1995-02-05-Urantia Book Not Smashing Success

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Topic: Urantia Book Not Smashing Success

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Alphonso, Mantouba, Will

TR: JoiLin, Unknown



Alfonso: Greetings to you all, we thank you for coming once again to another practice session. And we're hopeful that this opportunity can be helpful to those who are just beginning this transmitting process.

Tonight I would like to speak to you about stewardship, and the incorporation of the teachings we have delivered into your lives.


Dissemination, Balance

It is well and good when you can see the truth in any statement, it is a starting point to intellectually agree with the veracity of any teaching. But as you know, this mission is about more than just intellectually understanding and assenting to the truth of a proposition. This mission is about incorporating those concepts into your daily lives. How you use the information you are given determines the effect it will have on those around you, and indeed, upon yourself. If you are unable to utilize your judgment in such a fashion to gracefully utilize these messages and lessons in your own lives, then you will most likely alienate those to whom you present these concepts. This is one form of fanaticism, where your discernment of balance in all things is skewed by your enthusiasm for the message, the mission, or the events surrounding your enlightenment. This is certainly not what we encourage, in fact, quite the opposite.

It has been asked recently, how people in this Teaching Mission will step forward in their daily lives to exhibit the truths found not only in the teachings, and in the Urantia Book, but in other texts and lessons. And this is a good question. Of course, we counsel that we are to avoid attempting to knock down barriers, instead, we are to utilize common beliefs and bridges to emphasize the good in the person with whom we are dealing. And so it is that each of you is called upon to gracefully and effortlessly, become that light worker that you aspire to be.

It should be a natural outworking of your inner guidance, and your material existence. It should be emitting a fragrance of goodness, truth, and beauty. It should lead to service to those you encounter. It should make you a person with whom others would like to spend time with, it is an example that others will seek to emulate. It is a balance of all things within your personality. And so not easy to define or proscribe any particular activity, except to say that your inner guidance should be consulted daily, so that your daily walk through this life will be more spirit led, more attractive, more of a beautiful dance, rather than a struggle. And even in adversity, you will shine forth this light, because you will understand that adversity, while not necessarily brought on by celestial agencies, is always a time that you can experience growth and exhibit the type of grace which we describe.

Jesus in His life was a master of this graceful balance. He set an example for a universe. You are now called upon to monitor your own activities so that you may become an example for those associates with whom you encounter in your daily existence. This is the stewardship of which we speak, that of translating the lessons that are taught you into patterns of existence wherein you can more clearly be a conduit for the Father's love. If you can do this, then you've succeeded in your task. In truth however, it is not a goal which is generally reached, but one that is to be an aspiration for those, a goal for those who are seekers. And the best you can usually do, is the best you can perform, with the lessons in mind and with the input from your indwelling Adjuster. And we ask that you try to see the good in all, to learn the lesson in all things, and to walk through this life with your head held high, exhibiting the grace that is a natural by product of a spirit led existence. I thank you for your time, I appreciate your attendance, and I send you my love. Shalom.

All: Shalom.


Mantouba: Please speak child, for I am here. I am Mantouba and I wish to address this group. JoiLin is unable to speak this evening, but that is alright. It is alright to take a little time off.

You are to be commended for your persistence. You are to be commended for your attention to lessons. You are to be commended for the joy you give to each other, for the stress you put yourselves under in an effort to reach out to others, to reach out for your own growth. You are to be commended in all things. We have no reprimands. We see no short comings. We see nothing that is not a positive trend in your lives. Those of you who may have habits which slow down your progress, you know these, and they are not for us to comment on. We see growth, we see progress, we see efforts made at emotional growth and spiritual growth and this we commend.

This is what should be focused upon, not some piffling little faults, nor imagined sins. Focus children, on the positive. Focus on your growth, not your lack of growth, not the areas where you grow less, focus on the areas where you grow more. Focus on being children of the Father, and all that this means, for you have a good idea of what it -does- mean cosmically. Focus on this. Take credit children, for it is due you. In such a world as yours, for you to undertake what you have been undertaking, for over three years now! This is tremendous! This is award winning effort, in your own terminology. Do not discredit it! Do not say because I feel badly today, because I have felt badly for the months past, that I will not do as well in the future, that I will never feel good again.

