1994-04-03-Half Moon Bay, Part 5

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Topic: Part 5

Group: Half Moon Bay TeaM


Teacher: Tarkas, Olfana

TR: Susan Kimsey


SLO Conference,Purpose and effects of the Teaching Mission


Tarkas: Allow this connection to begin. Greetings to you, my dear companions, in the work to serve your planet. You tarry at times, but we are patient with your efforts to comprehend the far-reaching effects of this work. Students of God's wondrous creation must take time to attend to their daily responsibilities also. Let your spirits rise to meet the challenge of this work. Recognize the integrity of our relationship with you. Delve into this mystery, with trusting hearts, that you will find the truth, beauty, and goodness of God.


Teaching Mission

This is Tarkas who speaks to you now. I come in place of Olfana because she is needed elsewhere at this time. You feel my energy, S. You recognize the difference in our personalities. I too will attend this Teaching Mission conference in SLO San Luis Obispo. I will speak through you, and engage in a discussion of the responsibilities of all of you, as students and workers for the Father's plan of redemption through Christ Michael. Your world greets a new day in it's evolutionary history. You stand on the verge of monumental change. Hearts filled with courage and trust are what we seek of you as our companions in this work. Let no one doubt the immensity of the power of change that can come to this world. I speak to you as one who has experienced the beauty of life on a world settled in God's love and light. I can give testimony to the nobility of this plan of redemption. Those who follow you in forthcoming generations will look back with deep gratitude to the work that you now do. You do this work for the generations to come. Let this be your perspective, as you enter upon the tasks asked of you. More will be given concerning this conference when Olfana has had her own opportunity to speak with you. You are a dear student to me, S. Feel my affection for you, for T. You gather around you a group which has great potential for this work. Let yourselves feel gratitude for such an opportunity as has been presented to you. Allow yourselves time to grow, and yet, recognize the urgency with which we seek your cooperation. Your heart is the best guide in determining your role in this work. Pray and seek God's guidance for direction. Never allow yourselves to feel your efforts are unaccounted or unappreciated. We see all that you do with gratitude. Do you wish to ask anything of me, T, or is this sufficient for now? I recognize your desire to watch the program you have discussed.


T: Yes, there's one thing I've been struggling with recently, and I was wondering if you might not help with a lesson on patience. Do you have such a lesson?

Tarkas: May we ask for the time constraints for this?

T: I don't think it matters. We can just forget about the time constraints.


Tarkas: Then let us proceed. Patience is a virtue so desired by those of you who struggle with the difficulties of life. Patient actions are those which evoke a sense of relationship between you and those you wish to synchronize your efforts with. Imagine the image of those who work as a team gliding those beautiful boats...[racing sculls]...used by men at institutions such as Harvard where they have teams which row together. Imagine the development of patience and coordination which comes from such an effort, working with your teammates to synchronize and coordinate the efforts that you make to move with the water. Patient actions are those which develop such a sense of consciousness, that your efforts, synchronized with those of others, will cause the entire activity to move with more quality, synchronized effort, and power of the combined energy working in unison. There is a laying aside of one's own agenda, or sense of timing in this effort. You become conscious of your role as a team member. This patient sense of activity also recognizes the efforts of those around you as coordinated with you. You see their desire to work with you, not making the judgment that they are the adversary, to be somehow conquered or subjugated to your own sense of timing.

Now consider patience from the broader perspective of God's timing. When you allow yourself to see that the best outworking of events comes with guidance from God, then you hold lightly to your plan, your expectations of how things may go. It is not an abandonment of your schedule; it is merely an open-minded attitude that perhaps alterations to your timing schedule are the Father's, and therefore, most welcome in the events of your life. Patience requires a gentleness in your attitude, a willingness to allow for quiet moments of contemplation. This gives opportunities for your Thought Adjuster to speak to you, to impress you with an expanded perspective of how you perceive events. Then there is the patience you show to yourself. This can be a great challenge at times. We can be so harsh in our judgment of our own efforts. This is not of God. The angry, insistent voice saying, "This is not enough. This fails. This is inadequate." This is not God speaking within you, T. This voice comes from pain, rejection, the inability to see you in your full capacity.

Do not allow this voice to speak for you. It is indeed a spirit poison which contaminates all that it touches. Let yourself realize that patience cultivates an attitude of good humor toward yourself and others. It is the desire to see your flaws, and others', as the weaknesses that create the challenge for you and others in life. It is as if God has put these vulnerabilities into our natures with the intention of allowing us to remain humble, and at the same time, recognize more clearly that we all, indeed, have growth yet to accomplish in our ascendant careers. You do not reject a blossom whose petals are only partially open.

You say, "Ah, there is beauty in this flower and more beauty to come as it continues to open to the light." Take this attitude with your own closed petals, T. Say, "There is beauty here yet covered. But in time, with growth, this beauty will be exposed to the light." This is an attitude of patience. If you can offer patience to the growth of a flower, imagine the quality of patience offered by the Father toward you as another of his beautiful, blooming creations! Does this hearten you to think of this example?

T: Yes, it's an appropriate image and helps a great deal in trying to focus my attention on what's important concerning patience. May I ask another question?

Tarkas: Yes, but let me close this lesson first by saying that you can take this patient attitude of seeing all life as a garden which is slowly opening to the light. A patient attitude gives one an ability to appreciate what is in that moment! One no longer projects other perceptions, forcing them upon that moment. Instead, one remains an observer of what is, seeking the beauty there. Remember, that as you strive for patience, that you are seeking the beauty of that moment. Now my lesson is complete.

T: Thank you very much. That was very helpful. It's always been a struggle for me to not be frustrated by what I sometimes perceive as slow progress in myself and others or dysfunctional progress of myself and others, and this gives me some hope and focus to draw my attention to. Thank you.

Tarkas: We enjoy our relationship with you, T. You have much to offer to this Mission of redemption. And your own ability to see with patience your progress with us will open up further guidance from the Father to you as to the next effort you can make. Now, on to your question.

Problem Solving

T: I'm not sure to what degree you are aware of recent developments in my life concerning my oldest son, Ty, having come to live with me, but there has been great upheaval in his life recently, and I think he's teaming with frustrations, anxieties, and fear about his own future, confusion about what is right and wrong. He's been experimenting with drugs. He currently is struggling with tobacco smoking and other issues, and what I would like to know is...I would like to have some advice about what sort of leadership role I might be able to take that would be more effective in modeling appropriate behavior, being an inspiration to him, to consider a more positive choice...to choose more positively than he has been in many areas. I realize that sometimes the struggle that we have in life must be one which is difficult and that's the way that we learn, is by learning the hard way, oftentimes, but I also think that it is my responsibility to inspire him to greater heights of consciousness, and I'd like any advice you can give me on how I might better model that for him and approach those kinds of issue better than I have so far.

Tarkas: Ty has great difficulty with problem-solving. This is a challenge for him which will remain with him throughout life. You can help him by more fully discussing with him the actual process by which you yourself problem-solve. How do you organize the information that you need to comprehend something? This can be very illusive to Ty. He may see parts of the puzzle, but he lacks those clues or strategies which we use to problem-solve. For instance, S is seeing the image of a picture puzzle. Did you do such puzzles as a child?

T: Yes.

