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Topic: Emotions

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Tomas

TR: Rutha, Gerdean



Opening prayer

DANIEL: Greetings. I am Daniel, your guide and teacher. Tomas and I welcome you all here this evening to be a part of this ongoing experience of faith building and soul growth.

As you work through the weekly lessons and strive to become more God-conscious we, your teachers, are moved and greatly appreciate your efforts. Evolution on the broad scale of humanity is often slow and painstakingly wearisome. On the human level it can become faster paced and less painful when there is a higher goal or purpose that is understood by the individual. Collectively it is more difficult yet we realize that you, the students, are able to spread a higher consciousness through your own evolving and striving to see and put forth a greater willingness to follow the will of the First Source and Center. Through your own pathway, through your beingness great accomplishment can be made. Through small group work and concern greater accomplishments can be made. Tomas and I thank you for your dedication for it is helping your individual and planetary evolution. Tomas is anxiously awaiting to speak with this evening's lesson. And so at this point Tomas will proceed.

TOMAS: Greetings friends and loyal students. I am Tomas, your companion and guide. I, indeed, have words to share to encourage and edify you in your path of ascension. In some regards I feel as though I missed last week's lesson. But assuredly I was only absent in one sense, for I am in constant contact with all integrated facets of this mission, this teacher base in particular, and you individuals specifically. In fact, the sojourn I took last week had to do with the lesson at hand. You will notice how consuming the emotional arena is or can be.



It has been said that emotions are exhausting and this is true in those instances where emotions are allowed free reign and expression. The human experience is augmented by this range of reality. Even the spirit beings share many of your emotions and Daniel and I are certainly sympathetic to what you endure and also how you rejoice.

I see a swamp, an everglade, if your will, of emotion on Urantia; and as you walk your path you sometimes get embroiled in the quicksand of a negative emotion or skip along islands of lily pads and eagerly grace the surface of the earth with your being. Also in this trek across this everglade you might perceive of beginning with a barren desert, a veritable vacuum of textures, colors, sensation, smells, etc. In entering the terrain of the emotions it can be frightening and overwhelming and you can conceive that you might easily become lost or misled. Yet if you become travel wise in the arena of emotion you will, like a veteran traveler, know the ins and outs of the emotional spheres. Experience will teach you how to sidestep some of the more all consuming negative emotions and also will help you determine to what extent you can swing through the vines of the trees of happiness without hurting yourselves.

In the journey through this terrain there is at the other end a clearing. Having learned how to go through this experiential/emotional realm on the other side you find freedom from the constraints and demands of emotion. When you are free of emotion's downside, if you will, you are now able to set that aside and devote those energies (which are supposedly required to live life) and invest that energy in uplifting prayer and worship, which state of being provides the stamina, nourishment, and power to return to the everglades for assisting your fellow travelers.

It would be, indeed, an overly simplistic existence without the benefit of emotions and feelings. But in the ascent from animal origin species to God-knowing human beings the trails are part of the unfolding and part of the self-mastery as well. In addressing these emotions we hope to help you to dig inside your deep recesses to identify the value of your feelings so that you can use them as a tool for your growth and the growth of those around you.

In that context, then, be aware this week of how the expressed and unexpressed emotions of your peers radiate into the environment and affect the electro-chemical neural energies in the environment; and be aware of those beings who emit/emote calm, for they will provide a study for you in harmonics. The emotional down-pull allows that freedom of expression of the spirit. The divine Fragment indwelling each individual yearns for the opportunity to emote our eternal peaceful Parent. Be aware of love in its many manifestations and yield to the love of your own First Source and Center, your light and guide through the everglades of emotion.

How glad I am to again be with you and feel your wondrous souls. Your circuitry is so delightfully united. Your harmony radiations are most evident and most pleasing to those of us who work with you and in your arenas. I return the platform to Daniel.

DANIEL: Thank you, Tomas, for your wise and colorful words. Be not condemning of your emotions, but be wise to your reactions. This meeting is now open for questions.



