1994-02-08-Taking Chances

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Topic: Taking Chances

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Evanson

TR: Simeon



Evanson substitutes for Aaron who has undergone fusion and is resting. Evanson mentions Aaron’s fusion and then he and Miriam give a lesson on taking chances and relationship to our Adjusters- ED



A brief statement of purpose, that in all that you do you dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to the service of your Father throughout eternity, and as a being of mortal status, you take on the ennobling duty of sharing your love, your life' and understanding with those around you who reach out for guidance and support.

A child of God you are. Let that truly sink into you that you are sons and daughters of the ultimate, absolute, and supreme Source of perfection and infinity. It is not to be feared. It is not a burden to have this assurance of belonging. More to you, it is a symbol of your faith and of your love for that selfsame source which extends love to you.

I have given this aspect of understanding to instill in your being and to have you comprehend what message, what sharing you can do with your brethren. Everyone needs to hear that they belong, they are loved, that they are that child of destiny as well.

While my sister Miriam will speak this evening with all willingness, I would like to state that your teacher friend Aaron is undertaking a journey of proportion to his status and growth. In due time he will return, and as you are now growing, it is only the steps until this time that you concern yourselves with.

Teacher Contact

I am Evanson and my student Jonathan would be happy to hear that I am speaking with you. I have communicated through Simeon before and I enjoy the presence, being with you all.

It is time to be aware of what you have before you. Relationship with a spirit guide in connection with your Father Fragment. It is not only for formality. The conscious presence being felt of one's teacher is exciting, new, and uncertain, but as you grow you can understand that many times communication has been made when you reach in thought for understanding.

I would encourage you all to pursue your connection with your Father presence. As you develop this relationship you will find that communication presence and understanding will be felt by ourselves as well as you.

An equal sense of reaching creates a balanced pursuit towards spiritual goals. I thank your time this evening. I would let go and allow my friend.

Risk, Sharing

Miriam: It may have appeared many times that Jesus took a chance at the unattainable, but his faith in God told him to, with great outcome.

Taking chances is a part of growth. God is always there. The power in you will shine when you let go. The chances will be worth it in the end. When it's your Father's way there is no failure.

I am Miriam. Would you like to ask something?


B: Welcome Miriam. It's good to here from you. I was thinking tonight about my friends in another group, and how we sometimes seem a little bit blocked from sharing our feelings with each other. I've felt tenseness in that regard. I was wondering if you, maybe in having some overview about it, the relationship there amongst us,--maybe I'm seeing phantoms where they're not, but is there some way that I can help or aid in bringing ourselves to feeling more comfortable with each other? Do you have any advice?

Miriam: You forget to be you. This is what you must show them. Don't help build the wall. Show them a new way. Guide them.

B: Are you saying in a sense, that I can actually be me and say what I actually feel? What a novel idea. (Laughs)

I always have the feeling that I should do that, even to the point of sometimes shouting at the sky at night, saying, "Why can't I just say how I feel?" Of course when I get into the situation I find that I don't do it. It's just some sort of fear and backing away. I'm glad to hear you affirm what I feel. Now if I can only make myself do that. I thank your advice.

Miriam: You're welcome. You can do it B. Your laughter here has set the example. Now all know the joy of just living. Bring no fear. Blast through the wall.

S: Miriam, on the sixteenth of this month my son's father will be in a legal hearing and he will be testifying why he shouldn't pay more child support and why I should be paying him child support. I'd like to get any insight that you may have on the situation that may assist me going into this. Perceiving it, or involving myself, I want to keep in the forefront that I want to do the Father's will and I want to do what's best for my son.

Miriam: Our Father does not know this custody battles. His battles seem to be with the whole world, while here, as the only true way is with love and kindness and concern. Giving love is what brings it back. Keep giving the love, so the sun can shine through. The only true thing you can give to one is love. By doing so the abundance comes back to you. Turn it around. Be forthright. Don't give in to anger and fear. Does this answer?

S: Yes Miriam.

A: Miriam I have a question. My friend Sheila has undertaken a growth in herself by working on a holistic health project. Yet I sense she is hesitant in doing things, completing things. I don't understand why there is this hesitancy. Can you give me some clue as to why this is so.

Miriam: She thought she should feel like the executive and doesn't understand her potential. Struggling with fears, growth takes time. Needs organized. Just putting the puzzle together.

A: What can I do to help this process?

Miriam: Your lead has been the way. Just keep feeding her. She is strong.


Sh: Thank you Miriam. Thank you Father.