Tarkas: Do you recall how you learned that certain pieces were the edges, the outside frame of the picture, and you selected those as a first step in the formation of the design? Then again you learned to look for color combinations. "Ah, those pieces must be pieces of the same image." And those were collected to one side. These steps by which a puzzle is put together are good training for children. Do you recall that this was something that Ty was not drawn to as a child?

T: Yes.

Tarkas: Then you can see that he lacks a natural affinity toward this kind of putting a picture together. He may grasp the sense of the completed image, but does not understand the process by which this image is formed. He needs, first of all, T, to understand better and with patience that this indeed is his nature. God does not create these challenges in people without a greater design. Ty lives in a culture which requires much problem-solving. The life you lead can be highly sophisticated in its challenges. Yes, it is true that Ty flounders at times because he lacks this ability to approach life with these skills. But he can learn to compensate. This, indeed, is his challenge. If God has not provided this to him easily, it does not mean that God will not provide it to him with effort. This will ennoble Ty's character. He can become one in his future career who can, indeed, be a guide to many others who struggle in this same way. There is always a design in God's creation. Let Ty see his weakness from this perspective: God is asking of him to build for himself an ability to come to solutions. There is much you can do to help Ty with this. He, indeed, lacks the incentive to work with this, struggle with this. It is as if he finds it distasteful. But you can show him the means by which he can develop this skill. He needs direction and encouragement to define a challenge more clearly. For instance, he is one who should literally write down a goal he wishes to achieve, and then attempt to decipher structurally how that goal can be met. It is as if you are asking him to build a research paper, outline the components, enumerate the steps by which a goal is to be achieved. To merely say to him, "Ty, Here is the goal."...for instance, acquiring a job or reaching financial self-sufficiency. He does, indeed, grasp this concept, but you assume too much of his ability to understand the steps by which one achieves these goals. If you are to help him, you must spend more time literally speaking of a process step-by-step by which you would solve such a problem yourself. There are also many good books that have been written that discuss these very issues. Ty and you, not Ty alone, need to research this. Inquire at the library about books which address issues of problem-solving, planning one's adult life. He needs to learn better the resources available to him to help him make these judgments, handle these challenges. There can also be books that you purchase that he can refer to and literally study how one manages their money, plans future goals. If he sees that there is help for him in these areas, his optimism will grow that he can take this on himself. As it is, he often feels adrift, knowing these goals are expected of him, but he is unsure what to do and scared to ask. So many times, even within the context of school, he would ask a question regarding his confusion and would be told, "Ty, How can you not understand this?" He shrinks from more episodes like that because they were painful. You can help him to see that he, indeed, is someone who lives in a culture that expects a great amount in this area, and yet he simply lacks this ability naturally, and God is asking of him to develop this ability on his own. It is achievable. He needs to learn, also, a sense of patience toward himself and others, that they do not see his lack of ability in this area as acceptable. It can ennoble his character. Just as you see someone who perhaps is very short in this culture of tall people, and they carry themselves with pride, they stand erect, and they do not seem to have a begrudgement toward those who look and say, "My goodness, what a short person!" They take this in stride, and they say, "Yes, my body is short, but my potential is limitless." Ty can develop the same kind of noble acceptance that he needs extra time and attention in order to problem-solve. If he can learn to say with a smile, a sincere smile, "Wait a minute. I can figure this out. I just need a little more time."...he will be a beautiful model of humility and honest brotherhood...because he is saying to those who would judge him, "I trust you to offer me respect with my difficulty, and I appreciate this respect, my brother." Does this help you, T?'

Melchizedeks will indeed be brought to your planet. Freewill choice still allows you much latitude in your own efforts with this campaign. We recognize that people feel they have busy lives and, indeed, many of their responsibilities are just as important as the work for this Mission. For now, it is indeed helpful that you be supportive of S in her attempts to transmit our words and then to go through the laborious effort of transcription. You need to look into your heart and decide how best to offer her this support. Again we bring you back to the lesson on patience. If you can see that in S's life and your own, the petals are not yet all opened to the light, then you can savor the beauty of the budding flower and recognize that you are in league together to help bring God's light to this planet. Is this specific enough for you now, T?

T: Yes, it is very helpful.

Tarkas: I would add that Ty's mother, C, has great anxiety surrounding this issue. It is why she so often has moved in to solve his problems for him. Clearly she acts out of a great love for him, but it has been an anxiety that Ty has perceived, absorbed. She can be encouraged to realize that there is a greater design to God's creation. Ty has his place, as we all do, in this plan, and that her support of him can best be provided with a confidence that if he is willing to make this effort for himself, good will come of it. She can help him by saying, "Son, make the effort. I am here encouraging you to develop this for yourself." Do you feel this is sufficient information at this time, T?

T: Yes, you have been very helpful with your lesson on patience and your advice about how to help Ty. They tie very closely together, and they are going to be a great deal of help. When he returns from his trip to Mexico, I can have some valuable guidance on how to help him. Thank you.

Tarkas: You are most welcome. We teachers are here in order to give you insight that you, indeed, have the potential to create a better life for yourselves. It is this ability to draw forth more guidance from the Thought Adjuster that will allow this growth to come. We are guides. We have gone before you in these challenges, but you yourselves have the power within you to heal this planet.

T: May I bring up a further topic?

Tarkas: Yes, please do.

Teaching Mission, Service

T: I have some confusion in my own mind about the nature of the purpose and effects of the Teaching Mission as I've perceived them so far. I hear a great deal coming from the teachers about the great effect that this work that we do will have on the planet and all the people on the planet and so forth. But I need, I guess, to have a better understanding of exactly what is the nature of the work that is and will be expected of us who are students. For example, it is my guess that our work entails coming to a better understanding of our own relationship with God so that we can more effectively and more lovingly deal with our fellow human beings, rather than to in any way proselytize others, or to try to convince others of the reality of the transmitter/receiver phenomenon, or any such outreach as that. Am I correct in my assumption, or can you give any further light upon the specific nature of what our mission as students is to entail?

Tarkas: In many ways your roles are individualized. You are not all to do the same work. Some will excel in personal ministry, others will facilitate the dissemination of the teachings through the transcript publications and other forms of publicized forms of instruction. Some will become quite proficient in the transmitting/reception of our words, and further methods of outreach and dissemination of our teachings will occur. The healing work is an important component of this Mission, yet its time has not yet arrived. It is building in magnitude. Each of you needs to remain connected with your heartfelt desires in this work. We do not ask sacrifice of you. We ask for commitment and loyalty to the integrity of our Mission. You must show forbearance in your attitude regarding this work. It will indeed take time and effort to affect large numbers of people, but it is developing very strong legs on which to stand. We have no doubt that our work will be successful.

T: Yes, thank you.


Tarkas: We do not wish to overtax S's body. She has attempted well to hear our words. She feels thirst again, and we feel content with our discussion this evening, unless you have a strong desire to ask anything further.

T: May I ask that S receive some healing energy for some of the conditions which she is suffering from right now?

Tarkas: There is a pulsation forming in her hands.

[TR felt a healing vibration move throughout her body. The tape ran out at this time. Tarkas closed this session by bidding us a good evening.]


Stillness practice, Inner search is greater adventure, Olfana's lesson on truth


S: April 5. We're at R's house. It's what time? Eight thirty.

JR: And growing later.

S: Okay. And the people who are here are JR, and D, and T, and Sl, and S, and R. JR and I don't have any pre-arranged anything. We don't know who's going to speak or what's gonna happen. So, so far, whenever we've done this, it just kind of flowed really comfortably. It's all very spontaneous, whatever happens...I'm definitely getting that pulled up feeling...

