1993-12-17-Christmas & Advent

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Topic: Christmas & Advent

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Rutha




Daniel: "Good evening friends. I am Daniel, your teacher and guide. I welcome you here on this last meeting of your year. It will be a time of separation for us, yet if you will continue to hold my words in your thoughts, then surely we will still be connected and will be on that path of serving the First Source and Center, of coming into greater knowledge of the love and mercy of our Parent.

I wish at this time to thank all of you for your endeavors, for your struggles and your overcoming those things in your own lives, your own character and disposition that trouble you. As life unfolds there will be many opportunities to bring forth a higher choice, a more noble and righteous attitude. Your whole life is now at the beginning. And as you continue you will at particular times look back and realize the growth you have attained, and you will also realize that part of growing from the imperfect toward the divine spiritual perfectedness is an ongoing and continuous process that will take you on many adventures for many, many aeons. Do not grieve or feel the inconsistencies in your character and your actions are to belittle your progress. Progress only halts or regresses when there is not the willingness and desire for improvement. All of you have and will continue to have moments when your weaker side will give way. When you are able to let go and forgive yourself you move forward in the hope that your next adventure in life you will overcome these imperfections. Slowly over time, step by step you will lay to rest those things that continue to bring you into remorse.



The lesson this evening that I wish to present embodies the culmination of this time of Advent. In terms of human celebration traditions Advent is one that is very positive and uplifting, for it embodies gifts which bring forth light. The gift of hope, the gift of joy, the gift of peace, and the gift of love are indeed truths that were made manifest in the birth of Christ Michael.. Through His birth were these beautiful gifts truly made known to men and women. Through that birth long ago you have and will continue to know hope, joy, peace and love. Remember, my friends, that these gifts are gifts of the Spirit. Gifts of the Spirit live, survive and transcend all things that are on an earthly plane. They transcend your mortal experience. While there may be misfortune or unhappiness, sorrow, tribulations or the like in the material world, when one is in tune with that Inner Guide then hope, joy, peace, and love will always be dominant, will ever rule whatever is witnessed in a material life.

Therefor, and this is most important for you to realize, therefor daily communication, daily quiet, helps you to keep these gifts alive within your life. They will be the gifts that will sustain you during the unfolding of life, during the experiences you have on your material plane. We are speaking of those things divine in nature, those things that are inherent in your innermost being, that can be brought forth and can flourish and can nourish all the days that you walk this plane. During this time I ask you to consider a new commitment in thought to the birth of Christ Michael. Let this Christmas, this time when we will be apart be a time which will bring forth a new rebirth of hope, joy, peace, and love within your being.

While this lesson is very short it has much to contemplate. And this is my purpose this evening, to ask you to think, meditate, contemplate and do what is necessary to help bring these beautiful gifts into greater promise for yourselves and those who you touch in your daily life. As you open yourselves to the Spirit you will continually receive gifts, the divine gifts that are necessary for you to see beyond the material into a more morontial vision. Take time in our absence to invite the symbolism associated with the birth of Christ Michael to help you to progress into deeper and greater awareness of the true meaning of Christ's birth, that being the knowledge and understanding that you are also a son, a daughter of the First Source and Center; that God's love prevails, that God's love is one of the most important concepts for you to realize in this lifetime.

My dear students, during this time of gift giving when your hearts are open and wanting to reach out to others do not forget the most important gift of all, the gift that you give to yourself in setting aside that time for the communication, for prayer, the contemplation, the quiet, and the stillness with your Indwelling Guide. When this is done you will truly know the gifts of hope, joy, peace, and love. I will now accept questions."


N1: "Daniel, that was indeed a very powerful lesson for me. As you asked for that greater commitment from us to live the meaning of Advent and of Christ Michael's birth it brought a great feeling of resolve. I felt a great feeling of resolve. But I also felt an incredible sadness, a real sense of loss of something that I have carried. I guess I am thinking that it is a sense of loss of the old. To truly walk each day with hope and peace and joy and love also means to walk without a lot of other things that I have spent a lot of my life walking with. It is so ridiculous to feel grief, but I am really feeling a sense of grief and loss of the old, the known. And yet the desire to move in that [better] direction. I don't know if this is something you want to respond to, but I wanted to share that. Thank you."

