1994-04-01-April Fool's Day

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Topic: April Fool's Day

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Gerdean



Tomas: "Good evening my friends and loyal students, I am Tomas. I am here in the stead of your Daniel who is available on the circuit as he is ministering even now in his arena. My joy it is to be with you in this capacity as teacher. My hope is that I do justice to the lessons you have already absorbed and made a part of your living legacy. This privilege of being part of the Teaching Corps is one which ever grows in the bosom of us teachers, as being made part of Correcting Time mission also grows in you.

It is my wish to reveal to you in my mode what thoughts and concepts I can impart to you in your readiness. And although it is an option to simply dump words upon your plate for your consumption, I would prefer to spoon feed those morsels to you which would nourish your soul most satisfactorily at that moment. For it is not always the case that you would opt to hear about, say, 'unity and diversity' even though these words would bring comfort and satisfaction to your hearing. And your review later of the words themselves would offer you food for thought and substance for learning. My children, you are each indeed unique and lest the lessons be so generic to merely be pablum in your minds I seek rather to sense the soulful configuration of you as a group that each of you finds nourishment, that you can chew on what you have learned and make it part of your spiritual muscle and life's blood.

I have listened, as has myriad other spirit personalities, to your relating your week's adventures and misadventures and have ascertained some common thread amongst you all. And yet I am inclined to remark upon this business of anniversary of crucifixion and resurrection only to one extent. And that, oddly enough, is tied in with the fact that today is both Good Friday and April Fools Day.



It is possible that this on its face makes no sense and has no comparison whatsoever; and yet, if you will, my brothers and sisters, my thoughts have to do with the humanness of this man Jesus whom we follow, specifically to His moments in the garden when He asked that His apostles remain awake with Him to support Him in these final hours of facing His own demise, and in their opting in their fear and weariness to sleep.

Truly what fools we mortals be! 'We' is a word I can use as I am privy to the vagaries of humanness. I am not here to remind you of your frailties particularly; but it is in juncture that frequently when we are in pain or in distress, as was Peter in the courtyard, we act in ways which are not in harmony with how we truly feel. It is difficult for sensitive and enlightened and Godknowing individuals and souls to be forthright, as this sometimes could be misconstrued as spiritual ego. And by the same token, false humility is the greater sin.

It is better for you to err loudly for truth and justice in defense of your integrity and in the belief you hold dear than to acquiesce to political correctness or social mores and let an opportunity go by unnoted. Better for you to sit up with your Master and cry, if you must, and beat your brow in longing than to turn aside and pretend you are not needed! For my children, you are urgently needed! And this is one of our purposes for being involved in your lives today on a moment by moment basis.

Teaching Mission

Our assignment here has to do with bringing forward this planet which has long languished in isolation and darkness. It is your privilege to radiate your reality and your joy into your arenas. And you have one another for support and the teachers for sustenance. This work that we do is not for your intellectual edification and comfort. This is truly a battle cry toward action! And although I am not suggesting that you act the fool, I am suggesting that in the hour of need of this planet it is not wise of you to turn your back on those who cry out for your comfort in your companionship.

I say these words and you say back in your mind, 'yes, Tomas, but what am I to do? Where am I to go to be companionable?' And this is our simple message that we have given from the beginning: that these are existent in a look, a gesture, an opening of a door, a pat on the back, a song in the air. For service of this sort is soul expanding. This is a matter of your livingness. When you have glorified your life by singing the praises of love for your life and your fellows and your God, you cannot be in false humility. For all the praise ultimately is for the Father, for His Son, for His helpers, for His children, for His having created this ascension plan; that all might know and receive His love and perfection.

In this outpouring of your beliefs, your affirmations of your relationship with your God, your conviction of the truth of the matter, this living love radiates and gives forth the light of the I Am, and accelerates the sunshine, gives witness to the miracle of the Resurrection and the Life. Even though you may feel yourself at first foolish, as perhaps you did when you toyed with the idea of a 'being' named Ham, you have since come to love your teacher Ham, and Daniel and many others who have become personal to you, who have touched your heart, who have expanded your mind and your spirit and your community. And you see that this is real!