Olfana: Allow this connection to begin. Greetings to you, my dear friends. This is Olfana who speaks. S feels much energy passing through her body now. We are attempting to align our vibrations with all of you in the room.


We gather together with a sincere intention of furthering the work of redemption on this planet. God speaks to all of you, in your hearts. You know the sincerity you feel in your involvement with this effort. You can judge for yourselves the integrity of this experience. We are all free to move toward God in many ways, on many paths. This is the creative blessing of each unique personality who seeks Him. We greet you, Sl. We know of you. We enjoy you. You have been watched many times, in many ways, and we encourage your further desire to satisfy your strong curiosity about this Mission. We require only an open-mindedness in your experiences. Your decisions regarding your involvement in this work will come, in your own time, at your own pace, with guidance from the Father. Now I wish to introduce my dear and beloved friend, and sister, Signa.

Change, Attunement

Signa: Good evening, my old friends, and my new friends. Many events are transpiring on Urantia. Many of you feel, rather than see, if you maintain contact with your indwelling spirit, much of what is transpiring; and what will transpire, will be felt by you. As mankind begins to shift his focus from the material to the spiritual, many strains of emotion that pass through all of mankind will change. The attunement that Urantia has with spirit forces improves hourly, daily. It is not of small importance. For you, who are members of the Teaching Mission, your responsibilities are great. For you have the knowledge that the truth seeker seeks. It is not our responsibility to contend with those who believe differently. It is our responsibility to share those insights, those experiences, those emotions, that convinced you of your belief in God. The Father in heaven is within you. The attunement you experience must become habitual. You must be willing to set aside time each day to seek the Father within, to communicate. As you experience this connection, you will begin to realize the depth and breadth of the Father's will for you in your life; and as you experience the doing of that will, immense joy will be your possession. Whether the task be great or small, the surety with which you experience the will of the Father, the dedication of your will to His, will create within you an abiding peace. You live but short lives on this lowly planet. It is your opportunity to give to the Supreme. Each of you here, in your daily lives, meet and interact with scores of humans who have been circumstanced across your path. Each individual that you meet is a potential soul for saving, a potential personality in need. Share your assurity, share your dependence upon the Father. Share the fact that it is the spiritual life that creates energy. The material life only takes it away.

Olfana: Now we sense your curiosity, desire, to speak with us yourselves. May we take your questions? Please address myself or Signa, as you choose. Or, leave the decision to us, if you wish.


Sl: I have a question.

Olfana: Yes, Sl.

Patience, Guidance

Sl: I understand patience...but...

Signa: You are far ahead of me.

Group: [group laughter]

Sl: I'm still learning patience, like we all are. We all, I guess all the way, if we make it to Paradise, we'll need patience. But with the Mission, and the ability to communicate with people, like we're doing, what are we not doing, that we are not already doing, that we can do more of, or what direction can we go that we are not going now? Specifically for me also? I'm sure all, each individual, everyone of us have our own thoughts about what we should be doing, or what we can be doing. But for us as a whole, and an individual, can you give me some input?

Olfana: Whom do you wish to answer this question, Sl?

Sl: Whomever can answer the question.

Olfana: I will attempt this. First, you speak of all of you as a group, as a whole body of people coming together committed to doing the Father's will in this work. Encouragement of each other, supportive relationships, a sense of team work--these are attributes that can grow among you, and increase the quality of your contributions. Any enterprise taken on by humankind benefits from this outpouring of support, affection, and kindness among you. There is no stipulation of leadership. You each can be leaders at times. You each also can follow others as they take on a task. Much creative, spontaneous energy flows through you in this work. We ask one thing of all of you, time and again--practice stillness! [smiling] This, certainly, we say, "Do with regularity." It will increase the quality of any effort you put into this work. Certainly, it will increase the very essence of your lives--this communication within, with God, with your heart. Now, the second part of your question, "what you can do." I turn to Signa, and ask her input.

Signa: Sl, the love you have for your brothers and sisters on this planet is very commendable. You seek to improve those who are around you. You actively seek the will of the Father in your life, and you are undaunted in your search for truth. You are indeed a "truth seeker," as the word is defined. Do not stop--for it leads you far in your spiritual growth, in your understanding of mercy and forgiveness. Your question of patience you have learned quite well. The application of patience, you must move forward with your search for truth regarding forgiveness and mercy...

Sl: Thank you.

Signa: Have we answered your question?

Sl: Yes, but not completely to the point of direction.

Signa: Can you be more specific?

Sl: With the time that I have, what can I do with that, that I'm not doing already?

Signa: I do not wish to offer to you a specific path. For in doing so, it, perhaps, could limit the creativity of your own mind in choosing your path toward the Father. It is most important for you to discern that path with the assistance of your Thought Adjuster. Through communication, and the decisions of your own will, you will continue to serve mankind throughout your entire earth career. Your motivation is from your soul. It is pure. It is sincere. It seeks service. Have I helped you?

Sl: Yes, you have.

Olfana: I can add, that you are welcome to participate in this group of my students, if this is your desire. Continue to search within yourself, what promptings you feel. Perhaps this very point, the search inside, Sl, not outward always, as you are so inclined to do, the search inside is where the greater adventure lies for you now. So do not take lightly Signa's encouragement to seek within yourself for your guidance in this work. It is a strong, clear directive from which you can greatly benefit. Be patient in this effort. The only competition here is with yourself! Do you understand what I say here, Sl?

Sl: Yes, I do. I probably have a lot more questions, and, at a later time, when I feel more comfortable in asking them, we can do that. But, thank you for this evening's communications, both of you.

Olfana: You are most welcome.

Signa: Indeed.

Character, Balance

D: I'd like, maybe not so much a question, but just to address some things I've been feeling lately and maybe seek some advice. At times, particularly the last couple of weeks, I feel so overwhelmed with the responsibilities of family, and job, and I feel so tied down with that, when my truest desire is to do things more on a spiritual level. And yet I always keep getting pulled back, because I always have to keep doing these things, or I'm concerned about family members, or work situations, and stuff. I find myself, at times, just getting impatient, or wanting to just escape it all. You know, it's like overload! I have such a yearning in my heart for better things, but I just can't, I feel like I'm so bogged down with this other stuff.

Olfana: [laughs] D, You are an angel tethered to the earth! This is how it should be now. I see you reaching skyward, heavenward, so often in your life. But remember, those tethers hold you for a purpose! This daily work, drudgery, that you feel at times, serves to strengthen your resolve because you must push through these responsibilities to go with those things your heart cherishes. Think of the integrity that builds in you, D, each time you choose what you consider to be sometimes disheartening or mundane. You are a servant of the Lord, in the very best sense. TR is overcome with strong emotions, and fights the urge to cry.] There is a nobility, D, that you cannot yet comprehend, but I promise you, you will indeed discover in your continued effort to serve those whom you sense have needs. Try to remember, as you move through your day, the image of yourself as an angel tethered, and recognize, trust, there is a purpose in this. Be heartened! God loves you, D. Those you serve are nourished by your care, and nothing that you do for God, no matter how simple, no matter how small you may feel it is--nothing is unaccounted for. I hope my words give you encouragement.

D: I thank you.

Olfana: You are loved, D by many beings. Remember this, please.

