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Topic: Melchizedek Groups on Urantia

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Anna, Elyon, Malvantra, Michael, Solonia, Aaron

TR: Jonathan, Unknown

Session 1


Anna: Calm and gentle is His voice, the guiding hand within who takes what you give at your best and molds you, forges you to the likeness of an endowed being with purpose and destiny. In your birthing you will awaken to a realm that allows you freedom from restraint.

It is like the pages of a book the life you lead now. It engages you into understanding circumstances without revealing the plot which can be found only when the foreword ends and the story begins.

Lighten your minds from the burdens held in the material with knowledge that you are simply setting the circumstances of your foreword, and that you will soon begin a tale of epic proportions. How could life be anything but a joy with this on your mind?

While important work you do, this does not mean that you must take it as critical. It is not the making of a tragedy but instead the beginning of a grand adventurous, action-packed drama. The happy endings will come in another chapter, but you are the makings that can bring this to light.

I thank you for listening this evening. My name is... Anna.

Evelyn: Welcome and thank you for speaking with us.

Jonathan: Are you a visiting teacher or are you part of our group?

Anna: I always hope but am yet to be placed. It is an opportunity to feel the experience, realizing the nervousness I feel and the nervousness the contact feels with uncertain touches.

Evelyn: Did he convey what you wanted to tell us?

Anna: Fairly well, yes. It is more of a surface message, but I think you will understand the points. Simply understand that out here is a whole lot of fun, and though we follow patterns, organizing structures, and have annoyances at times as well, there is freedom in knowledge.

I would convey to you that what you are seeing and participating in now is good and will grow, but you haven't seen anything yet.

I, too, have been within the correcting of a planet and understand the pressures and uncertainties you go through. It doesn't need to be as serious as you take it at times. I speak from experience in this, wishing I had known this then.

You are molding a unified character between you and your Thought Adjuster. The more you experience and enjoy what you are seeing and feeling and participating in, the more this will influence your growth and movement in the future. Be who you are, but don't fill your head with the pressure of importance.

I could probably stay here now and use up the time because I find I enjoy this process. But to use an expression, I feel I am being tapped on the shoulder. Thank you.

Evelyn: Until you are assigned elsewhere, do come back and talk to us again.


Elyon: My greetings to you. I am Elyon. I have but a short message that is in regards to our visitor. This will be a process you can come to expect in the near time ahead, for our core teachers are observing the efforts of your group in the preparation of your gathering of mission adherents. This collective will provide great opportunity for many to gain mutual embrace, teacher and student. This is viewed by us as another significant turning point in the corrective time. Now we observe the reaching by individuals and groups toward us. As we extend ourselves to you, then will occur the coherence of you all into a body capable of moving forward with greater strength than possible now. Welcome, as you do always, teachers who arrive. You do well at making them feel at home. Take note that it is as much a risk and an uncertainty for the new instructors as it is equally a joy and adventure.

Here ends my input. I'm willing to converse freely at your pleasure.



Simeon: Thank you, Elyon. I'd like to thank Anna for coming. I felt like I settled on the name Anna, though. Could you clarify this?

Elyon: Jonathan searches. It is not here. The conveyance of the identity of the teacher as you have discerned is not accurate, yet the flaw is not resting on you. She equally is uncertain how to convey what she calls herself in language that you use.

Simeon: I felt I was incorrect. I'd gladly call her Anna until I get her name right.

Elyon: She welcomes that. Here is an opportunity for you two to continue in your relationship now begun. Hearing such as a name is difficult. Jonathan is searching, and I must say I am not telling him.


Evelyn: Could you comment on coincidences. I think of it as a coincidence that we were in L.A. for the earthquake. I recently read a book that puts a lot of importance on coincidences, so I wonder if you could comment on this.

Elyon: I will first give expression regarding the word coincidence. Take a look at incident and co-incident.

You have experienced in your travel a shared event with others that is not directly important to you singly. The event, however, does apply leverage upon all involved to create a longing to understand and a need to grapple with implications of such an experience.

