1994-04-01-Keep the Faith

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Topic: Keep the Faith

Group: Spokane TeaM


Teacher: Elder, Margul, Sten, Stanous, Elyon, Gabriel, Aaron, Machiventa, Michael

TR: Jonathan



Elder: Hello. Now that you have begun your ascension we will need to have you work on being dedicated to this cause. There will be so many new ideas that your trust could take a tumble in time.



You are right. You have been chosen. You are hand picked because of your great love for the Father and Michael and your great love for life on Urantia and your fellow man. Take the steps as they come to you and don't doubt yourself, for you are doing Michael's work and you need to do your best and leave the outcome in Michael's hand.

If you feel the urge, the intuition, talk with your teacher and go ahead with it. We don't have time to stop and wonder if we are supposed to be doing this, for now we know we are supposed to do this. There will be no doubt in your mind, and it will be the most uplifting time of your life.

You are very lucky to have been chosen. You have been very lucky that your experiences in life have been as they are, because we do need strong people, persons, who can look in the eye of another and see Michael and embrace that person.

We are all with you and this will be a very fun journey for all of you. Thank you. Elder.

Margul: In great capability you are, for you have journeyed to the mind that holds no one back. Embrace and follow.

I am interested in delivering upon you the bestowal of the love so inherent throughout the universes. I have come great distance to share with you. My name is Margul.

I hope deep within that you understand how truly gifted you are that you can accept such leading and follow to the places it would take you. This is not by any means to place you upon a pedestal, for you have chosen your leading as we have come to you to ask for your acceptance. Hold sincerely to the truths which bring you out from the darkness and enter you into the shining of the highest.

To teach you must learn balance, to understand from a fully integrated viewpoint that is consistent to the highest values and laws of the universe. I admonish you to more capably pursue your studies of the revelation you have been given in the most consistent manner of progression, for if you will lead into the new light you must have the balance of this great information source. As we can prompt you and lead you, you too must prompt and lead yourselves.

I have been in study of your personalities, as well as many others and there is no failure in the course you have all taken. It is expanding you to a barrage of concepts and ideas which cause you to focus more clearly to the truth that is behind balance.

Come clear from your worries. Feel that most faithfully you have acted. Continue to progress in all phases of development, body, mind, and spirit. Attach yourselves to the values you would represent, then coordinate and coexist with each other as you expand in members.

Be strong for the call of your Master Michael and take more deeply your role as a joyous responsibility existent with the paths you have chosen.

I am working with you now and have been for a time. I will continue to share any insight and love that I can impart upon you. Hold on to the highest and pursue with utmost faith. Sincerely given.


Sten: [Evening Star] Sincerely delve into your own personality whole to recognize what a difference you can make, what powerhouses you really are. To contain the meek and gentleness, that through this you give empowerment to others that you would unfold to, without hesitation, without forcefulness.

Travel through divine love and caring, to recognize within yourselves the truth that is unfolding for you, that yes, you are teachers. Your union is with Michael. Your union card reads the label of love, caring, and empathy for all.

Take your code of ethics out with you wherever you go, your shield being the love. Your trust in the Master will hold you true. Your faith in the Master will hold you true. Keep your hearts strong. Do not falter, for you are past this now. Step forward into the realm of carrying with you this love, this divine love, to help your planet into light and life.

Do not ever feel that it is hopeless, or that you are hopeless, for this will enable your confidence level to fall. Keep your faith and trust strong and bold.

My friends, I am a teacher passing through and have observed your group,--the dynamics of your desires and growth and trueness--and see you for the team that you are. My name is Sten, S-T-E-N. I am very pleased to be able to introduce myself to you today and am in and out of your group. I interact with your teachers.

Know that there are many of us here to help you. You can confide in us at any time. We do not see any problem as so petty that you cannot bring it forth. Yet first and foremost to pray.

You can regard us as your intimate, sincere friends. I thank you and send you my deepest love.

Elyon - It is good to be once again in your company. I am Elyon and I share with you that our meeting is being monitored by many beyond your planetary realm. It is of great importance to the Melchizedeks, how you receive the addresses given this hour. It is important, for it lets them know the course to follow in time ahead.