Daniel: "Any changes within one's perception or any growth affords that the comfort of the known, of any particular state or time in life, be left behind. And with any change there will, of course, be greater things presented. When one walks in the Spirit, when one opens up to the gifts of the Spirit, one is filled in so many different areas, so many different avenues and in so many ways that are different from your previous state. As the divine gifts fill in, those things that appear to be needed on a material or human existence often cease to be necessary.

Walking in the path of seeking to do the Father's will is not asking you to give up your human existence. Rather it is asking you to open up to a new and greater existence which will guide and help steer your life in such a direction as to bring about a feeling that no matter what transpires in your life that you will overcome. There is a great sense of comfort and peace associated with turning your will over to the First Source and Center. And while there may be discomfort, there may be a feeling of loss or grief, you will not continue in this despairing mode if you continually turn over yourself, if you continue that desire to seek the Father, to seek the Father's will. It is a natural feeling you are going through now.

I would say to each and every one of you that when you have periods like this, to seek the solace and comfort of the great Comforter, Christ Michael, to reach out that your angels and teachers can be there with support for you. While it is always seemingly more comfortable to have a visual impression, being able to auditorially hear or physically touch and embrace someone, know that your celestial friends do hover over you and do as best they can in bringing forth comfort. Many of you will become more conscious of this help."

N1: "Thank you Daniel. I think I have been becoming more aware of that help. And I have been trying to remind myself to be open to it more often. Thank you for your words."

Daniel: "You are most welcome."


B1: "Hello, Daniel, this is B1. (Hello B1) I felt, when I was writing that sermon the other day that I delivered in C2's church, that I had some help. And I would just like to say 'thank you' to all who were involved. I know that Klarixiska had something to do with it. I thought maybe you, and I know Alkon surely did. And whoever else. So I just wanted to pass on my thank you. That was one of the more enjoyable experiences I have had writing. I really also enjoyed giving it and sharing in the church service as I have already spoken. I just wanted to say thank you again for bringing together these thoughts on Advent.

I also have some sadness too. N1 mentioned hers. And mine has to do with...I just long and yearn to see this planet change. And I'm wondering..you know it seems like the Teaching Mission has had its ups and downs. Sometimes I don't think we are getting as many people involved as I wish we would. So sometimes I feel sad because my expectations aren't fully met. I hear your words and I know the remedy for it so you really don't need to tell me that again. But, thank you, and I want you to know how much I appreciate your teaching to all of us."

Daniel: "Thank you for your words. You were aided by a host of various teachers. We had a party, so to speak, in your house! Thank you for being open to our thoughts. For you see, Isaac, you are grieving for change. You are grieving to see a more enlightened planet. The work that you do, the sermon that you gave, the sermons that are given by many across the land in many churches in many countries are words that are being given through the various teachers worldwide. And there is truth penetrating much more than you can begin to realize or understand. Important it is for all of you to individually strengthen your own beings. In this strength, in this growth in faith, in this reaching out and living daily by certain principles, this will help instigate the change.

Yes, you do know the answer. It is the individual's personal responsibility for each to open up and invite the love and the gifts of the Parent of us all into their heart. As you fulfill that responsibility do you slowly change and thereby plant those seeds necessary. This is what is most important for you to remember. Take care that your house, your own structure that you are building is fortified and is decorated with truth, beauty, and goodness."

Soul, Communication

B1: "Thank you Daniel. I had a feeling that there was a party. That leads to one other question. In the Ham transcripts that we have just received there is a lesson by a teacher named Ian, I believe, on communication at a level below or above, whichever is the right word, that which we do verbally and nonverbally.[1] He was saying that there is a great deal of error in our communication and that's pretty evident. But he was talking about learning how to communicate soul to soul. Boy when I read that I was really . ...what?....it turned on a light in my mind. And it is a morontial reality, of course, because the soul is morontial. As we are developing our souls we become more aware of other people's souls, I guess, is what he was saying. We learn how to really understand what to say and what others are really trying to tell us. At least that is what I understood his lesson to be about. I wondered if you wanted to say anything about that at this time, the communication between soul and soul. I thought it was wonderful."

