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Topic: Attitudes

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Rutha



Daniel: "Greetings my friends, I am Daniel, your guide and teacher. Welcome this evening to our gathering. It is, as always, a joyous outlook that I have to meet with you and realize that what occurs prior to my lesson and the lesson itself is taken to heart; and that through your interactions you are growing and are coming into higher consciousness. This is an important aspect of being in understanding of your daughtership and sonship. Part of the heritage that is given to you in being called a son and daughter of the First Source and Center is to grow in that likeness of the Father, to come into a higher and broader understanding of life as it unfolds for you. As you open the channels of your being to the divine flow you will not be as narrow in focus as you have been previously. Therefor the essential ingredient in opening up to greater consciousness is the willingness to do so and the effort that follows this willingness.



The area that I would like to address this evening involves that of attitude. As you are very much aware, your attitude in any given situation colors your thoughts, colors your actions, and colors your perception. When you maintain a daily connection with the Indwelling Spirit and the First Source and Center], when this communication is daily met, you will find that your attitude will take on more of the fruits of the Spirit. When there is breakdown in this communication there is the risk that your attitude will also find a more narrow perspective. Therefor I, again, ask you to look into your lives, to check all areas upon which you feel that there needs to be attitudinal adjustment made that better reflects the desire and willingness to follow the First Source and Center.

Attitude can change the whole perspective and outlook for you in any given situation. If you will approach your life always asking that guidance be given then you will take on the attitude that your life, you individual life is being so directed. There is then an easier transition for you to make in approaching life with an attitude that is constructive rather than destructive or negative. Then you approach life realizing that you cannot change others but rather you can affect thinking, you can affect the lives of other people through your action, through your thoughts, through the attitude that you put forth. A loving and giving attitude will speak much louder and give a greater chance for seeds to be planted than will an attitude that is condemning or self-righteous.

In your discussion this evening an aspect of attitude was brought up that is very appropriate in many instances. For you to assume a position of always needing to be correct or needing to have the last word is often the attitude that brings much bitterness, anger, and disharmony in situations. Realizing that most of the problems that continue to plague you are those problems that are deeply buried in your attitude, will help you in realizing how that which you have always thought or considered to be correct, may not necessarily be so. If you can willingly allow an attitude or thought to change you will find that you are remaining open and not narrowing your possibilities. Had all of you turned your back and felt that this Teaching Mission was in error you would have certainly taken on an attitude that would not have brought you growth and would have narrowed your possibilities considerably.

Attitude is an important part of your thought processes. And it is a part of your thinking that can bring you to higher heights or can cause you to digress. Therefor this week I ask you to think upon this aspect of attitude as you live your life. There are many ways, many levels, and many kinds of attitudes. As you think on this, this week, ask yourself if there is some aspect or some attitude that is currently bringing disequilibrium into life. Seek the inner quiet and you will be guided into ways and higher thinking that will help you in opening up and seeing from a different perspective. Through prayer you will find that it is not the intimations that you are asking of the First Source and Center that are answered so much as the ability to affect your attitude regarding life's purpose. Prayer will broaden this immensely for you. As you grow in the attitude of trying to match the mindset of the First Source and Center, you will find that prayer has, indeed, been answered; but not always in the fashion or understanding that you had initiated the prayer for.


Allow this week that the lesson from last week on gentleness also becomes a lesson for this week in regard to attitude. Allow this week also to carry over gentleness to be a part of a gentle attitude for others. As we build each week through lessons, you will find that which we have is very much inter-related and connected. And you will realize that in order for there to be completeness and fullness, that you cannot disconnect from any part of your divine spiritual nature and your humanness. Let me utilize this Christmas tree you have been looking at as an analogy.

If one light from the string is pulled out, the others will then go out as well. If you disconnect one part of your spiritualness from other aspects of your being there will be this dimming of light. As you plug the light back into the central strand then, again, a luminosity is seen. The main strand is like the channel that goes between your being, your Indwelling Spirit, and the First Source and Center. Do not disconnect your light from its Source, for in doing so there will be darkness. Plug into the energy and love of the First Source and Center. Allow His love, Her love, to be the energy through which you function. When you allow this, you will find your attitude in the many different areas is reflective of higher and higher values. I will now ask that you reflect upon this lesson this week. I will accept questions."


B5: "Daniel, this is B5. I would like to introduce S5, my friend who has been learning from me lately and learning from the Urantia Book and from your lessons as well. I would like to introduce him and have him say hello."

S5: "Hi, Daniel, this is S5. I am not exactly clear what to say or anything so I'll just hold my peace, I guess."

