1994-01-28-Shift In Attitudes on Urantia

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Topic: Shift in Attitudes on Urantia

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Tomas, Machiventa

TR: Rutha, Gerdean



Opening prayer

Daniel:(TR 1) "Greetings my friends, I am Daniel, your guide and teacher. I am pleased that you have been willing to gather here again this evening to hear words of the teachers and to not only help to bring about the work of the Teaching Mission, but most importantly, to help yourselves individually become secure and confident of that Indwelling Presence which will sustain and guide you through all of your life endeavors.



As you have been witness to over these last two years, there is a shift in the attitude, in the thought processes of the realm of people on Urantia. Evolution takes time. However, as more and more is put into the collective consciousness is there able to be change. Change can be toward progress, growth, and spiritual enlightenment, or it can be regressive, going toward the lower, base, animalistic instincts. At present your perspective is limited in that you are seeing the unfolding of life as being very negative in many respects. However, it is often through the process of backsliding to some degree that there can be a great leap toward better and more profound progression in the long run. And so while there has been this time of seeming retrogression, you are in a time frame where through efforts such as that put out by this group and the many millions of groups and peoples around the world there will be a higher consciousness develop. Take heart, hold faith, project the positive that we spoke about last week. In projecting the positive it helps to neutralize any negative thought on the planet.

I ask you to be encouraged, but at the same time to continue to work. For as you have amply stated in your discourse tonight there is always more and more work to be done! This is part of life, part of evolution, part of the plan; to always lay a foundation on which the next layer of steps toward higher and divine thinking can take root, can form, can mold and grow.

This evening Tomas has prepared a lesson for your attuning, your listening. I was about to say, your listening pleasure.(laughter) I feel somewhat in a lightened mood this evening as well. Tomas has asked that he speak through Gerdean if she is willing."

Reality, Growth

Tomas(TR 2) "Greetings my friends. I am Tomas, your teacher, your companion and your friend. My student, Gehrdean, is amused and alarmed that I have prepared some work for your listening pleasure for she still identifies crookedly. Nevertheless, hours of your time have been devoted to reflecting on spirit reality. And even though you have known in your soul and supported that knowledge by your intellect and by your confirmation with one another, each of you still harbors fears and doubts as to the reality that you have perceived. And, yes, this is an aspect of being an Agondonter. You are well practiced. And yet, you see, you are here. You are engaged in laughter and communion with spirit.

As I have said before, your perception of reality is transient and is reflective of where you find yourself in your spiritual growth at any given time. Your concept of reality as a child is not the same as your perception of reality when you were an adolescent. And even in adulthood your perceptions of reality have had occasion to waft according to circumstances, environment, personality, and etc. And yet you are still here, still living, aging, and living the life as it is lived in your realm.

Often when one conceives of a reality with which he or she is comfortable or which is reinforced by environment and peers, that reality predominates. It is not necessarily real or permanent for the winds of change blow. New challenges are presented; new personalities are introduced; and new growth is inherent.

This same truth can be found on spirit reality levels. For what was true once had value and taught you lessons about life or lack of life which caused you to lean to the Father for a clearer perception of reality. And this continues as in casting aside frameworks for learning which are no longer needed. New frameworks are presented.

It is no wonder that your faith falters on occasion for the winds of change are sometimes gusty. Were all changes, all of life a balmy breeze one would have no fear, no cause to doubt, no urge to grow, no compelling desire to grasp hold of the saving grace of Ultimate Reality. When you say 'It is my will that His will be done' and when you set upon a course of action, along with this will come a set of perceptions, intellectual belief structures, based upon your previous experience. And this is well and good. And yet, as you embark on this journey, this experience, much of what you brought with you is no longer necessary. You may then cast aside that which was once real and necessary. And in the casting aside those things, those beliefs, those attitudes, those perceptions, you stand more naked, more vulnerable. And in that instant is when your faith might reasonably waver.