And thus I call to your attention April Fools Day, for by fools such as we, we have turned this lowly life around and are singing songs of joy and thanksgiving! I am glad for the trust you have given me that you have given to Correcting Time, to the Master, to each other, and most importantly to yourselves, to your own integrity, your trust in what you perceive to hold the Spirit of Truth. For in your determination to follow that which you have come to trust you have helped your teachers to turn in good reports to our headmaster. And we are grateful and so pleased to be working with you. I have concluded my remarks as far as fools are concerned, and open the floor for questions and/or meaningful exchange of discourse as you deem desirable."



PamElla: Tomas, thank you for those comments, that lesson. I very much appreciated hearing that there are those desiring comfort from our companionship, and that the way that we share our companionship is through the smile, the opening the door, our beingness in our lives.

When you first said that, I felt overwhelmed and I felt my boundaries invaded because I know of plenty of people that very much would like comfort from my companionship. And I don't feel like I have the energy to give it, or the time, nor are these people the people I would want to spend my time with, given time. So my initial reaction was to feel guilty and feel overwhelmed that I was being told that I should be doing more, being a better friend. And so I was so relieved to hear that not only are actions important, but I can do it and still respect and care for myself. I thank you. I am more aware. I will keep my eyes up when I am walking to the car so that I can make that eye contact and give that smile and look for those people, and share myself in that way without having to share the intimacy of my life. And so thank you.

TOMAS: You are welcome, my child, and certainly relieved of any feelings of burden in service. Your taking care of yourself is fundamental. Your spiritual realm and your physical realm are most important. If you seek balance in a unified personality, make certain your physical system and your relationship with your God are primary. And then make certain that your social/emotional/intellectual balance is in there also. You are of no use to anyone, much less yourself, unless and until you are taken care of. Your Father can take care of your spiritual needs; and He needs you to take care of yourself. We, that is, your spiritual family are also here to be of service to you. Your teachers, as you know, come to you when you have need of them. Your fraternal family is also here for you when you have need of them. This is a blessing, that you can wash each other's feet. It is not always that this need arises. But when the need arises, it is desirable that each of you rise to the occasion of willingly serving your fellow believers.

PamElla: Thank you, Tomas.

Paula: Tomas, I, too, appreciated your talk. One of the things that is very important to me is the word integrity. And as you were just responding to PamElla, this thought came to me that one of the ways that I have considered what my integrity is, is that I am acting on my spiritual beliefs consistent with that relationship that I have with God; that as I care for myself probably the best thing that I can do is to keep that main connection, that life flow coming to me; and I, then, become the vehicle and the hands that then stretch out in hospitality gestures. But also very important for my integrity is the issue of justice for all kinds of people. So I appreciate the reminder again of -- each of us for our own integrity must, I think, determine what it is that God calls us to be and so do. And then act on that. Thank you.

TOMAS: Thank you my child. Your observations regarding integrity is on point. Alas, your reference to justice brings to my mind an entirely new lesson which I am not prepared to get into. Yet justice is certainly something that comes about as a result of integrity, that there is distortion in justice is an indication that much growth is needed in the area of humankind integrity.

Paula: I will look forward to your lesson on justice, Tomas. Thank you.

TOMAS: You are welcome.

Isaac: Hello Tomas. This is Isaac. And I want to thank you for your thoughts, many thoughts, diverse thoughts that you put together like a mosaic around this concept of Holy Week in the life of Christ Michael and April Fools Day. I thought I heard you say, I understood you to say that it would be better to err on the side of arrogance, not exactly arrogance but -- to go in that direction than to say that we are not important enough to make the effort. Did I get that correct? Were you illustrating that with the disciples choosing to fall asleep because they didn't think they were important enough to Jesus to do what He wanted, and that it would be better to overestimate our influence than to underestimate it? Did I have that understanding correct?

TOMAS: It would seem that those two pieces of the mosaic have the same color. And yet I think there might be a piece that fits between them. I am intrigued that your definition of foolishness is, what did you say, aggressive?

Isaac: Better to err in the sense of arrogance... TOMAS: Arrogance. Isaac: ..than to diminish one's value, I guess is what I was trying to say.

TOMAS: Yes I heard arrogance and foolishness together and was intrigued with that connection. It is better to voice yourself and err on the side of appearing foolish than to allow the opportunity to pass you by.

Isaac: Thank you. That is clearer for me. Thank you for clarifying that.

