1995-03-03-Morontia Companion

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Topic: Morontia Companion

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Morontia Companion, Tomas, Klarixiska

TR: Rutha, Gerdean



Opening prayer

DANIEL: Greetings my friends, I am Daniel, your guide and teacher. Welcome to this gathering this evening. It is our joy to be with you in sharing your week as we travel amongst you and then to be witness to your sharing before this lesson time. Truly you have a very united and bonded group. Truly you are each unique individuals. It is an analogy to say that as you watch television series shows or as you read a book there is character development. As we watch and listen to your comments do we see your individual characteristics shine forth and we feel also the love and respect you have for one another. You rejoice in each others up times. You are compassionate in others down times. Your ability to feel for one another is growing and connecting in ways you are not always conscious of. Truly you are a cohesive, well matched and strong group.

This evening's lesson will transgress from the heavy lessons of the last few weeks. Tomas is here as well as several others. I will turn this floor over that others may speak at this time.



MORONTIA COMPANION: Good evening, friends assembled. I am a visitor. I have visited with you before and spoken with you before. I am a Morontia Companion and am not named.

The break from the lesson plan has afforded me the opportunity to be with you a time. The merits of my station are such that we Companions find our greatest opportunity for being when you cease your growth struggles, when you have come to a period of rest, repose, and comfort. Your teachers, indeed much of the organism of ongoing life is occupied with stimulating your growth, with challenging your thinking and decision making processes. You have recently studied how many entities are specifically engaged in making your lives more difficult to bring about your own growth, but we Companions have the decided privilege of simply being with you in your times of rest. We are not the same as Reversion Directors, no, but we are most appreciative of humor and diversion. We are supporters of a type of relaxation and community engagement which is supportive of your well being as a group and as individuals.

Morontia Companions have been known to give lessons as they, we, are companionable, philosophic, and wiser. Therefore we enjoy sharing our knowledge and encouraging your growth. But our primary purpose is to visit, to sense your realities and encourage your morontial reality, your developing selfhood. Unlike your teachers we are not in a situation to invite growth promoting questions. Yet as in any conversation that you might have among yourselves it is always deemed appropriate to enquire of one another as to your thoughts, opinions, or circumstances; and we are no exception in that context. It is perhaps a subtle suggestion that the teachers, Daniel and Tomas, have afforded me the opportunity to meet with you this evening as a respite from your struggles.

In your destiny career you will come to rely more and more upon Morontia Companions as compatible inspirations in learning how to spend more quality gracious time with yourself and each other. There is not a constant and incessant clamor for improvement and soul searching and spirit grasping in the presence of Morontia Companions. Of course I am not suggesting that your teachers are brutal or work you too hard for your own loyalties and hunger to grow provide you all with that ability to carry on in the fashion that you do so well together. We observe from our armchairs and discuss your growth. Indeed, your teachers often enjoy the company of us in their reflections on your growth and potential. (Long pause)

I am not gone. I am still here, although the TR could not find me for an instant. I am, however, resuming my armchair position. I would invite you to learn the ways and means of morontia companionship.

Rest, Humor

KLARIXISKA: Many thanks to our unnamed guest this evening. I am Klarixiska. I have been afforded this time slot appropriately this evening to speak with you regarding the ability to be light hearted, to let go and not take yourselves so seriously.

During the course of your week all of you find yourselves engaged in activities, in situations, in trying to fit more into seemingly less and less time. It is our hope and our work to convey to you that, yes, life is busy; a commitment made is one that needs to be fulfilled; however, there is a point at which you must look at commitment and at times scale back those things which only contribute to stress building and create within you a sense of 'have to' rather than a sense of 'wanting to' or fullfillingly doing. Time away, a period of rest, a time of laughter helps in bringing the body, mind, and spirit back into an alignment which will benefit not only your schedule and your relationships but also your own ability to further your study of knowing yourself and of finding your way along the path to following God's calling.

I would like to ask each of you this week to look at the lighter side, to allow more humor and laughter within your life. It has great healing potential as well as allowing the body to forget the stresses of an ongoing busy life. Your ability to allow laughter, humor and lightness also is freeing and by means of doing so you actually find a way to free up time slots that had previously seemed booked.

My words this evening are not being conveyed as picturesquely as I would like. However, I know that you are all understanding perfectly well the intent. The joyousness and the laughter of the time before this teaching lesson was a wonderful healing and productive part of this meeting. It is welcomed and should not ever be considered the opposite, for those who are able to laugh and see the humor in situations are understanding and sensing on a higher level. So be joyous and as the song goes, 'be happy'.

