1994-01-21-Layers of Attitude

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Topic: Layers of Attitude

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Tomas

TR: Rutha, Gerdean



Opening Prayer

Daniel(TR 1): "Greetings my friends, I am Daniel, your guide and your teacher. I welcome you this evening with open arms and embrace each of you as a child of the First Source and Center, my brothers, my sisters. As we have witnessed in your presentations this evening life continues to unfold. Life continues to have its great moments of joy and its times of trials and tribulations; its times of leading you to reflect more sincerely and contemplatively about your relationship with the Indwelling Spirit and that of the Creator Son, Michael. As you have all come into a realization of, it is easy to speak words, it is easy to think grand thoughts, but living and bringing forth correct actions requires a different kind of commitment. And while you have made the commitment intellectually you are in the transformative stage of bringing about the God-consciousness within your whole being; at which point, then, it will become more automatic and you will be able to live more confidently in the knowledge that you are following the Father's will. Let not the earthly trials and the weaknesses of the material existence deter you. Rather, come to that point in your thinking framework where you can allow the love of the Father to prevail.



This week I will address this group regarding again the aspect of attitude. In this regard, though, I wish to bring to your thinking the various levels of consciousness that can be associated with attitude, behavior, action, and thought. In the realm of psychological standing three levels would be defined.

The first level would be that which is on the bottom, the framework of thinking negatively, the framework in which you cannot find reason or need to be of higher consciousness. This mode is considered the worst type of thinking for it is in this framework where errors in judgement and errors of willfully disregarding that which is correct, occur. On this level of consciousness there is little progress. There is usually only regression. There is a tendency to backslide, in which case there must be the steady climb back toward a higher level.

There will, of course, be times when you may find yourself in this negative area, this negative space. During these times let me remind you to especially seek that quiet time where you can refocus, be re- energized into the love and the mercy of the First Source and Center. Let not your being or state of mind remain in this area for it is an area that will bring remorse as there is a lack of light and a lack of spiritual input. Only those who remain open will be able to utilize and receive the gifts of the Spirit. Those who choose to remain in a negative state cut themselves from that Source.

Let me also state that this is especially true for all individuals that are of normal electrochemical status when these times come. Those who are in a mentally depressed state due to neurological or physiological/biological infirmary will not be classified in this regard.

The second state of consciousness is that of being in a positive mental state. In this state you work to bring about progress. You make choices that help and uplift. In this area you are beginning to develop a higher sense of purpose. In mentally being in a positive state you can visualize images and react in ways that will keep your life flowing in the progressive upward state.

This progressive upward state is the third level of which we have being speaking about for the last several years. This is that state of God-consciousness of allowing God's work to be channeled through you. In this statement I wish to say that you who reach this state of God-consciousness are able to withstand the rigors of a material life and maintain a level of peace and serenity, of positiveness. You are in that light of knowing that whatever befalls in your material life is being taken care of. There is this knowledge of the great overcare. It is those who reach this state that are able to begin a more in depth study on this plane into morontial knowingness.

Responsibility, Thought

Each of you has in your lifetime been on each of these levels. And each of you has by your actions and your desires, your inner motives, elected to remain on the second level striving for the third level. And let me assure you that with each passing day you are steadily adding to the reservoir of experiences, emotions, and understanding that will help you to grow in steady increments to that level of that consciousness. It is a process that is ongoing and there will be times when you will not be able to maintain this highest level. And yet those who desire to know the First Source and Center and follow His will, will not be forgotten, even on your lowest days. Rather, it becomes a time for you to be more responsible for your thoughts. It is a time for you to seek that the divine guidance will be understood. As you have witnessed over these last two years, there, indeed, has been a growing consciousness on your part. And as the days continue, the weeks and months and years, you will be transformed. Do not let the individual discouraging moment of the day or of situations be a detriment to your spiritual growth. Rather understand that in life there are always situations. It is your attitude and your manner in approaching each situation that changes your outlook, or changes the consequences. Those who do not find divine guidance have elected to shut those areas off. Those who crave, desire, and wish for that enlightenment to be a part of their life will always know and feel that presence despite the trials of life.

I have told you this many times. And in your beings you are beginning to develop a special consciousness about this. You are evolving into beings who are becoming much more aware of God in your lives. You are beginning to realize that with each day, with each situation those who have prepared, who have opened the door for the flow of divine enlightenment are thusly showered with this guidance, with this hope, with this love. And so it is not my intention to bore you with lessons that seem repetitive, but it is my understanding of human psychology and the like. Many, many are the ways that need to have these thoughts given, that in hearing them, reflecting upon them daily there can be this gradual evolution, this transformation.