Dialogue, Pedagogy

TOMAS: I do want to say that even though I am designated 'teacher' and you are my students, this is not necessarily a classroom environment. Often some of the best teaching is done in situations where there is exchange of ideas among the students and teachers, not necessarily in question and answer form. I am not suggesting that we alter Daniel's format for obviously it has worked well for you all for a significant period of time and to an incredible degree of success. My history, inclination, experience has been more, not informal, no, but perhaps more conversational. And I have already told you I would delve into your minds and souls and feelings. I am not, however, going to meddle. I simply have observed other groups such as Welmek's group. He had his students discoursing among themselves, learning human qualities about one another and often looking to their teacher for direction and confirmation of what they themselves had revealed. It is my privilege to be here, period. I am not inferring at all a change in format. I am merely saying that it is not required for me that you frame your thoughts into a question. For, as you well know, I respond to your soul needs. And if you phrase words in a manner which I can see what you are trying to express to me, I will respond accordingly. Is that understood?

Leetah: Yes, Tomas, it is. I am sure you know that sometimes Daniel has asked us to discuss among ourselves different thoughts that he had thrown out so that we certainly do respect that idea and have used it.

Diversity, Harmony

When you first started talking tonight you talked about unity and diversity. I couldn't help but be reminded of the section I am in the Urantia Book. I am reading the paper, 'Universe of Universes'. The section that meant so much to me yesterday morning was the 'part to the whole'. And you teachers have been saying over and over again that if we want peace on this planet we have to start with ourselves and find that inner peace. This section made it very clear that the part affects the whole and the whole does affect me, the individual. And so I was just sitting here thinking in terms of the diversity that we find on this planet and among our brothers and sisters and diversity in the teachers and yet the unity of the whole; that each of us can touch our planet and each other by making ourselves a better person, by producing those spiritual qualities that come through quiet time and time listening to you teachers. And I just wanted to say that and say thank you.

TOMAS: Thank you daughter. I am in fact reminded of the analogy I once made to life being a symphony and your words there recaptured that analogy; that if each individual would determine for themselves what their instrument is, what their note is, how they are constructed so as to make their musical note when they are accorded the direction by the Master conductor, how in the end, even though there is a huge range of musical instruments, under the direction of the Master this comes out as symphony of exquisite praise. And when each individual knows himself, his strength and weaknesses, her strengths and weaknesses and can portray his or her personality, truly then all these personalities manage somehow to blend together to create this incredible living organism. Yes, the wondrous part is that people pick up their instruments at all! For many refuse out of fear that they cannot play. And of course the more who do, and practice, and make their noise known, the music, the praise, the song is louder and more joyous.

Leetah: Thank you Tomas.

Paula: And Tomas the other thing that I was thinking of as you were thinking of the symphony and we as members of the orchestra -- a symphony has several themes. To carry the analogy further, is it then the integrity and the purpose to which we are led and the ways in which we are led and the way we contribute in our lives become the themes of that symphony? And again, those themes will only make music as we pay attention to the conductor. But the themes are as important as the orchestra. And some of us don't pick up instruments out of fear of making noise. But I think also a lot of people don't pick up their instruments because they don't know what the theme is. And that theme is only, as I understand, comes through as we find ourselves in relationship with our Indwelling Spirit, with our guides, and ultimately with God.

TOMAS: Absolutely. It is true in the music of life, in the symphony of creation, and in the production of your involvement in spirit reality that there are themes, there are discourses, there are small plays ongoing to advance the overall surge and these are an integral part of the rise and fall of the emotional wave that carries along the audience. I say audience only because there are indeed those who are not playing, but are only watching. And one of your privileges is to so ignite their love for music that they might take the risk of determining whether they are suited for horns or strings themselves. You need only whet their appetite by your radiant joy at being involved in the symphony. In time, children, the entire creation will pulse and surge with this living music; and your following the conductor is your greatest joy.

Paula: And what's nice is that the conductor and the author of the symphony allows different instruments to rest at times and not everybody has to play at the same time. So we can be participants and listeners at the same time, so we can be renewed as we are playing in that symphony as well.

TOMAS: Well said. You see Leetah how your sharing has sparked an interesting discourse? And I feel/perceive that there are some French horns here in this room who are anxious to play.

