nothing more that we can do; only go on placing the utmost confidence in this apostle. And say nothing to his brethren concerning this talk with me.'(page 1751, paragraph one, The Urantia Book) And I don't know...is this perhaps something that we should think about, that in dealing with people we see as truly amiss from recognizing the Father's love or indeed the brotherhood, sisterhood of humankind, we must speak our truth boldly? But, I don't know. I guess I am rather confused and maybe the reading is going to help this. Should I wait or do you want to comment?"

Daniel: "The aspect of realizing that not all are on the same level, the same understanding, the same belief system, is important in your understanding. The Master wanted Andrew to continue to support, love, and hold confidence in the potential of Judas, as you are to do for all your brothers and sisters. To see your brothers and sisters as anything less than a child of the First Source and Center is error; to realize that their divine potential is that which survives. In dealing with temporal and finite situations you must regard your brothers and sisters with love, yet realize that their errors are not truth producing. When the time is right there will be instances where you can present truth. There are always proper social and political alleys through which you can also give support in bringing about more righteous thought, more correct thought, higher truth. And so as an apostle you will proclaim truth by your presence, your actions, and your being. You will work through those channels that can help bring about change, and at the same time you will strive to sincerely feel love for the individual that has erred, even though the behavior, belief systems, etc., may not please you. You may have outward disgust for this as the Master Himself would, yet the Master has always dealt with people gently and lovingly. As you read, talk things over, as you do sit in prayer, ask for that guidance that you need to deal with your own individual confrontations. Has this helped?"

V1: "Yes, Daniel. Thank you very much."


Daniel: "With that, then, let me send you my love and encourage you to read this section. I will be willing to answer questions later if this is possible. Good evening, my friends."