1994-11-27-God's Presence & TA's

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Topic: God's Presence & TA's

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Betty



This is JarEl. Greetings, dear ones. We will begin with our prayer. The power of God protects you. The love of God enfolds you. The presence of God surrounds you wherever you are. He lights your path. He is everywhere to give us comfort and strength along our path of struggle and adversity.

Group: Greetings JarEl.


JarEl: Greetings everyone. In my pep talk to this one I assured her that judgments were continually being made in preparation for the time when it may not be necessary for adjustments for the transmitting of our lessons. It is delightful to witness the wonderful discussions that occur prior to our lessons. Indeed, your growth is evident to those of us in the mission on this side, that partake of your meeting and visits that occur from time to time with students as observers of the process of the teaching mission. They are astounded at the understanding and insight that occur among the core group and the participants of the mission.



It is difficult to observe oneself as the subject of inquiry. It has long been observed that to examine oneself promotes change, so that the observation is of change rather than static. You are hardly recognizable as the students that began this adventure some time ago. It is a powerful energy that is brought to the circuits once the dragons have been slain and the pure trust and relationship with the Father begins to emerge. The understanding of this energy is felt, and yet not fully understood. It is a great energy that is accumulated along the pathways of the teaching mission circuit. It enables those that will come at a later date to enjoy the nurturing and richness of that which has laid before them. Much as a pasture has been prepared for grazing. It will be an easier achievement that the trails that you have blazed before them. This information seems quite unusual since the mountains and burdens are somewhat obscure from your perspective at this time, and yet I know of which I speak.

I say to you that you are enjoying the fruits of those before you, as those after will enjoy the fruits of your labor and your dedication. It is the time of witness as to how we are cared for and loved. You will not be wanting. You will be partaking of the abundance of love and generosity that is before you this day. Those around you that are in need will be evident in a way not before perceived and you will feel blessed.

We have the good fortune today to be blessed with our position in the universe. This is positive for the great change that is about to occur within the realm of abundance, and the harvest of those unable to perceive of change. The season upon us of the traditional birth of Christ Michael is an opportune time to exhibit the love of the Father in an appropriate setting. The conversations you have with your fellows can more easily proclaim your joy at being in this faith relationship with your Father. It is conducive at this time to reach out and have more of these conversations with those around you. Be sure to relay your personal experience, for this is the key. Proclaim your love of the Father and His love for you through your personal experience.

We have much to be thankful for each of you have planted many seeds in the field along your path. You will not know the fruition of these seeds for many years, however it is never lost. It is never dormant in the soul of these spirit felt conversations and wisdom imparted to loved ones and acquaintances.

I am so very proud of all of you. It is indeed a season for joy and thanksgiving. I will pause now for reflection and questions........


Energy, Stillness

Lucille: JarEl, When I go into my quiet time I feel . .. it is difficult to explain... It is either an emotion of love or energy. I have a sensation of absolute peace. Is it energy. Is love energy ? Could you explain the difference ?

JarEl: Dear one, this is wonderful. This is indeed the space in which all energy merge into one. This is the love of the Father that you have experienced. It is the emotion of a return from separation. The warmth connected with the separateness of His love that is poured down upon you, and the peace is felt. You are again one with the Father, much as when your earthly parents left you and then return on the appointed hour to fetch you again. Then there is great joy and great longing to be in their arms to be comforted and assured that their absence will always mean return. This is the energy of the Fathers love that is always available to each and every one. This is indeed a beautiful state, to find the reassurance and the comfort of the energy of energies which is the everything of the love of the Father. It is all there really is. As we walk, as we breath, we see that the Father loves us. The world turns and the universe exists because of the power of love. Yes dear one, it is this energy that is the force of all. Does this answer your question ?

Lucille: Yes, thank you.... Why do I cry ?

JarEl: It is joy. It is an emotion that is so pure it is hard to contain. It is natural and do not be alarmed. Let it take you. Let it affirm your obedience, your love, your devotion to the Father. It is your reaction to joy. Do not be concerned, Offer it as a gift of your devotion.

Lucille : Thank you.