Isaac: Good evening, Tomas and Daniel. Thank you once again for a most thought-provoking picture, Tomas. I was thinking, as your were talking about this journey through the everglades of emotion, how similarly that could be construed to the concept of psychoanalysis, not with the Freudian structures but with the idea of a journey through one's awareness of themselves, both current awareness and past awareness, which, of course, may be unconscious to some extent. But I was struck by the fact that you said the partner in the journey is our Thought Adjuster, if I understood you correctly. I think that some of the reticence that some people have for going to bare their soul to another human being is that they are not sure that they should fully trust themselves, and probably with some good reasons, to the guidance of another person such as a psychoanalyst would be. So I was encouraged (if I made these connections correctly) that we can all take part in this journey without going to the couch and lying there ten years and paying $50,000 to some expert because we have that perfect Inner Guide that can lead us. So that's what I was thinking about. If you want to comment, fine. Thank you.

TOMAS: Yes, Isaac, I will comment briefly, for this is true, that all beings of normal mind have the capacity to learn to walk through the emotional quagmire of their life's experience without long, structured, and costly involvement. But sometimes that route is the preferred route. And who is to say we should not hire a tour guide to sojourn with us through those experiences?

Isaac: Yes, I agree, Tomas. I wasn't saying there is no place for therapists but just that, as you just said again, everyone could undertake that journey. At least it opens up the hopefulness of the whole journey in my mind. Yes, there are times, I am sure, when human counsel is necessary. If the tour guide is there and you trust him/her that is a good idea.

TOMAS: I will be so bold as to say that perhaps when mental/mindal physicians acknowledge the presence of God in the individual's life experience and give it some validation, the growth struggles of any individual would be and will be vastly augmented. There are still some inherent dangers in messing with spirituality on the couch, but the individual who yearns for oneness, for wholeness, truly yearns for the comforting embrace of its Parent. The Adjuster cannot fail if the mortal is willing and the guide is gifted.

Balance, Experience

Leetah: Good evening, Tomas and Daniel. I think I picked up on two things about emotion last week and this week that maybe you will talk a little more about. Number one, you have said not to be afraid of our emotions and I believe that the implication is that we should be careful of those negative ones and learn how to control them. With that am I to say in my own mind not to be afraid of positive feelings and emotions and let's get rid of those feelings of anger, judgement, pain, etc., etc?

DANIEL: In reply, Leetah, let me add a precautionary note, that emotional stability must also have some balance. One who is in the reality of continual negativism finds life unbearable. One who is at the other extreme of being too overly joyous also loses a sense of reality and needs to consider that there is life unfolding in many directions around themselves. The words of Tomas and myself are hoping that you will reach that point where you are able to understand your emotions. Emotions are part of your beingness. To say that it is error to ever have a negative emotion is error, for that is unrealistic, that is not life. That is living in a false zone.

What is important is that you recognize your emotions. Those that cause negative reactions need to be understood. If you did not feel negative about certain injustices then change would not be brought about. And so in this regard the emotion, that which you feel, can bring about a positive and evolutionary step in change. Are you seeing?

Leetah: Yes, Daniel. It is how we react to negative emotions/feelings that we see that can be productive in our world; and facing things objectively i.e. facing reality as it is on this planet.


Leetah: Thank you.

TOMAS: Might I borrow a line launched in this TR's mind relating to the experience of journeying through the universe of the body without losing one's way in order to ascertain internal good health; the parallel being able to travel through the universe of your emotions without losing your way. All available emotions have qualities which adds to the tapestry of your life. Grief may be experienced. Anger may be experienced. Bliss may be experienced. Give yourself wholly to the experience and pass through it. Do not become hung up on fearing these emotions and thereby drawing out the process of your own growth through either resisting the emotion or clutching onto the emotion. Rather, know it, appreciate it, value it, and go on without destroying yourself or your environment as a result of these very powerful gifts. That is all.

Leetah: Thank you Tomas.

PamElla: I am wondering -- if feelings are fully felt, emotions are fully felt -- how long they should last? I am using the word 'should' because I am thinking of a book I read some time ago in which there were people who seemed to be more evolved spiritually. This man experiences the loss of his restaurant. It burns to the ground and he has very intense anguish and then seems to be fine within five minutes. The author of the book had been very surprised by how quickly this man had gone through his emotions and was told that it had not lasted long because he had allowed himself to experience it fully. Is that always the case? If feelings are hanging on and hanging on would we therefor realize that we are either resisting or clutching?

TOMAS: You offer only two options.

PamElla: Okay. I recognize that, thank you.

TOMAS: Daniel?

DANIEL: The question is one that is so veritably complex that one answer cannot fit every individual or their range of emotions. As electro-chemical beings you are subjected to not only your physical and chemical reactions to a situation but you are also subject to your perception, your understanding and your emotional attachment to any given situation.

