1995-05-08-Unity on the Thought Circuit

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Topic: Unity on the Thought Circuit

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I am honored to be in acquaintance with you. Many of you have met with adversity this week. And I am impressed with your courage and steadfastness.Last week my lesson on visualization and focusing has led us to this weeks exercise.


Thought, Circuits

I would ask that you join me in an exercise on individual and group wellness. I ask that we connect hearts and minds and join the thought circuit. I ask you to remember something you thought to be wonderful or beautiful. I ask you to picture this. Perhaps it was an outdoor scenery, perhaps a parents smile. It could be your first experience of God consciousness.

I ask for this visualization to be of comfort and security, for this moment in time, it is all right to let go of your worries. Begin to bring your focus on yourself, your relationship with Father. I ask you to really make an effort to feel His presence, His love. At this moment try to fully accept that you are His child as if you were His only child. Know that you are loved and cared for and watched over.

If you can please imagine your Father, your Indwelling Fragment, only desires good for you, good health, a sound mind, freedom from financial worries, communication with Himself. Know that your Father is on your side, calling you, comforting you, teaching you, staying with you no matter what.

These thoughts of individual relationships with the Father are traveling on this thought circuit around the world. Picture, if you can, faces of your brothers and sisters around the world realizing the love that their Father in Heaven has for them. Imagine the world realizing the love bestowed upon them by our Creator Son and our Divine Spirit.

Now I would ask you to unify your thoughts and focus on your group, your circle of friends. I wish I could find the words to describe the love that is emanating from this group. This group, yes, has seen much hard times, has learned much. This group has built a solid foundation. Always do people feel welcome. Always do I feel welcome. Always do people feel free from judgment here.

I ask you to focus on your circle of friends, your group, and visualize the many who have been influenced by this group, the many people spoken to about my teachings, about my brother Ham, Ham’s teachings, about the text book. So many has this group reached, so many more will you reach. So much good, you as a group, have accomplished. Yes, the time that these accomplishments take is long seemingly to you. I must say, this group works well together.

During the week I ask you to focus on your individual relationship with Father. I ask you to truly focus on His love for you, not just to say it, but to really feel it, to really know it. I would also add to remember during the week, this group, how might you help contribute to the energy that goes out from this group. Yes, this week I ask you to focus on your individual and group relationships to Father, to the universe. And next week I ask you to join me on the thought circuit concerning the world, the planet. Questions?


C: Abraham, I would just like to introduce formally I guess, I am sure you have already met, a couple friends of mine, M______. and L_____. I will just thank you for the lesson and ask these two if they have any questions in case they feel shy to break into the new meeting?

M: I have a question. I don’t know if...it is personal. I was contacted April 14, on a mountain with my girl friend, B_____. Could you shed any light on who the beings were?

ABRAHAM: I am informed that you possibly already know.

M: Okay. Thank you.

L: Abraham, I am L____. I just want to say hello and thank you for your lesson.

ABRAHAM: We, the teachers, welcome you.

R: Abraham, this is R_____. With me is S_____. First of all let me apologize for being late. It was trying to put too many things in the hours I had. And thank you very much for the lesson you have given. I ask S_____ if she has any questions?

S: Not at the moment.


C: I have one myself. If I have someone that I am real angered at, and you know me by now, I have a hard time getting over that. I already know the answer to this...pray for how to get over this thing. It was a tough situation this week. I don’t think I handled it very well. But I really don’t know what to do in the situation as far as how to handle my confusion and anger over it....help on handling my anger?

ABRAHAM: Many here know this anger. Many know the self disappointment of not handling this anger well. During this moment of anger was there thought given to my lesson last week? (Probably not during, but after..quick after. Laughter.)

This is why I ask you to visualize something familiar, something comforting, something beautiful, to sever those negative thoughts and emotions, to completely pull your mind off the subject, allow space for incoming thought messages from your Indwelling Father Fragment.

Yes, anger is a difficult subject for those in this material body. I would ask during this time of anger, ask yourself what am I really angry at? Possibly ask the Father for help with that answer. I might also add during times of anger, don’t act too quickly so as to regret actions taken by the desire for immediate resolutions to problems. Does this help? (Very, very much. Thanks Abraham.)


R: Abraham, this is R_____. I don’t know so much that I have a question as mostly...I think I just would like some words of comfort from you concerning my grieving. I think I have been handling it quite well and allowing myself to grieve. And when I got really depressed I went to my teacher. Savanna really helped in giving me some comforting words. If you could just comment.

ABRAHAM: R_____, my daughter, yes, you have dealt with this situation courageously. I must say if thoughts were food this groups good thoughts for you would feed you for a lifetime. Grieving, sometimes there is no words that can help. No one can know what you must be experiencing. You have done well to contact Savanna. I must also say, our Divine Monitor within feels this aloneness, this grief, along with you. He reaches out to you. It is your choice to be angry with Him or to embrace His comfort He offers. Grieving is necessary. You must feel it now, sort through it, allow time to pass, and try again. Do not give up. Yes, Roinda, strong has your spirit become. Yes, you are a model citizen of this seemingly harsh world. You have wonderful motherly qualities that has yet to be shared. Yes, do stay in touch with your teacher. Another question?


W: Abraham, this is W______. I am not sure how to ask or speak but I need some help here with what’s going on. I am definitely not handling these panic attacks. I am really confused with how I am supposed to get through them. And I feel very disjointed in those times with regard to my spiritual connections and find that even when I reach out they feel empty and hollow. I just want someone to help me through. Cause I am not doing this in a way that I feel that is working. And I don’t understand. I don’t know if I am doing something wrong or if somehow it is just part of this healing process. And if it is, I want to know if I am making progress.

ABRAHAM: No, nothing wrong are you doing. My recommendation would be to seek out medical attention. We must know if this is a chemical imbalance. You must wade through this river. You must find the root of this unhappiness. My sources inform me you are not doing as poorly as you perceive.

Sometimes Father will knock but we cannot hear Him. We are caught up in our material world. We are possibly centered on ego related subjects, so Father in His concern and watch care for us, will knock a little harder. He waits for His child to open the door. Sometimes we must stop and say, ‘what is this Father you are trying to teach me?’ Sometimes we must just say ‘okay, Father is all knowing. He can see my path long before I reach that particular point.’ Sometimes we must not do anything and say, ‘what is this Father you’re trying to teach me?’

W_____, you know you have a teacher. She is available to you. She awaits your questions. She longs to aid you in your struggles. Does this help?

W: Yes. I have been working with Danielle and when I started the panic attacks its like I have lost touch with everything. So I guess I want to know if during those times, if I give permission ahead of time, if she could just assist me freely?

ABRAHAM: Yes, granted, along with others who attend. One more question. Private meeting for J_____ granted.

RA: Thank you Father Abraham.


ABRAHAM: Welcome. If there are no more questions I would like to thank you. I am honored to be a part of this group. Until next week, shalom.