My friends, you do well. I am very pleased. And I know that your potentials are even greater than you can imagine. Do not be afraid to stretch and to reach for that next step, for growth is like the balloon. If you never puff air into it, it will remain uninflated. The more air you put into it the greater the expansion. But unlike the balloon expansion cannot explode unexpectedly. Rather there will come a time when the explosion of the balloon will be the understanding of the complete love of the First Source and Center. I will now accept questions."


B1: "Good evening, Daniel. This is B1. And I was wondering if I misunderstood or...I thought I heard you say there were three levels of attitude. And you only talked about two.[Editor's note. I(B1) missed the transition] Did I misunderstand or are you going to talk about that third level some other time?? Would you clarify that please."

Daniel: "The first level is the level of negativity, the worst level to be on. The second level is the level of the positive and being able to work toward progress. The third level is that of God-consciousness of being in the flow, of being able to allow God to work through you. These three levels have been discussed."

B1: "Yes, thank you very much."

Human Condition

N1: "Daniel, I just wanted to say that...I don't remember exactly what you said..I think you said you didn't want to bore us by being repetitive. I just wanted to say that I don't find these lessons repetitive. And it was certainly exactly what I needed to hear. I was aware today, and I was wondering if I was being prompted. My thinking was awfully negative. And so I appreciate the help that you give. I appreciate being reminded that it is in fact doable, that we wouldn't be being asked to be positive in our circumstances if it wasn't possible. That's all I want to say. Thank you."

Daniel: "Thank you. And know that we teachers understand fully the trials and the life of a mortal existence, being ascending beings. We teachers have walked the path before you, under different circumstances, of course. But, you see, in any kind of a material life there is going to be a difference in thought processes, in the ability to think beyond a material sphere. Once you have worked through the morontial worlds and as you lose the material existence you begin to realize the limited capacity of a material existence. This capacity, while limited, is ironically a time and place where great faith and great characteristics can be developed and appreciated more fully than in any other existence. And so, while you do not always understand, your faith and your willingness to know and to love will bring about a greatness that will be utilized in later aeons for great service. Do not despair of your life here. It has much to offer. It is the spawning ground for future endeavors."

N1: "Thank you Daniel."

Faith, God-consciousness

Tomas(TR 2): "I am Tomas. I need to put in my two cents. I have enjoyed your discourse and your attention. And I am reminded of the merits of our association. On the highest level of functioning we are reinforced and reaffirmed by our continued association. As the sun rises every morning and we rely on that simple truth, we, in fact, plan our life accordingly. So it is in being part of this fellowship of spiritual companionship. We rely on one another and begin to recognize that this level of reality is. From that comprehension, that faith, that trust that we are here, that we are working with you, you are working with us, we are working together toward the establishment and growth of the evolving Supreme, then this reality is upheld; and you can learn to rely on the realities of each other through your faith in spiritual reality.

Positive is becoming the rage. Affirmations are supplanting fears and dreads of many years standing. And yet it lacks the verve and impetus inherent in the living, loving truth of the Master. Hold fast to these realities and reinforce them in yourselves and in your fellows. And in time it will ripple outward and affect all mankind, as you know."

N1: "I have a question for Tomas. Tomas, your discussion led me to think of what my teacher Linda has been teaching me. And I have been listening. And that is on the difference between the material and the spiritual. And would you say that the difference between the affirmations and the positive thinking that are the rage affects our material circumstances, whereas loving the First Source and Center and developing that relationship has verve . ..is part of what I think is the word you used; because that is the spiritual? So we need to turn to the spiritual and not the material? And that positive thinking and affirmations is really about the material, not the spiritual?"

Tomas(TR 2): "To some extent the positive level which Daniel addressed is a result of the superior spiritual efforts of people such as yourself in prayer, of Correcting Time Mission, of appropriate evolution. And, yes, these are not to be decried. Positive is certainly better than negative. And yet even positive will become dull and indifferent unless it is infused with the living waters."

Daniel: "And might I add to that. You see, in my presentation I stated that this is an evolving process. The one who is in a negative state often relies and needs affirmations to help bring that person, himself or herself into that next level of being positive, of understanding things from a totally different perspective. Had not affirmations been a part of that person's life then it would have been more difficult to regain a positive state. As you begin to bathe in the light of positive mental imaging then there becomes a greater confidence and greater self worth and self love evolution within your being. As this is manifested then, the Indwelling Spirit is able to encourage and bring forth a greater desire within the individual to seek for the divine truth, that divine element. And in so doing is the consciousness slowly raised to where God-consciousness becomes a more paramount part of an individual's life. Do you see."