Light and Life

Isaac: I just want to make a comment or observation on something that has been going through my mind, Tomas, and the rest of you. I have been reading that part of the Urantia Book that deals with normal planets and what process they go through and what it is like in Light and Life, etc. And what I realize is that -- and I even read this, that Jesus was fully in Light and Life as a human being when He lived here. He lived in Light and Life because He achieved His full potential. And what I am realizing is that this Teaching Mission is -- it's like the way it supposed to be is happening! Not just the Teaching Mission, but certainly clearly there -- pockets of Light and Life are occurring. I have observed that or I think I have made a connection of that in this strange planet that we are on, with this process. So these are my thoughts.

TOMAS: For which you receive an A! Isaac: Thank you! PamElla: Dad loves A's [Much laughter] Isaac: I like A's, Yes! [More laughter] But that's not why I said it. [More uproarious laughter]

TOMAS: Your observation is correct. Yes, it is possible, not only possible, it is actually, that once a mortal has attained a level of perfection, relative perfection and God-consciousness it is granted that they are in Light and Life in their own right, in their realm, in their capacity. It is noted that when a number of individuals who are individually in Light and Life convene and harmonize that then constitutes a larger mass of Light and Life. And our ascension plan ascribes that this process shall continue and accelerate. This, too, is why we are here encouraging you and reaffirming and reinforcing on a daily basis your reality, your, yes, Light and Life! And as you take it as your own, edify it, refine it, purify it, humanize it, evolve it, and share it, it is contagious! And you give forth those qualities that reinforce the value in others, in your neighbors, in passersby, in family, in co-workers, and occasionally even in what can be called 'enemies'. Your job is simple. It is to radiate your own Light and Life.

Isaac: Thank you.

Paula: Leetah and Isaac and I are part of a group that teaches that when 5% of the population gets an idea, then it will take off. Maybe perhaps the foolishness of today is that we can believe that, that 5% can change the world.

TOMAS: Another A student. [Chuckles]

Paula: Thank you. I like A's too! [Laughter]

TOMAS: We have here a very bright group. Daniel should be proud of having you as his loyal pupils. I am certainly proud to be among your good humor and your advanced thinking skills.

Paula: After that accolade it may not have been that. I have to confess that when I was in seminary I told my professors that I gave up A's for Lent. [Laughs]

TOMAS: How humble! [Laughter] Paula: Isn't it though. [More laughter]


Isaac: Tomas you can see that I have been offering this mike to others but they are turning it down, so I will keep talking. Would you say some more about this false humility stuff? I think I know what you mean but if you could elaborate a little more what you mean by that term...?

TOMAS: Yes, my son. I can and will elaborate on that matter of false humility, although this will be difficult since I am revealing these thoughts to Gerdean for her review and growth. And therefore I will be hard pressed to keep her out of my words when I am trying to say what I want to say.

This matter of humility is not the same as false humility. For if you have humility you have this unto yourself in your behavior. In your demeanor toward your God and toward your fellow man it is an attitude.

False humility is not an attitude but an error and it assumes that you are so humble that you don't even open your mouth. And the problem here is that in not opening your mouth you refuse your God-consciousness the opportunity to express itself. Your Spirit of Truth is Michael in you, and He has promised to speak through you and work through you. If you are so humble as to feel that you have nothing to offer which has any worth, than you are thwarting the efforts of the Spirit to express itself through you. Do you see that this is false humility? It is possible for one to be totally humble, well perhaps not totally humble, but relatively humble and be able to nonetheless put things in perspective and praise our Father, and Michael, and beliefs, and other personalities, and value and, indeed, oneself, while still maintaining true humility. False humility is a stumbling block toward expression of truth, beauty, and goodness. Is that helpful?

Isaac: Yes, that is what I thought you meant. And I appreciate you spending the energy to help clarify that.


Leetah: Tomas, following along that line -- sometimes the reason I don't share God, my values, my beliefs is not because of false humility but fear. Are they hand in hand? Sometimes I just bite my tongue at work rather than to say that which I think is evident. And I don't think it is false humility on my part; I think it is dreadful fear that I try hard to overcome. And I can say it in private, but in situations where a word could have been said I am very fearful. I don't know if that is false humility.