Focus on the positive. Focus on us, we need you my children. We need you in whatever degree you are able to give to us. Participate with us. The smallest degree of participation is wonderful to us! So many will never know, so many will never be able to participate. You who can, we appreciate all! And we would have you appreciate yourselves. Take care of yourselves, support each other, above all reach out for the comfort and joy and love that is yours as a birthright. Not earned. A birthright! Let us now proceed with discussion, it is better this evening, than more messages. The others here will await another opportunity. Shalom.

  • Evening Group Meeting:

Will: Good evening, I'm your teacher, Will, who loves you.

Progress, Urantia Book

For each of you, it is a certainty that you will some day be separated from the mortal existence. We observe that, particularly in your society, you and your companions in the material life experience have structured your daily lives in such a way as to take little or no notice of the spiritual importance of this certainty. When you awaken in heaven, the key perceptive difference is inescapable. Each of you then knows, with unshakable certainty, that you have survived the mortal death experience, and are resurrected in the love of the Father.

Never-the-less, heaven, in general, is a place of substantial uncertainty. No one tells you what to do. No one tells you when to act, or what action to take, with and toward any other person. And though close spiritual instruction is available to all, and examples abound, it still remains absolutely within your domain to initiate action. That part of spiritual growth remains subject to uncertainty, until you have enough experience to step forward in faith without reservation and without hesitation. To do so requires what you would now describe as, a long time. For this reason we recommend to you that you begin work early. Act now, upon opportunities for service which you detect to have the greatest spiritual value, and early form the habit of bringing the Father's will into the realm of reality.

It has been suggested tonight by this transmitter, and received with some measure of approval, by other persons in the group, that the commentary and suggestions of celestials like myself and others is unnecessary. This suggestion is so elementary as to have nearly surprised us, yet we will agree that the matters contained in the Urantia Book fairly encapsulate everything which was thought to be of value to humans of your society and other societies at the time when the book was formulated, and compiled and printed. Among your various societies since that time, certain things have become better, others have become worse, yet it is still agreed that the teachings set out in the Urantia Book are applicable. And the book continues to be a sturdy guide upon which you may rely without reservation.

We also observe however, that the book itself has not been a smashing success. And while we are immensely proud that we were able to bring this one small piece of knowledge into common distribution in a relatively precise form, we are also required to work closely with all who are susceptible to our messages and sincerely open to spiritual progress, wherever and whenever such opportunity should occur.

It has been observed by members of your group that the book lends itself to intellectual appreciation, and has even, ironically, been interpreted in a manner designed to impose intellectual conformities. And from the very outset of the compilation of the book, it was never seen to be the single answer to spiritual search. Each of you well knows by this time, that there is no single answer. Persons within this group have elected not to pursue stillness practice. Persons within the group have elected not to communicate with us, when they were capable of it. Persons within the group have elected not to transmit for other members of the group, when they were capable of it. We don't find this troubling.

Each of you must decide when to go forward, it will always be that way. The Father will never override a respect which He has shown for your individual sovereignty, by overpowering your individual will. And it is equally clear that He does not cause you to exceed what we have recently described as the manageable level of discomfort associated with growth. There is no one path to heaven. We are confident that all of you are on a correct path, appropriate to you.

When you feel dissatisfaction, you should look at the event of dissatisfaction as a sign that you are ready to go forward. You probably should not interpret the event of dissatisfaction as a sign that something is wrong. Rather, you should take it as a sign that you are ready for something more. We have said before, and we'll say it again, opportunities are all around you. The Father pours out His love on you unceasingly. You may be sensitive to it, you may be insensitive to it, never-the- less, it is always so. It is the law of the universe. We exhort you to accept the Father's love, share it with your companions whom you chance to meet, as you go about your ordinary business, day by day. The Father's love flows forth like a spring of clean water, unceasing, ever pure. It is the perfect refreshment for the spirit. This is my message for you tonight.

JoiLin: Thank you Will.

Will: Shalom.

All: Shalom.