D: One of the frustrations I feel is working within a system that is so full of bureaucracy, and so unethical at times. So, I feel caught up in this whirlwind that I don't really want a part of, and yet I have to earn a living. "I'm frustrated." seems very mild to use. Yet trying to have integrity with it, and trying to have some kind of [JR's cough] loyalty, but . ..

Olfana: Excuse me. S's ear missed the word because of JR's cough. Could you repeat this please?

D: Trying to maintain integrity and loyalty is becoming increasingly difficult for me. Sometimes I'm wondering if this is a sign that I should just get out, because I'm so frustrated with it. Or, is this a lesson that I have to learn on patience? Patience seems to be coming up tonight. This is one of those lessons that just keeps coming on and on and on, and a... that just seems to be where I'm at with it.

Olfana: Again, I turn to Signa.

Signa: All that my sister has said is true. When one embarks upon the evolutionary career on a planet of their nativity, it is an increasing challenge to balance the requirements of a material world, and the requirements of the spiritual world, and it is the dynamic tension between these two that grows character, grows wisdom. You cannot forsake the facts of a material existence, although at times you wish that it was so. It is your inner spirit's awakening to the understanding that it is the spiritual that is real, the material that is only partly real. You are in a transitory time. If you were totally spiritual, this turmoil you experience would not exist. But also the same holds true if you were also entirely material in your outlook. There too, you have no conflict. But as you begin to realize the importance, the power, the reality of the spiritual existence, making the transition is perilous. It requires constant attunement to one's Thought Adjuster. It requires decisions. It demands growth. You must look at these times as an adventure, an adventure that encompasses far more than your material eyes can discern, or your spiritual senses can feel. Olfana is correct. You have a marvelous future ahead of you. Do not pain too much for this passage. You will look back on it, and consider it some of the most enthralling times of your life. This challenge of balance is a Supreme challenge. You have adequate capacity to master it all. Does that help answer your question?

D: Yes. Thank you.

Olfana: Who else wishes to speak this evening?


R: I'd like to ask a question about competition, cooperation, and jealousy. I'd like to kinda focus it even in the Teaching Mission. Also, do you experience things like that in your place, wherever you are? And I leave this question open to anyone who wants to answer it.

Olfana: [laughing] This is an enormous question, R! I will certainly give it to Signa to answer, if she wishes!

Group: [group laughter, long pause where Signa remains silent]

Olfana: Perhaps... [laughing]

Signa: My sister... [[[smiling]]]

Olfana: . ..I jest. [laughing]

Signa: [smiling] Yes, indeed, your question is worthy of many weeks of discussion...

Group: [group laughter]

Olfana: Could you, then, R, perhaps, decrease the dimensions of this inquiry?

R: [smiling] Do you have competition where you are? [Olfana laughs.]

Signa: May I speak? [one of the tape recorders shuts off] I will pause.

Someone: The tape recorder needs to be turned over.

Signa: We teachers have learned that sound. Competitions you experience on Urantia is primarily ego-driven. It is not service-driven. Therefore, it can only satisfy the needs, your need, for human interaction to a certain level. If your striving becomes personal, becomes inwardly motivated by serving your brothers and sisters, your energy is more adequately directed. Yes, to answer your question, we do have some forms of competition, but they are directed not at personal aggrandizement. They are directed at the glory of the Father. My sister, do you have a comment?

Olfana: S heard my words, but was pondering them. I wish to add that we relish each other's success, and perhaps compete in our expressions of joy toward each other! This you might say is a purer form of competition. We are not plagued with the uncertainties which underlie so much of the competitive drive you feel on this planet. We know we are loved by the Father. We know something more of his creative plan, and this is a supportive base from which we derive our actions and choices. So many times, the actions and choices you make in this life come from fear--that sense of scarcity, that sense that there is nothing to rely upon but yourself.

Sl: Can you expand on the competition? I know when Adam and Eve came, they taught us many things, like weaving, agriculture, husbandry, games of competition. I love baseball, win or lose, forget about it, it's over. We had a good time. The competition was good.

Olfana: There are activities that one, indeed, is in that involve the concept of challenge. The more healthy sense of competition, being a goal-setting, a striving to improve or increase one's capacity to perform, this sense of competition does indeed exist. But it is never with that fearful looking over your shoulder--"Where am I compared to the others?" that can make one feel so driven in this life, on this planet. Striving to continually improve oneself, even seeking to compare yourself in your growth spiritually to others, this exists, but it is always with the underlying support and love of the brotherhood. We are all on the same team! [[[smiling]]]

Sl: Agreed.

Olfana: This we never forget! [laughing]

Sl: I agree that we all look for Light and Life, and eventually the Supreme will be complete. It isn't the goal to get there too quick. It's the experience of being here now, I understand. But there's nothing like watching one universe against another universe, or constellation against another constellation, to see where they are?

Olfana: Sl, there is a curiosity here which I gently admonish. I recognize the quality of curiosity that inspires you to ask this. But, I ask you to ask yourself, "Will this information help me now, here, in this life, to improve my own efforts to know God?"

Sl: I was just expanding on R's question... I like sports myself.

Signa: If your question is one of physical challenge, we are, on the mansion worlds, afforded every opportunity to satisfy those needs and urges that you have. There are many such activities that would be wholly impossible for me to relay because of your lack of a frame of reference. To simply answer your question--not on a grand scale that you mention, but surely, in the early Mansion Worlds, does friendly competition of many sorts exist. Does that answer your question?

Sl: Yes. I believe so. I think I already believe that when Adam and Eve came down here, they did have schools of play and competition.

Signa: Yes, we are afforded much time to play.

Sl: I would assume they had those kinds of games on Edentia.


Signa: You...the human, as you progress to the point of fusion, will begin to leave behind those vestiges of your animal origin. The competition of the spirit existence is internal. It is always striving to be like the Father. Does that help?

Sl: Speaking about the fusing with the Adjuster, the concept of the resurrection, is there a certain percentage? I'm thinking there's less people that fuse with their Thought Adjusters Thought than the book kinda puts out, and that more people are Spirit-fused and stay in the local universe, and not that many attain fusion with their Thought Adjusters to reach the Father. Is that something that has just been bothering me, or is that true?

Signa: It depends upon the fact that the human was either indwelt by a Virgin Adjuster or an Experienced Adjuster, a Supreme Adjuster.

Sl: But all mortals on this planet have Adjusters that are experienced, is that not true?

Signa: That is correct. The percentage of humans who are Spirit-fused from Urantia is quite small.

Sl: Are you saying that the percentages...Can you give me a 50-50, or 70-30% of Adjuster-fused to Spirit-fused? Because that's been bothering me, as you probably know.

Signa: One moment...

Olfana: I wish to speak here, Sl.

Sl: Please.

Olfana: The Father has no quota system, as it were. It is not a question of percentages. The plan within this local universe is unique to the specifications, characteristics, within it. Concepts of fusion, although appearing sophisticated to you from concepts on fusion in the Urantia Book, are still rudimentary in terms of the full understanding of such a immense concept, such as fusion. Spirit-fusion pertains to those who have sought the Father in a more limited fashion. This you perceive correctly. But, conceptually you lack enough true understanding to be able to derive further conclusions then this. Can you be content with this answer for now?

Sl: Yes, but I have more questions on that for now.

Signa: I have a further answer. I sense in your heart the question concerns yourself...