However, yes, observe how you, rather than stumble, fall and quit, valiantly, courageously, if not foolishly and brazenly, forge ahead to find out what adventure you have embarked upon! Part of our purpose in our dealings with you is to encourage your embarkation, to blow wind into your sails, and to assure you that the journey is worth the price. Do not, therefor, fret when your perception of reality seems unstable, for you are merely experiencing metamorphosis from raw to refined, from old to new, from base to grace.

Rather, when those awkward moments prevail, come like hungry children to the ultimate reality that you can comprehend at that moment which is, yes, bigger than you, stronger than you, more able than you. Admit your childlike need for help, for instruction, for guidance and authority. And ultimately you will be all that you can be. And in that experience you renew your confidence of your purpose and your true Spirit reality in our Father.

I have now completed the broadcast and I assume I have provided something for your listening pleasure. If not, please tune in next week for other programming.(Laughter) I thank you for your gracious ears, and thank Daniel for the opportunity to teach. We would entertain questions."


B2: "Good evening Tomas and Daniel. This is Isaac. Thank you both for your words. Obviously you are, as I am aware of, making your rounds together, or however, and you know what our needs are. My thanks to you that you have addressed concerns that I have had, as well as others that have been expressed tonight. So I just want to tell you thank you. That lesson was very timely in my opinion.


Your answer to the question that I had in my mind, 'what can I do to get over these doubts and these fears'. And Daniel has repeatedly said to go to the greatest reality, as you said, Tomas. My lingering, nagging question, though, that I have about TRing has to do with the fact that we know that TRs make errors. I know I have made errors. What should I do about my own doubt about the 'stuff' that I transmit...to be very specific..about the experience of some levity the other day from Ham, if I transmitted him correctly? And my question is this, Is it appropriate to ask for confirmation from either of you as to whether or not transmissions are accurate? Should I just struggle with my own doubts and not worry about it? I have asked in the past of Daniel about specifics. I guess, I don't know...if you told me that I made major errors it would probably discourage me...so I just don't know what I want you to say in return! So I'll let you answer, either of you or both of you. Thank you."

Daniel: "Isaac, Isaac, Isaac, hear me again, my friend! Let go of fear! Let go of doubt! Major errors will be corrected. Minor errors are readily seen in time as well. All that comes through for any individual is subject to the whims, thought, attitudes, physical energies, etc., etc., of the individual. The main core, main body of TRing is correct, is vital, and is necessary in order to help this planet to evolve. Those who doubt are in a sense trying to balance a scale. It is always good to question. It is always good, also, to have faith. Try, my friend, to balance that doubt with faith. When the scales tip toward disequilibrium, when doubt and fear become more weighty, it is time to throw off some of those layers so that there can be, again, balance. You throw off those layers by seeking the quiet, asking that faith, that guiding, nourishing, divine food bring you back into balance.

Ham, indeed, visited you. Ham, indeed, was very happy and in a very joyous mood that day. Does this help?

B2: "Yes, Daniel. Thank you very much. And I do practice what your advice was just now, to try to keep the balance there and go into the silence. And I always hear confirmation in my own mind. So I thank you for confirming once again. It does help me because those winds of change are pretty gusty as Tomas has said. I love you both and appreciate you being our teachers. Thank you."

Daniel: "And let it be known by all of you that you are very well loved by the many that you are not even aware of!"


V1: "Thank you Tomas and Daniel for, again, in B1's words, this timely lesson, in that certainly reality has changed for me, and I'll speak personally. And yet I know that it is a progressive thing that we are dealing with. Tomas, I'm not quite sure if I exactly understood when you said that we should ask for guidance, direction, and authority. And the one word that maybe perplexed me in that was the word authority, in that authority and dogma has almost been a word that I don't even like to use or search for, whatever. I'm wondering if you can give me some clarification on what you meant by that?"