Daniel: "Indeed, is the communication skill of Urantians very poor. Indeed, is it easy to misjudge or misunderstand another's comments, another's words. And, indeed, is it easy to read in one's own personal experience into another's. Yes, communication is an area that does have many errors.

The beauty of being able to communicate soul to soul is that there is not this error in communication. Mortal communication is totally different than is soul/morontial communication. This involves a knowingness, a complete understanding of the oneness of all, an understanding of the connectedness of all. It involves communication that is different than the communication that we are having now. It is similar to what..because I have..there is lack of words to describe..but to help you to understand, it is similar to what you call intuitiveness. There is this 'just knowing'. And you will most likely run into individuals during your lifetime where there will be moments, times, when there is, indeed, soul communication. There may or may not be conscious awareness of this on your part. We cannot equate this soul communication with mortal communication because it is so different.

Let me give you all a tidbit about your human communication. Because things can be misunderstood it is and becomes very important for you to realize how important communication between one another is, and how necessary it is for you to be correct in that which you wish to communicate. Communication/conversation between individuals often breaks down and takes a completely different course from what was intended simply because of a person's intonations, inflections, body language, word choices, etc. And so when communicating with one another begin to make an effort in conveying that which you truly wish to be conveyed. As you continue in more morontial growth, as the soul becomes more real you will begin to understand communication in a different light. Does this help?"

B1: "Yes. Thank you very much for answering that request. I didn't want to get us off the track of your lesson but I thought it was a natural followup."

V1: "Good evening, Daniel. First of all I really appreciated your lesson, of course, and several things in the lesson reminded me of something I read again this week. It [the UB} talks about the only thing that limits the First Source and Center is our faith and our willingness to being open to doing God's will. And I know that we have said so very often that the only thing that limits that is time spent communicating with God and with the Indwelling Spirit. I not sure what my question is here. We spend time and we think we are willing and then I do something stupid. I guess it is rather discouraging to me. And I am not sure there is anything that can be said except that you just have to keep being willing and open and then know that growth is occurring.

And then my other thought is that the soul communication that is being talked about...I really appreciated the word 'intuitive' and appreciated that fact that sometimes you communicate without words with certain people. And I think I felt that with D2 at Bonneville and there is another individual with whom I feel that is that undercurrent of knowingness. And yet nothing has been said between us. And I am wondering if, indeed, I am correct on that, if you know who that person is? If you want to comment or not, I don't know."


Daniel: "There is intuitiveness that is underlying many of the relationships you have with various people, all of you. And this is afforded through the collective consciousness of the realm, not to be confused with 'soul communication, but rather because thoughts and projections that are put forth are a part of that which connects all things. And so you do experience this very frequently, very naturally, indeed.

The other part of your question that I wish to address, again, V1 is this. As part of your training and as a mother you know that as the child is brought into the world that the child must go through various stages of development. And with each stage of development there is the kind of learning of developing the skills necessary for that part of the child's foundation and education to be laid.

You, my dear, and all of you, are on a path of continual development in many stages. As with the young infant, you would not expect that when it decided to speak that the child would speak to you in long complex sentences with each syllable and sound fully developed. No, instead, the child begins with gurgling and babbling and over many months develops the ability to speak and be understood. And so it is not expected of the child to do this.

It is not expected that each of you will be perfect in all areas at all times! What is expected is that as you continue to develop and grow, that with each awareness you develop or lay a better foundation for your next experience, so that when that experience comes you will have a foundation under you that will support you so that you can make correct choices. This foundation layering continues for the soul through many, many aeons. Perfection does not come overnight. Do not be hard on yourself! Rather utilize experiences to help you to grow so that you will be able to overcome those things which you are weakest in.

Let go, all of you, of feeling the need to be perfect! Rather allow that there will be time when error in choice and action has been made. But in God's love and care you can use each experience to help you to make greater gains the next time a situation arises. Has this helped?"