Sl: No. I...It doesn't concern myself to that level. It's just a discussion I had, that not many mortals, no mortals during the rebellion, went on the side of Lucifer, but there were only 187 million in Jerusem at that time. With all the inhabited planets in our system, that's a small amount, a snapshot in time. So, my thought was, they must be Spirit-fused, with the low amount of mortals that were there at that time. Understand? Does that make sense?

Signa: I'm not certain you have extrapolated correctly of the information in The Urantia Book.

Sl: I will look at it again and next time we can, if it is OK with you, we will proceed with that.

Signa: That will be fine.

Sl: Thank you.

R: I am interested in the Spirit-fused as concerning us, is that...

Signa: You are not a Spirit-fused candidate.

R: Thank you.

Signa: Each of you is a Father-fusion candidate, as are all inhabitants of Urantia. It is an unusual occurrence for a Father-fusion candidate from a planet whose Thought Adjusters are entirely experienced to have a Spirit-fused mortal, although it does occur.

The Teachers

R: I have a question. Last week I went across the Bay to a friend's house called _____, and he did a transmission of his personal teacher called, "James." I was wondering if you knew James?

Signa: I am not familiar with him.

Olfana: I know James; not that well, but he knows of me, Teachers know of him. What information do you seek, R?

R: Well, I just...it seemed like there's a connection here between us and them, and that's why, at least here in the material world, I was wondering how it paralleled up there in the spiritual world?

Olfana: Realize that as you form connections, it, indeed, allows teachers further interactions also. The activities in which we participate can sometimes be such that we are all included, and yet we do not directly communicate. Other times, smaller components within the Teacher Corps do indeed work together with regularity. James is a personal teacher. I am a group teacher. Our responsibilities differ. Does this help?

R: Yes.

T: May I ask a question?

Olfana: Yes, T.

T: It's my understanding that Father Abraham, a former mortal from this planet, is involved in the Teaching Mission in some capacity. I was wondering a couple of things. Are there any other previous mortals from this planet, this planet's history, who are involved in the Teaching Mission directly, right now? And if so, what unique perspective can they have, given their background, that is helpful to the Teaching Mission, and the teachers involved, in the Teaching Mission now?

Olfana: Do you wish an answer from one of us in particular?

T: Whoever feels like taking the question is fine with me.

Signa: I shall try to answer your question. As the candidates prepared themselves to enter the Teaching Mission, those of us from the mansion worlds, we sought out many humans from Urantia to discuss their life, their understanding of human culture, to learn your languages. At this time, there are some other than Father Abraham. Humans, whose birth planet was Urantia are here as advisors, though I am forbidden to name them. But, perhaps, you can understand the human's propensity for veneration. We do not seek any kind of veneration from humans. This is a task we have undertaken as a service and not for personal gain. Do you understand?

T: Yes.

S: This is me, S. Remind me never again to stuff myself like I did. This is partly misery right now. Anyway, I think what I heard Olfana say, just now, was "Are there further questions?" [Note: The TR had just eaten a large meal.]

Signa: Yes, James is tiring right now, and begins to feel some pressure with time.

Olfana: Do you wish to spend our last time together, moments of time together, with further questions, or would you like a lesson?

Group: A lesson.

Olfana: I will attempt this then.

S: I know what she is going to say. R, Can I have some more water? I don't think I can do this otherwise. Thank you.

Signa: During this pause, I will bid you each "Farewell" for this evening. My love and my prayers go for each of you: to find the Father, to do His will, to have the courage, when you understand His will, to act upon it. I love you all. Farewell.

Group: Thank you.


Olfana: The lesson for this evening is on truth. "Truth" is such a noble word, almost sacred. Often we hear an expression such as, "It's the God's truth, that such and such has occurred." How do we know "the truth" is, indeed, of God? We know this by an interconnection between our minds and our hearts. Another expression we say is, "This rings true in my heart." Indeed, it is as if the silent bell within our hearts reverberates when we experience truthfulness. Let yourselves trust in your capacity to know truth from this mind-heart connection. Many times those greatest truths are not substantiated by what we call "the facts." Instead, the substantiation for our belief in a truth comes from the integrity with which we are drawn to accept it by our minds and hearts joined. Questions of the truthfulness of a concept need to be...

S: I'm sorry. This is me again. God...I don't know who's trying to be more patient with my body right now, me or Olfana...

Olfana: . ..need to be individualized--connected to the unique personality which conceives it. The truthfulness of a concept is best determined, not by the human mind alone--but when I speak of the heart connection, I speak of the Thought Adjuster, the input, the clarity, the wisdom of God operating with your mind to understand the truth. Therefore, rest your faith in the truthfulness of a concept on this strong foundation of God's guidance. Facts can be deceiving. Your perceptions can be so clouded because of the animal nature that remains within you, the delusions of the ego--which draws you, pulls you away from truth. Deception from the ego will cause you to say, "My heart tells me this, but my mind cannot accept it." When you find yourself in such a quandary, turn back to quiet contemplation. Recognize you are not ready to decipher truthfulness at that time. Any time the conflict exists between the heart and your mind, that is the telling point that you need to turn your attention inward to the quiet contemplation of guidance from God. If you trust this process of seeking the truth with the mind and the heart joined, you will be in safe hands. You will be lead by God to the understanding that your particular soul, on it's particular, unique, path, travels [toward.] Imagine, then this image. See yourself as reaching out to grasp the hand of God--the Father, the Mother, the Protector, the Guide. Say, "Lead me to truth, I beseech you." You can always trust that your supplication, your prayer for this assistance, will be heard. This is my lesson for this evening.


I am cheered by your continuing efforts to meet together, meet with us, your desire to understand better the purpose of this Mission on your planet. I close with a blessing:

Father, Protect us.

Increase our willingness to grow

in understanding of your truth.

Let us join together as God's creation,

and unite our intentions with faith.

God be with you. We depart now, and take with us the joy of having had this opportunity to be with you. Namaste.


4/25/94 9:00PM


Olfana: Allow this connection to begin. Greetings to all of you here this evening. We welcome those of you who visit. We encourage this type of participation. We turn to those of you who have become members of this group, and welcome you also. I am Olfana. I share this evening's time together with James, if B chooses to be his spokesperson.


Teaching Mission

This evening , I would like to begin with a discussion of your participation in this Mission. How can each of you bring your creativity to this enterprise? This knowledge can be developed in many ways. We encourage you to read further in the transcripts. Many different perspectives can be discovered from seeing how the unique personalities of each teacher, each of the teachers, operates with those in their group. Your experience of this can become broad-based by seeing the variety of interactions that occur between students and teachers. Also, we ask you to look within your heart. Is this a path toward God that resonates for you emotionally? Does it excite you? Does it encourage you to reach out in ways that involve the extra effort which comes from something which excites us? Lessons from the teachers are of great value in this work. We encourage you most especially to take these lessons, study them, consider them as working texts which can develop new abilities for you in your daily experiences. Participation in this manner, with a teacher such as myself, is indeed stimulating and challenging. But, we ask you to recognize the value of studying the words that have been given also. I wish now to introduce James first contact, if this is comfortable for you, B?

B: Okay.

James: Hello. I am James. I am a personal teacher to Benjamin. I come here among you as a friend, and as a guest, and as a teacher. I'd like to say that it is always my pleasure to be able to communicate with you in this manner. It is a wonderful experience for me to be a part of these gatherings, and to be involved in these teachings, which are bringing such growth to so many lives, in spreading God's love in this planet. You, who are gathered here, who are the spiritual warriors in this great undertaking, are assisted and loved very much in your endeavors. I would like to have conversation with any of you who would choose.