What creates the coincidence is the activity of your Divine Resident who is enlarging your comprehension and activating your values. There is the point at which you coincide with the larger picture. The element of chance given to this term by your kind is only due to the lack of understanding that in all things great and small the Father is at work uplifting those who will hear and reach and attain the levels He presents before you.

Consider that every activity of every individual is like a radial being, focalizing in our God Supreme. As you view the apparent in your common life, you perceive what is parallel. Yet as you view the apparent merger of parallel lines in the distance, you can realize that two events may not directly affect each other. But when your perspective seeks understanding, you can draw value and growth therefrom.

Has this illuminated for you this phenomenon?

Evelyn: I'll have to read this to understand what you've said.

Elyon: It is possible to speculate at great length the variables that could have transpired in any event. Far (more) numerous are they than you could imagine. I summarize by guiding again that it is in your perception of the significance, when you experience that you are able to correlate what goes on about you with where you are moving on your own path. Ponder these words. They may come clear later.

Simeon: On this theme of coincidences, I'm curious about the times that we have significant events correlate here in the teaching mission. How often is this a planned occurrence developing, or do we make more of happenings than we should?

Elyon: Yes. We enjoy working alongside you. It is perhaps better to rename this term as a two-incidence and thereby attempt to extract the element of chance from it and discard it, such that you can accept that we work alongside you and you in cooperation with us.

When you perceive interaction it is commonly called coincidence because it is quirky. It is rather a parallel of efforts between us and you or others and yourself. I like the word two- incidence.

Daniel: Rather than being anything near providential it would be more correct to say it is like a recognition of universal unity, a recognition of common events in an overall unity. Is that more like what you're getting at?

Elyon: I am happy to hear you express this. This is true. I am amazed for I have long forgotten what it is like to live without as many pieces of the puzzle as I have now. Yes, it is the perception of unity of all things and our common draw to the Father It turns coincidence to . .. I am not able to find a word to redefine this. It is not exactly providence. I will rest knowing you understand.

Would you have a word that I may then use?

Simeon: I was thinking of the Urantia Book where it says no unforeseen accidents occur in the cosmos. Machinations?

Daniel: I tend to consider coincidences as not necessarily providential, as the Father causing all these coincidences to group, but leadings of our seraphim to put us at a certain place at a certain time. We don't always follow these leadings

Simeon: Symmetry, symmetrical patterns. That's what I'm thinking.

Daniel: Like we're brought to a point providentially or coincidentally. Our minds correlate this unity. To answer your question, Elyon, no, we don't have a better word.

Evelyn: I like the parallel image. One track is here, and then there's the invisible track we don't ever touch. When we become aware of it, we think it's the Hand of God. It can happen at any time because the two tracks are parallel. It's just our awareness that makes it seem a miracle.

Simeon: I just think of it as symmetrical.

Elyon: I have assembled two words: coordinated symmetry. It pleases me to hear symmetry used by you. It is in a sense a morontia awareness, that being the mind you have is not directly conceivable, therefore your word coincidence arises with the element of fortuitous chance. You know all things work for good in the lives of those who are dedicated to the will of our Father, thereby everything is in coordination and symmetric about that central perspective, thereby providence and parallelity become considerations.

Again, I find myself exhausted in the ability to redefine this experience for you. I have had fun. It is not a coincidence that we discussed this.

Mansion Worlds

Daniel: The other day Rick and I were speculating on how some may skip one or more of the morontia worlds. Are there different levels of our development on this planet that we may pass from one world to another in the human sense?

Elyon: The provision of the mansion worlds by our Lord Michael is the mercy extension gift he provides that allows you to attain the kingdom of the mansions, morontia life that he reveals. Your attainment in this living form has a parallel reality to the seven specific spheres you refer to . The connection is only a broad major aspect, much like pink is to red, Close but not quite. You will find you are capable of functioning on a numbered world above the first but will find yourself filling in any subtle aspects not provided here for you to learn. In other words you are not now on the mansion world level of being but are approximating this status with shades, with auras, that you compare.

