1994-03-04-Reviewing What We Have Done

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Topic: Reviewing What We Have Done

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Rutha



Opening prayer

Inner Life

Daniel: I am Daniel, your guide and your teacher. I welcome you here this evening, this group of individuals who have by their own accord contained a desire to follow the will of the Father/Mother, the Parent of us all. It is my honor to be the instructor for this group as well as now my colleague Tomas. We both welcome you here today giving you our love and our assurance that your spiritual growth, your alignment with the universal truth is apparent and is solidified. We wish to acknowledge your desire to realize your potentials, to come into greater and greater awareness of the Indwelling Spirit. This desire on your part is the avenue through which you will continue to move forward and progress. As you strive to meet with that Father Fragment on a daily basis, will the urgings and promptings of that Monitor within be your ever present guide and director.

As we have met over the last few years I have witnessed a great and positive change in your thought process patterns in that you have taken the lesson of last week and you have all tried and are succeeding in bringing about your wholeness and completeness. This is an ongoing process and will not be something that can be totally complete within this lifetime. It is the process of becoming that expands over the aeons of time but which is given birth on this plane. As you have been willing creatures desiring to know that First Source and Center the many truths and opportunities laid before you are taking root. Your trunks are growing strong. Your limbs will be able to withstand the storms of everyday life. You will be able to hold the weight of much. As you continue to nourish that inner life you will be able to maintain the appearance of the mighty oak on the outside. And with this I will now begin this evening's lesson.



I ask that each of you begin during this time frame to look around with different eyes, perspective and viewpoint. That is, I am asking you to contemplate the great gift from the First Source and Center, this gift of understanding. Understanding is that aspect of being able to look at a situation and appraise it from the standpoint of knowledge and wisdom. When one is in understanding of situations there is less likelihood for emotion or undue judgment or the like, to take dominance. When one is of understanding one begins to view their brothers and sisters as a child of the First Source and Center. You begin to see beyond the apparent animal barrier to that of the divine. You see the person as a growing spark of light reaching toward the greatest of all lights. When one is of understanding one is able to allow fear and doubt to fade away. Understanding supports one in self assurance, in confidence, and in the knowing that in all things the hand of God is involved. In understanding, one is able to broaden the picture to a greater horizon/viewpoint and not be of a narrow mind. When one is of understanding one is able to appraise situations not only for their initial appearance but for their underlying meaning as well. When one is of understanding one is able to know which direction is correct in bringing about change, putting forth challenge, in bringing about a better way to pursue a certain goal. When one is of understanding there is a gentleness and calmness in being able to allow the work of the First Source and Center to unfold.

Understanding is that great gift that can only be utilized when one is willing to turn over and allow Spirit to work through them. You, my friends, have in your life time increased your ability to utilize this gift many times over. In your day to day life you are allowing for differences. You are allowing for there to be a greater cause beneath the surface presentations. This is not always apparent by the emotion you may feel, but in the long run you will begin to see that, indeed, your understanding of events, circumstances, situations, relationships is, in fact, bringing you into a state where you are able to evaluate and understand situations in less judgmental terms and in more divine understanding.

I ask you this week to take time in your stillness to give thanks to the First Source and Center for this gift of understanding. I ask you to give thanks to Christ Michael whose great understanding of ascending beings, especially human, is very much a part of His experience. Because of Michael's bestowal here on this plane, His understanding of the human mind is not only from intellect, but also experiential. It is because of this great understanding that Michael is reaching out and calling all of His brothers and sisters to be a part of the great plan of ascension. And so as you sit in prayer and worship this week, consider this great gift. Ask that it become an even more substantial, nurturing aspect of your being. For when you walk among your brothers and sisters with a caring and understanding nature, you will be able to plant seeds that would have otherwise been held in the pocket. Your understanding of events, situations, and of life as it unfolds will be your greatest ally in being able to put forth God's love and mercy to all. And with that, my friend, I wish to adjourn this lesson. Are there any questions?"


N1: "No question at this moment, Daniel, I just wanted to thank you for that lesson. That certainly speaks to me and the assurances that you have that despite our emotions at the time we are, in fact, growing in understanding. I have been focusing on some of my failures this week and as you were talking I started thinking about some of my successes as well. So I wanted to thank you."


