1994-01-04-Spirituality Of Others

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Topic: Spirituality of Others

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Betty



I am your teacher, JarEl.

Group: Greeting JarEl!


JarEl: "The love of God surrounds us, the power of God protects us, the presence of God enfolds us, ever lighting a path and lifting up our hearts. I am so pleased to be here with you. The lights shine, making a path to your beautiful spirits that blend together in a rotating circle of energy and love. The spirit of each rises above your heads and glows, spirals upward, and a reflective light spirals downward. If you could but see this beauty, the grace, the loveliness. If we could only view the spirituality in others, we could cast aside all our considerations of our fellow man to embrace only the loveliness, the goodness, the perfection of their spiritual nature.


We spoke earlier of diverse pressures of the richness and depth experienced in Marlies' childhood and the memories of camping with young children. Each of God's children also has memories, be they pleasant or frightful, of family gatherings, a history from which they developed. Know in your hearts that each one is a book unto themselves, but unless the intention is there to understand, know and love your brothers and sisters, the book will never open. The cover will be concealed, concealing the depth and beginnings of these, God's children. So I say to you, carefully consider each one you greet as a child of the Father. Hold forth that beauty in your mind's eye and say silently "Welcome bother, welcome sister, we are one with God our Father."

How often are we impersonal in our viewing of our worldly surroundings?? How often are we caught up in the facade and illusions of its reality?? It takes practice to develop your spiritual muscles. Remembering takes practice, remembering from where you came, from where you are going. All are loved, all are on this golden path, that leads to an new beginning, to a new birth, to a journey so fantastic that the wind, and the heavens, and the space between, is filled with dancing, love, dancing light, embracing all of creation.


We gather together in hopes of capturing a glimpse of this reality, of lifting our heats to a higher place to enhance our vacant existence. But I tell you all is well, each is surrounded by those who would help you and assist you... and who do!! If you could see the glimmering threads connecting the spiritual souls of this earth, your eyes would weep with joy. It seems an awesome task to bring this world of Christ Michael's forward into an evolution of spiritual awareness. But have faith, have hope, fear not, all is well, all is proceeding as planned!! Focus not on the negative aspects of this reality. One foot in the world and one foot in love. One foot must deal with the temporal life, one foot must balance on air and faith, and goodness. This balance is a task beyond your knowing. Balance in all things, balance is the key, balance with play, with work, with meditation, with knowledge. Balance, rest, and wake, and work, and play. Throughout the universe this balance is practiced. The mind and body together in balance. And now, Dear ones, the hour grows late, but questions I feel are hiding in the roofs of your mouth.



Hal: Yes, JarEl, I had a question I would like to ask you. It occurred to me as you were discussing tonight talking of the Father, there seemed to be such and element of women's lib going on. Is there a word or any concept that would ease the use of the masculine gender in all things or is that a nonessential item?

JarEl: It seems the words are forever changing, what is correct today will be an error tomorrow. Respect and consideration will transverse all conflict with words. Do you see this?

Hal: Yes, it is the way I have felt, it is not an important item but, some people seem to be quite excited about it.

JarEl: If there are no more questions, I will depart.

Hal: This is a short session, we should have more questions.

JarEl: I leave you with these words, know that however low your spirits seem, it is often a case after intense excitement that rest is required to bring the physical mechanism back into balance.

The excessive nourishment and drink of flavors and sweetness is at times responsible for the imbalance of the physical vehicle. Take care to cleanse the body with clear fluids and extra rest, then the body will again be in balance and the thoughts and attitudes can again be addressed. So now, Dear ones................

Lucille: JarEl, we have Doug that just arrived.

JarEl: Good evening, Douglas!

Douglas: Greetings, teacher!

Hal: While he is getting settled, would you accept another question.......

JarEl: Certainly.


Hal: In going over the transcripts, I would like to pursue a little bit more the comparative mechanisms of the material being and the spiritual being. I ask about the..., we seem to respond with electro-chemical emotions and all kinds of things related to our physical, and things we respond to spiritual, and ideas and thoughts within the chemical reactions to our bodies. Is that not necessary in the spiritual world, to have some kind of a mechanism within the Morontia body to respond to spiritual values, love, and concern and understanding? Is there some kind of a chemical, or spiritual, or Morontial, mechanism that causes the individual to respond to these emotions and ideas and responses in the spiritual world?

JarEl: Dear one, when the tree is planted in the soil, the roots dig deep into the soil to seek out the minerals and nourishment of the soil. This nourishment triggers the plant, the tree, to grow to its potential and flower and seed; and the cycle is ever ending. The plant, the tree, is the material manifestation of the genetic character of the big species. However, when love and spiritual ideas are transmitted from one to another, no vehicle is required.

Hal: That must be the answer then. There apparently is a direct contact in the spiritual world without needing the mechanism to receive it.

JarEl: That is correct.