Daniel: "Thank you B5 for bringing S5 with you. And to you, S5, I say, be at ease and know my happiness in your coming here this evening. The ways of the First Source and Center are ways that are indeed mysterious. One never knows the true intent, motive, or heart of other individuals. One only knows that which is within their own experience. As you have traveled the path of life and continue to do so you will find truth. As truths are presented and become real for you, you are then ready to take your next step. Welcome to your next step, my friend. We are pleased that you have taken to heart the seeds that have been planted along the way. Remember always that the true meaning of religion is not necessarily communal; it is that individual relationship with the First Source and Center. Therefor each individual that walks this plane has their own religion, that is, their own experience of the Father/Mother/God/Parent of us all. Welcome, S5. We look forward to you being here with us. Do not feel intimidated by the group or by the process that is going on. Rather take on the attitude that in God all things are possible. Through God, truth is given in many ways. Welcome, my friend."(Thank you)

B5: "Daniel, I liked your lesson this evening,(this is B5, again). I thought your lesson this evening was very adequate as compared to the questions that I have in mind. Attitude is something we all need to struggle with constantly. I have tried to have a better attitude through learning and understanding what I have. I feel my attitude towards life and everyone else is better. I am, however, struggling with attitudes of people around me, trying to help them understand and realize that they don't have to be upset, distressed or angry with the world; that there are other ways to look at things. One instance is . ..... I don't know how to help her as she is reaching out for some kind of help, but her attitude toward life is 'life should be fair! Everything should be equal!' And that is not the case, at least from what I have seen. I did hear you mention in your lesson that prayer is a big part of it and I would suggest to her that maybe she pray, if I thought she understood how to pray, which with me was a big issue. For a long time I had no idea how to pray. My idea of her prayer would be, 'please God, make the world fair'. And we all know that is not the way it works. Do you have any comment or maybe something that can help me help her?"


Daniel: "Your question has many facets that I will address this evening. First and foremost I will address this not only to you, B5, but to the whole group, and that is this...your ability to accept change and to change is a given to you individually. To expect that you can change the hearts and minds and ideas of others is impractical and does little to help your brothers and sisters to see and realize truth. What I am saying is that even though you have a newly founded zeal and desire because of the wonderful happenings that have been given to you, does not mean that you will be able to set the rest of the world on fire! Rather hold that through your actions and your attitude, your love and your willingness to be there for one another, that you will effect change, that is, you will plant seeds. Often seeds lay dormant for many years before the other things necessary to bring about their explosion into life are met. And so do not feel that you must change everyone. Rather be a willing partner with the First Source and Center by living your own life as a testimony of the Father's will.

The next aspect of your question is that whenever you or any of you approach another individual and wish to give them advice, remember that it has been written very pointedly in the Urantia Book not to give advice unless asked!(48:7.16) You can say to others, 'my experience has been this. Because of my experiences I have changed, I have grown. This is my experience'.

The last thing that I would say is that, indeed, the First Source and Center is all perfect. He created a perfect Paradise and the Central Universe. And in complement to that perfect sphere there has been created the imperfect. This is not a perfect world. Not all things are justifiably seen as equal. This is a time of material existence for you, to live and to begin the soul's journey from the imperfect stage on up through ascension till at last you are able to meet the First Source and Center at the Isle of Paradise. To your friend you can only present the fact that your belief is that we are ascending beings, made imperfect, but have within us a Father Fragment that is perfect, that is calling and urging us to attain that state. Has this helped you?"

B5: "Yes, Daniel. This does help. Yes, when you first started speaking I was thinking to myself, 'but I'm not trying to change her'. I guess I am! I see the anger, I see the pain, I see the depression that comes with her feelings, and no way to vent them or understand them. I guess I feel frustrated when she asks me to stay out of her problems but she doesn't allow me to. What I'm saying is that these times of emotions and etc. happen in my home when she is trying to use my phone or has something to say. If I could stay out of it I guess I would. But she really is not allowing me to and I don't know how to help her. This does help, however, for what your are saying is that all I can do is tell her my experience and hope that maybe she will pick something up from it. Thank you, Daniel."

Daniel: "B5, as you grow in more and more confidence and as you continue to seek that communication the answers to the many questions you now have will be made clear. Personal relationships with one another are very difficult, indeed! As you deal with one another keep foremost in your mind that their frustrations, their anger, their beliefs stem from their own existence, their own experiences. For you to even begin to think you understand another is error. Rather be willing to listen and to offer assistance when asked, when needed. Being open, even in the face of trials and difficulties, is part of the attitude that I was speaking about earlier. Realize that you can begin to see your friend as a divine being who is temporarily working through one phase of existence, that phase of growing a little closer to perfection. It is indeed a part of the human personality to wish that there could be a wand waved, that there could be a pill given, a magic panacea that would correct and bring all into righteousness. But, you see, if this were so then the free choice that is given to you from the First Source and Center would be taken away. Every individual has that choice. Every individual is daily given guidance. Every individual can choose to follow it or not. This is God's plan, that in the end all those who freely choose to follow that divine path back to the Source can do so. Love your brothers and sisters. Bless them in their struggle. Work to perfect yourself, that through that daily communication that you, yourself, can grow and change. And as you do so, you vicariously will be planting seeds for others. This is the way. Truth always wins out, the Truth of the universes, the Truth of Paradise. The Truth of the First Source and Center will reign."