Vision, Agondonters

Hal: JarEl, we read in our transcripts from another teaching group, before the meeting here, of the fact that we could not see the colors of our emotions. I have read in some other transcript that we were blinded to certain abilities to see and understand things, and that we were created that way for a purpose. I interpret this as opportunities to learn from a base or beginning point of lack of knowledge. Would you care to enlarge upon that concept of our being deprived of certain abilities for a purpose.

JarEl: What is your question dear one ?

Hal : Well is this true, that we are limited in our view of things, as this transcript said. That if we could see the colors of our emotions as they radiate out from us it would give us a greater appreciation of the world and the people around us. Is this your concept also that we were given these limitations for a purpose, and what is that purpose ?

JarEl: Agondonters, dear one. You were created as experiential creatures of the animal kingdom. You are aware of the five senses that are endowed upon the animals. However the gifts that are yours as a spiritual being, and will be endowed upon your graduation, are hidden from you as an earthling. Your lack of ability to perceive yourself as a son of God is indeed your greatest handicap. For with this endowment comes the ability to transform your environment as you have learned through this teaching mission. The energy that is yours as a part of your heritage is not evident because of your lack of growth in this area. It is necessary to be an agondonter so that you must be a ‘faith believer’, The fact that you sleep allows us to work in a way that prepares you for your advancement after graduation. Were you not a sleeper you would be endowed with the awareness of energies that are truly yours. So , dear ones , you see it is all a part of your humanness . It has been eloquently worked out, and what you need has been given you. Your faith supplements the total sum of your ability to develop the soul that will survive with your Adjuster and personality. The Adjuster works with the mind as you sleep to perceive what lesson is needed to guide you in the absence of your awakening spiritual development. This is a somewhat lengthy intellectual answer to your question, and it raises more questions than it answers, but it is difficult to know where to end the inquiry. I would say that much will be revealed at a later time. It will be with more clarity. Do you understand ?

Hal: Yes. Thank you very much... You mentioned the ability to see ourselves as the sons of God as a tremendous leap forward. Is this possible in this material existence, to more than just intellectually see ourselves as sons of God, but to actually visualize ourselves as such ? Is this part of being a part of the total coordinated creation of God ?

JarEl: We hope to have the ability to visualize ourselves as sons of God. The difficulty comes in the knowing. This is quite different than the intellectual visualization. The knowing is the place where we are completely surrendered to our Father. Completely at peace and joy at this knowledge, and is not of the mind but is of the I AM It is much like the old saying that ‘when you get there you will know you are there’.

Hal: Thank you.... Is this then much like the emotional reaction in the material existence, as Lucille asked ‘why do I cry’. Is the knowing that you are a son of God an emotional reaction similar to that ?

JarEl: This is the first step. After the emotional connection there are six steps, that are added to the initial emotional joy of love. The seven steps represent the seven circles of achievement of a spiritual nature.

Lucille : Are those the seven psychic circles ?

JarEl: Yes. At which there arrives the knowing that you are there. That nothing will ever separate this knowing that it is yours, and it is your birthright. Quite an achievement to look forward to is it not ?

Hal: Yes indeed.... Would that be comparable to Michael at His baptism. Had He completed the seven psychic circles, to gain complete control of His mind and complete knowledge of the Father ?


JarEl: This is true. Read these papers again... Now dear ones it is with great love in my heart and great joy at the season upon us that I embrace you this day. The love I have for you is of pride and opportunity and gratitude for your perseverance. Let us remember our brothers and sisters who are not with us this day. Hold them in our hearts and pray for their safety and well being. Let us love one another and continue to be of concern and with gratitude that we have this opportunity to be together. It is a great experience that will be a highlight of your life in years to come. It will be a source from which you may return again and again to warm your spiritual fingers, to glean ideas and comfort and remember those less fortunate. Let us pray for Light and Life on Urantia. Farewell dear ones.

Group: Farewell

Lucille: JarEl: we will not be meeting next week as we are attending the FSLA meeting to hear about angels. The following Sunday we will be here.

Hal: Maybe you could be with us in our quiet times.... Thanks again JarEl.