1994-03-30-In The Presence of Thought Adjuster

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Topic: In The Presence of the Thought Adjuster

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Loriyana, Mantutia

TR: Unknown



I AM MANUTIA from the order Melchizedek and I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate your group on the hard work that has taken place so far in making the upcoming conference a reality.

It does so much warm our hearts to see how enthusiastic and how willing you are to jump in and do work that is sometimes tedious but yet can be rewarding. We believe your group has done a great service for all the other groups and for the Teaching Mission itself. Again I wish to offer my hearty congratulation and to let you know that we are all each one of us quite proud of the work that you have done. I will now pass the group over to Loriyana who has a lesson prepared for this evening.

Loriyana: My friends this is your teacher Loriyana. It gives me great pleasure also to be with your group and to observe the thoughtful and mature way that your group approached the problem solving necessary to make this endeavor a success. We are each proud of you.


Tonight I would like to discuss a subject that we have discussed over and over which cannot be emphasized too much and that is the topic of living within the presence of your Thought Adjuster.

I know we have talked about this in several other groups but it is again necessary to remind you of the necessity of doing so. It is only in this way that we can remind and keep ever present in your minds the great necessity for such a practice.

Do you recall when we have talked about this in the past we have suggested that you make each moment one which you are living in the presence of the Thought Adjuster? that you are aware of his presence in your life and so it is important to also recall that Christ Michael is with you everyday and in every way.

Think about living in His presence also, think about Him standing by you and saying to you Good job or I would like for you to do this or some such encouragement. Think about how wonderful life would be if He was by your side offering you advice offering support.

You can have Him by your side, he is there all the time , He is available to you. He is your Father. He is your brother, he is your friend. Think about having Him with you as you go about your daily affairs, when you are in a business transaction, when you are sitting there talking to a customer, a student, a friend, think about Him being by your side, watching, being there to help you.


I think this will add and embellish what you have experienced so far from thinking about living in the presence of your Thought Adjuster. I would hope each one of you will practice this on a regular basis, the next time we are together again, I will ask you how this is going so keep notes, keep notes in your mind to how it feels to be ever in the presence of your Father/Brother