TOMAS: Thank you for your expression. And I will respond. I recall I shared some weeks ago about the laws. We were discussing laws. I made reference to sometimes it is wiser to abide by man's laws than God's law. And whereas that may seem like a silly thing for a teacher to say, your situation is exemplary of that, what I said. For you are invaluable where you are. You have obviously taught many and joyously and have made a mark on the souls of hundreds of Urantia children. Your value there is so great that you would, indeed, do the universe a disservice, certainly these children a disservice, not to mention your own soul satisfaction as a teacher of these children, should you upset the apple cart and speak forth so vehemently as to deprive yourself of this opportunity. And so whereas you bite your tongue this is not fear, it is not false humility, it is wisdom born of experience. You know, you are advised to be as wise as serpents and peaceful as a dove. And you have studied your environment well and it is wise that you comport yourself as you do. For you are a gift to the children as they are a gift to you. Our Father likes it that way and you are doing fine. No, false humility and fear are not necessarily operating hand in hand. They are not friends.

Leetah: Thank you Tomas, very much.

PamElla: I just wanted to add, Tomas, we have all been told not to throw pearls before swine. As I think of my mother's situation I would think that a lot of the things that she wants to say are throwing pearls before the swine and would have the opposite effect. The swine don't understand the pearls and they just cause bad digestion and get mad at the feeder. [Group laughter]

TOMAS: To this I would say, yes, my child, you are probably correct. However, it is not particularly for you to determine whether or not they are swine. [Uproarious, prolonged laughter]

PamElla: Thank you Tomas. You are right of course. [Laughter continuing]

Kent: Good evening Tomas. You went back a few years in my past to find my French horn. I believe that was before my teacher was assigned to me. Its a few years back. Thank you.

TOMAS: Thank you my son.

Kent: I think you wanted to hear from me, I don't know, since I am the only one that played a French horn in here tonight.

TOMAS: Your melodic notes are welcome and eagerly awaited.

Morontia, Attunement

Kent: Thank you. A question about what we have been reading at home on this glorious Fragment we have within us, this God that we have and the morontial soul. What we read was that there comes a time, a point in our ascension or in our spiritual growth, our morontial soul can begin to make decisions. Can you explain that a little bit?

TOMAS: I am not certain if I can explain it for I am not cerebral. But I can respond and recall to your mind that the three loosely designated areas of Thought Adjuster, Thought Controller, and Thought Changer broaches on morontia mind much as mota broaches on morontia mota. When you have found yourself committed to His will, doing His will, when you are practiced at following through and trusting the guidance that has been given to you, you act accordingly. And even when you have fear or trepidation, this is your destiny, to merge such with your Thought Adjuster that it and your morontial soul are in unison. Therefore as you allow your spirit to attune itself to the God Fragment your personal ego drag becomes less, your animal heritage becomes more and more insignificant. And the arguments that you present against spiritual realities are less and less. You begin to act in accordance with your God Fragment willingly and confidently and do not allow your vestiges of mortality to hold you back or trip you up. These are joyous unfoldings when you find yourself being willing to go along these lines and find, too, that it has led not to disaster but to joy and growth. These experiences then contribute to your furthering these kinds of decisions and loyalty commitments, and yes, determinations to follow the Spirit Fragment, the First Source and Center wherever It leads. Even when intellect may feel it is foolish it may, in fact, and, indeed, lead you into greater harmony with the all pervasive, all powerful Father of us all. Did that respond to your inquiry?

Kent: Yes... that gave me much more insight and a better feeling for this and I understand. Thank you for that.

TOMAS: I thank you for sharing.

Kent: You said you were privileged to be here this evening.

TOMAS: Truly.

Kent: We are privileged to be in presence of teachers, yourself, Daniel, all that are present in this room.

TOMAS: We are all privileged to be part of the Master's plan.

Kent: It's fun. It’s a great union. Thank you.


TOMAS: Yes, my son, my brother. My children, the hour grows advanced. I am about to abide teacher Daniel's admonition and before I make my final closure I stop a moment for your spontaneous remarks or questions if any. (pause) I feel your souls are at peace; and I am pleased to have been privy to this occasion of searching into our own abiding reality in truth and in spirit.

My children, my admonition and lesson assignment for you in this coming week is to radiate the joy of the resurrection of Michael into your fields. Carry with you His triumph. Let them know that you have been with the Master, and He has called you His own. It is for you to carry your sacred mission into your lives, to touch with graciousness and humility those around you. Bestow upon your fellows the knowledge that He is risen and that He lives in you, in the world, and if they are but willing, in them. My peace I leave with you, my students, my fellows, until we meet again. Farewell.

Group: Good night Tomas.