Douglas: Teacher JarEl, I would ask a question. In reading the transcripts of Ham, he was discussing a lesson on the Morontia world vs. the material, and he indicated the ever presence of our Thought Adjusters and how our Thought Adjusters in the Morontial world we would be more conscious of them, conscious of the value system and that the gesture would make the values more evident to us, and we would understand the difficulties, adversities, and trials, that we go through in this material world. We will understand the true purpose of it, once arriving in that Morontial state, and also we would realize that the Father is ever with us throughout all of these experiences although sometimes we don't realize it as much here but, in that state we would be very conscious of it and, in listening to my brother's question, the thought that came to my mind, was the fact, that the Thought Adjuster, in itself, is the vehicle that makes evident the love and so forth. Would that be correct in that regard, and if so, the second part of my questions is; Ham kind of left it open, I believe, to my reason, that there was a possibility of us, while in the Morontia existence to commit error, and I would like to know if that is possible or if that is just something I misunderstood??

Free will

JarEl: The first question referring to the Thought Adjuster and the Mota mind to demonstrate the complexity of our natures, yes, this is correct. The Thought Adjuster, this Father fragment, however is ever present. Not as a physical, material, entity. The vehicle by which this fragment communicates needs no physical body. This is a gift endowed upon the children of the Father and does, indeed, hold in trust all memories and spiritual knowledge obtained in the temporal life. The all knowing, gentle mercy, goodness of the Father in His plan for our ascension has provided the process by which these mighty trustees are again united with the personality of the being.

Upon your arrival in the resurrection halls on the mansion worlds, you will understand immediately the beauty of this plan and will recognize the opportunities to continue on your path of ascension. Much is required, and the joy and excitement is beyond description. The opportunities for choosing service and study has as its component the element of choice. Whenever the element of choice is present, the possibility of error is also inherent. Do you understand?

Douglas: Yes, teacher, thank you.

JarEl: You're welcome.


Hal: Then, do I gather, JarEl, I'm trying to understand, our physical or animal mechanisms is not necessary to receive spiritual love to receive the endowments of the spirit.

JarEl: This is correct.

Hal: And this is merely to present problems for us to solve, is the reason the Father designed it for us to start out in this animal body?

JarEl: Dear one, your beginnings are your beginnings! The life implantation on Urantia were of a somewhat experimental design and you, and all present, are the result of that fruitful beginning. Do you understand?

Hal: Yes, I assume then that this is His plan for us to learn to grow and develop a spiritual nature within an animal beginning and this then produces strength of character, spiritual growth?

JarEl: This is the pattern of all similar models of inhabited planets. The materials often varied, the purpose is focused often upon another premise of spiritual value. However this concern of yours seems other than you describe, for the Urantia book describes this in detail and the knowledge is within you. I say to you, my brother, these things will be made clear and the joy you will have upon your arrival will be beyond your imagination. The venture of this new existence will be wonderful. You will be full of vitality and known to all.

Your status of spiritual growth merely by your presence each being is recognized by the growth he has achieved in his temporal life and each will be pleased with their new bodies.

Hal: It sounds exciting and wonderful, we are all looking forward to it. My questions are based on my efforts to try and evolve spiritual nature, my understanding what the spiritual nature is and I recognize the glories that are ahead for us. I am anxious to get there as fast as possible . ..............

Lucille: Not too fast.

Hal: Get there in the physical, this is why I'm trying to relate the material to the spiritual, because we were created to enjoy this wonderful physical existence, at the same time we are growing to a spiritual nature. This is my effort to try and understand the spiritual nature, but thank you JarEl, it is wonderful, you have enlightened a great deal.

JarEl: Dear one, thank you for clarifying this issue. The spiritual nature is outside the realm of the material existence and often a mystery to dissect and examine for, as we know, when an element is captured and dissected, it is no longer in its original form. It has an altered body, the mirror inspection process. The reality of the existence is shattered by the inspection, and reconstructing the nature of these elements is impossible because the result is a mutated viewpoint of the original element. So, this rather lengthy explanation has, in itself, dissected the element of spirituality. The spiritual element of our nature is to discover, to realize the relationship, the temporal body as the vehicle that houses the god fragment, and spiritual.

Hal: Then you're saying we should not try and unite the physical and the spiritual existence together, they are separate....

JarEl: Exactly....

Hal: . ........and then don't dissect it as I have been trained to do, and to study and find out what makes things tick, just relax and let it happen?

JarEl: As you practice the stillness, the body disappears, is this not true???

Hal: Not as much as I would like it to, my body is still there.

JarEl: Dear one, practice until the body disappears.

Hal: That's a goal to aim for.


JarEl: And now, loved ones, I will say farewell.

Group: Farewell, JarEl, thank you.

Hal: Yes, farewell JarEl, its been most enjoyable, most enlightening.

JarEl: Farewell!