N1: "Yes, I do see. I thank you both."


B1: "I also thank you both, and feel like a dummy that I missed that third level. I want to tell you both something..and that is that this interaction process that just occurred between both of you has really helped me. I am excited about having you both complement each other and elaborate on each other. I just wanted to ask another question if you are through, N1. Daniel, you referred to our setbacks, our backsliding, the short lived stuff, you know, those moments where we are low, etc. And you have told us in the past not to stay there, to get up and walk on and return to our centeredness with our Indwelling Spirit and etc. Peace Pilgrim, when she was still with us, did a spiritual autobiography in a classroom where I was in attendance. She talked about a period in her life where she was going up and down. And then she said she entered a new phase where she went just on a gradual incline up and never had those regressions. And I thought to myself, 'Is that possible?' I mean, I wasn't calling her a liar in my mind, but I was just amazed. That third level of God-consciousness..I'm not asking you to comment on Peace Pilgrim if you are not familiar with her and it would not be appropriate. Are we going to anticipate less and less of this down stuff and a gradual smoothing out? What should we be..or should we not be worrying about that, just living day by day?"(laughter)

Daniel: "I am, of course, very much aware of Peace Pilgrim. Also let me state that, indeed, there are individuals, and have been throughout the centuries, and will continue to be more and more as time goes on, who are able to transcend and remain in that level of God-consciousness where the material realities become less and less important. And the reality of the divine becomes the leading impetus through which the individual focuses. This is the ideal. And there will be moments when more and more people reach that ideal, but because it is such an heightened state there will be those who are not able to maintain it. This is not something that you should worry about and fret over in thinking about your own life, whether or not you can reach such a state and hold it. There have been times, let me assure you, where that has been your state. But let me remind you that this is a process. Let me remind you that you are of electrical/chemical composition and this alone can play a great part in the levels of consciousness. Even Peace Pilgrim had moments of great heights and peace and serenity, and moments that were borderline into just positive thinking, the step below the consciousness of the divine.

What is asked of you, my dear friends, is that as you continue to walk your life's journey that the lessons and example of Christ Michael, His message of God's love and your inheritance becomes such a part of your life that you continue to stretch and reach for that higher purpose. Do not dwell on what is or is not. Be in the timeframe and circumstances that you are currently. Reflect daily and continue to seek the stillness that the Indwelling Presence will guide you, and through your courage, faith, God-consciousness will become a way of life for you."

B1: "Thank you very much."

Spirituality, Necessity

C2: "As you were speaking and as Tomas was speaking I was very much thinking about the relationship of one's material well being as formative into moving into this higher consciousness. Primarily Abraham Maslow has done some hierarchy of needs that it is very difficult for people to move into a higher state of..Maslow doesn't call it God-consciousness, but it is that fullness of being, awareness of being in the light of God...that until physical, material needs are met there is a great deal of difficulty for persons to do that. Can you comment on that, please?"

Daniel: "Having a material life that is secure, indeed, provides great fertilizer for one to have the security and freedom, etc., to seek higher truths. But to say that one must be materially and physically secure in order to reach this state is error. For this is a set of hierarchy steps that is created by this man as a general rule. If you look to your indigenous people, as you look to the many poor and handicapped and deprived in the world you will find that there is a sense of longing to know that Higher Guide, that there is happiness and contentment in all areas of social, economic, and physical strata. And so to say that only those who have 'made it' are able to grasp God-consciousness isn't correct. Many of those who seemed to be deprived have a real sense of security and peace and understanding of the Higher Source. Has this helped?"

C2: "Yeah. I guess I never assumed it meant that the material well being was equated with having 'made it'. Because some of the most Spirit filled people are those indigenous folk who by our standards would be 'deprived'. Perhaps the key is that it is by our standards. But by their standards that is part of the 'wholeness' of their culture and their time. They are more accepting of the truths and reality and thereby have greater access and have moved into that higher plane naturally than in our more complex society and competitive being where we cut it off at the pass."