Planetary Government, Transmitting

R: James, you were going to get back to me...I guess I should wait till tomorrow night, huh? I'm not quite sure...

James: It is no matter.

R: Okay. The question was, "Are there other spiritual beings here on earth who aren't with the Teaching Mission?"

James: Yes. There are other beings here who are working with mortals outside of the Teaching Mission. I am not at liberty to give much information regarding these activities, except to say that there is much truth imparted in many ways to those who are receptive to other types of leadings. Not everyone in this world is receptive to this type of contact. It is our hope that all efforts from all beings in this world will help to bring about this great change even faster and more beautifully.

Sl: James, I have a question. Or maybe Olfana can answer, if you can't. I was involved with a lady last week. She was communicating, and verifying, what I told her about The Urantia Book. Is she being used as a TR for communication through her handwriting abilities?

James: One moment...This is difficult to transmit, as you are speaking of someone in your memory. Can you describe this person more?

Sl: This person's name is _________. She's been communicating for many years, fifteen, twenty years. She uses what I consider the "hot pen" process of communicating.

James: Do you feel that there is truth in her transmissions?

Sl: She validated everything that I said to her about the Urantia Book, and she's not a Urantia Book reader. She's a reader of The Course In Miracles. So it sounded to me like she was communicating at a level of understanding the Urantia Book to ACIM. She said that the Urantia Book is also a book, like The Course In Miracles, but it wasn't for her now. That's what the writings said. And she said that she is also...the writings are from Christ Michael.

James: I am unable to verify the guidance that this particular person is receiving. But if you perceive the truth in what she says, in your own experience, and it resonates within you, as I believe you are telling me, then you can trust much of what she says in these cases, if that is what you are asking?

Sl: Yes, I am asking that. I'm trying to bring her into communicating with me, since she is real close to me, and if she is also, like you, B, communicating with James, maybe I can communicate at a closer interface, physically with me, instead of coming all the way up here. Not that I don't want to come up here, but, I believe this is happening all over. How do we interface with these new students that are just coming on board, and how do we bring them into the Teaching Mission?

James: I...

Olfana: Please proceed James.

James: I think you are asking two questions?

Sl: Possibly.

Teacher Contact

James: Is one question, how you may communicate with teachers more easily yourself?

Sl: That's one, because I have to come up here, not that it's out of the way too much, but this is the closest interface to me.

James: Yes.

Sl: And the second one is, going along like you said, the second question, is this person somebody that is communicating like yourself and S?

James: Well, first, I would like to say for you that, in practicing stillness, as I'm sure you have been instructed, through your involvement with the Teaching Mission, you may reach out to any contact through stillness practice whom you know, or for any guidance without having a particular name for this guidance. It is important that you already understand that you are in touch with this guidance, and that you need only believe in what you already know within you, to strengthen the connection you already have.

Sl: Agreed.

James: This is the most important form of interface with the teachers. This is what we delight in the most--are the individuals who call for us, in their quiet times, that we may be with you, minister to you, and share God's love with you, in those moments.

Sl: This is the opening of the circuits from the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion correct?

James: The circuits, and there are many circuits which are opening now, which have closed, which is making it much more possible for mortals on this planet to experience, than was possible before. Do you have more questions about this?

Sl: The other, second part of the double question about other individuals in my area. How do I basically ah...not bring them in, expose them like I am doing, at a level of nurturing them. But I'm already doing that, I believe.

James: That is, you have answered your own question. What you are doing in your own life now is following the guidance which you are receiving, and reaching out to others, and finding the truth in those around you, and seeing God in the people, in your immediate existence. In this way you will attract others who are seeking the truth. This will unfold for you in a beautiful experience that will be new steps each day for you. It is not important to have specific instructions on how to approach people at this time. Except, to know that, you are seeking God's love, and wanting to share this journey with others. Does this assist you?

Sl: Yes. Does Olfana have anything to add?

Olfana: I would say that the element of experimentation is important here, Sl. You need to "test the waters," as it were. Let others know you have an active interest in participating in this Mission. They will see the sincerity of your statements and decide for themselves if this is also their choice. You will be the best representative of this work by becoming a good student yourself. Continue to explore, as you have done so recently. Allow yourself time to grow with this, Sl. Nothing of true quality comes too quickly, in this life, as you well know. Therefore, take each day's experience and allow it to penetrate deeply in you. Let your doubts surface. This is appropriate. Examine all areas in which you have questions or concerns. When you have tempered your own belief in this Mission, through such efforts on your part, you will become a spokesperson of great credibility to others. This is my best advice to you at the moment. Do any others have questions?

J: Olfana, I would like to ask a question, This is J talking.

Olfana: Yes, J.

J: My wife D, is, I feel, a highly-developed, very spiritual person, who is not a reader of The Urantia Book, but a follower of it, and I've read to her many passages of sayings. She professed an interest in this group. I was wondering if she could be accepted in this group in future meetings?

Olfana: I think this opportunity will indeed develop. I ask for your patience with this, because S wishes it. I, indeed, love meeting with all of you, and am perfectly willing to expand this group, as you all feel it is appropriate. This is where I say the co-creative atmosphere, environment, of our group resides. I am most willing to work with you in the ways that you request. This does not mean I do not follow an agenda of my own. But, I have much flexibility in my ability to work with you. Tell D that I encourage her also to explore information surrounding this Mission--the transcripts themselves, the paper you were given by Bob S. Let us enter into this with foreknowledge of the development of the Mission thus far. Have I addressed your request effectively?

J: Yes. I have another question. I went to the performance in San Francisco this weekend. I had my picture taken. It showed my aura, which was almost all blue, with an outline of green at the top. When it was analyzed by the person there, she said that I was at an impasse in my life, right now. I was kind of being torn between two different paths. I can explain that one path would be pursuing getting more work and following more clients, or taking about a year off, and traveling, and pursuing a graduate degree. Do you have any comment on that?'

I believe the last time we communicated, I was asked to go back and extrapolate the data which I had done, and I've communicated with many people, and gotten their ideas also. One of the things that almost put the "icing on the cake" for me was Saturday evening when I was talking to CR when he was with his son, we were [discussing] Andon and Fonta. Just before that, I expressed my concern about the ascending mortals fusing with their Thought Adjusters, and the percentage being low. Well, reading that Paper, near the end, it says that Andon and Fonta, arriving on Jerusem, did fuse with their Thought Adjusters, as did their son Son-tad. But, the other immediate family did not. They Spirit-fused--knowing that people who don't Adjuster fuse, do (they) Spirit Fuse.. I guess that was my question last time. The percentage was it 50-50, was it 90-10? What is the percentage? At the time, the question was, "was it my concern?" When I wrote this [transcript], typed it out, I kept thinking, "Well, maybe it is my concern?" At the meeting I said it was not my concern. But, then I realized, if it is my concern, I want to see if I can fuse with my Thought Adjuster, as we all do. If the percentage is low that would be more reason for mankind today to nurture their spirituality and work towards fusing with their Thought Adjuster, since we have them now and we might not have them on the Mansion Worlds when we resurrect. I guess it's a question of validation of what my thinking is about the low percentage of fused mortals.

