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Topic: Balance

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will, Ambrose

TR: JoiLin



Will: The love of God surrounds us, the love of God supports us, the love of God permeates all that is. Wherever we gather, He is. Greetings, this is your teacher Will, who loves you.


We have listened with interest tonight as you planned for the upcoming conference. As we have said earlier, we will do what little role we will actually have at this conference because, and I say that because, the primary benefit of these conferences from our perspective, is the inner connection between the people who choose to attend and the (lost words) that those relationships provide. So we are interested in the developments, but are more interested in the relationships.

Lesson 1


Tonight, I would like to speak on balance in your lives. Each day when you awake, you are faced with many options. Most of you prepare for school or work or other activities which you habitually participate in, and these patterns that evolve become almost automatic at times. And so your days time balance is often not necessarily pre-arranged, but the time is spoken for, and usually this is sufficient to give you the feeling of balance. However, in other areas in your lives, especially in your discretionary time, where there are different choices of activities available to you, balance is more consciously sought. You like to have time for your families, your leisure, your hobbies, your spiritual seeking, your material maintenance, and a myriad of other possible activities. And so it is with this group, as we see a struggle for balance.

Initially, the group was extremely enthusiastic at the prospect of contact with celestial teachers, and that is understandable in light of the uniqueness of such an experience. But after the initial excitement waned, the group began the process of the hard work involved with the lessons we suggested, the 1-2-3 exercise, the listening exercise, the attempts to do small kindnesses to those we met, the attempt to visualize all we saw and encountered as other children of God, the attempts at selfless service, and so on. And we went through a phase where everyone consciously made an effort to go about these activities in their daily lives, without changing their normal patterns, but instead imbuing them with a new consciousness which changed the manner in which activities were engaged in. And so there was a desire for great things to happen, and this is a natural human interest, a desire to have Melchizedek schools constructed; built, staffed, and operational.

The desire for great spiritual changes and material changes on this world and many other of our fondest dreams. And throughout this period, there was the emotional ups and downs of hopes and then hopes dashed and so we've struggled for balance throughout these periods as will always be the case throughout your lives and thereafter. But part of this Mission and our lessons to you involve the ability to take what we've told you, to avoid being fanaticized by the prospects and to use this knowledge to transform yourselves so that you become purveyors of good cheer, so that you became better fathers, mothers, children, and every other activity that you're involved in, you'll become lighter and more attractive as you perform your duties. You will also begin losing fear of so many possible negative things that could happen, because your faith has grown that in the end all will work for the best. Indeed, the most balanced of people are those that can ride the surface of the tempest and yet not be effected, that can have faith in the Father, and through that faith, can divest themselves of many of the unnecessary spiritual poisons that so many people carry with them.

This balance does not require the discussions on a daily, weekly, or annual basis with celestial personalities. As we've said before, we're a minor part of this entire process. And yet it is thought that we can cause you to remember to consciously move yourselves to a more balanced position than when you began. And of course a large part of this balance is attained through the daily stillness practice that we have attempted to encourage you to participate in. So as with any endeavor, it is a long road, a road where you take small steps, but eventually climb tall mountains. It is not something that you will see the results of overnight, but others see them in you. And when you achieve the type of balance that we are speaking of, you will become more influential with those you know. You will become a role model for those who lie in fear, for they can see your good cheer and lightheartedness, in the face of adversity, and they will know that you have found something, something upon which you have built a foundation, something which you have grown in your soul, and can never be taken from you. And that is the kind of balance that each of you struggles with everyday, and which we hope our lessons, our encouragement and our suggested routines have assisted you in developing.

I thank you for your time tonight, and I hope you will reflect on this, for what we are about is transforming the world, one person at a time. And we're starting and you're starting with yourselves. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

Lesson 2


Unknown teacher: I would like to talk to you this evening about faith. Oftentimes you hear the phrase, "leap of faith", and while that sometimes applies, I would like to talk to you about the smaller acts of faith, that you daily perform. These small acts of faith are very important. For those of you who have raised a child, you have a vision of what your child will become, and every single day, you make decisions that in some way shapes that child's life. You rarely decide that the child will head in one direction or another, but the decisions that you make and the way that you behave, the role model that you set, (and often times they're small things that you do not even notice), these small things shape the life of a child, and form their values, and set their directions. My message for you tonight, is faith is often found in the small acts that you perform everyday, sometimes conscious, and sometimes not, but all leading to the result of increased faith and eventually you become, and eventually you believe. This belief is based on your experience and your intuition. That is all for this evening. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

Lesson 3

Greetings, it is I Ambrose, he who loves you. We will only speak briefly this evening as my caution to my student is to take it slow. She has accomplished much in these past three days, but she is anxious to reach through this barrier she has set up for herself and I would help her to do it.


All of us within this room, have our own individual understanding of what faith means to us, of where we fit in the Father's scheme of things. All of you process information in different ways. Some of you are more intellectual, or as my student prefers to think, left-brained, others of you are more emotionally inclined, and process more from the right hemisphere. All of these individual ways of processing are valid, but we are coming into a new time, where we will begin more and more to function as integrated humans. By integrated, I mean that you will be processing information utilizing both hemispheres of your brain, in concert with your opening heart, and this indeed, will push you forward into this new time, as a new people. You are beginning now, in this time, individually, as you begin to push yourselves to become more integrated. All of you will move along your individual paths as you will, and that is to be expected, and is as it should be. There is no hurry, when looking at the larger picture. There is only hurry when looking at the linear patterns in your life, and you are human, and at this point in your development tend to be more linear in your processing. But this too, is changing. The old world is indeed, beginning to pass away and the new world is becoming more and more within your range of consciousness. Continue to open your hearts, my beloved students and see what is right before your eyes. The new dawn is indeed, here. Many of you will experience larger and bigger openings within the coming months, perhaps at this conference you seek to host. Continue on as you have, knowing that all of your lives you are held within the embrace of your parents, and all that you do, all that you dream, works toward the pattern of the Supreme.


My student wishes to close this session, and so we will, but we will be together again. Shalom.

All: Shalom.