1994-04-03-Easter, Give Understanding

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Topic: Easter, Give Understanding

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Blessings upon you upon this day of your commemoration of our Lord's resurrection and triumph.


As you are aware, your ideas about His bestowal mission are even now undergoing a vast change and expansion of understanding. His life rings through the ages as His words are relived within each human soul. Always shall your world remain in living spiritual testament of Jesus' noble life and His triumph over sin. Your greatest knowledge has been encased in His words preserved errantly and fragmentally in your New Testament. Now has the hour come for His reclamation, indeed His enthronement, as a living and understanding, ever present friend, brother and God within the hearts of all humanity. Our work is dedicated to this ultimate goal, that He allowed to reach the hearts of every single human alive and who will live. Use His words in establishing His dominion. Your awareness of Him and your enlightened understanding of Him is your greatest gift. All of humankind desires to become understood, so does the human heart of Jesus. He craves love and needs love as you do. The days ahead stretching forward will become a time of reconciliation as mankind learns not to fear Jesus and begin to allow themselves to love Him.

Your human hearts desire intimate understanding and the hope that is bestowed with such understanding. When a person feels misunderstood and rejected, he feels unworthy and hopeless of gaining understanding. However, once a person is given understanding, immediately does he feel hopeful and joyous and his burdens are lifted. Jesus' infinite understanding bestows infinite hope and infinite joy and eternal newness. When all humankind understands that within the doorways of their hearts waits one who can give them completeness out of complete understanding, then suffering and hardship are ending and your great and new existence will begin as individuals and peoples. Comfort lies dormant, awaiting your decision.

As your lives unfold before you and you are called to follow the Master, bestow only knowledge of Him, of His nurturing reality. He is truly the giver of life and is your eternal salvation. Look well to Him for comfort and understanding, for assurance, hope and never ending love. You are learning to give these same gifts, His attributes, to those around you and so, remember to give Him personally also. Help your associates also to open the door to Him who waits. Give eternal life as you do. This is your great, glorious task ahead. It is what mankind so desperately needs and heartrendingly desires, though unknowingly.

Give God-understanding and you give life indeed.

Understand also along this pathway are people who suffer and who will inflict suffering around them. Forgive them and carry on. Go forward, do not be hindered at all by this. Allow our God to give respite and comfort. Your task is simply to allow, through your actions, that they will recover as you have recovered, over time. Understand this essential cornerstone, and you have understood the plan. Come away and walk ahead, learn as you go and give all you understand within you.

This is all of our lesson tonight except that I have been given your lesson and this following message from our Lord, Jesus.


Blessings are upon your souls. Your coming into our great kingdom has greatly gladdened my heart. Peace and abundant happiness are yours, my children. You have given our Father your allegiance, your hearts and I have come in order that you will know how I have also given you my complete allegiance. It is not enough that I give you light and eternal life. No, I will have you know that you have my eternal commitment to you each, humanly and personally. No other brother can exist in my place beside you. You understand that my commitment is eternal. Forevermore will I unfailingly respond to your real needs, unerringly will I grant your footsteps light to walk by, untiringly will I whisper in your ears the way to follow me. I call you forth from the darkness. I call you. Come with me and I will show you the way forever.