As you walk into this future know that you have two strong legs to stand upon. One being your faith. The other your experience. Taking steps with these two legs will carry you a long ways in your missionary journey.

I am overwhelmed by those in attendance. It is a joy to receive this honor. For me it represents the attainment of the dream I held at my inauguration to this program.

We are well underway in this stage. You are all so wonderful, so diligent, so faithful, caring, and loving. I am with you at all times, for our circuitry is extensive. I will turn over to another.

Stanous: [Evening Star] I am the counterpart to the one called Sten. I am Stanous. We are Evening Stars and share in the light that you have found. It is our joy to be present and connecting for two parties today. Our good administrator Gabriel has chosen to speak to you.


Gabriel: Bright and Morning Star Hark that you are angels upon your earth and as you float about remember always to spread good cheer. This is one of the main ingredients. Cheer is lacking. Celebration of life is lacking among so many. They have lost all light. They are broken individuals and so need the presence of God in their lives. Search out and find these people and spread among them the cheer that you feel. Help to lift them up, to know of the hope that you know of and the faith that you know of.

If Michael could appear at this very moment, he would, however the time is not quite right. If all could appear to you in this room at this time, they would. The time is not quite right. Know of its possibility. We are hesitant to, for the event that it may distract from the real purpose, the real intent of the mission.

I bless you at this time and give you my love and stability to place in your hearts. Beckon my word. Do not keep to yourselves any longer. I now take my leave.



Rick: Thanks for coming.

(At this point Doug was thinking in quiet, if he was really sensing and seeing what he thought he was.)

Aaron: Yes Douglas, you are. I am Aaron and only count myself grateful to be among the numbers present.

Doug: I have to speak. If you knew how many beings are here now. So many. Michael's here. He came with Elyon, and also Machiventa. I saw them come. I was so overwhelmed with feelings when I saw them come. They are here and they're giving me the chills. There is so much power. There's so many beings in this room now. I can feel their presence.

Aaron: Yes you do, good son. We converge to extend the reality of our presence upon you. It is specifically designed as such to point once and for all to the truth of the mission we behold. As your teacher and friend I have always seen your efforts and willingness, but sometimes beneath the outward belief and hope there needs to be stamped the reality into the forefront and upon your foreheads. This is no game.

Be joyous that you truly have the opportunity to come out and influence the progression of spiritual affairs upon your planet. Keep in mind Michael's light and you cannot stray.

I am so overwhelmed that you have recognized and it serves to deepen my already strengthened faith in you. I will speak to you again next week. I thank your time and listening.

I am Machiventa. I am so overjoyed that you can recognize and hold on to the powers that go with you each day.

Yes, there are many of us here with you and we will walk with you in the time of sorrow, in the time of plenty, in the time of laughter. We will help you so much that there is not any need for worry or tears. Just be joyous as you go among your fellows on Urantia.

We are so grateful that you each extended your hand to be part of this. Let me tell you there are not that many humans on Urantia that would give us so much trust as to believe in us to the point that you will work with us, tell others what we say, and be a part of our school and our life.

Yes we are spirits, but never fear. We are also that friend who walks with you daily and we are very proud of you and love you very much. Thank you.

Michael - Behold my children. The love is upon you. No, behold the love that is you. I hold you in my embrace unfailingly, unceasingly. My consort Michael has told you of the seeds scattered upon the ground and the fertile soil wherein these seeds sprout and give forth fruit abundantly.

I am your field. I provide you with an eternal flow of spirit, of life force, the twofold energy that makes your growth possible. You are my dearly beloved children. Take within you the sustenance of the divine light, the eternal love of the highest one of all. Recreate in your realm the great reality of the Father's abode. I am never away from you.


Michael: One final message for my children. Love yourselves, believe in yourselves, and trust in yourselves, for with this foundation you cannot fail. This must come first. Do not leave yourselves behind in the dust. Keep these three things very strong within you. My blessings to you.

Rick: We praise you.

Bob: You are goodness, you are light, you are mercy, you are love. We hold you and ask that you hold us. Take us in your embrace and let us reside there with you in the Father's light.