I hope again I have been helpful and find that the questions you ask cause me to long for your arrival so that I could show you around. It would make this easier.

Ascension, Rebellion

Simeon: When the rebellion occurred and the system circuits closed down, did ascension stop past the system level? Is it true you couldn't ascend past Jerusem until the rebellion was over? Andon and Fonta and the four and twenty counselors are still here which caused me to think about this.

Elyon: One moment please. (Pause) I am not able to verify this perception. The individual ascension can take many twists and turns. Some may have ascended to the Norlatiadek schools.

The system is quite populated. Your grand humans have elected to be in Satania for reasons of their own choosing. Michael certainly had no restrictions upon his completion. I cannot say more. I will investigate, for I have never noticed this connection. It could be that the ascension of individuals is slower than the rebellion duration. I will address this another time. Thank you for a project.

Simeon: Thanks for your comments and I would appreciate that.

Elyon: I, too, am curious. It will be intriguing to take note. I am not resident in Satania. My affairs have been mid-morontia concerning the greater connection of systems, so, as I am assigned here now with you, I will increase my knowledge. Thank you. see


I will part company and encourage each of you to apply spirit vision to discern in all your daily events the light, the truth, the will, the Father. Be brave in the investigations and insights in your everyday growth and often felt drudgery, for as we all have experienced this evening, there is much yet to be apprehended, possessed within individual soul experience. It is a treat and greatly rewarding.

Go now with the peace of our Father upon you. Good night.

Session 2

February 16, 1994


Malvantra: Again we meet to share. I am Malvantra.



I offer you guidance in the undertaking begun by you in your purpose to further the cause of Michael on this planet. Here you have the opportunity to work beyond the abilities of any one of you singly. This opportunity magnifies your potential. In the grouping of you all, you have exceeded any requirement to function for the Master that you would feel incapable of attaining individually.

I caution you in the area of coordination. There are a great number of people to be involved who will willingly contribute and who will bring with them multiplicity, varied contributions. This diverse influence will cause episodes that are unsettling and require you to develop skills in cooperation. At this position in our project, it is important to welcome all with open arms and be willing to entertain the expression of each, toward the end that you may establish a unified foundation.

Now is not the time to define and divide, but to welcome, to reach, to accept, to integrate, to plan, to scribble and erase, to not feel the rush to set in permanency your goals now. These are attainable in due time and will be greater if grown toward rather than constructed deliberately.

I am pleased with your outreach. You are activating what you believe. Your belief has motivated you towards service. This is the secret of faith and will be a formula for your continued ascension in the realms beyond Urantia. Making effort based on your understanding with the eye toward eventual attainment is spiritual growth.

Rather than having gotten your things together first and then moving forward, there will always be the element of added factors as you proceed. The journey will never begin with full bags.

I am engaged in fostering your efforts and will make my appearance to you as needed. Take joy in the service of Michael. Make his light your light, his way your way. Carry on with love, and I thank you.


Simeon: Are you available for comment?

Malvantra: I am.


Simeon: We've thought to extend an invitation to the most sincere believers in this mission for our gathering. Were you trying to let us know that we should expand that? Can you help to clear this up for us?

Malvantra: As regards your gathering together of missionaries, you are wise to consider the invitation of those who hold close to heart your common experiences, making allowance to welcome those who do seek.

I refer to your openness in the general activities you plan toward, in what you term your 'service group'. This is where you must be willing to accept the zealots, the Alpheuses, the Peters, and the Judases. There is interworking amongst personality types that must be established. I just caution to not selectively alienate into comfortable groupings. Does this clarify?

Simeon: Yes, it does. I appreciate your comments. It's good to hear your voice, if you know what I mean.

Malvantra: You're welcome. This is but a small reflection of my audibility.

Simeon: Can I put down on paper that you will be making appearances soon? Just joking.

Malvantra: My statements met with hesitation through Jonathan. He comprehends the word loosely applied. It is my desire it be taken as such.

Simeon: I thought so, too.

Malvantra: I perceived this to be so.

