1994-10-06-Lesson On Love

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Topic: Lesson on Love

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Hal, Lucille, Stella



JarEl: (Hal as t/r): Greetings dear ones as we gather in this intimate setting. Again it is truly a pleasure to be with you as you strive to join the ambassador corps of Christ Michael as He brings Light and Life to this planet. Your efforts are appreciated , your dedication, your striving to learn the process and to know the technique of letting yourself go and be a part of this mission. We will take it slow and easy tonight. You must participate as this is a practice learning session. In a practice session you must practice.



The lesson for tonight is a message of love. Love means different things to different people. The overall concept of love is the universal love. As you were discussing earlier the experience of after death, your surmise is correct. As you learned early in life that God is Love. The universe is love. This means cooperation, working together, working to fulfill the Fathers plan for you. Love is the essence of human relations.

Love is what has been missing on this planet as you discussed earlier. However you would be surprised at the amount of love that is present. You have had two thousand years of Michael’s teachings that has permeated a good portion of the planet. Despite the misinterpretations the message of love has come through. Love as you have learned is what this mission is all about. Each one to radiate the love of the Father to everyone you meet. Love is the essence of existence. There are many forms of it as you progress spiritually and it will become enlarged with slightly different meanings of it but it is still the nature of the Father. God is Love. This is the starting point as we expand our concepts and practice it to where it is more meaningful in your lives.

Yes, you expressed the feeling that we teachers on our level seem to all radiate love when compared to the existence on Urantia. It is true. This is the goal of Michael that love, mercy, and understanding spread to the entire planet to where it dominates all of our thoughts.

I will now see if we can impress the others to give them a chance to receive our impressions and messages..........


Lucille (as t/r:) This is JarEl. I would like to open with our prayer. The love of God enfolds us. The light of God surrounds us, each and everyone. The presence of God is with us at all times. Wherever we are God is.

If you will keep this prayer in your thoughts at all times it will bring you closer to God and realize His presence evermore. If we can approach things in life with positive attitude and let God take care, things will work out for you as He is with you at all times. Turn to your teacher and the teacher will help you and guide you. Permeate the feeling of love in everything that you do. Be not afraid, be of cheerful heart. Take our hand and we will lead you. Know that the Father is with you always. We are in your presence now........... May Stella try now........

Stella:(t/r) I come to you from Nebadon. I am Christ Michael. The love of God is the most important part of your being. He is all that there is. He is everywhere. He is part of you. He is part of me. Release your fears and follow me. The Father is your guide, as He is mine.

You have a question Stella, what is it ? "I just finished reading a book’ Praised By the Light" in which Betty states that there are souls choosing parents for whatever experience they need. Is this true ? "...... Yes it is true. You are chosen, As you choose, that is what you get. Actually it is the Thought Adjuster that chooses you. You are chosen by the thought adjuster. He lays out a blueprint of what your life will be. You are free to choose it or not, it is up to you. No trial is too great to be endured, as there is help along the way as you are loved and guided if you open your mind to the help that is waiting for you. You are loved beyond your highest hopes. We will meet face to face someday after this short life. Do the best you can it will all be all right eventually. I bid you good-bye now. Be of good cheer. There is much to be done.

JarEl; (Hal t/r) Dear ones. Each is doing great. You need encouragement and stimulation which you have. All are striving and making great progress when you think of where you were some time ago. You have come a long way. It is rewarding once you have mastered the art of communications which is done by practice and seeking the help of the Father and working out in your quiet times. You are loved by all and especially by your teacher. Enjoy the great progress you have made. It gives encouragement and enthusiasm to me. Continue regularly in your quiet times.


Learn to express your thoughts, express them verbally. That is what the communication is, using your thoughts with impressions from us. When you talk during the day you are using your ideas but are receiving impressions from the unseen helpers. This session a more formalized use of the same process you are using every day. You don’t always know where your ideas come from. They are a mixture of your experiences, your background and the impressions you are receiving from your teacher and unseen helpers. It is a complicated environment that is hard to understand from the material level. It is a combination of your animal background, your experiences, your ideas, and all of the help you get from the seraphim, cherubim, your thought adjuster. All are working to assist you. When you acquire the art of allowing yourself to work from intuition, to think and speak intuitive. The combination of all of these entities and forces bring forth what you say.



Lucille: How do know it is the Will of the Father ?

JarEl: (hal) The Will of the Father is the sum total of all of these activities. You may make many wrong decisions and the way you know if it is the Will of the Father is the results, Your experiential experience produces growth. Add it to the knowledge you have gained. If the results fit into His patterns then you know of the it is His Will. He does not directly say for you to do this and do that.

Lucille:: Do I understand that if it is the Will of the Father things will work out right. Whereas if we make the wrong decision the results would have a different outcome.

JarEl: (hal) Yes. The experiential results will tell you if it was the Fathers Will. You may not know immediately, but do the best that you can and see the results..........

Hal:...... We are struggling Father..... Guide us.... Help us.....

Stella:..... Are we to work in the areas of our interest ? Should we help enlighten those that are struggling with a problem of history, theology, or politics. Are we to address them with our knowledge or is it best to just let them find their answers in their own way ?

JarEl: (hal) Yes. You do not teach anyone. People learn. Present it as information and they can learn from it. Do not present it as fact or an effort to force it on them. Present it as information so that they can orient it with their background and their experiences and then they will learn from it. As you say, each one has their own path. Each must learn that which they are capable of learning from their experiences. All we can do is present information from the experiences we have had and have learned.......

Stella: (t/r) Good evening Stella. We are glad you are here. We bring a message from your father. He is glad that you are on spiritual path. "Which Father, my human father or my heavenly Father ?" It is your heavenly Father . ........ "I am overwhelmed......"...... You are well loved. We have been watching you for a long long time. You have done well in the situations in which you have been placed. So fear not that you are lacking.........


Hal; Father enter into us..... Guide us...... Help us to know Thy Will.... Help us as we strive to serve Michael and serve Thee.........

Stella: Teach us to know what is Thy will for the rest of my life and into eternity......

Hal; Father we need a infusion from you.... Be with us Father... guide us.... help us...... Impress us with that that we should know.....

JarEl": It is so.