It is not generally the case that prolonged emoting means you are prolonging or you are causing this emotion to remain. If the situation or example that you gave were one in which joyousness and bliss could be felt, would you feel the same if a person got over their joy in five minutes as you would their anger or frustration? Emotion is part of your total beingness. You feel. Our words are not to ask you to quit feeling, rather they have been to ask you to raise your consciousness to a higher level regarding your feelings so that you can remain happier for a longer time, you can understand why you anger, why you grieve, why you are intolerant, why you are compassionate about some given thing, or why you are joyful. It is recognizing these emotions and reacting more appropriately that we ask you to look at.

It does little good to set time limits on feelings or to set up further roadblocks for guilt or fear that could come about if time restrictions or many other things are applied to feelings. You are feeling beings. Do as Tomas has suggested, honor the feeling and move into higher realms with that feeling toward more progressive ends. It is true, those who are spiritually in tune ride the tide of being able to rejoice in the simplest things, to understand joy even in the darkest moments or trials of the human condition. It is also the more spiritually in tune who are able to rise above the human condition and not be sucked by purely negative emotion. Recognition of emotions, yes, but not to be sucked down into the clutches there to dwell and to become a victim of that emotion. Is this better understood now?

PamElla: Ah, yes, Daniel. That was very helpful. In an answer to the rhetorical question you had about would I be as worried about joy lasting only five minutes, that was actually the flip side of my question; because I was in a training seminary once where one of the people in authority was talking about the incredible joy he had felt at the time when he had gotten married and how he had expected that to last. And the next day he awakened and everything was sort of normal. He figured the reason was that he had experienced so fully his joy. I guess I was, in fact, thinking about both sides of feeling emotions, not just the ones we consider to be negative, but the ones we consider to be positive as well. Your answer certainly clarified to me how we are being asked to approach our emotions and I appreciate that.


Leetah: Daniel, I am changing the subject. I have had this thought for quite a while and reading a book last week has reminded me again. Occasionally I am able to see auras. At one time I was told by a friend of mine that she could look and tell the moods of people by the auras they had. And occasionally I can see an aura around an inanimate object. My question is, Does all on this planet have auras and do our moods and feelings affect the energy and auras of others?

DANIEL: The basis of all things in the universe is energy. The basis of auras is that heat energy is emanating from organic life. The silhouette that you see around inorganic materials and objects is only the optic nerve projecting the shape of the object. In organic life auras are not in stasis. They are movement conditioned. Does this help?

Leetah: I think it answers part of the question that I had. The other question is whether or not, then, we as organic living beings can affect the aura or the energy of the other person, depending on our feelings or emotions.

DANIEL: Most certainly. Not necessarily from visualizing or seeing an aura; it is not the aura, per se, that connects. Rather it is thought connection through the collective unconscious circuitry that is the greatest cause for one to notice the feelings of another, given, also, the sensory impressions gleaned through sight, sound, and often smell. Is this more helpful?

Leetah: Yes, Daniel. I will think about this a while and digest it a bit. I am trying to think also of times when nothing organic or physical is there and light was present. I also have those thoughts going in my head right now.

DANIEL: Is this in regard to your question about auras around inorganic objects?

Leetah: No, Daniel, I was thinking of times when I have been conscious of light that appeared to be a being.

DANIEL: And you doubt it was?

Leetah: I don't believe I doubt it, no. I was just wondering if this would have been in the same category as auras and of the same energy that auras are.

DANIEL: There is a great difference in these two energies.

Leetah: Thank you, Daniel.

PamElla: Daniel, I would like a very brief clarification please. Do we affect one another through the collective consciousness or through the collective unconsciousness or is it both and does it matter? I guess the reason I ask is because it seems that a lot of the shamanistic types of questions that we ask you about have been associated with the collective unconscious and that stuff you won't talk to us about. That was why I asked this question.

DANIEL: It is both.

PamElla: Thank you. [Long pause]


DANIEL: As you of this arena gather your thoughts from this evening underscore that our intent is to bring into your beingness all of its integral parts, body, mind, spirit, and feelings. We ask that you strive to strike that balance that will support you during the unfolding of your daily life. In thanksgiving we teachers are most grateful for the feelings and emotions that you have and share in common with us. Remember always that even in ascension part of that which moves and grows is based on feelings.

Go this week and feel and learn and grow from that which you feel. Tomas and I and the host of others here send you our love. Good evening.

Group: Good evening.