1994-01-02-Faith and Trust

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Topic: Faith and Trust

Group: Spokane TeaM


Teacher: Aaron

TR: Simeon



Michael: It is given to you in my name, this mission which sits before you. From all that I ask of you may you come to learn and understand more completely my Father, your Father. If you trust on His name then you will not be misplaced in your faith.

Aaron: Hello I am Aaron. I greet you today with my love. I would talk today about faith and trust.


Belief, Faith

You all have achieved a fair level of faith in your life. You believe strongly in the presence of the First Source. If you look forth upon how this faith manifests into your being, you can't always grasp what perpetuates the feeling, yet it is there. It can't be identified or rationalized, or discussed into being. It becomes in you a part, by a stepping of progression beginning with hope, progressing into belief, and then manifesting itself as faith. Your level of belief is always higher than your faith, because this belief leads the way for increasing your faith.

You may believe that I am real, yet still within your being not have faith that this is so. You may hope that it is so, but still in your being you may not have faith that this is so. When you look towards me Aaron, realize that I do not require your faith to work with you. I only require your desire to learn more about your Father, because in Him you have made the steps to faith.


Trust. This is a difficult area to deal with when working with mortals on a realm such as this, because so much that is a part of the every day occurrence leaves reason for distrust. Faith does require some trust, but to truly evolve in your relationships with the Father, and the Son through Michael, and with the entire universe family, you must work to evolve your trust to a higher level.

This begins by learning to trust yourself in what you are doing, in believing that your motivations are true when they are. In understanding yourself you begin to find reason to trust your being, and as you trust in yourself you find that you are more capable of trusting those around you.

This does not require blind faith in your friends, relatives, or even strangers. I do not ask you to give a ten dollar bill to someone and tell them you'll be right back, just to manifest trust from your being. It takes for you the capability to let go of defensive reactions, to not be afraid to look into someone's eye and share just an acknowledgment, or to reach out to those that, even on your best day, seem to create a problem in understanding, not to tackle the issues of the problems, but to simply say, "Hey let's talk. Let's share from a level that we don't always get to."

Sometimes trust, even in your relationship with your Father is difficult. You think that this is at very high levels, this trust some times, but from our perspective you still are growing and will do so for some time to reach the level of a normal sphere.

When you shelter yourself from responding to difficult situations with the positive, it is from a lack of trust that your Father can see fit through you to shine the best.

I call today for you to believe in this. When you are by yourself, or even if you are with ten who would pursue an incorrect avenue of thinking or action, that instead of going along with, or walking away, to truly stand and say something which may seem awkward and misunderstood, but if it is the truth and you are seeking to do the positive, this will impress even those who don't show their feelings.

Learn to trust in the Spirit of God, and the truth of God, and in your Thought Adjuster. When you seek to utilize their understanding you will not fall short.

Hello friends.

A: Hello.

Sh: Hello Aaron.


Aaron: Would you have any questions today?

Conflict, Relationships

Sh: If I come up against petty little irritations with people, with my Father in my mind, do I try to ignore these petty little irritations and go on, or is it that I'm supposed to confront these irritations?

Aaron: See if they have meaning. If they are quirks of nature, or side effects to character, then they are blind to the spiritual, for the spiritual seeks to see what is real about the personality and if you can utilize this mode of understanding you won't really see the quirks. But there are some that do have habits or modes of thinking or action that are disruptive and difficult to deal with.

Sh: I've been accused of keeping things in, as if that were bad, and in my thoughts I'm just trying to tolerate. So I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or not. I would just like to keep my mouth shut and think of it as somebody else's problem and not mine, instead of constantly having something to say about things.

Aaron: It is better to pursue the corrective nature of a relationship than to harbor unexposed feelings of resentment or anger.

In relationships it is always communication which opens the door for resolving issues and you can do this effectively when you utilize the Spirit in your mind. If you need to stop and say, "Hey God, help me out here.", which I think you have done well before, but if you would do this to keep you into perspective on how to deal with resolving issues, then you will find that the characteristics of the Spirit will manifest into your behaviortolerance, mercy, compassion, understanding, and justice—and you will see these issues in that light. Does this help you?

Sh: Yes thank you.


A: Because Aaron, the group is going to meet with the extended family in Coeur D'Alene to discuss service projects, do you have any suggestions as to the kinds of service projects the Teaching Mission would have us focus on to do in the three dimensional world?

Aaron: The focal point of our mission is to bring you to understand the Father's presence and then expand your perception in this. If you can choose to follow this understanding with an outreach of your own in like fashion, then you will be supported immensely in your endeavors.

There are many who are searching today in all different faiths, ideologies, and now is our time for expanding into the understanding of the mortal beings on this planet. Realize that this mission is one of several on this planet. We are dealing with people of different races, faiths, backgrounds.


A: Switching to a different topic, I hear from Sh. that she has a great concern that a friend's action is going to continue to alienate her friend's husband, both in reading the book and in solving family situations. Would it be appropriate for us to give her friend some kind of counsel so that she does not continue to alienate her husband, or should we totally stay clear of the situation and let it work itself out, which at this time it appears that the relationship is in jeopardy? Should we stay clear and not do a thing, or should we lend assistance and advice?

Aaron: The only thing you can do is to support her highest thinking. Realize that no one has the complete picture of what is happening in their relationship, and both have difficult choices, decisions, to go through. They will decide in time.

To not be so quick to decide what is right or wrong. There is a standard by which every being is called to in the universe of universes and this standard is,--before anything else, you must be true to the Father first—and don't sacrifice this for anything. These are my comments.

A: Then Sh. should also stay clear of any involvement affecting her friend one way or the other in this. Am I correct?

Aaron: Be there to listen, to offer sound advice and to support her highest thinking.


Sh: On one hand I think that I understand that we are put on this earth to have a loving relationship and family, which doesn't always work out that way.

I'm in a relationship right now that is more of a friendship I feel comfortable because I have plenty of time to be with my Father now as opposed to spending too much time in what it takes to have a relationship. Am I missing out on something, or is my satisfaction valid?

Aaron: It is wholly valid. It is true that you must find that balance between relationships with material personalities and the spiritual. You have done this rather effectively for yourself by allowing time for your Father in your life.

Understand that love is not what the fairy tales say that it is always. Sometimes it is simple and in its simpleness it is more profound than a Greek tragedy. Friendship is love and how many people do you think are in relationships where they feel they are in love deeply, but cannot be friends with each other?

Love is simply the desire to do [good] to others and as you understand this power you will realize that there are many, many different levels of love. So do not think that you are missing out on too much.

Sh: Well thanks for that Aaron. I want to say hello to Miriam.

Aaron: She says hello to you.

A: I say hello to Gideon.

Aaron: He is screaming from the top of his lungs in response (Laughter)

He enjoys seeing how you relate to those that you come into contact with through the week and how you methodically approach community and commitment.

A: Thank you very much. I know exactly what he is talking about.

You're welcome friend.


Aaron: And so I would let you go today. Realize that you have much to do before you in your capabilities and as you proceed, as you act upon your faith, you will find your levels of trust increasing daily, weekly, yearly. One step in front of the other.

I would ask you to take each other's hands and close this session with a little thing that we here call a chain of love. Just focus your energy of love to your left and let it go. Let it keep going.

As you receive the love from your friend, then pass it to your other friend. (Pause) Spend a few moments and realize how much you really have to look forward to. (Long Pause.) A closing thought for all the friends who could not be here today. Allow them to fall within your circle.