Daniel: Are you saying we should spend less time in planning the curriculum for the event, because the majority of the people coming are going to want to participate in this? We should make the place available, but not make our wills decide upon what is going to happen?

Malvantra: The plans you make and establish are yours to choose. The events you list are for the mortals attending. Our involvement will be without question. We are not requiring you to gather as you have. It is our pleasure that you have done so. It signals a new chapter for the mission by your demonstrating a collecting on your level with each other.

It is in reference to your non-gathering plans that I caution you to not set your boundaries too soon. You will be pleasantly uplifted by our involvement at your summer meeting. We will have all troops present. It is my pleasure to make announcement as the opening is offered.

Has this been clarified?

Daniel: Yes. It clarified another point that I was thinking of. I was referring to other- than-mission people who are coming to the conference. Should we allow them to help in the planning, or is this irrelevant?


Malvantra: Your work to make this event come about is naturally an extension of your desire to serve your brethren, to make available your fellowship with each other. In this motivation I would acknowledge your comment that your friends' desires are to be factored in. You are the planners, and it is your freewill to decide the extent of those who are planning with you. We are not concerned this way, for we will work with each and every one at all times during the period of your assembly. What you do you do for each other. What we do will be concurrent. Make allowance for suggestion. Be wise as to your ability to manage feedback. I am hopeful that you have within you the means to accomplish this.

Daniel: Thank you.

Evelyn: I understood your remarks to be focused on the service group. I'm glad to hear you have been watching over our efforts. Most of these projects are about spreading the Urantia Book. I find I'm not all that driven to put a lot of energy in attempting to spread it around. I'm taking your words to be: go ahead and jump into something that sounds reasonably good for the sake of working with each other and let these projects evolve. They will take shape, and then we'll see how to participate. We are not to be concerned with defining who we are so much as discovering.

Malvantra: You have discerned well. Much in life you all approach by determining the desired end, the process to get there, and the simple means required to do so.

In the outwork of the spirit ministry much results by preparing yourself first, stepping into the process, thereby manifesting result. It is not necessary for you to clearly know, for in the work ahead what you are able to know is only a short aspect. The longer range attainment and ministry is quite beyond your comprehension now, due largely to the limitation of your experience. This will change.

Is this satisfying?

Evelyn: Yes. It's good to hear from you.

Malvantra: Thank you. I am going to remove myself at this time so that you may hear from Elyon.

Isolation, Rebellion

Elyon: Greetings. I am here to return your request for understanding in your consideration of the ascent of your brothers and sisters. No one is ever restricted from growth by any other. The effect of quarantine will make growth, in effect, like swimming in mud.

It is noted that no individual passes out of the system without a complete understanding of the ramifications of the rebellion. The rebellion has made for one huge lesson for all Satanians. This comprehension is not complete by passing beyond to the higher congregations. Therefore, many beings have not taken graduation willfully so as to extract the greatest results attainable.

It is not a restriction, but it is taught, encouraged, that all fully realize the significance of what transpired. Do not lose the opportunity by moving away. There is rarely an occurrence of this sort, one that is not sought, one that is not proffered. But once it occurs much attention is given. Those who can align with the plans of the universe are motivated, with a duty that overshadows their personal goals, to right the wrong.

It is much like your behavior when busy about your tasks and you come upon a burning house. All else stops while you tend to the emergency. I hope I have illuminated for you what transpired here in this system. Are you content?

Simeon: Yes. I understand that there was no restriction in passing beyond the system, but voluntarily the beings from this system chose to stay and understand fully the ramifications of rebellion and help to clean up the mess. Is that what you are saying?

Elyon: Yes, and though I have not actually checked the register of ascendant, I would venture to guess that most elected to be here to see it through. As I have said, it is a rare opportunity to serve Michael in this manner.


Daniel: Once we are out of this physical form, we realize survival and are not in a race as much as we are trying to grasp every possible thing about where we are at the moment.