TOMAS: Good evening, I am Tomas. I am pleased to speak with you, as always. This evening reminds me and many of us of our Monday afternoon sessions in that the format is less formal and more open to visiting energies and personalities. This, in itself, is a diversion and a break in the routine. Any break in a routine is a pause to perceive life from an altered vantage point. The more often you in your busy days stop to smell the roses, ponder the presence of spirit personalities such as the Companions, or find some humor as has been suggested by our associate Klarixiska, you have the opportunity to give thanks and step forward anew as if you had spent a moment in the shower in your mind and emerged refreshed.

The rewards and benefits of developing spiritual muscles as we have been doing involves also the realization of fitness, strength, confidence and a rightful sense of well being. These qualities of being are realized effectively through lightheartedness and humor, through laughter, through love. As we have all repeatedly advised, the phrase, 'be of good cheer', an admonition to radiate your joy, is a result of your beingness, not a job that you must feel you must do.

DANIEL: I am Daniel. Tomas and I are now available for any questions.


Leetah: Good evening, Tomas and Daniel and Klarixiska and the Morontia Companion. Thank you very much for this diversion and for the reminder that it is good to laugh and to not take ourselves so seriously. I truly appreciate all the comments and especially hearing Klarixiska from another TR is really encouraging to me. Thank you very much.

DANIEL: Your comments are noted and Klarixiska sends you her love and her admiration.

Leetah: Thank you.

Forgiveness, Wisdom

Isaac: This is Isaac. Everyone, thank you all (without listing all your names) for being here and the others that are here but didn't speak. It occurred to me and I would like commentary on, if you desire, the relationship, perhaps, of taking ourselves too seriously and being unwilling to forgive. To me it seems like they might have some sort of correlation. Am I on to anything with that? (Pause) Perhaps I should elaborate a little bit. What I am thinking about is a sense of offended honor... 'I have been offended and I am so important and take myself so seriously that I will not forgive!' I am using this in a hypothetical sense. That's what I was referring to.

DANIEL: Indeed there is a correlation in what you say. Forgiveness is a many faceted process. Those who feel they are above, those who feel they are unto themselves do, in fact, regard themselves and take themselves too seriously. When one is able to view themselves from the understanding that life is not perfect, that they are not perfect, that their brothers and sisters are not perfect, that situations are not perfect, there is then a sense of incongruity, a sense of irony, a sense that not everything can be viewed therefore from one perspective. And, in a sense, this is the basis for humor, being able to see through the cracks, the crevices, being able to realize that in spite of what is on the surface, that underneath there can be something more. And it is those who are able to grasp this sense, to maybe even see a little humor in what has transpired who will undoubtedly find forgiveness to be an easier process. Of course, each situation is different. Not every situation can be remedied through humor. But there are far more situations in which humor can be a catalyst in helping one to forgive if only so much seriousness could be laid aside. And so in your words, Isaac, there is truth.

TOMAS: I have been asked by the Morontia Companion to remark further in response to your hypothetical situation of aspiring for forgiveness. He suggests the merits of companionability that in a heartfelt yet lighthearted conversation, one with the other, many grievances may be put to rest, which grievances are resultant from lack of understanding. For in understanding your fellows you begin to love them and many times your alienations from your fellow beings are a result of not understanding clearly how you have affected others or they have affected you.

Many times a conversation can bring about the probing and congealing factors that heal the core of misunderstanding and the light of truth can then be conveyed/portrayed in furtherance of your communication. Unfortunately, the lower natures are not inclined to communicate and the more advanced natures have inexperience and fears of expressing how their integrity has been besmirched by the misunderstanding. The human mind in harmony with the evolving soul is a real and yet sometimes fragile reality. The wise being knows with whom he has come into contact; and whether or not to defend his or her realities against this assault is something to ponder, for many assaults are not worth the effort to attempt a reconciliation. These have been the remarks from one experienced in working through barriers of understanding.

Isaac: Thank you both for your words. I am going to look forward to reading them in print which will help me ingest fully their meaning.


Leetah: One of the things that you just said reminded me of the many times when I had felt there had been a break in a certain relationship and I have wanted to try and bridge that break. I found I was talking to people or persons who absolutely did not understand where I was. Part of my problem is that I expect everyone to be thinking as I am thinking or feeling in a situation as I am feeling, and it just isn't true. I would like you to comment on that if you understand what I am saying.