Daniel: "It is often the case as mortals that you focus on your failures and weaknesses. It is well to keep that balance, that along with every failure there is generally some measure of success. With every successful move there will also be some measure of weakness. It is this balance, this aspect of being human, that you will in time grow to respect. It is important to not focus on one area. Do not gloat on success, but do not despair in weakness; rather realize that you are human, that you are the product of the First Source and Center, ever rising above the human base animal qualities to the more divine. And as you progress there will be a natural and growing measure of success because in the ascent toward perfection weaknesses are through experience brought into the greater truth that with the First Source and Center all things are possible, all things are in reality good."

N1: "Thank you, Daniel."

Self Knowledge

Gehrdean: Daniel, this is Gerdean. And I have a question about understanding. I heard you speak of understanding in terms of understanding our fellow human beings. And I would ask you to say a couple words about understanding our-self. Is it necessary to understand our-self? Is it necessary to understand our motives, behaviors? I know it is to some extent, but to what extent? Also I was thinking about the Ancients of Days who hold us harmless. Is it kind of holding our fellow harmless also in understanding where they come from and therefore why they behave the way they do? I don't know if I am making any sense in my inquiry, but I guess if you have any remarks on that."

Daniel: "Yes, this is a many fold question. First let me address the issue of self understanding. As I have given many lessons in this regard, it is of utmost importance that you understand yourself. For in understanding yourself you can begin to love yourself. In loving yourself you are able to then love others. Understanding oneself is essential in knowing the why and where and reasons for your actions. Often times, however, there are areas in your life that are on a subconscious level that you are not able to call forth. It is important to remember that to come to grips with any situation, the more you are able to understand the many aspects of it the better you are able to fit the pieces of the puzzle together to see a whole.

However, it is not always necessary to dig into one's past. If one can see from where one is coming from, if one is able to grow and progress from that point then that is the understanding that is necessary for growth. The painful past is not needed to be dug up in order for there to be growth and in order for there to be understanding. A general understanding of something in the past: abuse, neglect, fear, or doubt can be all that is necessary for one to realize why one acts or reacts as they do. It is not necessary to always pinpoint the specific cause, but rather to know the general cause.

It is helpful for one to know their motive, but this is not always possible. What is essential is that you daily pray to the First Source and Center that your motive be in that alignment with His will; that you can constantly be in that divine shower of doing what is right; that your motives are not in conflict with the First Source and Center. Does this help?"

Gerdean: "Yes, Daniel, thank you."


Daniel: "And now to your second question of desiring to know and understand your fellow brothers and sisters. It is, in fact, very important for you to try to know and understand your brothers and sisters so that in doing so you can approach them from a level of wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence, rather than approaching them strictly from an emotional basis. Understanding brings forth an avenue whereby relationships can progress, blossom, and grow. When one comes from the opposite view of not understanding then what happens is that doubt and fear take hold; and instead of approaching an individual with a level understanding one approaches them with emotion, and there is often a wall of distrust/fear. And so realizing this you can see how in your global affairs many areas of conflict arise because of the lack of understanding. Understanding brings forth, like I said, avenues through which you can make contact, and there can be compromise, there can be work toward greater goals and toward progress. What understanding does is help you see the individual for who, what, where, and why they are.

One of the biggest problems that remains for humans, however, is thinking and equating the understanding of an individual with that of condoning and allowing that individual to run free, to run willy-nilly and not assume responsibility. Individuals must be responsible for their own actions. Your understanding the individual and why they do certain things gives you a better leverage in helping that individual to be responsible. Understanding does not give everyone the right to be irresponsible! Understanding gives you the tool with which you can work to help others be responsible. Does this help?"

Gerdean: "Wonderful response! You have given me much understanding. Thank you."

Daniel: "My dear, you are most welcome."