Elyon: Good, my friend. Paradise is the high destiny of us all, but you will find in the fulfillment of Father-oneness contentment. I do not mean apathy, but a willingness to relish stages of your ascension.

The hunger that draws toward fusion is intense. It will not remove your appetite for the Father. It is like your yearning to partake of nourishment. But after the first bite you settle into the meal.

I thank you for your comment.

Embrace, Worship

Daniel: I have this yearning to meet Michael face to face. This is not something that necessarily has to await leaving the system?

Elyon: This is something that does not have to await leaving this planet. Michael has begun a greater participation and presence here. Though when beheld at the seat of Salvington his glory is grand, do know that in his embrace in your time of worship, you have made the same and equally valid connection. The spiritual quality of contact will never change, though the morontia vision is remarkably different.

I am greatly pleased at your faith and your endurance. I attempt to encourage you to continue always in your grasp, in your reach, for greater comprehension. Puzzling as it may be to comprehend the unfoldment that You know is occurring, there is plan and order; and always I must note freewill will create many surprises. The momentum of this system is back into the current of this universe, and you are among the oarsmen who are steering the vessel toward its landing.


I will take leave if you are at this time content with our discussion. How do we stand?

Evelyn: Thanks for talking with us.

Daniel: Good night.

Elyon: You are welcome. I am very pleased with you all. Listen to your teachers. Always make that time for your Father. All time is good time. Good night.

Michael: I would talk with you. I would touch with you. I would share with you, my children, even you, good son, who enlightens with your energy.

I hope you are satisfied with the progress you are making within the kingdom, for your belief and action are admirable. Faith stands unbeaten. All you achieve will be in response. Blessed are you who follow my Father with trust. Know that I am always moved by your subtle reaching to me and the small talk we do share.

I am here.

Session 3

February 23, 1994


Simeon: I'm getting, "Why are you doing this..."

Evelyn: Who's being asked that?

Simeon: I think it is a rhetorical question.

Evelyn: Why are we doing what?



Elyon: Why are you doing this if not but to do the will of the Father. In your sincerity we will oblige.

Taking chances is the game of life. To secure yourself is sheltering and not wholly undesirable for shorter periods of time to assess what you are discovering. But as you branch out to undiscovered territories of life, you will find much that you have not fathomed could be possible.

Distinct character grows out from your action. I call upon you to sit high with your knowledge and to feel free to experiment with your understanding. Never can you know the true pattern unless you have moved to find it.

I will switch. (Pause, changes TR)

Make trust your wings. Take to flight. Experience this game by allowing yourself to soar. The element of experiment will allow you to refine your agility, it will strengthen. It will provide stamina. It will enlarge wisdom. Trust carries you out over the precipice of security. It allows you to rest in the support of God beyond the presence felt which surrounds you. I will switch. (Pause, changes TR)

Fear not your leap from the nest. Your wings have been strengthened, have been exercised. You are ready. When you take the leap they will support you. They will carry you on high. That is the only way to your soaring, to your quest for your Father. I will again change. (Back to the first TR)

There is a joy that comes from success in experiment, as evidence this meeting here. Now focus again to the will and then we will resume with the questions. I am Elyon.


(Question and answer period utilizes three TR's.)

Evelyn: Do you know the questions we've written here, or do you want them read off?

Elyon: I am aware. Read them as you wish.

Evelyn: They fall in two categories. One, questions about you, and two, about the group.


First, do you work in pairs or have mates?

Elyon: Some do. It is compatibility and affection which draws us together. Often it is a beginning that occurred in physical form which sustains to some degree. Not always do assignments come at the same locale. My mate Ardra is in another system at this time. We do communicate, but her efforts now are in a different pattern of growth. Is this sufficient?

Evelyn: Yes, thank you. You seem to be further along in ascension than some of the teachers, and we're down here a little further. Later in our ascension is it possible we will be a group of teachers with one of our teachers, such as Aaron, being our supervisor the way you seem to supervise other teachers?

