1994-04-19-Trust Yourselves

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Topic: Trust Yourselves

Group: Spokane TeaM


Teacher: Malvantra, Aaron

TR: Simeon


April 15, 1994



Hello friends. We are here today to have you receive communication through the feelings of presence here. You are getting very close to having visual teachings.

It will be a time soon that you will be able to look at another person and they will be able to see that you are very kind and full of love, and you will have their instant trust. We are expanding your lessons because you have done such an excellent job of being open and accepting the verbal teachings.

We talk a lot about the teaching mission and it would be good if you could try to create in yourself a vision of where you will be, and what you would do if things were perfect in your life. You are so close to reaching a vision of your own and of course the teachers will help you along with this. Great teachers have always had a vision. They talk of having a spirit come to see them, angels talking to them. Michael lived his life with a great vision, having the people believe and be able to see our Father.

Reach for the stars and know that there is nothing impossible for this group. You are doing wonderful.



Sandy: I'm not getting a name.

Frosty: You said that we would be able to see you. Is that through the mind's eye, or open eye, actually seeing you?

You are able to feel the presence to the point that you know they are there. You know how to converse with them and you will be able to see them in a form or in a light.

The light of your angels go with you everywhere and you can feel the presence, so the next step is to actually visualize or have a vision, because you do all things through your five senses and you feel like you're not to sure of a teacher or anyone of us that is spiritual until you have actually seen that person.

You may actually see your angels more easily than of a teacher who would come and go. You can call in your teacher, but it is an idea of having to stop and feel and know that that teacher is there before you can visually see them. Your angels are there all the time, so this would be a form of companionship and help.

Frosty: So we can get to the point where we see our angels. Sometimes now I think I see something. I'm not too sure, it's like a blur. Is this someday just going to happen, or do we need to create an opening?

You need to believe that you can see it before it will happen Does that help?

Frosty: Yes, a lot, because I do believe that. Someday I think I'll open my eyes and Cindia will just be sitting across the room from me.

Yes, you are truly spiritual beings.


Balance, Trust

Malvantra: Knowledge and wisdom, intertwined with happiness and gratefulness, intertwined with faith and desire, bonds and creates harmony.

Too much of one thing will pull you out of balance. To surge ahead without wisdom and discernment can create temporary happiness that could end up in disillusionment. Find the balance to go forth and have glee and happiness obtained through experience which creates wisdom. Know that the twisted rocky paths that you have taken in the past need not be taken anymore, that you can eliminate many of the complications from your lives simply from past experience, inner knowing and wisdom, creating balance and harmony.

Stop and take the time to think things through before acting too hastily, or overreacting. Know that you have the time to take, think, consider and realize where you are at any given moment, that you can do a self check to see where your harmony lies, where the inner conflict harbors within you, creating imbalance. To realize that the standpoint of which you are all now at, that you do not have to be in disharmony for any length of time, that you can be lifted up. If there is something that you simply need to learn or re-experience for some reason that would create more, a greater wisdom data base within you, then so be it. If for some reason you feel that you need to go down one of those twisted rocky roads again, then so be it.

Trust your own selves. Believe in yourselves. Believe that what you feel is going to create outcomes for you that could always be different if possibly another path was traveled. You have come to a point in your lives that you know you always have options, that you no longer are trapped into the feeling that once again you are in a place that you no longer need to be. You can detour out before you have begun the journey. You can lift yourselves up and over many obstacles with ease, where before it would have devastated you and kept you trapped for a longer time.

This alone will make you great teachers, for you will be able to stand back and see through the maze and help others that are trapped in the middle, for you know the way out. You know also what is waiting when you come to the end of the tunnel and see the light. There is always light. You have experienced this many times, going through your states of confusion and muddlement to find once again the brilliant light. Know once again it is waiting there for you and that the tones of confusion are becoming less and less. You can take much shorter paths to reach it now where before the maze seemed enormous and long. Find your way through.

We have been bringing in a lot about balance, trust, and belief in yourself, for this my friends is your future and the next step. This does not mean to be self righteous and overconfident, to become self centered. You all know this. You know what I speak of. I have watched you all and you are very clever and very wise and very devoted.

Come into this balance knowing that you are human with frailties, that the frailties are part of your balance, for it pulls you in and out in order to learn your experiences and gain the wisdom that is required for soul growth. So bless your frailties and love your frailties, for if you acknowledge your frailties they can teach you much. This is Malvantra.

Aaron: Would you like to try a workshop today? I would suggest you begin circumstantial preparation. In this I mean to put yourselves in circumstances you may face in your outreach, such as a role. You can do this to bring an understanding of terms, methods, processes, you may use, and to understand those things which may create difficulty.

Situation: A young person disillusioned, low esteem, sitting on a park bench, acknowledging your presence with a hint of distrust.

Pursue your action from this and let it evolve. This would be the assignment. I am Aaron. We will discuss your work next week.

Frosty: Aaron, could it be a possibility today, or someday that we could set aside time to do actual role playing with each other? With you possibly helping to guide us?

Aaron: This is what I would have you do Frosty: Next week?


Aaron: No, following this message today. Discussion will ensue from us next week and perhaps another assignment.