V1: "Yes, Daniel. Thank you. I just appreciate so much all the encouraging words from the teachers. You don't discourage, you encourage. I really appreciate that."

C2: "Daniel, this is C2.(Good evening C2) A couple of things: With all the sermons that are written every week, I don't think probably there is a party for all those that are written, but I would suspect that there is a whole host of folks.. and I am just reflecting that if there is this whole host of folks around my writing my sermon in my house, I better get it cleaned up so there is room for more.(laughter)


But I really appreciate the words about soul to soul communication, because I think that is partly what I was talking about with my friend John when I always know that he is troubled or when there is part of his soul stirring. I am not real certain that is soul to soul communication. I guess I would also wonder if there is a difference between soul to soul communication and spirit to spirit communication, and if so what that difference might be?"

Daniel: "The soul is an emerging reality that continues to move through the various levels of ascension to that point in which the soul becomes spirit. And spirit communication is that communication that is done between those who have already [[[attained]] spirit status] or were created as spirit. When you speak of spirit communication here you are not speaking of the same term that I just presented. There is the 'knowingness/intuitiveness' that develops between people who have had in their life's experiences together, relationships. And there is a bond or link that develops between these two individuals that does help them in connecting. And thus you are often aware of another's needs. This is what has transpired between you and John.

There are times, as previously stated in this discourse this evening, where, indeed, soul to soul communication occurs. In this instance with John this is not what is happening. But because of your sensitivity you do realize and pick up, so to speak, those times when there is a state of turmoil and change. Has this helped you in your question?"

C2: "Yes, thank you. It was very helpful for you to articulate the difference between soul to soul and spirit to spirit. And I knew that when we have been speaking or when it was spoken here about my spirit resides and we are in the same spirit that it was different. I just wasn't able to articulate what the difference was. And so I appreciate that. I also appreciated the comment about how sometimes that soul communication is unconscious, because I think I have experienced that. It is conscious on one party's part, but maybe not conscious with the other being. That is helpful too. Thank you."

Daniel: "You are most welcome."

C2: "I have one other thing. As you were giving your message on Advent I noted, since I do a lot of different reading in a lot of different publications, that it is very fulfilling, very rich to see that most of the persons who are writing about Advent this year are really converging in on the same idea in terms of what a new meaning of Christmas is about. Most of them have spoken on the same theme that you did tonight, challenging me to think about Christmas as a time of the gospel in terms, not about a baby coming, but about the transforming light that has come into the world, and how we stretch ourselves to reside in those gifts of Advent. And, of course, only in the waiting, patient time, do we make available Advent. So it has really been an important reaffirmation of some of the ideas that I had had, and also the putting on hold of all the flutter and excitement of Christmas to really understand that Advent is that time of quiet and of expectation, and of being open to what is coming. So I thank you."

Daniel: "You see, that which is truth, prevails. That which is truth is brought forth, becomes relevant to each individual as that individual is ready to accept, to know. Truth is available. All are invited. If even a glimmer or spark of faith is kindled in an individual will there then be presented the next truth necessary for that individual to grasp, to accept, to grow from. The true grasp of the message brought forth from the birth of Christ Michael will be manifest in time! At some point all will realize their heritage. All will understand the meaning and legacy of Christmas. Love will dominate. With that, my friends, I ask you to gather in a circle for some ending thoughts.(Group stands and holds hands)


As this year draws to a close and as this Christmas brings forth a new rebirth in each, let your hearts, your minds, your spirits be open that the gifts of hope, joy, peace, and love may become a part of your divine nature that will commingle with your human nature, thus bringing about a change in your own personal lives and the lives of all that you touch. Christ Michael, through Your birth we, the ascending mortals of the realms of this Local Universe, have been so blessed with the knowledge of our true inheritance! We thank you for all that Your lessons have done in bringing forth the love of the First Source and Center. Throughout the coming days, months, and year we ask that we come into greater understanding, that through this understanding we can better serve one another, thereby serving the First Source and Center. As we gather this evening, let the love that we feel for one another spread throughout the land and the globe. We ask that Your presence continue to be the dominant focus in our lives. We thank you for all. We ask that we can continue to serve and to continue to grow and know. Amen."