N1: "Daniel, that again was helpful to me with the situation I was in today. I was wondering if perhaps you could talk a little bit further. I was in the situation of being in a group of people where the lecturer was taking an ideological perspective that I disagreed with, and that I felt is really part of what is really so hurtful to so many people. I was not able to see the person as being separate from the beliefs he was expounding on. I know I reacted from a very hostile and antagonistic place which wasn't useful at all. One on one I thought it would be easier to be understanding of an individual. Is it asked of us to be understanding of belief systems as well? What would be an appropriate way to respond in a situation like the one I was in today?"


Daniel: "It is certainly important that you have understanding of belief systems. Understanding of belief systems does not mean that you have to adhere to them or believe them. Rather, this gives you an insight into the bigger picture. You see, all of life is never going to be one big happy family of everyone agreeing. Rather this plane of existence is but your first step in realizing the diversity of thought and diversity of natures. As you are beginning to realize in your study of the Urantia Book, the divergent peoples and beings of the many universes are not always going to be in one single thought, that there will be differences. There will be great gaps of thought as well as overlapping and commonness of thought.

What is asked of you in situations is to recognize that each individual has a right to their own thought, even if these thoughts are totally foreign or dramatically different from your own. You must recognize that each individual has that Indwelling Fragment that is working to bring about change. Those who work toward the greater goal of bringing about harmony among the general populace are those who are most inclusive of others rights and needs. They have been willing partners with their First Source and Center in striving to bring about Light and Life. Those who take a more narrow and convergent viewpoint are often those who are not as willing to work with their Father Fragment.

Stillness, Prayer

You are not asked to change the world. You are not asked to agree with everything you hear from everybody or to counterattack things you hear. In situations like today in which you found yourself you will find that even if emotions have taken over if you can at some point in the stirring of emotion call for the help of the Spirit, which you did, you will find that you can begin to allow emotions to quiet down and mindal intellect to take the greater precedence. In doing so, then, you are opening yourself to receive that guidance from your Inner Source and the many celestials surrounding you to help guide you through this time period. Part of the lesson that we teachers have been giving is to instill in your daily life the importance of quiet time. Quiet time, time set aside to pray and get in touch with the Indwelling Spirit is the time that prepares you for such situation as happened today. Do not mourn the fact that emotions took over; but be grateful that at some time during the discourse today there was a turning point in you and you were able to regain composure. Indeed were there seeds planted today in that this individual and others in attendance were brought into a greater knowledge and perspective of the situation.

This is life. All of you must realize that in your day to day encounters you will meet people who are different, who think differently. As you ask for this gift of understanding you will be able, then, with greater and greater confidence and knowledge, to meet the many differences of opinion and the different people who carry them. Prayers for those who are definitely slanting for a less righteous goal are always a great option for you. Prayer works wonders in many ways. Even finding yourself saying a prayer for the individual as you are confronting them will bring about a great difference in polarity in that conversation. If you are not trusting of this, then you may try it some time, for there will be many opportunities in your lifetime to experiment. Does this help?"

N1: "That helps a great deal, Daniel. Thank you."

Daniel: "Indeed you are welcome."

M4: "Daniel, take it down rather simplistically, looking back on my day today..basically if we can learn to control our emotions, to try to make the conflict more of a discussion rather than a conflict, still even though we are not probably going to change our ideas and there is a good chance that others may not change their idea. Is that what we really need to strive for since we are not always going to agree with everyone nor will they agree with us?"

Daniel: "Exactly. You can approach things from a level of mutual understanding, mutual dialogue, mutual agreement on terms and definitions. Then you are approaching and bringing a situation into a greater chance of progress and normalization of relationships. Indeed, whenever emotions interfere then the ability to think rationally and thoughtfully becomes elusive. Definitely praying that you can see everyone in a nonjudgmental viewpoint helps the situation greatly."


M4: "I guess that is one place where I have a problem because if I am disagreeing with them I am judging whether or not I think they are right or wrong or whether I am. So that is one place I have trouble."