TOMAS: I understand our desire to communicate, yes. You are not the only one who suffers under this misconception. It is common but it is not fatal.

I would respond somewhat by saying that the sensitive and connected are more likely to be on a similar wavelength, as you might say, in terms of understanding. The sensitive and imaginative being has more depth perception and reads more into his or her communications or attempts at communications or responses to communications for and with other human beings. The more dense are those who are not as intrigued by the differing layers of potential and actual in any display of communication, not only in words but in gestures and in energy outpourings. Those of you who are becoming intertwined as a result of your individual and group commitments to serve the Father, to honor the Mother, to work the plan are being upheld and supported in your understandings. These communications, these networks, these circuits make you even more sensitive to the possibilities.

Do not be dismayed when you are misunderstood. This is a condition of your (plural) imperfection, relative perfection at this point in time. It is getting better! The communications are improving daily. Look forward to the time when those with whom you interact merge more completely with an understanding of what goes on between you in your communications. Has that addressed your concern?

Leetah: Yes, Tomas, thank you. I'm not sure it was a concern but I just realize that many times I put my foot in my mouth because of the lack of understanding from others that I want. Thank you very much.

TOMAS: You are welcome.

PamElla: Tomas, you said not to be dismayed when we are misunderstood. I find that very difficult to do! I am very dismayed when I am misunderstood!! And I am frustrated. In depends in what context the misunderstanding is and how big of a misunderstanding. But when the misunderstandings are such that the realities totally differ it just seems completely unbridgeable to me. I am not meaning to say that I should be dismayed but I don't understand how not to be!

TOMAS: I appreciate your remarks. In saying, 'do not be dismayed', I realize that such is often the case; and that not being dismayed at being misunderstood is something to attain, as well as enjoy. But it is not impossible to experience letting go of misunderstandings.

You have answered your question somewhat by acknowledging that there are varying degrees of importance attached to whether or not you are understood. In some cases it is a matter of reconstructing your communication so that it is better understood by the recipient. In some cases no matter how clearly you communicate what it is you need to convey it will not be received by the recipient of your communication. This is the difficulty, for sometimes it is not that you have not conveyed yourself clearly but it is that they refuse to hear what you are trying to say.

This is something we teachers know intimately for you can conjecture that we say many things that fall upon seemingly deaf ears. However, we have great faith in you and in Supreme reality. For although these words may seem to fall upon deaf ears, they have been heard in some deep corner, in some deep recess. And the same is true in your communication with your fellow beings. For if you have with deep sincerity conveyed your reality to another as clearly and lovingly as possible, that message has been heard in some deep recess of that entity. And although the response may not be immediately forthcoming in time you may be immediately assured that the tentacle of communication will reach out and acknowledge that reality. These are the fingers of circuitry which we are working upon in our group efforts and in our mission. Communications.

PamElla: Thank you, Tomas. I believe that what you say is true. I feel like I am operating under different time constraints as a material being than all of you are as morontial beings. (Laughter)

TOMAS: All you have told me is that you acknowledge your impatience.

PamElla: Yes, I was acknowledging that too but... There is impatience but I do think there is a distinction there because there are certain things that if not attained materially will never occur, because we do have, according to the Urantia Book, this one material existence, and then we have morontial existence becoming more and more spirit. So, yes, I am impatient about material things.

TOMAS: You are not alone. [Long pause]

(long pause)


DANIEL: At this time this meeting will be called to an end. In concluding, let me say this. As your teachers of the last three years we have spent many a time in this aspect of communicating. And while there have been times when the clarity has not been manifested we of the Teaching Mission are grateful that you are willing to look past the inadequacies of this type of communication to the greater purpose, and that it to find the truth that will set you free within our words. And with that I am being most serious.

In the lighter vein that we have spoken about of seeing humor, joyousness, and lightheartedness in your life, you must all agree that communication in its many forms, its many irregularities affords you many opportunities to chuckle and laugh and feel good. Think back to the instances of how children can only understand from one perspective and how they misunderstand many adult situations because of their limited perspective, and the lightheartedness which that creates.

And so in concluding, allow that even the inconsistencies and the defects of communication, while they should be serious, can also be taken lightheartedly. Go this week and see the lighter side. Rejoice in each day. Think a happy thought, a humorous thought. Override the tendency to bring in the negative.

In peace and love we all say good evening.