Elyon: You also will have your tasks beyond this life in other areas. You will be aware of us. We will be in contact. We will not necessarily be working on the same immediate projects. However, our fellowship will continue as will the fellowship with many in which you have started on this your native planet. You may not always be working on things together in close proximity.

However, we are all working on the same quest, the same goal, yet different parts of it.

The realization of the Supreme must be accomplished in many different areas at the same time. While with limited viewpoint you may think we are working on different problems, we are all working on the same. We will always be in contact as friends. Does this answer?

Evelyn: Yes.

Simeon: I have this dream of establishing this working group here on Urantia which can ascend and grow together a long way. Is this viable? Is it possible that we could end up progressing and becoming a glorified working group on Paradise at some distant time?

Elyon: All things are possible. It is not an unworthy goal to work on at this time, yet be open for additions and subtractions. But working towards that goal would be beneficial. All is possible in God's universe.

Simeon: Thank you, Elyon.


Evelyn: There was a question if there were a limited number of Melchizedeks working here. If so, how many? What is their future function?

Simeon: I'm getting a number, but...I don't know.

Evelyn: What number did you get?

Simeon: I got seventy-two. (Laughs)

Elyon: Seventy-two, six groups of twelve. You are correct. The group of Melchizedeks resident here are specifically trained to complete assignments specific to Urantia. They are not concerned with the other planets. These Melchizedeks are grouped in order to focus on single elements of the reconstruction. They do overlap in efforts but maintain a focus based on their group definition.

There is a seventh group that oversees the six and coordinates with the other returning planets. These Melchizedeks include Machiventa. He is equally concerned for all the system spheres as he is with his special planet Urantia. They are all offspring of Michael.

Machiventa directs, the many Melchizedeks coordinate and effect action, Malvantia is your access. He is one who is working in the contact group to break the hold on mankind that disallows reception of input from your higher fellows. He is good at this and will be increasingly busy in times ahead.

Has this fulfilled your curiosity?

Evelyn: I'd say so, thank you.

Daniel: Are you enjoying this, Elyon?

Jonathan: "Immensely" is what I hear.

Evelyn: There was a question, Elyon, if you were involved with other planets.

Elyon: Not directly at this time in the ascension scheme, though I do coordinate affairs with Edentia and have for some time prior to this quarantine lifting been working directly with the Most High Observer.


Jonathan: We have speculated that your names that you provide us are chosen to allow us better to relate to you. Perhaps the morontia language is so far different from ours that it can't be translated, like trying to verbalize a sound that isn't a word. Does your name Elyon relate to your position and standing like you have said about your work with the Most High Observer?

Elyon: You know that you know. Names are generally designations, for it is most difficult to translate the reality.


Evelyn: Here's a question we may have already resolved. You had said that it was possible to see Michael face to face while we are still here on the planet. We understood that feeling his presence in worship was equal to seeing him face to face. Do you have anything more to say on that?

Elyon: He is clearly visible to you. I address this question by noting that you see him not as much face to face but within your face and emerging from your brothers' and sisters' faces. He is born in each who embraces the truth that he is. Our Father is visible as the person Michael. So transparent is the pattern of vibration that is the embodiment of his personality, that this wonder requires re-tuning to allow his children to see.

He is a frequent visitor at all levels and often here, and he steps into the status level of those he visits, but for one. He has not yet taken back upon himself a form as yours. It will be as he has said..

Evelyn: He has returned to levels of his other bestowals as a creature like he did the first time?

Elyon: I clarify. He allows himself to be perceived at those levels. Great is his sovereign presence on Salvington. Condensed is his ministration elsewhere. Have I been of assistance?

Evelyn: Yes. There is a tendency to think of God and Creator Sons using metaphors from our government systems. They then can seem aloof and disinterested and much too busy. This is unfortunate, as God and government, particularly human, are two very dissimilar powers.

Elyon: Many times higher beings are perceivable by lower status creatures through modification techniques such as the Jerusem receiving fields of glass. This is in a way your window to a realm beyond.

Michael: I always have the time for you all. (Switches TR) Do you not remember what I have said? If you do this for one of these, the least of my children, you are doing it for me. It is so. I love you all as my children and as my brothers and sisters.