Daniel: "And you are not alone. It is evident that this is part of the ability to learn to accept and communicate more equitably. This is part of growth and part of the process of life. Growing into greater consciousness will not come about overnight. You will not some day wake up and be able to turn off emotions completely. This is not asked of you. You cannot just be a thinking machine. You are the embodiment of your whole being. What is asked of you is to recognize your emotion and then try and get past it in order that you can meet the challenges of any given situation, that it can be brought to greater good rather than regression. Not all situations can be resolved nor will they be; but each time you are able to recognize emotion and judgment as being the underlying motive in a situation then you are able to take a higher step to put this in the background and to rely on God's guidance to help you resolve that situation.

Even Christ Michael allowed emotion to take over His being. You are human. Emotions are a part of you. When, though, emotion clouds intellect to the point where the mind cannot reason, then emotions have overstepped their bounds and have taken over the personality. You cannot totally become emotionless, but you can control emotion so that there is, again, balance. Does this help?"

M4: "Well as you say, we have a long time to work on it, I think. Yes, thanks."

K3: "Greetings my friend."

Daniel: "Hello K3."


K3: "I get another point out of this, your lesson on understanding, and that is patience. They kind of go hand in hand. I can't really have one without the other. I realize we can't snap our fingers, so to speak, and cure the world of all of its ills, which we would like to do at times. Of course this isn't the way. Can you tie patience into understanding for me?"

Daniel: "Indeed as you as students have seen throughout these last few years all of the lessons are integrated and are tied together. If you would picture for a moment a tree with the trunk going up and the many branches and limbs going off the main tree, you can see readily that each branch is connected to the body. And thus it is with all of the fruits of the Spirit, the gifts of the First Source and Center. They are all integrated and tied together in some fashion. Indeed is it ever more likely that you will hold patience, know patience, live patience when there is understanding. When there is a lack of understanding patience is short, patience is not always there.

If we took the example of the parent...let us consider a parent with a young child. First of all the parent must have an understanding of themselves. And then they must have an understanding of that child. It is most helpful if the parent has an understanding of child development. This, then, is looking at understanding on three different levels, personal, the child, and general child development. If any one of these three is lacking, then the chances for that parent to be patient at times of stress and in times of needing to be the guide for that child in child rearing will be very low. If, however, the parent has a good understanding of the child and the development stage they are in, they will understand why this one and a half year old is constantly putting things in their mouth, constantly climbing, constantly into things. They will not take it as a personal vendetta against the parent that day, but that this is a natural need and tendency for that child at that age. If the parent understands that a child's temperament is one that is different from the child next door, then they are better able to cope with the child as they are in these different stages of development. If the parent understands their own temperament, what is happening to them on any particular day, then they will better be able to understand the relationship of the child and parent. And in this understanding, then, in times of stress and duress, patience can be better held in rein. If, however, the parent does not have control or understanding in these areas, patience will be very short. Yes, those who are understanding will, indeed, have more tolerance and patience for the weaknesses that they, themselves, have and their fellow brothers and sisters. Thank you for your insight into this area."

K3: "Thank you Daniel. That was excellent. I like your analogy of the oak tree and all the lessons as the branches and the gifts that they provide. I would say gifts are fruits of the Father. And it is a great experience and fun to partake of these fruits of the Father. Thank you for your patience and very good lessons."

Daniel: "You are most welcome, K3. And I, too, enjoy the sweet taste of the fruits of the Spirit.

Indeed, they are tantalizing and they do call us back to repeatedly taste and be nourished as a by-product.


My friends, I must take my leave this evening. The TR, D3, is tiring and I must respect her physical condition tonight. Please be aware, this week, of that great gift of understanding. And I must say this is closing, that it has been a wonderful experience for me to come to Urantia and gain greater understanding of the peoples on this plane and the life that is led here. As an ascending mortal it is often difficult at a far off place to understand those who are in the dark, as you have been. By coming here it has given me a wonderful insight into your life here. This insight and understanding has given me the great presence to know what wonderful beings this planet truly has; that the darkness of the ages has been very stifling. But through it all there is this wonderful surge of energy, wonderful surge of peoples who are wanting and desiring to know the First Source and Center. This knowledge and understanding that I have witnessed firsthand gives me this chance to say how much I appreciate and respect you in all of your endeavors.

My friends, I give you my love. I hope that my words are able to support you and to help you to come to greater contact with that Father Fragment within. My love to you this evening. Goodnight."