B5: "Thank you, Daniel. I think I understand. Basically it is everyone's choice how they want to feel and I have to respect that and be there for assistance if I can, when she asks. Thank you." Daniel: "You are most welcome, my friend."


N1: "Daniel, I have been feeling a little bit stuck this week. I have noticed that my attitude is very negative. I keep thinking of the negativity of my attitude and wondering why when intellectually I can see that there is so much good; but emotionally I am feeling so negative toward my job, mostly. And yet it is perfect! I am getting paid for working on my dissertation, basically. I'm wondering if you can give me any insight. I know to pray for understanding and I think I have prayed for understanding of this attitude, but I seem to be very . ..I seem to be locked into it. Anything you could say to help, I would appreciate it."

Daniel: "Let me go back to the analogy I made earlier regarding the Christmas tree and the inter-connectedness of all. Your body is made up of many millions of cells. You are of chemical and electrical makeup. Your life as a material being is most difficult; for while the intellect and the understanding and knowledge can be available there also must be the connectedness of intellect to the rest of the body. And this, then, brings in the aspect of balance that we have spoken of so many times, and to which you alluded earlier in your comments. Indeed, if the body itself is in a state of ill health then the electrical/chemical makeup of the body is not correct, and the emotions and the ability to think clearly and in higher consciousness becomes clouded and difficult. And so I think you know the answer; that all areas of your life need to be more or less balanced in order for there to be complete harmony. And realize that because you are electrictly/chemically made, environmental conditions, the amount of rest you get, the food intake, the stress from your jobs and relationships will all play into your functioning ability at any given time. The most important aspect, despite what may be out of line in your physical life, is that you maintain that spiritual connection. For the spiritual connection will carry you through those times when the material existence is not functioning correctly. Your spiritual lifeline, that communication, that prayer that you maintain does far more than you can ever realize! So even if you are in that state of keeping communications open, yet you are not seeing change in your outer, realize that you must take responsibility for what occurs there. Do what you can to correct it. And through guidance you will be again brought back on course, only, again, to have a time of comfort; and then again another step will be taken. You see, the connectedness of your body to your state of mind is very real. You are discovering many areas and ways in which you can help to bring the electro-chemical makeup back into greater alignment. Has this helped?"

N1: "Ah, yes, Daniel, it has. Thank you. And as you were talking I realize that I am resenting my job because I am blaming it for the deterioration in my health rather than taking responsibility for it because I seem so busy that it is hard to exercise and hard to eat right. I keep thinking if I could work half a day I would have time to take care of those things. And I need to learn to do those and work. I think that is part of the source of the resentment towards work and I need to handle that. Yes, that helped a lot. And it was also helpful to have reinforced again that it is my physical and I better get on it. And also the encouragement to stay with the spiritual. So, thank you."

Daniel: "You are most welcome. And know that there is much help and love generated by your teachers and angels. You are, all of you, given much support daily in your lives. You will enjoy the various ascension milestones in your life as you look back and realize that this universe does truly run from love; that the Father's love is ingrained in all the descending beings. And as you continue to ascend, love becomes more real and understandable for you. As you sit in the communication, the love that is available to you, open yourselves to receive. This is very important. For those who cut themselves off from the communication of the Father are cutting themselves off from that love. And in so doing, do they find the lives of those they touch falling apart, do they find that they meet with much disequilibrium, much disharmony, and much fear, intolerance, and unforgiveness.


Keep communication open. Begin to see that there is forgiveness. Experience what forgiveness is. Those who keep the lines of communication open begin to realize tolerance, begin to realize gentleness, begin to realize generosity, begin to realize what the fruits of the Spirit are all about. Yes, in everybody's life there will be dark days. There will be circumstances in life that are difficult to bear. There will be times of struggle, times when decisions that are major must be made. But if your life has been tempered with prayer and a desire to know the Father, there will also be given to you guidance and the love/support necessary for you to make the right decision, necessary for you to see the right way, necessary for you to realize what you must do in your own life to bring about change, what you must do to change attitude and take on personal responsibility for your own choices. And with that, my friends, I will take my leave this evening.

Go this week and think about personal choice. Your attitude reflects the choices you make. Do you see a partly cloudy sky or a partly sunny sky? Attitude will help you in your relationships, will help you in your job, will help you in all that you do, if your attitude is based on seeking higher truth, when it is open to possibilities and not narrowed to that which you feel or think is right. My love and peace to you all. Good evening."