Simeon: I keep thinking, "Lord, I believe, help my unbelief." Thank you.

Elyon: This is Elyon.


Evelyn: The other questions are about our group members. Here we are, but where are the others? Are they isolating themselves? Is it our responsibility to draw them into our activities, or do we just let them take the initiative? Any comments on that?

Elyon: It is very important in your approach to keep the door open, implied and otherwise. So often your words have little meaning compared to your feelings. This is what is heard, the inconsistent message coming from you vibrationally. It is an unsurety as to what approach you can take to insure the best relationship with each being you face. In some ways it is this unsurety that is felt and hurt for not embracing what you feel to be true.

It is important to allow the door to always be open and make this known, not said. This is not an easy thing to know how to do. It is difficult. But I would encourage you all to make this attempt and to reach out to the drifters who aren't so much straying from the path as they are unsure that this path holds their comfortability.

You must embrace each other as a group. Do not stand at arm's length. When one is in trial and doubt, reach out and lift them up. Do not fear they will not want your reach. It is important for cohesion to become as family, no, to become family, as you are.

Why can you not share what hurts you to your brothers and sisters if you are family? Silliness it may seem sometimes in being open so vulnerably to the thought and impression of others. It is critical in your relationships that you find the way to trust, to reach out, to share. Be that bird whose wings are lifting it to the higher sights.

Interesting the lesson tonight, don't you think?


Jonathan: When you made the distinction between our feelings and words and how we approach our brothers and sisters, I thought about how Jesus lived and the examples he led. We tend to feel like we can't measure up to our Creator Son and his ability to rise to the occasion. I don't think I could deliver a "Sermon on the Mount", but we can find meaningful ways to approach our fellows like Jesus did in the episode of "The Young Man Who Was Afraid".

Elyon: Some people didn't understand Jesus when he said that there would be men who would do greater things. Though this seems like humility, he understood that while his mission was in limited focus, you have the broadest potential and unrestricted choice to enhance your decisions and to bring you forward to possibly even higher goals.

Evelyn: I thought it was interesting that you came back to the nest images. Be brave and do what? Jump out of what nest? I always want those specifics.

From your answer about how we treat other people in our group, and I'm sure it applies to the community at large, one thing we can do is to try being more trusting and more sharing of feelings.

Jonathan: My exercise for trust would be to let go of assumptions of what another may be believing or basing their actions upon. Lacking trust, assuming gives me some false security. I need to erase that and take it anew, approach it with a sense of wanting to discover rather than tightly controlling what I think their responses will be.

Elyon: You give such wonderful advice. What response need I give?

Evelyn: I hope that if you do have any specific suggestions on activities we could undertake that might push us out of the nest, you will bring them to our attention.

Elyon: Bring yourself into association more closely so as to allow the fragrance of your recent efforts to sweeten the lives of those around you. There is much work you can accomplish in this time of correction in this manner, for it is subtle and thereby very effective. It allows your comrades to dig within themselves for answers and initiate their changes. It is better than words of advice. So, I say be at your best in representing Michael when you are in the company of others, and you will be pleased at the results as they unfold.

We are all in the effort of restoring this planet to the greater citizenship. It will be a long process if many refuse to join. It will be swift if more and more catch the fever.

Solonia: All that you may choose to do that will spiritually uplift your brethren is a good choice for you to do. You will...

Simeon: I just wanted to say that was a truism if I ever heard one.

Solonia: You will never make a mistake in your choices, for service oriented goals with spiritual growth is your primary focus. This is Solonia and I wish to give you a little boost in this area.

Simeon: Thank you.

Aaron: Listen to the advice you give yourselves as well. Do not lose sight of the fact that your own voice is as good as ours. It is true if it is true, if you know what I mean.

I am Aaron. I felt the need to impart my audible presence. Hello again.


Elyon: I am Elyon. I would make my departure by leaving with you a simple sentence. Take your work seriously, but take your steps joyfully. Thank you for our discussion.