1993-11-30-You Have The Time

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Topic: You Have The Time

Group: York TeaM


Teacher: El Tanere

TR: Min Hoet


July 19, 2004


El Tanere: Most holy greeting, Minay.

It is about the time I would be addressing the commandos (the group meeting at the Unity Church. I am El Tanere. I do not want to miss a week. You were correct in knowing that I wanted to speak to you this evening.



Minay, you continue to have doubts– not so much about this phenomena of receiving from a celestial teacher, but the very fact that you feel responsible for all the other in their beliefs about this mission. Fear not, my dear, that is their responsibility, not yours. You have been selected to be the receiver. What the others do with the information is their individual responsibility and experience. I can tell you that they are all doing fine. They are all glowing with peace and love and the desire to do the Father’s will. In such a short time, you have come a long way. Indeed, it is necessary for this unique group to catch up. You will. Each one is growing spiritually almost at the same accelerated rate that [your are]. You see it as absolutely necessary that the dedication of each member continue because each member will in . . . this material and their individual “knowing” of the Father spirit within to share with those who are not so far along in their spiritual growth. Since time has been accelerated, so does the spiritual growth of all mortals needs to be enhanced at a more rapid pace. Since the circuits have been opened, and the broadcasts are being received by some, more and more will be able to receive the universal broadcasts and “know” that they are citizens of a grand universe and their minds . . . [will] expand into a cosmic reality of all things as being of the Father.

You are guided in the preparation of the class subjects. Follow that guidance. It is planned for the group’s enlightenment.


Priorities, Worship

TR: I am so very grateful for your lessons. Can you help me with a problem of mind that I consider real troublesome. Time. My time.

E.T.: You are always rushing. You do not allow enough time. Fix your priorities and stay with them for each day. The first priority is to find time with the Father in worship, prayer and silence. You will be amazed at how much time is created by taking the time with the Father. This is a must-do! I might suggest that you discuss with the group members as to whether you all can develop a certain time when it would be convenient for each one to sit in the silence. Consider early morning or late at night. I suggest early morning, if possible. If each member will sit in the silence at the same time each day, a collective awareness of energy will ensue that will bring cosmic vibrations of knowledge beyond your imaginations. Share with each other.

Learn to know one another. In knowing you will love and learn to understand the motivations and reason of the other’s beliefs and actions and words. In that insightful understanding, you will love the other and in loving the other, you will be doing the Father’s will.

T/R: should I give up some of my activities or work or interests?

E.T.: No. You will have time for all. Work. Be in the water to exercise the boy. Play bridge. To exercise the mind seek the cultural enjoyment of books, theater, and music. Entertain your friends. For those are relationships. And in all these activities, you are IN relationships. Relationships breed wisdom. Continue to be social.

T/R: I don’t have the time.

E.T.: Yes, you do. You just think you don’t have the time. There is all the time of eternity. Use it and use it wisely in love and joy. Do all things with joy and love. Surround yourself with the light of Jesus. Take on the mind of the Christ and fill yourself with the love and energy of the universe itself.

Send this transcript to all the members this week and let them know that I, El Tanere, was here tonight, with my love and peace for each one. There is much expectancy within the group. Unite in love for one another and share your insights and feelings and receptivity of universal broadcasts. Listen with the ears of the Christ. Let your vision encompass all things with the Father’s love so that it will enable an expansion of vision beyond what you now see. In silence, listen to the spirit within. Worship with thanksgiving. Pray for the spiritual enlightenment of the whole planet and then sit in the silence and listen. There will be a connection to the Father. The connection you all seek. Consider with insightful guidance every chance meeting with another to show your light.

Yes, Carol too will hear what I have transmitted this evening. Your love is so great, that you create a oneness in mind-thoughts and reception. Carol, you are an excellent candidate for the extra sensory perception of others.


So many of you are already teachers of God. Your sincerity is known to us. Continue to be loyal and aware of the consciousness of the reality that you are.

I know of the Father’s love. I give that to you. I know of the Father’s peace. I give that to you. I am away.