Olfana: I will say that the green represents growth potential in you. The blue is representative of conceptual knowledge, experience, concepts which you are comfortable with. The green rises as an opening potential for change which in many ways is unmarked. You may choose your own growth. The potential is God-given; the path is yours. Consider with reflection, contemplation, and prayer, what you wish your life to be now, and in the future. Where do your values meet with concepts you hold of truth, beauty, and goodness? How can you take the energy given to you by God, and use it to best serve Him by your own growth and development? We do not always have these moments of growth in our lives--the fixed potential of real change. Recognize this as an opportunity. Take it seriously, and yet, be at peace that if your intention is to have guidance from the Father, regarding your choices, this is always available to you. Have I answered your query?

J: Yes, You have. Thank you.

Olfana: Are there other questions this evening?

Sl: I have a continuing question from last time, but I don't want to stop somebody else from asking questions. So, if it's opportunistic, I will continue. But, if someone else has a question, I will wait.

Group: Go ahead.


Sl: My question is a continuation of the question about the ascending mortals fusing with their (Thought Adjusters).

Olfana: Sl, I will answer this as simply as I can. Thought Adjuster fusion is a potential for all beings from this planet. Fusion is so complex a topic that you must respect the fact that I say to you, you have minimal knowledge given of this concept within The Urantia Book. I wish to encourage you to recognize that this topic is not to be defined by evidence you find "pro or con" now, in the book. You need to realize that the impetus for fusion should not come from a sense of scarcity, a sense of lost opportunity, otherwise. This is not the motivation here. Spirit-fusion is a beautiful, dramatic culmination of a process you cannot fully understand now. Do not attempt to relegate Spirit-fusion as somehow a lesser good. This is incorrect thinking, Sl. I encourage you to "let this topic be" for now, and turn this high curiosity of yours to other matters which focus your attention upon your own increasing knowledge of God's creation and your own particular unique place within this beautiful pattern...It is important for you to understand that fusion of any type is an immense experience, that is best described as glorious! That is all I wish to say on this topic.

Sl: I understand. I do know the fact of survival in itself is rewarding. My only thought was, if the mortals of today were aware, more aware, of the fact of the potential of fusing and non-fusing, based on their growth, they might think more than once or twice about what they're actually doing, that's all. I know for sure the givens of what has to become, and I know we all want to fuse, but I think it's...it's not that easy. That's all I'm saying. If you would agree with me with that, I'll forever keep quiet.

Olfana: [laughing] I question such a promise from you, Sl.

Sl: I agree. I agree.

Olfana: I....

Sl: [smiling] I don't promise.

Olfana: [laughing] Thank you!

Sl: Enough said.

Olfana: I will say that the Father has better means of motivating our spiritual growth than the sense that one type of fusion may indeed be better than another. We do not motivate best through fear, do we?

Sl: Agreed.

Olfana: Then, I would say to you that love of the Father is the best proclamation to be made to any mortal on this planet. Love in your heart will cause your soul to ripen, and blossom, and grow. This is, indeed, all that is necessary now to truly . Let yourself relax with this now, please. And trust me when I say, you dabble with concepts that you are not capable of defining or distinguishing in any way correctly. Please accept this as a loving statement. I do not wish to diminish your desire to understand more of God's plan. I only say that this is a topic which is not effectively pursued as you are approaching it.

Sl: I can understand. I understand the reasons of not wanting to tell me if I am right. The repercussions. Thank you.

Olfana: Now I can present a lesson, if you choose, or we may continue on with further questions. Is there a group consensus regarding this?

J: A lesson for me.

R: A lesson would be fine with me.

Olfana: A?

A: Yes, that would be nice to have a lesson.

Sl: A lesson would be nice, but there's always questions that come into the mind, and we'll be here all night, and I agree, we can do this again.


Olfana: Yes, that is an important point to remember. We can do this again! I will now present a lesson on heartfelt intentions. How do we decide that we are drawn to a particular path, compelled to seek out information, knowledge, sometimes at great effort on our part? We search through life for those things which we truly desire from our hearts. If you establish, as a foundation for your searching, that you will be guided by God, you have created a foundation for your growth, your experience, which will always support you well. Lightly, we reach toward some experiences saying, "If this does not turn out well, it is no great cost." Much of this type of decision-making affects our youth. There does not seem to be a great cost, a great price to be paid for many of our choices. However, as we pass through life, we discover, "Oh yes, there is a price to be paid"--sometimes a great price. Then we learn to value more carefully the choices that we make. We recognize our own limitations. We stabilize ourselves within an area of life which begins to feel comfortable, familiar, understood. The problem that can develop from this, is that we begin to cling securely to these things, and may not recognize the potential creativity that has been lost in this path. Always, if you remain open in your lives to new experiences, you will find great potential and growth coming to you time and again. From these many choices, you must decide which ones call to you with the voice of God. This is not always an easily-arrived-at decision. Contemplation of these choices involves a calculation of what price is to be paid. What will the cost be in terms of my effort, my commitment to others, my energies, my hopes. All these attributes of your decision can, indeed, come with the counsel of God. Listen in your heart. Find those thoughts which ennoble you--tell you that you will be a better person for making this choice. That is the mark of God on your decision! You can proceed through life, knowing that your heart leads you, when you feel a sense of open expectation! Trust in the benign, loving plan of God for you, and in a sense that [in] any risks taken, [you] will be protected by those beings who love you and support you on your path. Think of yourself stepping out, moving forward, with your heart as a glowing, pulsating, point of light within the many colors and patterns which charge your system. Visualize this heart center with a soft, glowing light, and realize that the energy which fuels this light is from God! This is the light which will, indeed, brighten your path, help you through the darkness of confusion, distrust, worry, or even fear. The ability of your heart to lead you into right choices is strong, powerful, capable of being a great guide for you. Hold to this image, then, as you seek to choose from the many opportunities which will, indeed, present themselves to you in your life. This is my lesson for this evening. I will remain with you longer if you choose, or we can now end this session. Do you share a sense of which choice you will make?

J: Yea, I do.

Olfana: Please speak, J.

Sl: You have a choice? Are you ending or continuing?

J: Yea, so...

Olfana: Yes.

J: I feel like I'm going to be ending my career temporarily, postponing it for about eighteen months, and then going into a study, reflection, contemplation period, with some travel wrapped in there.

Olfana: Are you seeking further input from me regarding this choice?

J: Well, I feel that I had just about made my choice, anyway. I was looking for validation, actually, and I feel I got it here, tonight.

Olfana: [smiling] Then my lesson has been well received!

J: Yes.

Olfana: This gives me much pleasure in my own heart! I choose the lessons for you with care. You have sensed, at times, that I speak directly to one or the other about their needs, their desires, their confusion. This is indeed true. But, I speak to all of you, if you will take the lesson, and say, "How does this cause me to consider myself?" "Can this information help me to know my own understanding of life better?" These lessons are ones which I studied myself. Indeed, I share with you now concepts, images, particular passages, of lessons that moved me as a beginning student on the morontia level. This is where I am allowed my own input to the lessons of the Melchizedeks. I appreciate the many generous comments that you have made regarding your appreciation of them. I will continue to strive to offer you lessons which will inspire you, and give you a sense of the beauty which awaits you in your eternal career. Now do you wish to end this session, or would you like further time with me?

J: I want to make one comment. This is my first time, this is my first session. Is it appropriate to thank Olfana for helping me out tonight? If so, I thank her. I thank you.

