1994-03-01-We Are Not Psychics

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Topic: We Are Not Psychics

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Cindia, Aaron

TR: Unknown



Elyon: Good afternoon, this is Elyon. I chose to address you today and commend you upon your efforts to meet together and on how you strive to grow through your frailties and weaknesses through your strong desires to become what you each feel is in your hearts.



I wanted to impart upon you again today to not be so hard upon yourselves, for you three individuals deal with this a lot. Many times a concentration is being put upon all the things you feel you are doing wrong, rather than going forth and continuing your efforts of peace and planting of the seeds. To bring within you your own self-love—when this begins to happen you then feel you're sometimes going down into what you think bad of yourselves and dwelling upon this. Make a special effort to pull yourselves back out as suddenly as you go in. Begin to do this through your self-love and feel the warmth begin to heal these parts of you that continue to pull you back down.

It is nothing more my friends than a healing that needs to take place, a forgiveness and most of all, acceptance for who you each are as individuals and as children of the Father. To know through your efforts you are all progressing at a pace which is very recognizable and well noted. Do not concern yourselves as being the perfect beings, rather each day continue doing the best you can do, knowing that your efforts are not always going to be to the expectations that you have set out for yourself.


I once gave a lesson on expectations, to tell you to take this word out of your vocabulary. A special reminder today to once again focus upon this and concern yourselves with this aspect of your lives, to not be so overly concerned about how you look or that your actions are so negative or that you are not measuring up, for if you will think about it by letting all this go, would you not be free in that you could go about your daily activity much freer without all this excess baggage weighing you down? You would have much more energy, for this tires you quickly.

I have the utmost respect for where each of you are and from our point of view, if you could see yourselves from this vantage, you would see yourselves much differently. Know that the things that you dwell on so importantly are not that important, rather to put your mind at ease, to focus upon the message of Michael, to focus upon his love and know that where you are now in your first realm is very difficult. Know that your days aren't going to be perfect.

Make this a daily quote for yourselves to begin each day by knowing that with your focus upon the Master, you will be doing the best you can. You each know in your heart when you are not doing your very best, when you are in fact holding yourself back by reacting or doing some old patterns that don't work anymore. You can take responsibility, immediate responsibility.

My love to you this day. My respect to you to continue on and refocus your minds to the Master and not to focus so heavily upon what you feel are your frailties or what you say are screw ups. I would be open to questions.


Self Esteem

Bob: Hello Elyon. It's good to hear from you. I -feel much of your lesson was directed towards me in some of my thoughts and efforts. I'm glad to hear them, because I feel that I have been fighting some of the same old patterns. I know that I'm going to work on that. I read an old lesson you gave to me and realized I still have some of the same traits which keep popping up. So I'm going to go back and read some of those lessons and hopefully do some reflecting and adjusting in my life. Thank you.

Elyon: Yes, and keep in mind that taking responsibility through self love and self respect because you really care for who you are, is better than beating yourself up all the time. You will find that you will progress much faster, for beating yourself up is a pattern that reoccurs and must be taken care of by growing your love to yourself. When obedience is done through love and when discipline is done through love, there are many more rewards that come from it. You will have greater self esteem and more respect for yourself.

It is like an abusive home that you live in fear of getting hit. These patterns should be replaced with respect and effort and love for your humanness. Do you see?

Bob: Yes I do. Thank you. It was a nice little affirmation to hear from you because I had thought earlier this week that it would be nice if you came to speak this week.

Elyon: Yes it is good to be in your presence. I am available frequently. Feel free to call on me anytime. I will now take my leave.

Inner Life

Cindia: This is Cindia. I would like to impart upon each of you with Spring coming, to allow the sun to bounce upon your hearts and to heal you of the Winter doldrums and clean out the cobwebs that may have collected throughout the Winter months To kick about and rejoice as everything starts to rebud and replant. Do not forget about your own abundance rather than always looking outside of everything else that is chirping and springing up. Pull it within you and allow it within your own self.

As Elyon has taught and I have taught Gloria and Paul many times, to keep those gardens growing within, well fertilized and well nourished. Keep the weeds free and allow the seeds to spring forth. Do not forget to tend to your own gardens within and allow your Thought Adjuster to make his appeals to you on how to better grow your gardens. Thank you for this time.


Aaron: If you take what is given to you by your efforts at awareness, then understand that you have allowed yourself to grow in the knowledge and love. Cast aside the worries for you have entered into a place from which you will not be allowed to leave so easily and which you, if you truly knew yourselves, would not even want to leave yourself.

Plant your feet firmly and build the foundations strong for you are in the kingdom now and you have but to take yourselves forth. This kingdom attaches itself to you, so wherever you go, still you are within.

Now you have the pleasurable duty to share the kingdom with your brothers and sisters who are looking to find it. Do not feel so hurried that you must reason to their minds to make them believe in your kingdom. Do not feel the pressure that you must win the argument. For you have only one quest and that is to tell them, "You belong and you are loved, and God, the Eternal Father who lives in me, He lives in you as well. I care not what you believe about Him, just so long as you believe."

This duty has blessed you all for you have begun, each of you, to bring this effort forth. It is the small beginning which brings the large end. You do reach out and feel the Spring. When you can, place this new warmth into someone else's soul, then they feel the essence of what you know.

But you need not worry that you must give to them the factual knowledge, for now they feel and they want more. They will seek this out. They will find this. If they ask you of it, please share, but do not give away truth which is spiritual by an effort that is material.

Bring yourself back to the mind and the will constantly, reminding yourself that your duty is simple and all else is secondary. You do not need to be the one and only for each person that you would impress. Only need you be one of the many who would allow in the light to them.

I am Aaron. Hello friends.


Frosty: Hello Aaron. I have a question. I always feel like I have to have all the answers when people are hurting. I feel like I need to get them to walk off in the sunset. How do I just allow myself to be who Frosty is? When I feel like I'm just being myself I feel so in tuned. What is a tool or awareness that can help me to move past this need of mine? It comes up so fast that I don't realize it. Do you have anything to say about that?

Aaron: Silly puddy. (Laughs)

Though this seems strange for a response, you can realize the elasticity which can snap you back into the frame of mind that you need to be.

You cannot simply lose what has driven you for so long. Any time you join this higher path, you have to know that you will always find the side roads. There is a pull which holds on to you from both sides now. While one is weakening, the truth is strengthening and in time, with a certain amount of tension, it will break away from the other. But you find now that even more frequently as you focus upon the love that you can come into this higher realm of focus. You are given this by your struggle and ease would not befit your efforts now. Continue with the struggle knowing always that your sillypuddy is pulling you back to the higher mind. Do you find aid in this?

Frosty: Yes it helps. Elyon's lesson helped a lot too. I always feel like I've hurt people or haven't said the right thing and offended them. I'm constantly analyzing things I say and do to them. It's becoming an annoyance to me, whereas if I can get past it, I can let that go. What are the odds of saying the exact right thing anyway? This stuff seems like a residue around me and it is an annoyance. I've had this for so long to know that it is still there. If I continue on to the higher path it will fade away and not have so much emphasis on me. Is that right?

Aaron: True, you have deciphered well that you cannot place emphasis upon your down time. You must emphasize your growth always and you will increasingly bring this back into focus with a little struggle.

Frosty: Yes. I always learn through struggle, so struggle is good. Thanks Aaron, I love you.


Aaron: You are welcome. I would have you reach out in peace today to each other with your minds, and to close this session I would have you do the stillness with the Father and with your peaceful brother, and to just allow the presence of Christ to fill you and to grant you love and peace.