Daniel: "Indeed, many who in this society have 'made it' are so caught up in the complexities of keeping it above and making it more and more that they totally cut themselves off from divine input. God's love is for all! God is open to all! It is each individual person at their own place and in their own relationship with the First Source and Center that is the key. As your attitude changes, as you accept and open up to the First Source and Center so shall divine input be recognized by you. If God is there for all, the divine love and input is constantly being showered and rained on from above. It is only those who take down the umbrella and open up their own being that receive these divine waters."

C2: "I think I also have to say that in fairness to Maslow he wasn't talking about real strong wealth, he was talking about basic food, clothing, the things that you mentioned in terms of that kind of security which serves as fertilizer."

Daniel: "Indeed, these basic things are necessary. When one is on survival your electro/chemical makeup takes over. When one has at some point the big breakthrough in knowing God, then when survival instincts must come into reign there is built into them through experience this knowingness that will carry them through these earthly temporal plagues."

C2: "Thank you, Daniel."

V1: "Good evening Daniel and Tomas. Thank you so much for the lessons. I have several things, several thoughts on my mind. The first one is the self-actualization that Maslow talks about to me is perhaps on a material/psychological level, pretty much what you were speaking about with the bottom of level two; the bottom of positivism where you are satisfied with yourself and have met your own personal needs. Where the third level would be a level even beyond even self-actualization. Would you like to comment on that? Am I going in the right direction?"

Daniel: "Indeed you are, yes."


V1: "Thank you. The other two thoughts I have, one this week, and one for some time. The one I had this week is that you teachers that have come to this planet to help us evolve spiritually and to know that level of God-consciousness. Perhaps, as Klarixiska said, many of you were here or observed the crucifixion at the time that Christ Michael suffered because of our people."

Daniel: "Are you asking if Tomas and I were here?"

V1: "Or the teachers...Abraham..were you here? Did you see? Did you know? I guess I rushed through that part this week because I didn't want to dwell on it. I wanted to get to the resurrection. And I keep seeing the phrase in my mind, 'the beings of a universe' observed the terrible tragedy of the crucifixion."

Daniel: "You realize that the broadcast circuits were diminished extensively at that time. However, because of Christ Michael's presence many hosts of Angels and the like were here. And as you know, Angels are the great message carriers. And so much of these happenings on this planet were instantaneously known by the other planets, etc. of Nebadon. Personally I was not on this planet. However, I was very much aware of what was happening and recall very painfully and vividly this occurrence. And because of its impact on me it caused me to resolve to volunteer and allow my services to be employed in whatever fashion so that there could be a greater enlightenment given to this planet. Tomas would you please relate your own personal experiences."

Tomas(TR 2): "Yes, Daniel. But first I commend you on your need to serve, as this reaction is an earmark on one who loved the Master and who is totally committed to bringing about His loving reality throughout His universe.

I recall the crucifixion as if it were yesterday, as if it were a moment ago. For none could behold our Creator in such a pitiable condition without sustaining a lasting impression; and much of my resultant emotional depth came from the outrage and tremendous compassion I felt, as you did, daughter, when you stumbled upon that difficult moment in your reading recently. Outraged we were and saddened! And fortunately, like Daniel, motivated, driven, compelled to do what we could do to enlighten this pitiable mankind. Thank you for your concern."

Spirit of Truth

V1: "I really thank each of you, the Teaching Mission and the teachers for your part in helping us! Thank you. The third thought I have had for some time now is...when the Spirit of Truth was poured out upon this planet after the resurrection of course it was for all humankind. I wondered if each of us having the Indwelling Spirit, does the Spirit of Truth follow us to the morontial worlds? Or is the Spirit of Truth only for this material planet?"

Daniel: "The Spirit of Truth, as the Indwelling Spirit, will always be a part of your heritage, of your ongoing progress, because of your sonship and daughtership. Know that the Spirit of Truth will bring more and more enlightenment to your understanding as you traverse the morontial worlds. It is the Spirit of Truth that helps you to bring into your own personal experience those special gifts. Open yourself daily that these gifts can sustain you, nourish you, help you to grow in greater and greater understanding. As these gifts become embedded within your being are you evermore expanding and kindling that flame of luminosity of your spirituality to grow, become brighter. Evermore will you be able to serve your brothers and sisters. Allow these fruits to fill you. In doing so will you become more knowledgeable regarding the First Source and Center, will you become even more dedicated to following the Father/Mother Spirit.


My friends I will take my leave this evening giving you my love and peace. Tomas?"

Tomas(TR 2): "Farewell."

Group: "Good night Daniel. Good night Tomas."

Closing prayer through TR 3 by Tomas.(not recorded)