Olfana: You are understood by us, J. We recognize your strong energy and feel the warmth coming from your soul. You will do well to trust that you are watched and helped in your path to God. We welcome you in your explorations of this experience, and encourage you to pray and seek stillness as a means of discovering the Father's voice within you. I sense S's energy as beginning to tire. May I address any further issues within the group, or do you wish to close this session?

Teacher Contact

Sl: I would like Olfana to know that my questions are not to challenge you to the point that I'm testing. It's for my own knowledge of learning. I have lots of questions that are probably...attacking...which I don't mean to. Like, I would like to know now, "Where you are now?" This is my first time of asking questions of this sort, of being loose. Are you here? Are you on the mansion worlds? Where is your locale physically?

Olfana: I am here, with you in this room. My energy surrounds S's. I use her body. She trusts me and patiently sits within herself, while I speak. Her mind is still active. I hear her thoughts. But to further describe my presence would be too much to ask of S now. It is a highly emotional topic for her.

Sl: I'm a very technical person, and the communication between you and James, I'd like to know just a little bit about that, and I want to thank James for being here.

James: You’re very welcome.

Olfana: James and I are teachers differing in some of our capacities and sharing talents also. We develop our own relationships, as your own contacts grow among you. I am more aware of James, now, then I was previously. He serves B very well, and I hope that in B's model you can see the potential of your own relationship with a personal teacher. This is available to each of you if you choose it. It is not something to be taken lightly. Personal teachers require much effort. Is this not true, B?

B: Yes it's true. It is a wonderful effort though.

Olfana: Thank you. I'm sure James appreciated the compliment, too.

Sl: Are there any other teachers available, present, watching? Assuming like, if A, or R, were to eventually get a teacher, would that teacher be here, evaluating, for the potential of being a teacher for one of the people present here?

Olfana: You are all watched at times by many different teachers. Some of these teachers are in training for their own groups. I watched other groups before I became the teacher for this group. I am not at liberty to express all the details of this. But, it is true that you are all watched at many times, in many ways. We watch you with love. We do not judge you, in the sense that you perceive judgment. You may request us to leave you, which S has, indeed, asked of me, at times. I encourage you to consider the possibility of this relationship for yourself. It is, indeed, an adventure in itself to have, as a further participant in your own growth, a guide who loves you, supports you, encourages you again to seek those heartfelt intentions in life. James?

James: Yes.

Olfana: Would you like to add a comment here?

James: In regard to being a personal teacher, it is something that many among the Teaching Mission long to do--to come to you, to be your companion, as you wish, in the moments when you are seeking the guidance necessary for your growth. We want to be a part of your spiritual path. We respect your free will in all matters. If you wish our presence with you, then a teacher will be with you. It is that easy. Requesting a personal teacher for yourselves does make particular...excuse me...It is not important for your spiritual path whether or not you select a personal teacher for yourself. This is a choice you can make, if it is comfortable for you. There is much sharing available. It is our wish to share with you our knowledge, and experience, and most of all, God's love, which is lacking in so many moments in your lives. It would be comforting to know that there is a friend present whom you can lean towards, and share intimate moments--someone who can understand your thoughts and intentions in a way that you have not experienced, and have longed for, perhaps. My experience with Benjamin is very fulfilling for me. It is the choice I have made in my journey to be a teacher, to be attached to someone who is seeking, and to offer my guidance. It is wonderful to develop this friendship which will remain intact for eternity. Do any of you have a question?

R: How does this relationship compare to our Thought Adjusters?

James: Your Thought Adjuster indwells you, and is your destiny. Teachers are fellow personalities on the same path. We are a little ahead of you, and we can help you to reach places in your journey a little easier, show you choices that you might not have considered, to help you gain growth that you desire. Your Thought Adjuster has all the guidance that you need for this journey as well, and, we would ask that you always seek the guidance of your Thought Adjuster as we do ourselves, Consider us big brothers or sisters, as you wish, as you will. You see us, perhaps, as beyond you, or so different, because you cannot touch us or see us the way you do your companions. But we are more like you than, perhaps, you realize, and that is what you may find comforting in this relationship.

Sl: James, Are you an ascending mortal?

James: Certainly I am.

Guardian Angels

A: James, how does our relationship with the teachers from the Teaching Mission differ from our relationship with our Guardian Angels?

James: Again, there are many beings and influences which minister to you. Your Guardian Angels, who love you very dearly, who are your constant companions, do not completely understand the path that you are on, but are there to assist you, and lift you along the spiritual path. There is much in your emotional states, in the workings of your minds, which your Guardian Angels cannot entirely comprehend. Your Angels are of a different order of being, are complimentary to your mortal state. It is an important relationship. We, as teachers, are your brothers and sisters on the same path. We are here on this Mission to bring about change in this world. This is a unique occurrence and not to be considered ordinary, that we are here. There is much to be done in this world to bring the mortals of this realm to the stages of Light and Life. And all efforts known to our Creator are being employed to bring about this change more effectively, and as soon as proper growth permits.

Teaching Mission

R: James, is it possible to actually get inside the feelings of your teacher or the other teachers, in the sense that they have emotions like we have, ourselves?

James: The communication from your side to ours, I believe, is what you are asking about. It is much easier for us to understand your feelings, and to see what you see, and to know you, then it is for you to know us. That is obvious to you. The teacher can share with you their feelings when you ask, when you open yourself, because your teacher is always wanting to share. It is for you to allow the sharing and ask for it.

Sl: Question. The Teaching Mission on our planet of Urantia is needed at this time because of the Lucifer rebellion, for sure. But, on a planet that has not gone through a rebellion, is the communication there also with the Teaching Mission, to the ascending mortals of a evolutionary planet, to the mansion worlds of other systems?

Olfana: Are you seeking an answer from James or myself?

Sl: Either. Whomever is not tired.

James: This Mission, as it is happening on this planet, is unique. But similar Missions are taking place on other worlds similar to yours, who are in need of such ministry. On normal worlds, this specific type of Mission has not occurred "per se," but there are many different kinds of ministries given to worlds. Guidance is always available for mortals in all worlds when seeking.

Sl: Thank you.

Olfana: I will add that, within the universe of Nebadon, the concept of "those, who have gone ahead, reach back and help those just behind them" is the general principle of truth which operates on all levels of ministry. This is enough information for now. I do set limits, at times, Sl. Do you understand what I say here?

Sl: Not completely, but ah...do you want to expand on that?

Olfana: Just that, if your mind is drawn to this issue, for now, we are closing the topic.

Sl: Okay.

James: Will there be further questions of James this evening?


Sl: I'm done for tonight myself, I think I've been whipped enough. [laughing]

R: Yeah, I'm ready too. [laughing]

A: We are ready to close. [laughing]

Group: We are ready to close.

Olfana: Ah, [laughing] We have a consensus, this is good! I wish to close with a blessing. I love blessings! So let us proceed.

Father, you light our hearts.

You fill us with divine energy

which causes us to know you.

Please grant us opportunities

to share this love with others.

Help us to understand that

when we reach out in love,

we extend your presence in our lives.

Father hold us to your heart.

Keep us, tenderly, near you.

Allow your love, your light, your power

to fill our beings and strengthen us.

I close now, and hope you have safe journeys to your homes. May God's peace flow through you, and allow you to offer this peace to others. Goodnight.

Group: Good night.