Tomas: "Yes. Children need to know their parameters. When they have parameters established by loving parental figures they know they are taken care of. They know someone is in charge. This is the authority of which I made reference. I have no truck with dogma here. I refer to authority in the highest ideal, as our highest authority is the love of the First Source and Center. And that firm realization of His overcontrol and overcare is that authority of which I spoke. I intend to convey a positive inflection in that word. And Isaac may have occasion to discover error in Gerdean's selection of that word. And yet, I do not believe that the essence of what I am attempting to convey will be lost. Have I helped somewhat to clarify my use and understanding of the word authority."

V1: "Yes, Tomas, very much. I appreciate your commenting on that. And certainly that is the highest authority, the love of our First Source and Center. Thank you very much. Isaac wants to say something and then I would like to have another opportunity."

B1\Isaac: "Yes. Tomas, as Daniel will tell you, my doubts about transmission generally don't involve others. I tend to think that D3 does a superb job and Gerdean does transmitting you. The problem is always with myself, mostly. Once in a while with others, though. I am saying this for clarification. It is a self-doubt thing with me. But I am working on it. Thank you for your comment."


V1: "This question is really for either one of you. I have been reading as I mentioned last week the last days of Jesus' life and His resurrection on this planet, and after Pentecost. And it said about Judas that one of his biggest problems was that he was a loner. And I am kind of paraphrasing this, that he also did not confide in his brethren. I find that many times that I certainly could be in that same situation. And I know that one of my motives is I don't want to be guilty of gossiping, of telling tales or even listening to tales. And I'm just wondering if either one of you would comment on those things?

Daniel: "As in many situations the understanding communicated by either the spoken or written word is often taken by the receiver in a context that is within their understanding on the many layers, emotional, social, intellectual, and etc. In reality you can progress and meet the First Source and Center even as one who does not relate well with others, if, in fact, you strive to make that inner connection with the Indwelling Spirit. Through this guidance you will continue to evolve, however this may be very slow and painful. On the other hand, the ascending being who allows God to work through them in personal relationships with others is able to experience more completely, more fully, and more quickly, many truths, many understandings, and is able to bring forth great growth potential by interaction. Interaction does not necessarily mean getting together to tear down a certain individual or group. Interaction means loving, serving, and being ever ready to work with another. To withdraw when the conversation becomes belittling is wise, unless you are able to redirect conversation into a greater and higher purpose. And the thoughts you have are valid to some degree.

However, do not forsake interactions with others out of fear. Let go of fear and go in confidence that when necessary you will have to withdraw. But to withdraw before it is necessary to do so is not growth promoting. Does this help?"

V1: "Yes, Daniel, very much. Thank you. That is a very clear picture of isolation verses interconnectedness. Thank you very much."


Machiventa: "Greetings my friends. I am Machiventa. I have elected to speak with you this evening because I am so pleased with the reception that this group has given to these two teachers; that you are welcoming them as a team. This is very gratifying for it shows not only their skill as teachers, but also your progress as students.


I wish to end this session this evening calling upon each of you to seek this week within your own hearts, seek to identify the reality in which you dwell. Are you in the framework of seeking to grow? Are you in a framework of rest? Are you in a framework of regression? I ask that you think about this, this week, because it is important that you as individuals realize that in life you must live at the moment that you are in; that neither progress nor rest nor further regression is given full benefit of what is happening unless you are aware of where your thinking lies. Those who live in other time frames act in counter production to any real growth.

And so Tomas' lesson this evening is to call upon you to gather your thoughts, perceptions, and understanding about your present reality. And now let the reality be of this truth for you now: God, the First Source and Center is love. Love is that one great commodity, that one great source, that one great gift, that will unite all and will bring about further enlightenment and understanding. Allow the reality, allow the real reality of God's love to be with you. Good evening."

Group: "Good evening Machiventa."

Daniel: "I, Daniel, wish to thank both Tomas and Machiventa for their inspiring and well timed words this evening. My love and peace to you. Good night."

Tomas: "Farewell."